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The Bard Gets Naked


My husband, Jonathan and I are both working in the film industry. We live outside Hollywood, in South Africa to be precise, and it is only once in awhile that we can get some money to produce a feature film. Our specialty is the romantic comedy with a touch of Shakespeare, William, that is. I usually write the scripts and Jon directs it. But these days people want more sex in their romantic comedies and we, even Will, are only too happy to oblige.

Our last effort was my personal favorite comedy "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare. You know, it's the story of two cousins, Rosalind and Celia, who escape the clutches of Celia's father to the forest of Arden. Rosalind has fallen in love with the young Orlando. They meet again in the forest and eventually get married. To hide her true identity Rosalind disguises herself as a young man, Ganymede. Suggestions of homosexuality abound in this play and I've changed it so that Rosalind and Celia are already lesbian lovers when they arrive in Arden. There they both fall in love with Orlando and he with them – a nice threesome. Does Orlando love Rosalind as Ganymede, the man – a gay relationship – or as Rosalind the woman - and what about Celia? To others Celia is in love with two men. What about Rosalind and Celia, are they also bisexual?

We spent a few months setting up the finances, the actors and the location. The budget allowed only for a digital betacam, so it will go straight to video. I set the story in Cape Town and surrounding beaches, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We also got a special deal. There was to be lots of nudity, lesbian sex scenes and of course the ménage a trios. We completed the city scenes outside "Arden" first and when we arrived on location at Sandy Bay, a nudist beach, Jon insisted we start the shoot with the threesome. He wanted us to get acquainted as three lovers before we do the other scenes.

Ann, whom was to play Celia, was a raven hair beauty, with full breasts, thin waste and the most dazzling white smile. She was 5' 3" to my six feet; my short flaming red hair and sexy long legs contrasted well with her physique. It was easy for me to play a horny woman dressed as a man. Since my red pubic hair first appeared I hated it and had it permanently removed. I like the smoothness of my clean pussy mound that allows unrestricted access for any lover.

The scene was setup on the beautiful white beach sand. Ann as Celia and I as Rosalind were tanning naked, discussing Orlando. The camera was on tracks to dolly with Orlando (Jon), clad in his swimming briefs, coming down the beach towards us.

Seeing Ann close next to me really turned me on. I couldn't help taking a peak at her full breasts, her dark nipples and the small triangle of hair pointing down to her swollen pussy. Her clitoris was protruding from between her legs and when she moved I could see her glistening sex lips.

Ann was also turned on by the whole process! It was then that I decided to make the most of the opportunity. When Jon shouted action we were supposed to wait till the camera picked us up before we acknowledged his presence. Jon was still a couple of steps away, when I leaned over Ann/Celia and caressed her breast with my hand. I planted my mouth softly on her full lips and slipped my hand over her flat stomach. When she pushed her tongue between my lips, I took it as permission to go ahead. Her pussy lips were slippery and when I touched her clit I heard a soft moan escape from her mouth.

I wiggled my finger around Ann's clitoris and then inserted two fingers into her cunt. When Jon saw our sexual activity he was furious.

"Cut," he shouted. "Melinda, this is not a goddamn porn video." I ignored him and carried on kissing and caressing Ann's beautiful body. Jon had to drag me off Ann to redo the shot. I licked Ann's pussy nectar from my fingers and gave her a wicked smile.

"Action!" Jon called again and this time I waited till he sat down, facing away from us, before I turned to Ann. I skipped the formalities and finger-fucked her on camera while Jon carried on with his dialogue. My pussy juices started to drip between my legs and I desperately wanted to be fucked.

The crew also got hot, especially the boom-swinger, who had the best view of all. I could see his bulging erection and his precum forming a wet patch on his trunks. Just then Jon stopped talking and turned to us.

"This is useless," he said, giving up all hope to stop me. He should've known I would be turned on like this and maybe that is why moved in behind me, grabbing my tits and squeezing them. I could feel his erection through his swimming briefs pressing against my naked bottom. I swung Ann's legs open and knelt before her beautiful pussy. I spread her dark pink lips open and licked her valley of pleasure, twirled my tongue around the entrance of her treasure cave and proceeded to suck on her clit. Jon had positioned himself behind me and filled my slippery sex with his seven-inch cock. With every thrust he hit my g-spot and I could feel my orgasm building up.

Ann grabbed my head and rubbed it against her clit as if my face was a bicycle saddle. I continued licking and fucking her cunt with my tongue. With my two fingers pumping inside her cunt I matched Jon's every thrust in my pussy. I wondered what the crew was doing and when I looked up, I saw Steve, the cameraman, pointing his camera at Ann's wet pussy with my face still stuck to it. With the digital betacam tapes recording for 60-minutes, this will be very interesting footage.

As any good actor would do, I brought my hand from Ann's pussy, licked it clean and then moved my hand over her leg, down my body to where Jon was fucking me from behind. Steve got the signal early enough and panned the camera to end on Jon fucking my cunt.

But Ann wasn't going to let go of the pleasure I was giving her. She pushed her pelvis at my face, while she rubbed her hand over her clit. I had a better idea. I pushed Jon away from me, turned around to suck his shiny cock. I tasted myself on his manhood and pulled him towards Ann. He got the idea and went down on her. I guided his cock into her waiting pussy. What a turn-on. My husband was fucking another woman while the camera kept rolling with a crew of ten looking on.

Ann flipped Jon on his back and rode him to heaven. I sat on his mouth, facing Ann. We caressed each other while Jon fucked us with his cock and tongue. The pleasure became too intense and the three of us reached our orgasms almost at the same time. Ann kept her presence of mind and got off Jon in time to get the "money-shot". Jon released his come over our faces. We started to lick each other clean when we heard a spontaneous applause from the crew.

The rest of the filming and fucking went without a hitch. The financial backers saw the footage and agreed to turn "As You Like It" into a South African porn movie.

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