The Baller and The Nurse


"That's what I do? I perform for you?"

"You perform for yourself. I'm merely the director, placing you in roles you have always wanted to play, but never had the opportunity."

"You're so full of shit, Sr. de la Cruz. You have me in a compromising position, and you are taking advantage of the situation. If it wasn't me, it would be somebody else. Men like you use women for your own pleasure, then cast them aside when you are through with them. The bigger your advantage, the more humiliating the treatment. You have me at a tremendous disadvantage, so the exploitation is enormous. You can stop pretending that any part of this is for my benefit. It's all about you. I know it and you know it and now you know I know it. Now let's do this so I can get to work."

"As you wish." Sergio was taken aback by Yesenia's abrupt change of tone. "On that counter is a tube of lotion. Please bring it to me."

Sergio unfastened the belt and opened his robe. His cock was pointing toward the ceiling at full erection.

Yesenia walked over to the kitchen area, located the lotion, and returned to the sofa. She handed the tube to Sergio.

"You do it, this time."

Sergio placed the lotion in her hand and then motioned for Yesenia to turn around. She turned her back to Sergio, spread her feet, and squeezed the lotion onto her fingers.

"Are you going to fuck me in the ass again?"

"Of course. I'm going to fuck you in the ass every day until I am paid the twelve thousand dollars that Russell owes me, or you decide you no longer need my car."

"You just proved my point."

"Maybe. But you are about to prove mine, as well."

"We'll see."

Yesenia applied a generous amount of lotion to the crack of her ass, and then spent a few seconds more rubbing it into her asshole. She sat on Sergio's lap, reached behind her back for his cock, and applied the lotion to the head and shaft. She looked up at the clock, then lifted her ass from his thighs, placed the head against her anus, and lowered her weight onto his lap. She felt pressure on her sphincter, and then a sharp pain as the tip forced her open. She closed her eyes, willed the tension from her body, and resumed lowering her torso onto his lap. After another ten seconds of painful stretching, she felt the head pop through her tightest opening. She paused for a second, took a deep breath, and then resumed lowering her ass onto Sergio's erect, throbbing cock. She ignored the pain and forced inch after inch of thick shaft up her ass.

Yesenia paused with half of Sergio's solid cock impaling her bowels. She reached between her legs, grasped the remaining half, and realized that her ordeal was just beginning. She felt as though the invading shaft were going to cleave her in two, or send her to the emergency room so she could be stitched back together. Despite the searing pain, Yesenia forced a smile to her face. She did not want Sergio to know that she was in distress.

"Is this what you want?" she asked, gasping for breath. "Do you want to shove your fat cock up my tight little ass?"

"Yes," Sergio whispered into her ear. "So tight. Your ass is so tight."

"Do you want to fuck my tight little ass with your big, hard dick?"

"Si, corazon, si."

Using her arms for leverage, Yesenia lifted her ass until just the tip of Sergio's cock was wedged inside her anus. She clenched her teeth and held that position until the burning in her arms exceeded the burning in her asshole. When she could hold herself up no longer, she started a gradual descent that ended with her butt cheeks resting on Sergio's lap and his entire cock buried in her ass. A satisfied smile crept across her face when she realized that she had taken all of his cock, and that she had accomplished the feat through her own efforts. She didn't understand how or why, but the pain and humiliation of taking a dick up her ass out of necessity caused a wave of arousal to flash across her body.

"Do you like that?" Yesenia groaned. "Does it feel good burying your dick in my tight little ass?"

"It's incredible," Sergio moaned. "So good. Your ass feels so good."

Sergio reached up and pinched both of her nipples. Yesenia felt a tingling travel across her body, connecting her nipples, her asshole, and her cunt. She reached between her legs and touched her clit, which amplified the tingling that she was already experiencing.

The bedroom door opened and a hotel maid in a yellow uniform stepped through carrying a load of linens in her bare arms. Her long hair was dyed plum and tied up in a bun. She had mocha-colored skin, dark brown eyes, and appeared to be in her mid-thirties.

"I am finish the bedroom. I start the bathroom and then..." The maid saw Yesenia and gasped. "Oh my! I am sorry, I didn't know you had a visitor. I come back and finish the suite later. I'm so sorry, sir, please forgive me."

Sergio slipped his hands to Yesenia's waist and held her in place. Yesenia's face flushed as she struggled to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands.

"Do not go," Sergio addressed the maid. "I need my room cleaned now."

"Sergio!" Yesenia moaned. "What are you doing?"

"Sir, I cannot," the maid answered while hiding her face behind the linens. "I must leave and come back when your guest is gone."

"What is your name?" Sergio asked.

"Maribel," she answered.

"Maribel, I insist. Do you see that table next to the door?" Sergio pointed toward a small lamp table near the entrance.

"Yes," the maid answered, peeking from behind the linens.

"There are two hundred-dollar bills on that table. They are yours if the room is done in the next twenty minutes."

"Let her go, papi," Yesenia cooed. "She can clean the room when I'm gone."

"Senor, I must go. It is hotel rule."

"Three hundred dollars."

"I cannot. I lose my job."

"Four hundred."

"Sir, please, I will do next room and return to finish."

"Sergio, can't you see that you're embarrassing her?"

"Five hundred."

"I-- "

"Five hundred dollars if you finish my room in the next twenty minutes. Otherwise, I will report my dissatisfaction to the management."

The maid paused and looked at Sergio.

"Just clean your room?"

"That's all. Just do your job."

"Nothing else?"

"Not a thing."

"And you no report me to the manager?"

"I promise. Now stop wasting time. You have three seconds to decide."

The maid stepped toward the door, and then stopped again.


"I do it."

"Thank you."

The maid left the room with the bundle of dirty linens, and returned a second later with a vacuum sweeper. She plugged the cord into the wall nearest the door, switched it on, and started sweeping. She tried to avoid looking at Sergio and Yesenia, but Sergio caught her peeking and grinned. The maid ducked her head and focused her gaze on the floor.

Sergio grasped Yesenia's hips and lifted her ass off his crotch. He held her with just the tip of his cock embedded in her asshole, then lowered her onto his thighs. He repeated this process three more times, then pinched Yesenia's nipples between his fingers.

"Mmmmmmm! Yes!" she moaned. "Mmmmmmmm!"

The maid worked a path that took her along the perimeter of the room. Starting in the farthest corner, she swept along the outer edge of the room, behind the sofa, and then along the wall to the right. She stopped twice to plug the cord into a different outlet, but continued sweeping at a furious pace. Her furtive glances at Sergio and Yesenia were becoming longer and more frequent.

The vacuum sweeper drowned out the music as well as Yesenia's cries of pleasure, but the maid could not help stealing glances at the couple engaged in perverse acts mere feet away from where she worked. Yesenia opened her eyes and saw the maid staring while she bounced her ass up and down on Sergio's cock. She felt a fresh wave of shame as she realized that she was given a choice, and yet she accepted the violation of her ass and the public humiliation that accompanied it. At that moment, she wouldn't consider making any other choice.

Yesenia looked up and saw the maid standing just a few feet from her. She ducked her head and moaned as her first orgasm raced from her crotch and exploded in her brain. The maid was pushing the vacuum sweeper back and forth across the floor in the same rhythm as Yesenia's ass rising up and down on Sergio's cock. Yesenia felt her face flush once again, and then noticed that the maid's face was also flushed. No longer looking away, the maid's look displayed a mixture of fascination, disgust, and a hint of longing.

Sergio continued guiding Yesenia up and down on his cock. He no longer needed to hold onto her hips and lift her--she was producing the movement on her own accord. His face was starting to perspire as he fought to withhold his orgasm. The friction of Yesenia's tight asshole on his throbbing cock was becoming more than he could resist. Sergio buried his face in the back of Yesenia's neck and bit into her flesh, hoping to distract himself with a new sensation.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes!" Yesenia moaned. "Mmmmm. Fuck me. Fuck my ass with that big cock."

The maid switched off the vacuum, wound up the cord, and wheeled it out of the room. She returned a minute later with an armful of cleaning supplies.

"Maribel," Sergio called.

"Yes, Senor?" the maid answered.

"Come here please."

The maid set her supplies in the bathroom and then approached Sergio. She stopped ten feet from the sofa. Yesenia bowed her head but continued rising up and down on Sergio's cock.

"Is something wrong, Senor? I no finished yet."

"No, Maribel, there is nothing wrong. Do you see that tube of lotion on the table?" Sergio pointed at the coffee table situated between the Maribel and the sofa.


"Hand that to me, please."

The maid walked around the table, picked up the tube, and handed it to Sergio. Sergio grabbed her hand as she pulled it away.

"Senor?" the maid asked in a trembling voice.

Sergio turned her wrist so that her palm was facing upward. He squeezed a few ounces of lotion into her hand, and then released her.

"I need more lotion."


"Right here."

Sergio lifted Yesenia off his lap, exposing his entire crotch to the maid. He grabbed her wrist and pulled it toward his cock. She offered tepid resistance for a second, but then relented and allowed Sergio to guide her hand to his rigid shaft. She closed her hand around his rod, then slid her palm up and down until his cock was coated in the thick fluid.

"Thank you," Sergio whispered. "You can go now, unless you would rather stay."

Maribel didn't say anything. She took a step toward the door, then knelt on the floor next to the table as Yesenia slid down Sergio's shaft. Maribel was transfixed by the sight of Sergio's thick cock and Yesenia's moist, fragrant pussy. Sergio reached for Yesenia's nipple with one hand and her clit with the other. He strummed a tune with both hands, sending another surge of electricity across her skin.

"Ohhhhh! Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me!"

Sergio curled his arms under Yesenia's thighs and then stood up with his cock still buried in her butt. He held her in both arms and thrust in and out of her ass. His newly slickened cock glided in and out of her tightest orifice with little friction. She squeezed his shaft as it thrust in and out, ripping one orgasm after another from her depths.

"Mmmmm! Oh! Yes! Yes! Oh! God! Yes! Yes! I'm...cumming!"

Segio felt his own orgasm rising within his body. His balls tightened and his thighs contracted. He held Yesenia in his arms, her body curled into a ball while is cock penetrated her asshole over and over. He forgot about the maid, forgot where he was, forgot that it was still morning and he was on the top floor of a luxury hotel. All he knew was that his body was on fire and he was about to erupt in the biggest orgasm of his entire life.

Sergio's balls contracted, and a load of semen shot up his shaft. Fireworks exploded in his brain as the cum splattered inside Yesenia's bowels. He pumped jets of fluid up her ass--two, three, four, five times before he started to slow. Cum ran out of her asshole and splattered on the carpet.

Maribel stared--open mouthed--stunned by the power and the raw beauty of what she had just witnessed. The fact that she earned five hundred dollars as a result of doing nothing more than watching two guests engage in primal sex was more than her mind could process. She remained seated on the floor, too stunned to move.

* * * *

The following morning Sergio opened the door and found Yesenia sobbing. Her face was streaked with mascara and tears, her upper lip was bruised and puffy, the left side of her face was red and swollen, and there was a dark bruise around her left eye. Yesenia collapsed into Sergio's arms as he drew her into the room.

"What happened to you?"

Sergio led Yesenia to the sofa.

"Russell--that bastard hit me."


"Does it matter why?" Yesenia glared.

"No, of course not. What I meant...he left you all alone three days ago. He didn't care what you had to do to drive your car. What made him angry this morning?"

"I told him about yesterday, and the day before."

"That I fucked you in the ass?"

"Yes--but that wasn't why he got mad. He actually thought that part was funny. He asked me how I could still walk. I guess he saw pictures of your dick from the other day in the park."

"Then what was it?"

"I told him that I liked it--that I've never cum as hard as I did with you. No man has ever turned me on like you do. I never felt more alive than when I was on my hands and knees and your dick was sliding in and out of my tight ass."

Sergio's eyes widened as he straightened in his seat.

"That's when he called me a 'trifling whore' and hit me."

Sergio's jaw dropped.

"What did you do?"

"I got up off the floor and I told him that I couldn't wait for you to fuck my pussy and make it yours, also. If you fuck my pussy half as good as you fucked my ass, I'll probably never stop cumming. I told him that I'm going to shoot a video so he can see how a real man takes care of a woman."

"Then what?"

"He hit me again--on the jaw."

Sergio paused to look at her swollen jaw. He lifted a hand to touch it, then thought better and pulled it back.

"Did you call the police?"

"No. I didn't want him to go back to jail."

"Why not?"

Yesenia ducked her head.

"He would just get out in twenty-four hours and be even more pissed at me."

"Is that when you left?"

"No." Yesenia lifted her head and looked into Sergio's eyes. "I got up off the floor and told him if he was a real man he would get a job and get my car back, instead of spending all day at the park hustling while his woman was working all day to put food on the table, and sucking dick so she could drive her own car that he gambled away. Then he hit me again."

"He hit you three times?"


"In the face?"

"Does this look like make-up?"

"Of course not. I'm sorry. How did you get away?"

"I spit in his face and ran for the door. I got out before he could catch me. I pulled the door shut just as he was reaching for it. I smashed his hand in the door jamb. Motherfucker won't be hitting me any more today--at least not with his right hand."

"Are you OK?"

"Do I look OK?"

A fresh tear rolled down Yesenia's cheek. Sergio reached for a box of tissues and handed one to her.

"I'm sorry. I meant, are you hurt badly? Do you need to go to the hospital?"

"I'm a nurse, remember? I'll stop by the office after work and have someone check me out."

"No, no, no. Not today. You aren't going anywhere."

"I have to go in--I'm out of sick days. If I don't show, I won't get paid for today, and I can't afford to miss a day's pay."

"I'll cover you. You won't lose any money. Now call in, and then go lay down on the bed."

"You don't have to do anything for me. I can take care of myself."

"That's not working out so well for you right now, is it?"

"I'm OK, really."

"Sure you are. Listen, Yesenia, just take the day off and rest up here. I've got some business that requires my attention, so you will have the suite all to yourself. Here's a room card--order yourself some breakfast or lunch or whatever from the kitchen. Go down to the spa. Get a massage and a facial. Well, maybe not a facial. Try the sauna. Get your hair done. Anything you want. Just charge it to the room--my treat."

"You don't have to do all that, Sergio. I'll be fine."

"It's the least I can do."


"Yesenia, make the call. I'm going to change my clothes, make a few phone calls, and then I'll be gone for most of the day. If you're up to it, we'll go to dinner when I get back."

Sergio disappeared into the bedroom. Thirty minutes later, he emerged from the chamber dressed in a suit and tie. Jamal and the three bodyguards met him at the door just as he was leaving. Yesenia was in the bathroom drawing a bath, and did not hear him exit.

Yesenia soaked herself in the bathtub until the once steaming water became tepid. She dried her skin, wrapped herself in a towel, turned on the television, and sprawled across the bed. Sleep came quicker than she expected.

* * * *

It was a few minutes past noon when she awoke. She put on her clothes and thought about going to one of the hotel restaurants for lunch. She looked first at her scrubs and then at her battered face before deciding to order room service, instead.

She ate her lunch on the balcony. It amused her to think that she was eating a lobster salad and summer berries just a few feet from where she was buttfucked a few days earlier. She recalled the image of the tall Spaniard, and then blushed when she realized that her panties were getting a little damp as she looked forward to his return.

Yesenia ordered a movie and tried to watch television, but that soon became boring. She called down to the spa and learned that she didn't need to make an appointment--the level of Sergio's room card guaranteed her services at any time. Yesenia grabbed her purse and headed for the elevator.

* * * *

Six hours later, Yesenia returned to Sergio's suite. Her face was still tender, but the expert cosmetician had done a brilliant job covering her scrapes and bruises. Her hair was colored, cut and styled. Her nails were polished and painted. She didn't believe that she actually lost any weight as a result of the herbal body wrap, but it felt good and she enjoyed it nonetheless. The highlight of the afternoon, of course, was the hot stone massage--never before had she felt so relaxed. She giggled as she inserted the room card in the slot, recalling the total body wax that was her special surprise for Sergio.

Yesenia stepped through the door and let it close behind her. She wasn't prepared for what she saw when she entered the room.

" did my stuff get here?" she asked.

"Jamal told me where you lived, and then I sent my men to go visit Russell."

"Did they kill him?"

"Of course not."

"Did they hurt him, at least?"

"No. It wasn't necessary. I promise you, he will not be bothering you again."

"Is this everything?" Yesenia stared at the eight foot by eight foot pile of milk crates and cardboard boxes that contained her life's possessions. The enthusiasm she felt upon exiting the elevator was draining from her body.

"You would know better than I. Go through it all later, and if anything is missing I'll send someone to pick it up. You don't ever have to go back to that apartment again."

Sergio smiled, pleased with himself for his exhibition of gallantry.

"I don't have anywhere else to live."

"You will stay here, of course. I will be occupying in this suite for two more months. You can stay as long as it pleases you."

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