tagGroup SexThe Banker's Choice

The Banker's Choice


"Please tell Mr Peterson that Sydney Powell is here to see him". Sydney smiled professionally at the receptionist. For a lessor woman, this would have been hard to do as she was totally naked underneath her Burberry trenchcoat.

Sydney was a stunning 5'8" with D cup breasts that defied gravity. Her brunette mane curved sensuously against her face, framing her large sea green eyes and large pouty lips. Her torso tapered and curved dangerously out at her hips. Perfect for holding on to.

"Please proceed" said the chirpy girl after speaking to a voice in the phone.

As Sydney entered the elevator, she could feel the hungry stares of the men and daggers sent out by the women. She smiled to herself. Soon she would be seeing the CEO of the top investment bank in New York.

When she reached the top floor, she started unbuttoning her coat as she walked across the soft carpets towards the oak doors as instructed the previous day. There was no one at the secretary's desk.

"Mr Peterson" Sydney purred as she saw a trim man with greying hair staring at the computer screens.

John Peterson was 52, 6'2" and almost as fit as when he played basketball for his highschool.

He looked at her with his grey eyes and waited. Without hesitation, Sydney unbuckled the belt and removed her coat to reveal her firm round breasts, flat stomach and hairless pussy.

John motioned her to approach him. Sydney glided over and dropped her coat on the floor. Without a word, John inserted his fingers into her pussy and massaged it. It was slick and wet, which meant he could enjoy this quickly and get back to his work. He unzipped his fly and a 7" cock popped out. It was 3" thick and erect.

"Suck" he said and returned to looking at his screens. Sydney glanced and noticed that he had some spreadsheets and charts on them. She knelt and took his member into her mouth. It was hard not to choke on his cock or rub her teeth against it, but she managed to.

"The view is amazing" she thought to herself as she bobbed her head up and down, varying the speed to the tics of the engorged member.

"Stop" commanded Peterson. "Stand up and go to the table".

She walked over to the table, and noticed that there was a projector screen at the other side of the room, and she could see herself in it. Peterson came up behind her and pushed her face down onto the table. He grabbed her right and and twisted it backwards while grabbing on to her hair. He kicked her legs apart and entered her from behind. Slowly at first, then harder so that her hips banged against the table. Watching himself on screen fucking this hot woman made him want to cum quicly.

She started to climax and fought to lift her torso. This excited Peterson even more and he delved deeper and faster into her soft vagina. He could feel her muscles squeezing his cock powerfully and he came deep inside her, pounding her pussy until his cock was completely milked.

He stayed in her while her shuddering slowed then he withdrew.

"Very good" he said while zipping up his trousers and returning to his desk. "I'd like to gift you to my key client. Can you come to the Waldorf tomorrow night? The money will be in your account by this evening. There will also be instructions for your behaviour and dress".

"Sure" Sydney replied, putting her coat back on.

"Yes Mr Peterson. You are to accord me the same respect as my staff. Goodbye"

"Yes Mr Peterson. Goodby Mr Peterson" Sydney repeated.

He was not looking at her anymore, so Sydney turned and left the room.


That evening, Sydney checked her bank account. Sure enough, the money was transferred over. $20,000. That was twice her whole night rate. Must be 2 men. Sydney so got excited at the idea of spending the night with John Peterson and another man that she took out her vibrator and inserted it into her pussy while she rubbed her clitoris with her newly manicured fingers. She climaxed in waves and fell asleep dreaming of a menage a trois.


At the Waldorf, Sydney wore a smart green Donna Karen suit which showed of all her curves while hiding a charcoal black bra with see-through cups, and matching panties that were held together by pink ribbons at the side. She was sent up to the penthouse suite, and the door was opened by the butler before she even knocked.

She was handed a flute of champagne as she was introduced as a business associate to 5 men dressed in power suits. They were the directors of a shipping company.

Sydney noticed that they were somewhat tipsy and smiling a lot at her. Peterson put his hand in the small of her back and whispered in her ear.

"You are to keep all of these men happy. If they sign the deal tomorrow morning, I'll wire $50,000 into your account".

Sydney smiled and nodded. She'll make these men more than happy, she thought.

She started flirting with them by laughing at their jokes and touching them. Soon, one of them started putting his arms around her waist and whispering closely in her ear. As she whispered back, she nibbled his earlobe and flicked his ear with her tongue. His eyes widened.

"Come sit with me" he said, heading for the nearest sofa while holding her hand.

As soon as she sat down next to him, he started kissing her and groping her breasts, moving his hand up and down her body. Another of the men appeared next to her and helped her out of her jacket. He then started to unbutton her white silk blouse.

There was a collective gasp in the room as her thinly covered breasts were exposed. The other 3 men were now standing and staring at what was going on. Her bra and skirt came off and she knelt with her ass in the air and starting giving the first man a blowjob.

She could feel her panties being untied and a cock enter her wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and he slowly pumped his cock into her. This made her suck the cock in he mouth even harder and she soon tasted and swallowed the slightly salty cum. She looked up and saw that the rest of the men had dropped their pants and their members stood out proud and erect.

The man fucking her pussy withdrew, and sat down on the sofa. He was 6'4" and very muscular. He picked her up and slid her ass down. There was some resistance as his large cock entered her anus, but Sydney was so horny she enjoyed it. Her pussy was now exposed and another of the man, slightly less fit, entered her pussy. Another man came over and suck on her nipple while squeezing the other breast.

Having 2 cocks in both holes made it tight, and with her breast being fondled and sucked, Sydney orgasmed violently.

"What a slut" she heard a voice say as she felt hot cum splash all over her insides and trickle down her legs as both men pulled out of her.

Big hands turned her over on her knees and another cock entered her from behind. This one was huge and Sydney could actually feel some tearing in her pussy. Before she could turn around to take a look, the fifth man grabbed her hair and shoved his cock into her mouth.

The both rammed into her at the same time, and Sydney could not escape the gagging cock.

One of the men went under her swaying tits and started slapping, pulling and sucking them. Sydney went into another orgasm just before the two men came.

The designer leather sofa was now slicked with cum, so the men lifted Sydney to the bedroom and tied her facedown, spreadeagled to the bedposts. One of them took off his belt and started whipping her on the ass as she screamed into the mattress. When her ass was red from all the beating, he mounted her and fucked her ass until he came again.

Then they turned her over, tied her down again and took turns fucking her pussy, ass and mouth until Sydney nearly passed out from the exhaustion.

At one point, nothing happened and Sydney fell asleep. She felt a hand shaking her and untying her wrists and ankles from the bedposts. She rubbed the numbness out of them and heard Peterson's voice.

"Go home. I'll talk to you later today".

Sydney stumbled into her flat at 4am and slept until the phone rang at 2pm. It was Peterson.

"Well done Sydney. Contract is done. Money's in your account. Let's do business again someday."


Sydney smiled. That was one good business deal, she thought to herself.

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