tagGroup SexThe Barracks

The Barracks


I want to thank Nick Bella for his great work editing this for me.


The Commander, his Adjutant, the platoon commander and several other officers are at a barracks for an inspection.

"Sir we have 50 men who meet the highest standards, they have passed all of the genetic, physical stamina and intelligence tests and they are among the best looking men in our troop."

"What are their ages?"

"They are between 18 and 25 years old."

"Very good then, let's see what we have.

They enter the door, "Ten-hut"

The men in the room all come to attention. It is a very warm August day and most of the men are in their skivvies, some are wearing their fatigue pants.

The commander looks at the men, lined up down the aisle. "At ease."

The men all relax.

"We are here for a very special inspection today. As you men know the high command has issued orders that all military personnel are to impregnate as many women as possible to increase the falling population. You men have been specifically chosen for your physical attributes, mental demeanor and loyalty to your country." He turns to the platoon leader, "We can commence now."

The platoon leader steps forward, "Everyone undress now!"

The men all look at each other and then begin undressing, some stop when they reach their underwear.

"All the way men, I want to see cocks flopping!"

The men all comply and line up again in the aisle. There are 25 men on each side of the aisle, each man is muscled and toned, some are hairy, some smooth. There are shorter men and taller men, blondes, brunettes and black haired. They stand with their naked bodies looking fit and their cocks and balls hanging for inspection.

The commander walks down the aisle appraising the men as he goes, as he gets 3/4 of the way down he has seen all of them and he stops and turns around. He walks back to near the beginning of the aisle, the fifth man from the end is starting to get an erection.

"What's your name son?"

"Corporal Stevens Sir."

"Corporal Stevens what is this?" he asks the soldier as he touches the mans hard cock.

"My penis Sir." The soldier replies.

"Why is it getting hard soldier? Are you finding one of your buddies cute or is that for me?"

"No Sir, I think it's just from embarrassment."

"Are you embarrassed to be naked in front of your fellow soldiers?"

"Yes Sir."

"You sure you aren't gay and find your buddies attractive?"

"No sir, I'm not gay, I like women."

The commander goes down the aisle again. He picks out another soldier. "Are you gay soldier?" he asks the man.

"No sir." the man replies.

The commander takes the soldiers arm and pulls him down to the soldier with the hard on. "You stand next to Corporal Stevens here and hold his cock until it gets soft."

The soldier complies, grabbing the hard cock with his hand.

"Don't play with it!"

"No Sir."

The commander walks up and down the aisle several more times eyeing each man.

"This is a military unit; each of you has taken an oath to be loyal to your country. I expect every man here to answer the next questions honestly and without embarrassment because I'm not here to embarrass you. Is any man here still a virgin, by that, I mean is there anyone here who hasn't yet had sex with a woman. If you are a virgin step forward now."

He looks up and down the aisle, nobody steps forward for a minute, then one man steps out. The commander looks up and down the aisle several more times.

"OK, I'm going to ask you all one more time and I do expect you to be honest, is there anyone else here who is still a virgin?"

He turns and walks towards the one man standing in the aisle, then behind him three more men step forward. He turns around, he motions to all four men, "Come with me."

He walks over to the corner of room. The four men follow him. He faces the men, in a low voice he asks, "Are any of you men homosexual?"

One man starts blushing deeply, "I am sir." He says as he raises his hand.

The commander steps over next to him, "What is your name soldier?"

"Private White, sir."

"So you are not a virgin, you have just never had sex with a woman, right?"

"Yes sir."

The commander clears his throat, "You do realize the reason you are here is to impregnate young women don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Do you feel that you are going to be able to accomplish this mission seeing as you are gay?"

"Yes sir, it's all about friction sir, I believe I can achieve the objective."

"Tomorrow we will see, I will be sure to watch you as you're fucking, I want to see that you cum inside your nice young woman."

"Yes sir, I will." The commander looks at the other three men, "You men aren't gay?"

"No sir." they all reply.

"OK, so have any of you had sex with any of your fellow soldiers while here?"

"No sir." two of the men reply, the other man looks down at his feet. "Yes sir." he replies.

"You have had sex with men then, but you aren't gay, is that what you're saying?"

"Yes sir, I've gotten blow jobs a couple of times."

"OK, so the rest of the time you're masturbating?" The men all nod. "What is your name?" he asks a young blonde man with thick fur covering his chest and stomach and an 8" cock.

"Private Evans sir."

"How many times a day do you masturbate?"

"Just once or twice sir, sometimes three times but not very often."

"You other men masturbate this often?"

"Yes sir" they all reply.

"Do you masturbate with each other or alone?"

"Alone" two of them admit while the other two say they masturbate with a buddy.

"You like watching your friend masturbate then? You like to see him stroking his hard cock and shooting cum on himself. Maybe you want to help him out or have him help you out then?"

"No sir" the two reply.

"Go back and get in line."

The soldiers go back to their places; the commander goes back over to Corporal Stevens whose cock is still rock hard and being held by the other soldier.

"Corporal Stevens, is that hand on your cock feeling good?"

"No sir."

"Why is your cock still hard then?"

"Ah, I guess it does feel a little good."

The commander pushes the soldiers hand off the hard dick and grabs it with his own hand.

"Does my hand feel good too?"

"Yes Sir."

"So do you want me to stroke your cock soldier?"

"No Sir."

The commander looks at the soldier across from Corporal Stevens, he motions for him to come over.

"I believe you have told us you're not gay and not a virgin right?"

"Yes sir." the soldier replies.

"How many women have you fucked?"

"A couple I guess."

"So you have had sex with two women?"

"Well, maybe a few more than that."

"So, would you say that when you go into town on pass you get lucky a lot?"

"Yes Sir."

"What's your name son?"

"Private Jones Sir."

"OK, Private Jones, you are going to share some of that good luck with your fellow soldier now. Get down on your knees and suck Corporal Stevens cock."

A snicker is heard throughout the room. The commander looks around at the soldiers. "Did I hear that someone else is going to volunteer to suck Corporal Stevens cock?"

The men all look straight ahead and are silent.

"Sir" Private Jones starts, the commander looks at him.

"No, I gave you an order, get down on your knees and start sucking."

Private Jones kneels in front of the other soldier whose cock has gotten softer. He opens his mouth and takes the dick in his mouth. He starts sucking on the dick and it gets hard again almost immediately. He sucks the cock quickly going up and down on the shaft, it takes about 2 minutes for Corporal Stevens to start moaning, and Private Jones stops sucking the dick and the corporal strokes it several times and shoots a big load on Private Jones face and chest. The cum is running down his nose across his lips and dripping on his body.

The commander turns around and looks at the two, "Go to the showers and clean up." He walks down the aisle "Anyone else want a blow job?"

All of the soldiers are silent. "I notice that several of you got excited during this, are you sure you don't want one of your buddies to suck you off?" Silence.

"OK, tomorrow you will be bussed to the other side of the compound, there are 50 of you and there will be 50 young women there waiting for you to fuck them. You will have 30 minutes to get the job done. These women are all very beautiful and like yourselves are superior in every way. I suggest you enjoy yourselves to the fullest, but I want to be clear that each of you is expected to fill your partner full of your sperm and get them pregnant. This is your last chance to back out, is there anyone here who doesn't want to participate, step forward now."

The men all look at each other, no one moves.

"OK gentlemen, thank you for your service, I recommend you rest up and have a good night!" The commander turns around and walks down the aisle followed by his men. Suddenly he stops and turns around, he chuckles, "I almost forgot, please go get Private Jones and Corporal Stevens."

One of the men goes into the shower room; the two men follow him out wrapping towels around themselves.

"OK, you two aren't finished yet, drop those towels."

The two lay their towels over a bench, Private Jones cock is standing straight out.

"Private Jones, it looks like you've recovered from your ordeal," the commander turns around and faces the other soldiers "I have been in the army for over 15 years, I know what barracks life is like, I like to be fair with all of my men and not leave anyone hanging out as different or special. Gentlemen, those of you on my left get on your knees, those of you on the right step forward and put your dick in your partner's mouth..." The men all look around at each other, the commander claps his hands together, "come on now, let's go."

He turns back to Corporal Stevens, "It's your turn to suck Private Jones dick."

Stevens kneels down and takes Jones hard cock in his mouth, the commander turns around to see half of his men getting their cocks sucked by the other men.

He walks down the aisle observing, he stops in front of one pair of soldiers who are slowly playing, "Stick it in his mouth! You, suck it and get it hard! I want to see all of you with hard dicks!"

He walks to the end of the aisle and back. "Show me your hard cocks!"

The soldiers pull out of their partners mouths, all but one had a hard on. The commander walks up to the one with the soft dick, "Is your partner not doing a good job for you?"

"Yes sir, but I can't get hard in his mouth."

"Stroke it and make it hard."

He turns around, "The rest of you switch, places and start sucking your partner." He walks back to the soldier masturbating, his cock is now hard. "OK, now on your knees and get your friend hard. The rest of you, as soon as you can show me a hard cock you can stop sucking."

One by one, the soldiers pull out of their partner's mouth and show their hard cocks. Finally, all of them have shown hard.

The commander walks down to Private Jones, "Did you cum son?"

"Yes sir, I came in his mouth."

The commander pats Corporal Stevens on the shoulder, "Good job son!"

The commander walks back to the door, "Now I know you guys got riled up a bit." He looks at the hard cock on a well-endowed soldier. He is tall, is very smooth and has a nice chest and abs. He reaches and takes the large cock in his hand and strokes it several times, stopping and pulling down the foreskin exposing the shiny head. He cups the low hanging balls with the other hand and looks in the soldier's eyes, "You know now that your fellow soldiers are cock suckers so I'd recommend you all get your rocks off and go to sleep!"

The commander motions to his companions and they all leave the barracks. As the door closes, a short dark haired soldier raises his middle finger at the door.

"Fucking faggot!" He says softly.

The man next to him laughs, "Dude, for a straight guy you suck dick great!"

The first man turns and looks at the other, "You liked that didn't you?" he says.

"Yeah, you suck good!"

"OK, you did a good job too, now get down there and finish it off!" he pushes the other soldier's head down to his cock.

He takes the cock in his mouth willingly and starts sucking it.

"Ah, damn that feels as good as pussy, keep sucking!"

A couple of other soldiers take notice and gather in a circle around the two, watching as the one fucks the others face. Several of the soldiers are masturbating as they watch; all of them have rock hard cocks. After several minutes, another of the men gets on his knees and takes a hard cock in his mouth and starts sucking it. A few more men find a partner to suck their cocks, there are six men getting their cocks sucked by their buddies, several more are masturbating.

One soldier steps over behind the first pair, his hard cock starts shooting loads of cum on the cock suckers neck and back which sends the guy getting sucked over the edge and he cums in his partners mouth. Other soldiers step up and shoot their loads on the back and the cum is running down his back and dripping off his ass.

One of the men kneels down and starts licking the cum off of the soldiers back as other soldiers are still cumming on it and his head and face are soon covered in cum.

Several of the soldiers have gone to their bunks and are either masturbating together or sucking each other.

A very young soldier is looking around the barracks, watching all of the man on man action. He stands there with his large uncut cock hanging over low hanging balls. He wants to jack off but isn't sure he wants others seeing him do it. Another young man walks over and stands next to him. The second man has black hair covering his chest and the hair runs down the stomach to thick black curly hair on his bush. His uncut cock is 8" long and is hard as a rock.

"Hey, I want to suck that huge cock of yours, you want to?"

The first soldier sees the hard cock, reaches his hand out furtively, and touches it, and then he wraps his fingers around it and strokes it gently for a minute.

He whispers in the other man's ear "Yes, I want it sucked but not here, let's go to the showers."

The two soldiers head off to the showers where they find they are also not alone. There are several other couples in there, one of the soldiers is bent over and is getting his ass plowed by a handsome young man with a big dick.

They look around, "I guess it's better than out there." the soldier says. The hairy young man kneels down and takes the massive piece of meat in his mouth. He works his tongue up and down the shaft as he gets as much in his mouth as possible. He is stroking his own cock as he blows his new friend.

"Man, you suck good! I've never had such a good blow job." He puts his hands on either side of the man's head and is starting to fuck his mouth quickly. "I'm going to blow my load dude." he yells.

The sucker pulls his cock as deep down his throat as he can and the young soldier explodes in his mouth choking him. He tries to pull his cock out but the man on his knees pulls him closer and is licking the shaft and under the hood. Finally, he lets the cock slip out of his lips,

"Thanks man, that was a huge load!"

"Thank you, that felt really good, you want me to jack you off?"

"Heh, I know you sucked dick earlier, not because you wanted to, but why not suck me?"

The first soldier looks around the shower; no one is paying attention to them. "OK, but dude, I don't want you to cum in my mouth."

"Heh, I'll let you know before I cum."

The soldier gets on his knees and takes the other man's cock in his mouth and starts sucking it. The cock was already hard and primed and after three minutes of sucking, the man tells his buddy he is ready to cum. The hung stud takes his mouth off of the cock and starts stroking it quickly holding it close to his face. The man cums all over his face, the soldier licks the cum from the head of the hard cock and then stands up,

"Lick the cum off of my face."

The other man complies and licks his cum off the cheeks nose and mouth of the other man. The hung man grabs the other mans face, pulls it up to his, sticks his tongue in his mouth, and starts kissing him. The two kiss for several minutes. The hung youth looks at the other man, "You like sucking cock don't you?"

The other man blushes, "Yes, I love it."

"Are you Homo?"


"Why didn't you tell the commander when he asked?"

"I didn't want anyone to know, it was hard not getting stiff when I saw everyone else naked; but after I saw what happened to Corporal Stevens my dick couldn't get hard!"

"So what are you going to do tomorrow when we have to fuck all those girls?"

"Oh, I have fucked women before, it's not hard, I'd just rather suck cock."

"Well, I love fucking women but it was hot sucking you. I loved watching all the other guys sucking dick, it was so hot, especially Rich, he's such a fuckhead!"

"Who's Rich?"

The soldier points to the corner of the shower, "He's the one getting butt fucked."

"I'm Javier; you want to go watch him getting fucked?"

The hung blonde walks behind Javier and sticks his semi-hard dick in his ass crack, "I'm Rob, yeah, let's go watch him."

The two walk over to the corner and stand watching Rich get fucked, the man fucking him is very young and has a 10" cock that is pounding the ass slowly. The young man has some hair on his chest and thick blonde hair around his magnificent cock. Rich's cock is swinging in circles as he gets fucked, his balls banging his thighs.

Rob and Javier stand there for several minutes watching. A very muscular man covered in black hair walks up, his uncut cock is sticking straight out, he walks around Rich and sticks two fingers in Rich's mouth. Rich sucks the man's fingers and licks the saliva as it drips from them. The man pulls out his fingers and holds his hard cock in front of Rich's mouth, "Lick it!" he commands.

Rich puts up a hand to hold the cock and the man slaps it away, "Lick it bitch!"

Rich starts to lick the head of the cock and runs his tongue under the hood pushing it back with his tongue.

Rob leans over and whispers in Javier's ear "That's Oscar, I've seen him at the gym with his wife, she is fucking hot as hell."

"Why is he living in the barracks?"

"Normally he doesn't but when he joined this group they made him live here."

Oscar grabs Rich's head and shoves his hard dick all the way down Rich's throat choking him. He keeps ramming his cock down his throat until he suddenly pulls it out and shoots his load all over Rich's face.

Javier steps over, kneels down in front of the quivering cock, and licks the dripping cum off.

Rob kneels down next to Javier and starts licking the cum off Rich's face.

Oscar looks down at the three of them, "Good cock suckers, we'll meet again!" then he walks over and starts to shower.

Rob and Javier clean all the cum off Rich's face and all three of them are kissing. Just as they finish the man fucking Rich yells and holds his big cock firmly in Rich's ass and shudders as he fills his ass with cum.

Rob continues to kiss Rich while Javier moves around to his ass; as the man pulls out Javier takes the wet cock in his mouth licking it clean and then turns to Rich's ass and sucks up the cum dripping from his wide open hole. He runs his tongue deep into the hole to lick out every bit of cum.

Rich straightens up and looks at Rob, "Fuckin' fag, I knew you were a cock sucker!"

Rob grabs Rich and spins him around, Rob's cock is almost completely hard, he bends Rich over and sticks his dick in Rich's ass, "Yeah muther fucker, I'm a butt fucker too now!" He pounds Rich's tender ass until he is ready to cum, then turns Rich around again, and shoots a load on his cock and balls. "Your fucking redneck ass felt good, have fun playing in my cum!"

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