The Bank Robbery


"Be calm Eric, when Susan's ready she'll tell you." I told Eric in a quiet voice.

If only I could be as calm. I could feel my first orgasm about to erupt. I undid my blouse, removed my bra, grabbed Eric's hands placing them on my tits and squeezed his hands to show I wanted him to do this. He started squeezing my tits and playing with my now very hard nipples, I was in heaven. I started my first orgasm my love canal was squeezing his cock so hard I was afraid he would cum before I was ready.

"Not yet lover, Susan will tell you when. Not yet!" I said, not as calm as before.

As my orgasm subsided I again started to pump his cock in and out of me. My second orgasm would soon be here I was sure. I placed my hands on my abdomen and I could feel his beautiful cock going in and out which soon gave me my second orgasm.

"Not yet Eric, not yet, hold it sweetheart wait for me to say when, please wait my love!" I said in almost a scream.

I was now pumping his cock faster and faster in and out of my pussy. I don't know if Eric could hold on much longer. As a third and even a forth orgasm approached I was sure he couldn't hold it much longer. To the side of us unseen by me Karen was very actively masturbating herself to her second orgasm. The third orgasm I had was quickly followed by my forth orgasm.


And Eric did cum, and cum, and cum.

"Oh god I'm cumming," I was screaming, "I'm cumming again, oh god, I'm cumming again!" I screamed out..

And with that I also had my first squirting orgasm. I could feel mine and his juices leaking out of my pussy. The leader helped me off of Eric and sat me on the wooden chair he had been sitting on. I was beat. Eric's and my cum were soon forming a puddle on the chair where I was sitting. To my surprise Eric's cock was still as hard as before standing up in front of me. The leader was helping Karen now to mount Eric's huge cock. She didn't take as long as I did to get him all the way inside her and she was pumping as fast as I was at the end of our session together. For a second I was a little jealous of her, but then watching them was making me horny again. I wanted to fuck my son again and I didn't care if anyone knew it either. I watched as Karen had her first orgasm with Eric and after that Eric skillfully rolled over without losing a beat and started to fuck Karen.

"Oh God fuck me, fuck me, damn it fuck me harder you bastard, fuck me harder, please fuck me harder, oh yes, yes, yes. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming, yes, yes." Karen screamed.

Eric then shoved his cock all the way in and became rigid as he came inside her. All the time I watched this I had been putting my fingers in the puddle of mine and Eric's cum on my chair and then sucking my fingers clean only to do it again and again. All I could think of doing this was that our cum tastes good together. The leader then helped Eric to a chair on my left and Karen to a chair on Eric's left. The leader then stood in front of me.

Gently taking my left hand he told me. "I don't think Eric is done yet, do you?" and he placed my hand on his still semi-rigid cock.

I needed no more instruction from this man. I was soon stroking his cock back to its rigid form. Karen was soon helping me do this. I could see Karen licking her lips and that little jealous devil was back for just a second. I got on my knees between Eric's legs and started sucking his wonderful cock, Karen soon joined me and we shared his cock between us until we both had his cum in our mouths.

The leader then made Eric stand up and moved his chair out of the way.

"Susan and Karen move your chairs next to each other." He said.

We did as he said and sat back down.

"Now Eric these two very pretty ladies just gave you a real nice blow-job, so it's only right that you eat out their pussies in return, right." He told Eric whose smile from ear to ear said he agreed. Eric got on his knees in front of me.

"Susan, you deserve to be first." Eric told me.

Eric may have been a virgin a couple of hours ago, but somehow he just seemed to know what to do and he did it great too.

After I had an orgasm I was surprised to hear myself say, "Eric now do Karen the same way my love."

Eric I think did even better as Karen soon had a screaming orgasm. We weren't however finished for the night. We both fucked Eric again and all fell fast asleep. We woke about 3:00AM and found we were alone in the bank. A letter was left on the chair next to us. I read it out loud to Eric and Karen.

Dear Friends,

We put the old lady in the office with the others. She slept through the whole sex session so she doesn't know it even happened. We had left a radio on in the office so no one in there could hear us, therefore they could not have heard it either. Now you could tell the police you were RAPED, but that would only hurt Eric, since it's his semen. So I advise you keep it to yourselves. The ladies skirts are on the table along with nylons, I rinsed them out for you. Your panties however are rinsed dried and in Eric's pocket as he deserves them as souvenirs, I think they belong to him now, don't you ladies also think so. When you're ready you can wake the others call the police and go home.

There was a separate letter addressed to me only which I would read later at home.

Dear Sweet Susan,

I knew your son needed to have sex with a woman and soon. Since only Karen and you were suitable women here it was easy for me to pick the women. I was of course very right about your son needing a woman, but I was wrong. He needed at least two women and I think I picked the right ones too. While watching you have sex with Eric I soon realized that you also NEEDED to have sex. I could see that all three of you had fun even after we were leaving. I hope you both enjoy him some more later! And may I add it was the BEST Show I've watched in a long time. Good luck to all of you and Happy Fucking, Sucking and Eating

The Leader

We got dressed, Karen and I put on our make-up in the ladies room where we both decided Karen would come and live in my house so we could share Eric at least until he moved out on his own, something I think we both hoped wouldn't happened, but we knew it would happen one day. Then we woke the others telling them the robbers left hours ago but it took a long time to get free of our bonds. Everyone even the police believed our story.

Two months after Karen moved in she and I found out we were both pregnant and only Eric could be the father. The next month I was informed that Vicky had died in Paris and left me all her money. I had never thought of Vicky having money but she did have a lot of money. We moved to a bigger house. I gave birth to a girl I named Vicky and a week later Karen gave birth to a boy named Eric. My Eric would stay and play with us of course for a little more than three years when he met a girl in college he wanted to marry. Karen and I were sad but we approved of the girl who would never know who our children's father was.

As for my Ex-husband, well he got a new secretary about a month after he married Heidi and a month later he was having a new affair with her. It took Heidi five years to find out about it. That's when John got a surprise. Heidi's uncle was a higher official in the company. Heidi got her divorce and most of his money. He was transferred to a back water office in South America, where he would never be promoted or transferred again.

Karen who I had manage dad's old pub would meet and marry a very nice guy who own a snack company that delivered to mostly pubs. They have three children plus my son's child and he is a good father to them all. He thinks Karen and I are sisters so Eric can visit his son as "Uncle Eric" whenever he wants to.

And me, well when you're a rich older lady there's always a few older and even younger men around to have a few laughs with, right!

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