tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Baron Takes What's His

The Baron Takes What's His


A medieval fantasy – when Barons ruled their estates and took the first fruits of all that was on their lands - including the young girls.

Tears began to run down Orian's cheeks as she felt the walls of her virgin pussy stretch. She felt the hardness of my ramrod as it began to fill her tight pussy and then it pressed hard against her maidenhead. She was about to lose her cherry and was totally helpless to do anything about it.

She had been warned not to resist and stupidly had tried to. Now she was paying the price. She found herself bent over a large, wooden, chair, her slender waist held tightly to the top of the seat back by a wide leather strap. Her hands gripped the arms of the chair as she looked down between her hanging tits and watched my cock slip in and out of her virgin pussy. I laughed loudly as I let my ramrod prod her taut maidenhead as I teased her again and again. Her thighs were spread open as her knees were wrapped over two pegs designed for that purpose on the back of the chair.

"Aahhhh!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as my ramrod thrust deep into her virginity, ripping through her taut membrane as I filled her tight pussy in one savage thrust. Her head flew up and she could see herself being impaled as she stared at her image in the large mirror set up in front of her. Her virgin pussy was unbelievably tight as it clamped tightly around my impaling cock. I thrust in to the hilt until her firm asscheeks pressed against my hips. I flexed my cock deep in her body and she gasped aloud. Orian's head dropped down and she looked between her dangling tits at the movement of my heavy balls as they swayed back and forth each time I plunged my ramrod deep into her beautiful, young body. Her tits also began to heave as the power of her passions came alive.

Holding her slender hips tightly, I shoved my cock deep into her tight pussy as she screamed with a mixture of pain and passion at the assault on her nubile, young body. Her legs shook as her head flailed from side to side. I could feel her inner muscles tighten around my penetrating shaft each time I thrust it into her body and her face became a mask of lust as she felt her body begin to go out of control.

Reaching across her back, I took hold of her long, dark hair and pulled her head up so she could watch herself in the mirror. The sight of her ravaging and the look on her face mortified the beautiful, young girl. She watched herself in horror and in fascination as her virginity was being taken so cruelly. My hand slid across the firm smoothness of her ass and then I pressed my finger against her virgin asshole as I rammed my cock deep into her tight pussy. Orian screamed as she felt her insides let go and her virgin pussy creamed with the first orgasm of her life. She had never experienced an orgasm before and the sensation was devastating to her. As I rammed into her tightness, I could feel the young beauty begin to thrust her body back against mine as she tried to climax again. I held her tightly as I rammed my cock deep into her spread loins and I felt her inner muscles flex as she tried desperately to bring herself to a second climax.

My fingers continued to tease her tight sphincter as my cock penetrated her warm, wet pussy again and again. As I poked my finger into her tight asshole, her inner muscles clamped down hard around my invading cock and as I shoved my hips forward with a loud grunt, I shot my load deep into her young body. As she felt the power of my cum spray against the walls of her hungry pussy, her own orgasm overwhelmed her and she screamed with passion as she collapsed over the back of the chair. I waited, my cock embedded deep in her luscious, young body as her inner muscles continued to spasm out of control and tease my cock. Finally, I pulled my cock from her tight quim and watched as a mixture of blood and cum oozed out of her ravaged pussy. My cock shone with the same mixture as I stepped around the chair. As I moved in front of Orian, she could smell the powerful scent of our juices on my cock.

"You seemed to enjoy that." I taunted her as I wrapped my fingers through her soft hair and pulled her head up. Orian blushed deeply as her nostrils were filled with the powerful scent of our combined cum. "I gather that my cock gave you pleasure." I continued as I held her face just inches from the tip of my cock. "Now as a token of your appreciation, kiss it." I said. The idea revolted the young beauty but she knew that she would have to do as I asked or be forced to comply. She swallowed hard and raised her face as I brought my cock to her lips. She kissed the tip of it ever so softly. I moaned in appreciation.

"Now, lick the tip." I said and she pulled her head away. "I said, 'lick the tip.'" I repeated in a harsher tone as I pulled her head forward. Orian let the tip of her tongue graze the tip of my cock and then she quickly withdrew her tongue. I laughed.

"You'll have to do a lot better than that." I teased her as I pressed my cock to her soft lips. "Now open your mouth and suck on my cock." I instructed. Orian wanted to die but she knew she would have no choice but to do as I asked. Slowly she parted her soft lips and I slid my sticky cock all the way into her warm mouth. Holding her head firmly, I began to pump slowly into her beautiful face. Orian felt the tip of my ramrod press against her tonsils and she started to gag as my cock entered her throat. She fought for air as I held my cock fully in her mouth. She gasped as I pulled back a bit and her lungs sucked in as much air as they could.

"Now suck!" I ordered and slowly Orian began to suck on my shaft. As her sucking improved, my grip on her head eased. "Much better." I complimented her as she licked all the juices that coated my cock. It did not take long for my cock to begin to stiffen in her mouth. She felt it as my ramrod grew in her mouth. I continued to thrust gently in and out of her mouth as my ramrod returned to full capacity.

Stepping away from her body, I came back around the chair. I gazed down at her beautiful, young ass and smiled to myself. "If you cooperate, then I won't have to tie you down." I said as I slapped her hard across her satiny cheek. She screamed in pain and surprise as her creamy, white cheek darkened. I released her knees and then reached down and opened the buckle of the strap holding her to the chairback. Then reaching under her body, I cupped her firm breasts and pulled her to a standing position. She could feel the hardness of my cock as I pressed it between the soft cheeks of her magnificent ass and a tremor ran through her naked, young body.

Stepping away from her, I touched her shoulder and she turned herself around to face me. I gazed down at her luscious body and drank in her beauty. I sat down on a stool and motioned her forward. She stepped up to me, her feet just in front of mine. Reaching out to her hips, I held her firmly and felt another tremor run through her body. I pulled forward slowly and the young beauty had to pull her legs around my knees to keep from falling over. She stood, straddling my legs, her thighs spread apart and her magnificent tits only scant inches form my face. I pulled her even closer and then reaching up to her breasts, began to play with her firm tits. I pinched her taut nipples and twisted them gently as she gasped.

Orian winced with a mixture of pain and pleasure as my fingers pinched and pulled on her tender, young nipples. Reaching down between her open thighs, I slid my thumb up into her ravaged pussy and pressed my fingers into the crack of her beautiful ass. I pulled her body forward and her beautiful breasts brushed against my face. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and she gasped as my lips closed around her hard nubbin and I began to tease it with my tongue. I could feel her body tremble as my fingers pressed against her tight sphincter and my thumb filled her tight pussy. I felt her hands close around the back of my head as my tongue caressed her tender nipple and a soft gasp escaped her lips. Her legs shook as she thrust her hips forward, making it easier for my fingers to probe her oozing quim.

I ran my fingers around the backs of her thighs and pulled her closer to me. As I applied pressure to the backs of her knees, her legs bent and her body lowered onto mine. She reached down between my thighs and guided my ramrod back into her dripping pussy. Leaning back in my chair, I watched as the young beauty rose and fell onto my cock again and again as she impaled her violated pussy onto my ramrod. Reaching under her legs, I lifted her feet and her tight pussy slid all the way down onto my cock. I gripped her tightly and began to stand up. Orian clasped her hands around my neck and then leaned her body backwards as the entire weight of her young body slid down onto my impaling ramrod. I could feel her inner muscles spasm out of control as she felt herself filled to capacity.

"You've earned a good night of fucking." I said as I carried her down the hall to my bedroom. Once inside, I held her tightly and then eased her onto the huge bed. Orian kept her legs locked around my hips as I lifted her off of the mattress and moved to the middle of the bed. As I lowered my body onto hers, she moaned deeply as her firm, young breasts mashed against my chest and my cock embedded itself deeply into her moist pussy. I started to thrust into her young body as her chest began to heave and her inner muscles danced over the length of my shaft. I felt her legs tighten around my hips with each penetration as she tried to thrust her pelvis forward to meet my thrusts.

"Aagghhh!" she screamed softly as another powerful orgasm enveloped her young body. I could feel the warmth of her inner flow as it bathed my cock. She was unbelievably tight and yet amazingly wet as my cock pistoned in and out of her almost virgin loins. This would be a night she would long remember.

I lifted my body up so that I knelt between her open thighs, my knees tucked under her raised legs. I could see my cock as it was partially inserted into her dripping pussy. Orian unhooked her legs and placed her feet on the mattress.

"Move your hips around." I instructed and the young beauty pressed her feet firmly against the mattress and lifting her beautiful ass, she started to thrust her hips up and down as my cock slid in and out of her tight lovehole. "Very good." I complimented her as my hands came down to her mons and I began to tease her clit with my fingers. Her body shuddered as she felt my fingers graze over her most sensitive bud and her inner muscles clamped tightly around my cock. I let her pleasure me this way for several minutes as I gazed down at her youthful beauty. I held out my arms and Orian took hold of my hands. I raised her body like a ragdoll and her pussy slid all the way onto my ramrod as she straddled my hips, her firm, young breasts just inches from my hungry lips. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and pulled her panting tits to my mouth. Holding her firmly, I sucked her taut nipple between my lips and began to kiss and nibble on her sensitive nubbin. Orian moaned deeply as I teased her nipple and her hips thrust forward as she tried to get even more of my cock inside of her. I switched to her other nipple and continued to nibble on her tender tits. A quiver ran through her young body each time I bit down firmly on her hard nipples.

Sitting back on the bed, leaning against the pile of pillows along the headboard, I brought Orian with me, my cock still embedded deep between her magnificent thighs. I leaned back on the pillows and stretched my legs out under her and then lifted my knees up behind her. She reached around and placed her hands on my knees and then planting her feet firmly on the mattress, used the bed and my knees to lift herself off of my hips and then plunge back down onto the length of my impaling shaft. I could feel her body shudder with another powerful orgasm as she pistoned her pussy up and down my shaft. My hands came to her open thighs and then gently slid down the sensitive skin of her inner thighs until they closed on her very erect and very aroused clit. She looked down at me and then dropped her head back, arching her nubile body as my thumbs closed on either side of her clit and began to tease it. Her breathing became labored as she plunged her juicy quim onto my ramrod again and again.

Orian got this very determined look on her face as she started to thrust her beautiful, young body up and down my cock and her inner muscles went crazy trying to milk every drop of cum out of my heavy balls. I grabbed her hands and placed them on the top of the headboard above me and with the change of angle it became easier for her to fuck me. Her beautiful, young body shook as she plunged over and over again onto my rigid cock and then she could see by my face that I was almost ready to fill her pussy with another load of sticky cum. Her face grew even more determined as she squeezed my cock with all the power of her love muscles.

"Aagghh!" I screamed as her tight pussy and her rotating hips overwhelmed me and I shot my load deep into her quivering pussy. I could feel her own body explode as her pussy let go with buckets of cum as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her young life. Dropping her arms, she slumped down onto my body as I felt her rock-hard nipples brush across my chest. Letting her rest, I teased her neck and back with my hands as my cock softened inside her tight pussy. When it finally slipped from between her engorged pussy lips, I placed my hands on her soft shoulders and pressed her body down. She understood and slid her body down my legs and then knelt on the bed between my thighs. Placing her hands on my cock, she massaged it gently and then leaning forward, sucked it into her mouth. I moaned as I felt her soft lips kiss my cock and then her tongue slid over the sensitive skin as her fingers fondled my balls. I moaned deeply as she stretched herself out on the bed between my open thighs and sucked my cock, licking all of our combined cum into her mouth and swallowing it. I revelled at the view of her lush body spread out between my thighs, her long, dark hair cascading over my hips and thighs as my cock remained buried in her warm, wet mouth.

"I expect to wake up with my cock in your mouth and I want you to suck on me until I cum." I said as I closed my eyes. The young beauty lifted her face slightly so that she could see my face, though my cock remained inside her mouth. She nodded and then slid her lips back down over the length of my cock. I wrapped my legs over her back and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, I awoke to the exquisite sensations of Orian's lips caressing my ramrod. She had wrapped her fingers tightly around the base while her lips sucked on the head and her tongue caressed the tip. At this rate, it would not take long to fill her sweet mouth with cum for the first time. She wondered what it would taste like and if she would be able to swallow it all. As she felt my fingers tighten around her head, she stopped wondering.

When I felt the tip of her tongue flick across the tip of my cock, my balls erupted powerfully, sending gobs of sticky cum spewing across her tongue and down her slender throat. Orian gulped and swallowed the sticky liquid as I filled her mouth with my morning load. She fought hard to swallow it all as I held her head firmly in place. Finally, she felt my grip ease and she once again began to lick and kiss my cock. When I released her head, she sat back on her knees and I watched her hard, young nipples as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

"This was a most enjoyable evening, forgetting your initial reluctance." I said with a smile. "You may return if you like for another." I said as Orian smiled at me. "You just leave word with the chamberlain, but for right now, I have things to do." I said as I slid off of the bed. "You may rest here awhile and then go on home. If by chance you are here when I return, we can enjoy another go around." I said as I picked up my pants and left the room. Orian lay back on the bed and felt the wetness between her legs. Her hand wandered down between her open thighs and she caressed herself as never before.

When I returned I was pleased to find Orian naked and asleep on my bed. I spent the rest of the day enjoying the wonderful holes her body provided for my pleasure.

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