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The Banger Sisters


I have a tale to tell about two women who met by chance; well maybe not by chance, we were just destined to meet. We met at time in our lives when we were ready to expand our horizons and push the limits of what society feels is unacceptable behavior by women. Society still views women in a certain way and to deviate from those views labels you a whore. Whores, so be it; Suzette and Vinnie are born. Yes, we have stolen the identities from the movie and our hard cock collection is growing. Don't go thinking we do girl on girl, we don't but we do love to tag team men.

It all started when we both realized we were on AFF and receiving emails from the same men. Hmmm curious, so what to do about this? Why do anything, let's just keep track and compare notes:) Now for all you men out there don't get offended; as single females we need a safety system. All women have this and AFF is a small community. Anyway, we received an email from a man, who we will call "Chad". Chad was on business and wanted to meet up. However, what Chad didn't realize was that he had scheduled time with Vinnie for Sunday and Suzette for Saturday. Suzette informed Chad that she had shopping plans with a friend; shopping for toys that is. She asked Chad if he would like to accompany them to the toy store. Of course Chad jumped on this; Suzette let Vinnie know what the deal was and they decided to setup breakfast for Saturday morning.

Saturday morning arrived and Suzette picked up Chad at his hotel and drove to the restaurant to meet with Vinnie. Vinnie walked in a few minutes after them and sat at the table. Now you have to realize that Chad has seen pictures of Vinnie and his mind is now racing. You can literally see the wheels turning and him thinking "oh god, I know her, oh god that is my Sunday". Vinnie and Suzette finally told him it was ok and we had compared notes before this and we hope it was ok with him but he would be spending the day with the two of us. Now what man would give up the chance for a threesome? Not this one, he was all for it. We had read his profile and knew what his fantasy was, his fantasy was two women.

We had a great time at breakfast, talking and getting to know each other. We left the restaurant and drove to the adult toy store but it was closed. "No problem" Vinnie said; we will just to go to my place. The trio arrived at Vinnie's and went into the house. Everyone got comfortable on the sofa and the fun started. Chad now had two naked women in front of him; one sucking on his raging hard on and the other sucking on his swollen balls. The camera's came out instantly and the pictures were taken and no you don't get to see them.

Both Suzette and Vinnie worked Chad over and then the fun moved into the bedroom. Remember, this was Suzette's day not Vinnie's and therefore Suzette is the one who gets the man's cock. True friends and Banger Sisters do this for the other. Chad and Suzette are giving each other so much pleasure, while Vinnie captures all the action via digital photography. That doesn't mean that Vinnie didn't assist; she ensured the man's balls were squeezed and sucked throughout the fun. Suzette worked him over good; first 69ing him, then riding him, and finally finishing up with a little style.

Suzette and Chad went to do some shopping and then met Vinnie at the movies. As the movie was playing, both Suzette and Vinnie were playing with Chad. Each of us taking turns stroking his ever growing dick; Chad was overwhelmed by the two of us, working as a team and not as individuals. By the time the movie was over Chad was ready to go toy shopping.

Suzette and Vinnie walked into the store like it wasn't any big deal and looked at all of the toys. Chad was a bit more shy and didn't quite know what to do. We looked at vibrators, dildo's, cock rings, anal plugs, and riding crops. Nice to smack some asses and balls with:) After the shopping the 3 of us went rented a video and went into the back rooms. We got comfortable in the little rooms and started the video. Vinnie has excellent taste because it was a really good porn. Both of us wanted and needed to suck on his cock; Chad wasn't about to stop us and dropped his pants. He was pretty hard but could get harder with a little attention.

While Suzette sucked his cock, Vinnie played with his balls and ass. Chad just wanted a blow job and didn't want to fuck there; which was fine with us. We sucked on his cock for a good twenty minutes, switching between us; one on his balls, one on his cock until exploded in Suzettes mouth. We are ever greedy sluts and Suzette does love the cock; she swallowed all of him in one gulp. Vinnie finished him off by sucking on the tip. Everyone got dressed and went back out to the front of the store. The owner was so thrilled with all of our purchases, he gave us a 10% discount. All in all, I think we purchased a few vibrators and riding crops. Oh yeah baby!!!! Just wait until your balls and tapped with that!!

Then we left from there and Suzette and Chad went to Suzette's. While there, they took a skinny dip and then retreated into the house. Suzzette sucked Chad's cock and was enjoying it very much. While Chad was fucking Suzette doggy style watching in the mirrors, in walked Vinnie. Chad was so thrilled when Vinnie walked in, while he was fucking he was almost ready to cum. Vinnie started kissing and fondling Chad all over while he was fucking Suzette. Vinnie ran her nails over Chad's toned ass, up and down his back, all the while kissing him as he fucked Suzette. Both, Suzette and Chad finally came and Vinnie drove Chad home.

Vinnie had her own adventure with Chad the next day. Vinnie and Chad went to breakfast together, and then headed to her house for some fun. When they arrived, Chad was still primed from the day before. They spent hours in her bed, fucking in every position, sweat running off their bodies, and finally cumming so hard they collapsed. They took a shower and went to the movies. Then Vinnie had to drive Chad to his hotel but not before stopping at the Hilton parking lot. Vinnie drove to the back lot near the Tennis courts and parked. Chad unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down over his hips. Vinnie leaned over and took him into her mouth. She glided up and down over his hard cock; taking him shallow and then deep. Chad's hands were in her hair, pumping her mouth, and moaning "oh god yes". Chad pulled Vinnie up and said "stroke my cock until I cum". Vinnie jacked him off until load after load of cum exploded from him.

Food, Blow Jobs, Movies, Toys, and Sex; what a way to do the weekend!

This may have been the Banger Sisters first experience in the Glory Holes but it definitely won't be the last.

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