tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Baron Takes Another

The Baron Takes Another


Donna entered the room. She was in her late teens, with long, dark hair with traces of red that cascaded down over her soft shoulders. She wore a long, white sleeping shirt that came to just below her knees. There was a sash around the waist that accentuated the fullness of her figure and a tie in the front just above her full breasts.

"As the lord of this manor, I am entitled to the first fruits of all that grows up on my lands. That includes the young girls on my lands." I said as my eyes drank in her beauty. "Tonight, you will give me your virginity." Donna shook as her worst fears were about to be realized. She was terrified. She looked around the room. It was large, with a huge wooden table in the center. I had several guests seated at the table and they all smiled and chucked at her nervousness. Being raped by the Baron was bad enough, but she was afraid that she would become the main attraction for my guests. The thought had crossed my mind but I'd decided against it.

"Come closer." I said as I motioned the young beauty forward. With fear in her heart, she slowly inched forward. I watched as her full breasts bounced gently under the soft cotton of her night shirt. I smiled as I motioned with my hand as I thought to myself about just how I was going to enjoy those magnificent orbs, not to mention the rest of her luscious, young body. The terrified, young girl came up beside me. I motioned for her to turn around and she slowly turned her body in front of me as my guests also admired her beautiful, young body.

Standing up, I walked around her as Donna stood motionless and felt her heart pounding beneath her magnificent breast. Her tits pressed firmly against the soft material and I could see her nipples begin to harden against the fabric under the tight folds of the garment. Reaching up to her huge breasts, I picked up the end of the bow as I felt the firmness of her breasts under my hand. Donna was fully aware that I was checking the firmness of her breasts as I seemed to be picking up the end of the tie. Pulling gently, the bow above her breasts slowly opened and then the neck of the shirt fell open. Though her breasts were still covered, her deep cleavage was on display for all to see. The front of the nightshirt was open almost to her waist and Donna was dying to close it and hide her breasts from prying eyes. I smacked my lips as I gazed down at the fullness of her breasts.

"Gentlemen, it has been a most enjoyable evening, but it is time for my dessert and I prefer to enjoy my dessert in private." I teased as they all laughed. One by one, they rose and nodded to me and then smiling at the terrified, young girl, took their leave. They adjourned to the gallery from where they would be able to see me rape this young virgin on the huge wooden table.

"Now, where were we?" I teased her as I sat down on the edge of the table next to the trembling beauty. I reached across her body and placed my hand on her soft shoulder. I could feel her body shaking as I touched her. Then slipping my hand under the shoulder of her shirt, I slid my hand down over the fullness of her breast. She tried to pull away but I just tightened my grip on her firm tit. I could feel her nipple begin to harden even further as it pressed against the palm of my hand.

"NO!!" she screamed as she grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand from her breast and bolted in the direction of the door. She threw the door open and darted in the direction of the staircase.

"Guards!" I yelled, though there was no reason. Donna was running right into the assembled guests who were going to witness her deflowering from the gallery. As she ran past them, two of the men grabbed her by the arms and lifting her into the air, carried her back down the stairs and into the main room of the castle. Donna screamed as she struggled with them but they were too powerful for her and she could not escape.

The two men carried the struggling, young girl into the room and lifting her body high into the air, slammed her down hard onto the huge tabletop. As her body hit, her huge breasts bounced violently and one popped out of the front of her shirt. We all gazed down at her lustfully.

"I guess we get to do this the fun way." I taunted her as I looked down at the struggling, young beauty. The two men held her arms firmly to the table as they were bent over her head. Her knees hung over the edge of the table and her legs dangled slightly apart. Reaching up to her slender waist, I pulled on the sash that held her shirt tightly to her body. As the bow opened, I pulled the sash from around her body. I stepped between her legs and placed my hands firmly on her knees. I could feel her body shaking as I squeezed her legs. I slid my hands up the length of her satiny thighs, drawing closer and closer to the merging of her tapered legs. The soft material of her shirt slid up along her thighs revealing more and more of her womanflesh.

Donna thrashed about as I fondled her body at the edges of her virginity. As her body thrashed, her huge breasts bounced and shook as my helpers gazed down at her helplessness. Then reaching down to the hem of her shift, I grabbed the soft material and lifting it up high, I could look down under her shirt and see her naked body. Her long legs were beautifully shaped and her virgin pussy was covered with soft, dark hair, tinged with red, just like the long tresses on her head. Her breasts were full and capped with large, dark nipples. They were very hard as her chest heaved as she fought for breath.

"Good?" Alex asked, his voice filled with anticipation.

"See for yourself." I quipped as I ripped the hem of the shirt and then pulling hard, let it rip up the front until it opened completely. We all gazed down at her magnificent body. This was going to be an enjoyable evening.

From the corner of the room I brought over a special table I had designed and had built several years earlier. It was about two and a half feet wide and had a padded back brace fitted onto it that was hinged about six inches from the top. Alex and John lifted Donna off the table and then tearing the remnants of her shirt from her luscious body, carried her like a child's doll to the end of the table and set her down on the edge. Pushing her body down onto the padded back, they pulled her arms up over her head and tied her wrists to the leather straps above her head. As her arms were lifted, she could feel the leather pad across her shoulder blades that thrust her magnificent chest upwards. Another strap was secured around the young girl's slender waist, holding her tightly to the table.

With her legs dangling down to the floor, the naked beauty began to kick wildly as she tried desperately to keep us away from her virgin body. I laughed at her as she kicked and then John caught her slender ankle. As her body twisted, she kicked at me with her other foot. Alex was able to grab her other ankle and then the two men smiled at each other and pulled her legs wide apart. I gazed down at her open pussy and then up to her heaving tits. Her breasts were huge and bounced on her chest as she fought the two men.

Stepping up between her legs, I rubbed the front of my tunic across her naked pussy. I could feel the heat of her loins as my ramrod pressed firmly against her naked virginity. I reached out with both hands and began to squeeze Donna's magnificent tits. They were full and firm and felt marvelous to touch. I pinched her taut nipples and began to twist them between my fingers. The naked virgin winced with pain as she tried to pull her legs closed but the two men were much too strong for her. Leaning forward, my sheathed cock pressed firmly to her naked pussy as I lowered my mouth to her breast and bit her tender nipple as I sucked it into my mouth. A deep gasp escaped the young girl's lips as I teased her hard nubbin with my tongue and teeth. I switched to her other breast as my hands kneaded her firm titflesh.

"You may fight it but it looks like your body just might enjoy this." I taunted her as I bit down on her nipple. Donna screamed softly. I nodded to Alex and John and they both moved around to sit on the table beside the naked beauty. Still holding her long legs wide apart, each one pulled her thighs over his own and then holding her tightly, wedged her legs between his own. With the powerful muscles of their legs, they held the young beauty spread and were able to let go with their hands. Each turned slightly and bracing his weight with one hand, began to fondle the young girl's breasts with the other. Donna could not believe the sensations running through her young body.

As the two of them were busy enjoying the fullness of her magnificent breasts, I decided to move on to other parts of her luscious, young body. Sitting down between her open thighs, I placed my hands on the firm flesh of her inner thighs. I could feel her body tremble as I began to tease her virgin pussy. I traced my fingers gently over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs and teased the edges of her virgin pussy. I slid my finger between her soft, wet petals of her labia and she gasped as the men continued to pinch and pull at her tender nipples as they squeezed and rubbed her huge tits. Pinching her tender labia, I peeled her virgin pussy open. Her quim oozed with her sweet juices and the scent was intoxicating. I rubbed my thumbs along the length of her gash and watched as her clit stood up.

"Raping you would be easy." I taunted the naked and spread beauty. "But because you ran from me I feel that you need to be humbled – humiliated a bit. think that I prefer making you cum before I rape you and share you with my friends." Donna was mortified and humiliated as the two men laughed at her as they played with her open body.

Bending forward, I licked the edges of her labia and then thrust my tongue into her seething virginity. Donna watched as my head wedged firmly between her spread thighs and then screamed with passion as I tongued her pussy. Her young body shook as the men continued to maul her tits and I licked her pubes. Focusing on her erect love button, I closed my lips around it and then teased it with the tip of my tongue. Donna screamed as I felt her loins let go and buckets of virgin cum oozed out of her twat. Donna was overwhelmed by the sensations that shook her body as she experienced her first orgasm. My tongue went after her cum with great zeal as I tried to suck all of it out of her virgin pussy. The more I sucked, the more there was. Her body shook violently as the sensations of orgasm rippled through her young body.

Trapping her clit once again, I closed my teeth gently around the sensitive nub and then used the tip of my tongue to bring her to yet another powerful orgasm. The two men laughed as they watched her body succumb to my pleasure. I was able to bring her to an orgasm at will. Every time she seemed to recover from a powerful orgasm, I just flicked my tongue over the tip of her clit and her body was wracked by an even more powerful one. The naked beauty couldn't believe the sensations that flowed through her young body.

Finally, I lifted my face from between her open thighs and stood up. Raising my tunic, I lay my ramrod on the soft curls of her mons. Donna's eyes were riveted to the tip of my cock as she realized that I was about to take her virginity. I teased her thighs and mons with the tip of my cock and then slowly slid the tip across the length of her swollen labia and wedged the tip inside the entrance to her virgin pussy. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she looked down between her open thighs and saw the tip of my cock inside her virginity. Pressing forward, I slid my cock further into her tight pussy as the young beauty felt her virgin pussy stretch around my shaft and watched it enter her young body. She gasped when she felt the tip hit her cherry. I shifted my hips and prodded her virginity with the tip of my cock. She was unbelievably tight and the tip of my cock was coated with the wet flow of her loins. Looking down at the young beauty, I thrust hard up into her virgin pussy and she screamed as she felt the hardness of my cock rip through her virgin barrier and my cock filled her tight pussy to the hilt. She felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the size of my ramrod as it filled her beautiful, young body. I flexed my cock deep in her loins and Donna gasped as she looked down at her ravaged pussy and then up at me.

The two men released her panting tits as I placed my hands on the tops of her open thighs. I began to thrust into her young body and her huge tits began to bounce as her body lurched back and forth on the special bench. I thrust into her tightness as I felt her inner muscles begin to clamp down around my impaling shaft. My friends released her legs and I grabbed her ankles as they slid off of the table. Holding her ankles, I lifted her legs in the air as I continued to ram my cock into her tender, oozing pussy. John pulled the brace holding the chairback and suddenly the backrest collapsed and Donna's body crashed down onto the table. She lay flat on her back, her arms bound over her head, her body strapped to the table, her legs held high and wide in the air and my cock ramming in and out of her violated pussy as her huge tits heaved with each penetration of her soft body.

"I believe it's your turn." I said to Alex as he stepped around the back of the table. Donna wondered what was going to happen to her next. Alex reached under the table and releasing the small latch on the backrest, a section behind the young girl's head fell away. Her head fell back as her body arched a bit further. Alex stepped closer to the young beauty and as he reached out to fondle her bouncing titflesh once again, she realized that her face was pressed firmly to the front of his tunic. His fingers closed around her taut nipples and he pinched her nubs mercilessly. Then raising the front of his tunic, he pressed his cock to her lips. Donna clenched her teeth tightly as she felt his cock tease her soft lips.

"You want to satisfy me." he said as his fingers closed on her tender nipples once again. He increased the pressure on her aching nubbin and then lifting her huge tits by her tortured nubs, he shook her tits violently. She refused to yield. Alex released her aching nipples and brought his hands down around her head. Just then John bought a leather lash down hard across her naked breasts with such force that her huge tits bounced wildly and the naked beauty screamed in pain. As she opened her mouth, Alex shoved his cock all the way into her mouth.

"You will suck on me until I fill your mouth with my cum and if I feel your teeth on my cock then your tits will feel the pain of my lash." he threatened. Donna understood what awaited her if she didn't satisfy him. He again shook her tits violently to emphasize his point.

Donna felt her young body filled at both ends. I fucked her tight pussy and as her body lurched forward, her mouth slid further onto Alex's ramrod. He continued to maul her huge tits as he rammed his cock into her mouth. The passion of the moment began to overwhelm her young body as I pulled her legs a bit further apart as I thrust deep into her tender loins. Then I lowered her legs and dropped them onto the chair behind me. She was able to press her pelvis upwards and now was thrusting her hips up to meet my every penetration. My fingers came down to her clit and I teased it as we both fucked her from either end. I felt her insides let go with another powerful orgasm and as she screamed with pleasure, the sensation around Alex's cock made him explode in her mouth. The young beauty felt his cum fill her mouth and she fought to swallow it all and keep from drowning as more and more cum gushed into her mouth.

Alex waited for a moment as the exquisite sensation passed and then slowly he pulled his spent cock from the young girl's mouth. His hands could feel her tits heaving as he stepped away from her body. Just as she thought she was done, John stepped up and raising the front of his tunic, slid his cock between her soft lips. She offered no resistance. He began to pump in and out of her mouth as I pumped in and out of her tight pussy. Alex moved onto the table and continued to fondle the young girl's massive tits as the two of us rammed our cocks into both ends of her ravaged, young body. Suddenly, Alex crushed her aching nipples between his fingers and as her body tensed and she screamed, her inner muscles tightened around my invading shaft and I exploded deep in her virgin pussy. As she felt the force of my cum spray into her tight pussy, she screamed as her own orgasm overwhelmed her young body. Her scream vibrated around John's cock and he too gasped as his cock erupted in her mouth and she once again fought to swallow his load and keep from drowning in it. Donna couldn't believe the sensations that enveloped her young body as all three of us filled her body with cum.

John eased his cock from between her soft lips and then I walked around to stand in front of her face. She could smell the powerful scent of her deflowering and could see that my cock shone with our combined cum and traces of blood. I pressed my cock to her soft lips and she opened her mouth to accept me. I slid my cock between her lips and I filled her mouth.

"I want to feel your tongue." I said as my hands came down to her panting breasts. I felt her tongue caress my cock as it filled her mouth and she licked the cum from my cock. John and Alex tied their tunics and picked up their things as they left the room. I continued to let Donna pleasure my cock as I reached down and released the straps holding her arms to the table.

As I withdrew my cock from between her soft lips, I took her hand and stepping around the side of the table, I opened the waist strap and then pulled her up from the table. The young beauty stood before me, spent and weak as she tried to keep her balance. Leaning forward, I pulled her body over my shoulder and then standing up, hefted her up into the air. Wrapping my arm around her warm thighs, I carried her young body through the manor to my bedroom. My free hand began to tease the backs of her soft thighs as I carried her past some of the servants and I could feel the trickle of cum as it oozed out of her loins and down her firm thigh.

Arriving at my bedroom, I threw the young beauty onto the mattress and then climbed on top of her. I spent the rest of the night and most of the next day fucking this beautiful, young girl at my leisure.

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