The Bank


Samantha spoke out again, her senses returned "You mean consequences like those men and women out there!" Mr. Dixon laughed, "Hardly my pet, those women are enjoying what is happening to them...well say for slave Mariah at the end there, but her punishment is only minor, a small punishment for a small misdeed." Samantha was in shock. "You call her...her...her torture a minor punishment!" "Yes, slave, you will learn that there are far worse things that can happen to a slave here at the Bank!" with that he turned to walk out of the room. Before leaving, he turned and spoke to the guards. "Take this new slave to see Ms. Chase for initial training." Samantha called out to him "Wait, please, what is happening? Where am I? What do you want from me?!" but it fell on deaf ears. The door shut and Mr. Dixon was gone. The two guards opened the door to the office that they originally came through and pushed her roughly outside. The third guard was there with her leash again. They lead her back through the hallway, past the insane scene that she witnessed earlier, and back into the elevator. Pressing SB1, the door closed, and the elevator descended down, lower than the floor she had been kept on before.

The door opened up into a single, large square room, of similar concrete structure to the rest of the facility. This room was decorated with a decidedly different purpose in mind. Samantha's gave looked about the room. There were rings fixed into the ceiling, floor, and walls. A standard X bar was propped up near the center of the room, as well as a wooden horse, a stock with holes for arms, head, and feet, and a low, flat table. The walls were adorned with nipple clips of various types, such as alligator teeth, rubber tipped, and clover clamps, among others. Also hanging were a variety of dildos and vibrators, from small, slim simple ones, to fat, long, metal studded monsters, in a wide assortment of colors. There were ample amounts of medium to thick rope, as well as thinner cords, all of various length. Whips, floggers, paddles, as well as some type of electrical wiring hung from the cold, smooth walls as well.

Samantha looked around in terror. "What is this sick place?!" she cried out with no small measure of incredulousness. The guards remained silent. A door in the back of the room soon opened, and a light skinned black female exited, wearing long black latex gloves that went up to mid bicep, as well as black latex boots that extended to mid thigh. Her hair was long and straight, pulled back into a simple ponytail, dangling down to her mid back. Her C cup breasts were exposed, and stood firm out from her body. Finishing off her attire was a red and black corset that ended just above her waistline and just below her pert tits. Around her waist was some type of thong-like attire, with an attachment at the front, but for what, Samantha did not know. The new woman was first to speak. "Hello, slave. I am Mistress Chase, and you will address me as such. You will ask no questions, and do as I say swiftly, or suffer the consequences. You are here to do my bidding, do you understand slave!"

Samantha flared up angrily yet again. "You evil fucking bitch! You let me go right this instant!" Mistress Chase quickly walked over to Samantha, grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and viciously slapped her swollen brown milk bags. Samantha cried out in pain and tried to push her attacker off, but the guards were quick to hold her arms. "Your struggling and disobedience will earn you a good punishment! You are not starting off wisely, slave!" stated Chase. "Move her to the center of the room!" As the guards pushed the poor girl into position, Mistress Chase grabbed a ball gag and rope from the wall. Once in the center of the room, Mistress Chase grabbed Samantha's head, and forced the large pink ball gag into her mouth, strapping it securely behind her head. With Samantha sputtering and drooling behind her gag, Chase quickly secured rope between the d-ring links in her arm cuffs then upwards to a ceiling ring. Pulling the slack taught, Samantha's arms were hoisted overhead, and secured. Her heavy brown breasts raised up with the rope and jiggled as she tried to maintain her balance and composure. Next, the cruel mistress attached rope around the d-rings on each ankle cuff, and pulled them apart to awaiting rings fixed in the floor. Pulling the rope tighter and tighter, Mistress Chase soon had the slave's legs 4 feet apart. Samantha was shaking her head from side to side and trying to push the gag out with her tongue. The futile effort earned her a sharp slap on each of her perfectly round ebony ass cheeks. "I told you not to resist you dirty little slave! You'll soon learn, though!" Mistress Chase smirked. Walking over to the wall, she selected two clover clamps attached to one another via a link chain. Walking back over in front of Samantha, she asked, "Do you know where these go, slave?" Samantha just looked on, dismay in her eyes. She knew instinctively where they would go, right on her thick, sensitive, milk spilling nipples! Mistress Chase walked closer to Samantha. The new slave could feel the breath of the taller woman.

Mistress Chase bent down and started caressing and gently kneading the slave's heavy hanging breasts. "Before I attach these fun little clamps to your insolent slave nipples, I think I will have a taste of your motherly juices." Samantha's eyes widened. This cruel woman was about to suck out her milk straight from her tits! She started quivering as Mistress Chase brought her full lips to the already hardened nipples of Samantha. Wrapping them firmly around her fat, brown nipples, she sucked mightily. Samantha moaned deeply behind her pink ball gag as her milk was drawn into the mouth of this dominatrix. As the sensation swept over her, a sense of depraved lust started to fill her mind. What was happening? She wasn't a lesbian, she never even had any bisexual experiences or thoughts before in her 27 years of life! Yet she could feel her clit pulse gently and her own slick lubricant start to form in her pussy. As Mistress Chase moved to the other nipple to repeat the process, Samantha gave way fully as her juices started leaking out of her cunt down her thick yet firm legs, and a pleasurable sigh escaped her lips. Mistress Chase did not miss this small sign of her transformation from good citizen to good slave. Taking her mouth off her second nipple, she stood back up and looked down into Samantha's eyes. "Mmm, you have very rich, sweet milk, slave. And it seems you like being touched, even by a woman, don't you slut?" Samantha nodded slightly, without thinking, lust starting to take over her mind. "I see your already excited and ready to go." Mistress Chase's eyes traced down from Samantha's cute face, over her massive, milk-dripping, 38HH ebony breasts, over her flat tummy, and down to her cunt, where juice was flowing down both sides of her well spread legs. She took a finger and wiped it across the sides of her pussy, careful to avoid any direct contact with it and potentially cause the slave pleasure. Wiping the juice around Samantha's mouth, she said "See, your slutty juices are already pouring out of you. Your dirty twat is dying for a good fuck, isn't it? Even from a woman. You must have been denied sex for quite some time. But before I give you any pleasure, you still must pay for being a snotty bitch." With that, she draped the chain-linked clover clamps around her bound slave's neck. Going back to the wall, she grabbed several very small rings off a shelf, and some type of pronged tool. Coming back in front of the quivering slave girl, Mistress Chase spoke, showing Samantha the implements, "These are modified nipple expanders and the expansion device that we use to put them on. Normally, they are used to enhance the size and thickness of a nipple, but these are different. They are extra tight and strong, and are designed to prevent your milk from escaping. It is far too precious to have spilling everywhere when your dirty cunt gets too horny...or when I decide to abuse those lusciously meaty udders of yours!"

With that, she took the applicator and slipped the first ring on. Pulling back on a lever, the prongs expanded open, wide enough to slip over even Samantha's fat nipples. Placing it over her right teat, she pressed in to the base of her areola, and released the lever, then retracted the tool, leaving the tiny ring snuggly in place. Samantha cried out in pain, as the small ring pressed tightly on her sensitive nipples. Mistress Chase quickly repeated the process on her left nipple, causing another outburst from the gagged slave. Chase stepped back and smirked, happy with her handy work. Samantha twisted and turned, attempting to shake the tight rings off, but to no avail. A quick, small droplet of milk escaped each breast, and that was the last of it. Samantha quickly realized her plight was going to get worse. She hadn't been able to pump out her breast milk for at least 30 hours, judging by how tight, full, and heavy they felt. Now with the rings preventing even the slightest amount of leakage, she was going to be in pain very quickly as the pressure of the milk built up. Even in tits as massive as hers, there was only so much room for expansion, and Samantha produced a huge quantity of milk as it was already. Still, even though the rings hurt, she still felt an intense sexual desire building inside her, as her pussy continued to drip its feminine lubricants.

"I'm not done with your fat udders yet, slave!" stated Mistress Chase. "Now that I'm sure no more of your milk will be lost, these lovely clover clamps can now adorn your tits!" Samantha had forgotten about them! She begged pleading with her eyes and made all sorts of unintelligible noises. Mistress Chase was having none of that. Removing the clamps from around the slave's neck, she reached for a heavy brown teat. Samantha tried to swing and rotate away form the evil mistress' grip, but in her position, she didn't have far to go. Angrily, Mistress Chase roughly slapped her face and grabbed her left tit, squeezing it painfully. Samantha gasped at the increased tightness in her udders as the milk tried to escape her nipples to no avail. "You little bitch! This will not be tolerated! You thought the clamps were going to be bad by themselves, just you wait, you filthy cunt!" She planted the first clamp squarely on Samantha's left tit, then deftly repeated it on the right one. Samantha screamed as the harsh metal clamps bit into her soft, tender nipples. Mistress Chase laughed, "Oh this is nothing, things are about to get worse for you!" Going back to the wall, Mistress Chase grabbed more rope. Attaching it to the D-ring on the front of the slaves collar, she ran the other end loosely through a ring in the floor. Motioning to one of the guards, she told him to loosen the rope holding the slaves arms above her head. Once done, Mistress chase pulled the rope on the floor taught, dragging Samantha's brown body into a slightly hunched over position, and tied it securely. The guard re-tightened the rope around her arms, pulling them back up slightly, putting light pressure on Samantha's shoulders. The slave was now more than nervous, feeling very exposed in her new position. "Now, for the coup de grace," spoke Mistress Chase. Going back to the wall, she grabbed a blindfold and two 1 lbs weights with carabineer attachments. First, she blindfolded the unsuspecting slave, then grabbed the two weights again. "One thing you should know. Clover clamps grip tighter the more force that is pulled against them. Perhaps after this little lesson you will start to show some reverence for me!" With that, Mistress Chase deftly hooked the first weight onto the chain connecting the harsh clover clamps and let the weight hang down.

Samantha shrieked behind her pink ball gag as the heavy weight tugged on the clamps, causing them to close even tighter on her sore, dark nipples. Her massive brown breasts were stretched closer to the floor, causing the misbehaving slave to gasp and struggle to catch her breath. Mistress Chase simply grinned and applied the second weight. It was almost too much to bear for poor Samantha! The heavy weights now pulled her breasts even farther and forced the clover clamps to completely flatten Samantha's tortured nipples, eliciting a frantic shriek from behind her thick, gag-filled lips. Further compounding Samantha's pain was the ever-increasing internal pressure of her milk inside her already full breasts. Constrained by the evil milk stopping rings and the enormous pressure on her highly sensitive and thick nipples exerted by the clover clamps, there was no way it was coming out at all. Mistress Chase new this, and roughly grabbed Samantha's tits at the base and squeezed mightily, forcing the milk downward towards her nipples! Samantha let loose a muffled scream as her nipples tried to expand with the milky fluid and let it escape but to no avail. "If even the tiniest droplet of milk escapes, your punishment will be severe!" exclaimed Mistress Chase. Samantha could barely even comprehend what she was being told anymore, the sensations were overpowering her senses fully, she could only feel the harsh clamps biting into her nipples, even as her milk laden breasts begged for relief. Even so, the building desire in her cunt spoke of an untold desire begging to be released.

Mistress Chase knew exactly what was going on inside of Samantha's head and more importantly, between her legs, and let go of her sore breasts. The resulting loss of grip made her tits move ever so slightly, but the mass of the weights caused quite the intense pull for Samantha's poor nipples, which were crushed ever harder for several long moments until the swinging stopped, eliciting another groan, although this time the sound was not all pain, there was a hint of lust floating through the air with it. Samantha, still blinded and gagged, could only drool despairingly and listen to the sounds around her. Her current position was starting to become uncomfortable, but any shifting around on her part would only increase the torment on her big melons.

Chase walked around behind Samantha, and started inspecting her ass. "Quite the round rump we have here!" Mistress Chase said, giving it a quick slap. Sam's ass jiggled in response, and she grunted in pain as the weights swung again, pulling heavily on her pained nipples. Mistress Chase continued, "This hair will have to go, however! We need unfettered access to that dripping cunt of yours!" With that, the Mistress used one hand to spread apart her thick brown ass and the other to run a finger from her tiny sphincter down to her clit. Samantha's pussy was slick with juices, matting her coarse pubic hair. When Chase flicked her clit, Samantha wriggled all over, as a hot flash radiated outward from her now rock hard pink bud. "I see we have a sensitive little slut today!" Mistress Chase giggled. "Now to clean you up, permanently!" Samantha heard footsteps retreating, only to return shortly. An electric buzzing kicked on, and Sam knew she was about to be shaved, her womanly fur removed in an instant, like a sheep! She trembled as the Mistress shaved her pubic hair completely off, from its start at her waistline all the way up to the crack of her beautifully round ass. "Now, to ensure we don't have to deal with this nasty slut hair of yours ever again..." Mistress Chase voice trailed off as she reached for another tool, "Electrolysis! Quick and painless, we'll have that hair gone forever! Now stay very still!" Samantha obeyed as Chase completed her task, not wanting to risk injury or Chase' wrath. After a short period, she finished the process and wiped the slave's pussy with a warm, wet rag to remove any extra hairs. Pronouncing Samantha clean, Mistress Chase walked off again. Samantha heard her footsteps approach once again, this time back towards her head. Mistress Chase removed the blindfold and ball gag. Sam blinked hard several times, her eyes not used to the light, and worked her jaw loose. Mistress Chase squatted down in front of her, and Samantha saw what was going to happen. Chase's odd looking underwear had really been an attachment point for strap-on dildos! It now hung with an 8in long, 1in diameter smooth purple cock. Chase spoke again, "There now my pretty pet! Relax that jaw of yours, you'll be needing it soon!" Looking into Sam's eyes, she saw they were fixated on her rubber phallus. "Oh don't worry about this little thing, this is only a trainer, you'll get much bigger ones later on!" Before Samantha could even speak, Mistress stood back up, and positioned her cock at the entrance to Samantha's mouth. "Now lube this up with your spit, you tramp! I may decide to push this into your ass later!" Before Sam could even form a protest, Chase had rammed half the phallus down her tight throat. "Suck it good, you little bitch! Get it good and wet for your pussy! If you do a good job I may skip fucking your ass...for now!" Samantha gulped hard, realizing the hopelessness of her situation. She tried her best, but she could not deepthroat the fake cock even with Mistress shoving it hard against her throat.

As the cruel mistress crammed it down her mouth, Samantha gagged and gurgled, sticky, thick saliva poured out of her mouth, running in rivulets down her chin, throat, and eventually falling onto the floor in a messy pool. "That'" Mistress Chase grunted as she rocked her dark brown hips back and forth, pumping the phallus deeper and deeper down her choking slaves tight throat. "But not good enough!" exclaimed the Mistress. With that, she grabbed Samantha's head and jerked her hips forward, forcing the entire length down her exhausted throat with a resounding pop and slurp! Samantha tried to scream but couldn't! "Take it slave, and like it!" grunted Mistress Chase, and continued to pump the fake cock deep down Samantha's throat, attempting to stretch it out for better use in the future. After several seconds, Mistress Chase pulled out of Samantha's throat and stood back, looking on her gagging and spitting victim. Smiling cruelly, she repeated the brutal throat fucking over and over again. Satisfied with her work, she walked around behind Samantha, positioning the dildo with one hand on the now bare folds of skin surrounding Samantha's cunt. She slid the cock up and down her slit, revealing in the humiliation she was inflicting upon her slave. Samantha moaned as the head of the phallus passed over her almost painfully hard clit. "I see someone's slutty little pussy is ready for a good fucking? Tell me what you want slave!" barked Mistress Chase. Poor Samantha's head was swimming. Here she was, tied up, breasts bursting with unescaping milk, nipples crushed past the point of describable pain, about to have her first lesbian encounter ever, and she was dripping wet with lust and excitement! She mumbled, "Please take me Mistress" What she got was a sharp slap on her luscious brown ass. "Speak up slave, and tell me exactly what you want me to do to your dirty cunt!" Samantha gathered what little resolve she had left and blurted out, "Please fuck my dirty cunt with your big strap on Mistress Chase, make me cum, pleasseee!!!" she begged, while starting to sob uncontrollably. "God, you're a dirty fucking whore, begging me to fuck your dirty pussy!" exclaimed Mistress Chase gleefully. "Here it comes, slut!" With that, Mistress Chase eased the purple head of the cock into Samantha's wet, tight and willing cunt.

Sam let out a deep, animalistic groan as the object passed into her wet, pink vaginal hole. Gripping her hips, Mistress Chase pushed with all her might, and the strap on, dripping with saliva, combined with Samantha's oozing pussy, sunk the last 7 inches deep into her hole in one smooth motion! Samantha shrieked in pain and pleasure! She hadn't had anything penetrate her in so long, it felt mind-numbingly good, yet the long absence of sex had many her very tight, and the 8 inch dildo stretched her violently. Mistress Chase stopped after the first plunge, her smooth brown skin pressed tightly up against Samantha's bent over asscheeks, dildo buried the full 8 inches into her tight, unused cunt. Samantha wiggled and groaned, impaled on the purple intruder, her cunt lips trying to suck the entire thing even deeper into her pussy. "I see you're enjoying this, slave! We'll you cant have pleasure without some more pain, so here we go!" Mistress Chase proclaimed evilly.

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