The Bank


Chase started pumping Samantha's stretched cunt with gusto, steadily increasing her pace, as she gripped Sam's hips tightly. The increased speed caused a steady slap, slap, slapping of brown skin on brown skin. This in turn caused the heavy weights clipped to Sam's sore nipples to swing violently back and forth! The clover clamps just crushed together ever tighter with the increased pressure, causing poor Samantha to cry out in pain, even as the purple dildo was pounding into her cunt, causing frothy pussy juice to churn up and leak out of her, oozing down her thick, brown legs. Mistress Chase was fully into it now, sweat forming on her pert, firm C cup cleavage. She relentlessly pounded in and out Samantha's spasming cunt, relishing the screams of pain and lust escaping Samantha's mouth. "Take it, you dirty fucking slut!" Mistress Chase yelled at the pitiful slave, viciously slapping her ass. She continued to pump into Samantha, watching her outer pussy lips move in and out, gripping the dildo tightly, showing brown skin on the outside on the inward stroke, and showing her light pink inner skin on the outward pull. The weights continued to pull relentlessly on her tortured tits, and her nipples were on fire from the intense pressure, yet still Samantha felt a rapidly growing sensation inside her pussy. A fire was building, magnified 100 times by the pain radiating from her breasts and from the overworked and overstretched walls of her pussy, unused to the intruder that continued to pound it. Samantha was pouring sweat out of every pore, and it dripped profusely onto the floor. Mistress Chase had an animalistic look on her eyes, as she continued to pump into her slave, as her strap on extended into her own wet pussy, and she too was approaching climax. For several minutes, the furious pace of Mistress Chase's pounding fueled the fire inside Samantha's cunt, until the dam broke and Samantha screamed bloody murder as she exploded into the largest, most earth shattering orgasm of her life! Her cunt spasmed so hard it momentarily stopped Mistress Chase from fucking her slave anymore, and Samantha squirted hard! Huge streams of female ejaculate gushed out her urethra and splashed against the floor. Sam was still screaming loudly when she finally released her vaginal muscles enough for the Mistress to continue pounding into her. As soon as she resumed her thrusting, Samantha started on a long wave of orgasms that over took all her thought processes. Nothing mattered to her anymore, just cumming. Not even the pain in her aching breasts, whether it be from the pressure of the milk wanting to escape her tits or from her poor clamped and weighted nipples, only her rolling orgasm mattered.

Chase continued to pump into Samantha for another five minutes, finally shuddering and collapsing onto the back of her bent slave, her sweat dripping tits crushing into Samantha's equally sweat soaked back, her orgasm having overcome her at last, the strapon still lodged firmly in Samantha's tight orifice. After a minute went by of just heavy breathing, Mistress Chase pushed up off her now well-fucked slave, and pulled out the dildo, now dripping with female juices. Walking around to Samantha's mouth, she held the dildo in front of her lips once more. "Now suck your whore juices off this dildo and make it good and clean again!" commanded Mistress Chase. Samantha, too spent from orgasming and too tired to resist, opened her mouth in offering, and Mistress Chase deftly shoved it back down her throat. Samantha didn't gag as hard this time, as her throat was previously stretched by the brutal throat fucking. With long, sloppy strokes of her tongue, she cleaned the phallus from tip to base. Satisfied, Chase untied the rope keeping Samantha's head and torso pulled down, as well as the rope in from the ceiling to her wrists, allowing Samantha to stand upright for the first time in almost an hour. Samantha groaned as she stood upright again, wobbly from the orgasm and the width of her still spaced out feet, hands still secured together behind her back. The harsh clamps and weights were still attached, now pulling her massive tits downwards, her nipples now a purplish black color from the long confinement. Mistress Chase stood right in front of her. "You did very well slave, and you came beautifully! Nothing in our files indicated you were a squirter! You will most certainly be a lovely new edition here!" she smiled genuinely.

Samantha could barely think, but had to ask a question. "Mm..Mistress? May I ask a question, please?" she squeaked out. Mistress Chase frowned, "Well, you have been a good slave for awhile now, go ahead." "Mistress, please, please remove these nipple clamps!" Samantha cried out. The post orgasm bliss was rapidly fading, and the tortured pain from her tits was building again. Mistress Chase thought for a moment, then spoke again. "Yes, I suppose it is time. You have suffered enough, for now." She walked closer to Samantha and first removed the weights and placed them back on the wall. Samantha gasped in relief as the clamps loosened their grip as the weights came off, and her stretched breasts bounced upwards towards their normal resting position, ending just below her rib cage, and just onto her tummy. Chase walked back in front of Samantha, "This part will hurt a bit more, my pet." Samantha just nodded and braced herself. Mistress Chase then proceeded to pinch the middle of the left clamp, releasing it from Samantha's tortured nipple. Samantha screamed in pain as blood rushed back into it. The mistress then did the same to the right nipple, eliciting another scream. Mistress Chase leaned over and grabbed the bottoms of Samantha's brown, heavy, milk-swollen breasts and brought them up to her mouth, gently licking and sucking on them. Samantha had tears rolling down her cute face as the harsh mistress sucked on her beyond sensitive thick, crushed nipples, and life slowly flowed back into them. However, the milk stopping rings were still on, and Samantha's nipples could only re-inflate so far. "Please mistress, please take the rings off too!" sobbed Samantha, aching for relief. Chase shook her head no. "Sorry my little slave, all the milk trapped in those massive tits of yours will not be wasted dripping onto the floor or some nonsense. I'm afraid your milking will have to wait till tomorrow." Mistress Chase stood back up, kissed Samantha on her cheek, and summoned for the guards. "They will clean you up and get you something to eat and drink. You will need your rest for tomorrow!"

The guards came closer, untied her ankles and wrists, rubbing them briskly to restore blood flow after such a long session. Reattaching the leash to her collar, they lead her out of the room, back to the elevator, all the way to her cell. Unclipping the leash, they roughly pushed the disheveled girl into the room and attached her padded leg iron to the bolted down bed frame. One guard produced a water bottle from his pack and tossed it on the bed. Samantha could only look up wearily as they turned and left, locking the cell door behind them. Sam reached for the water and downed all of it, laid down on the bed, and immediately passed out.

Well, that's the end of the first chapter. I decided to just dive right into the immoral escapades. If you want a little more sustenance to your fair, my apologies. This may not be for you. Feel free to comment folks!

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