tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Barren Princess

The Barren Princess


Re-buttoning my gown, I hurried out the back door of the inn, nearly running into the startled innkeeper. I hustled away down the alley. I felt flushed, and freshly fucked, and when I was far enough into the dark night, I let myself smile. The deception had been perfect, and the sex too.

I periodically felt a tickle of heat. Even though it was the middle of the night, it felt like my skin was being dappled with sunlight. The sensation was reassuring, because it meant I was being protected, magically, from the sperm now swimming in my vagina. The protective spell was tattooed into my lower back. I couldn't help but pity ordinary women. They could conceive without intending to, and they wouldn't even feel it happening.

My bodyguard Lars was waiting around the corner where we had agreed to, leaning against the wall.

In our native language, he asked, "Is that you, my princess?"

The glamour potion still had me looking like a buxom redhead, but that would wear off soon, revealing my olive skin, and my straight black hair.

"I need to get out of costume before the glamour wears off," I said, walking on.

"You can change in the carriage. Was it a success?" he asked.

"Yes, by morning the duke will be begging the colonel for his daughter's hand in marriage, to avoid the scandal of producing a bastard."

"What if the colonel's daughter denies that it happened?" Lars asked.

"You certainly do ask a lot of questions for a bodyguard," I commented. "In this culture, she would be expected to deny the tryst, whether it happened or not. So if she denies it, no will believe her."

"And this duke, did he make you cum?"

I laughed. "Only once. No need to be jealous, Lars."

We reached the carriage and hopped in. Once it rolled into motion, I drew the curtains, and slipped out of that redhead's ugly gown.

"I've always wanted to fuck a redhead," Lars said as I climbed into his lap.

I let Lars pleasure me to the rhythm of the carriage wheels bouncing along the cobblestones.

After a long day's travel, we reached my palace the following evening, just after sunset. I was glad to finally have an opportunity to bathe. Still the young duke's seed assailed me, now with some of Lars' competing with them. I slipped into a hot bath, where the pings of heat from my protective spell felt natural.

When I was dressed again, my sister Margaret came to my rooms. As the eldest, she was queen. And right now she was heavy with child. It would her fifth, and likely not her last. We were similar enough in appearance that anyone could tell we're related. But Margaret had grown to look every bit the mother of five she now was. Her hips and buttocks had filled out, and her breasts had grown full and round. I meanwhile had stopped developing when I got the spell tattooed into my back as a young woman. That left me leaner, flatter in the chest, and overall younger-looking than my sister, by more than the few years that separated us. My physique had its advantages; older men would see me as a childhood fling they'd never had, back when pleasures of the body were novel and unencumbered. And for men that preferred women of other types, I could use a glamour spell to change my appearance for a short time.

Margaret's extraordinary fertility was normal for our family. Without the protective spell, I'd have as many offspring as her already, maybe more, given what I do. This fertility was one thing that kept our dynasty intact for so long.

The other factor keeping us in power was what I had become. Making the younger sibling permanently barren prevented rivalries for the throne. And young women like me could be strategically used to political ends. Where a lesser kingdom might send an assassin, my kingdom would send me, to defang a threat more amicably.

"My eldest daughter looks up to you," Margaret said. "She asked if she could start the training. Perhaps you had better have a word with her."

"How much does she know about what I do?" I asked.

The queen sighed. "I think she knows some. That you're free of the risk of pregnancy, that you get to travel for the good of the kingdom...I doubt she's put it all together yet."

"She might become less interested in being me, if she knew that it meant having sex with men for the good of the throne," I said bluntly. "I wonder if she would admire me less then too."

Margaret didn't say anything to that. Our roles had been determined by tradition, neither of us had any choice in it.

"What about Emily?" I asked. Her second-oldest daughter was the who would eventually take my place.

"She's still at the age where boys are gross," Margaret said.

"She's not wrong," I joked. "It'll be at least a few years before she's old enough to begin training anyhow."

"You weren't much older than her when you started."

"Let her discover her own body before she's supposed to use it on others," I said.

Margaret nodded. "And I suspect that Nathaniel will be paying you a nocturnal visit. He's been eyeing my pregnant belly all day. I know it turns him on, knowing that it's his child growing in me. But as far along as I am, I had to turn him down."

Nathaniel was my sister's husband, the King Consort. He didn't mind that being king didn't mean ruling the realm, that his duties were mainly siring and raising the children. He excelled in those roles. Sometimes he wanted to do more siring than his duty required.

Having a younger version of his wife under the same palace roof, and knowing that I couldn't get pregnant by him, proved too strong a temptation. I didn't quite understand him. Getting his wife pregnant turned him on, and yet fucking her younger, barren sister also turned him on.

"You should tell him that you know about us," I said. It was her right to tell him, not mine. If it were up to me, he'd know already. There wasn't any good reason the of us couldn't all be open about loving each other.

"I think he enjoys the secrecy of it. Why ruin his fun?" Margaret asked.

"Because sometimes men do dangerous things to protect their secrets," I said. And I of all people should know.

The smalltalk finished, my sister finally got around to the purpose of her visit to my room.

"Our neighbors to the west, their fleet has been crossing over into our waters, testing the border, scaring the fishermen. They're led by a second son of the royal line, who apparently isn't content with the treaties between our kingdom and theirs. I need you to pay him a visit, and find out what it will take to convince him to stop."

"Who should I go as?" I asked.

"No need for a disguise, unless you find that it would help," she said. Sometimes, like deceiving a young duke, I had to disguise myself. And for other missions, the role of a princess was called for. "And do be careful."

"You know I'm protected from conception and malady," I said.

"I didn't just mean during sex. There are other dangers out there."

"I haven't forgotten my training," I assured her. In addition to seduction and sexuality, I had learned armed and unarmed self defense.

"No need to leave until morning," Margaret added as she left. "If you leave before Nathaniel gets an opportunity to visit you, he'll be insufferable while you're gone."

In my bedroom, I changed into a silk gown, and tried to sleep, confident that my sleep would be interrupted. Talking about Margaret's daughters, and my training years ago, I remembered the pain of getting the spell of infertility tattooed into my back, and then the ceremony to test it.

To be confident that the spell worked, there had to be a demonstration. This meant that the magician who had inscribed it, the old man who had been training me for my role, had to prove its efficacy. And the demonstration had to be witnessed by the king and queen. At the time, that meant my parents.

My mother and father watched as I was laid down on a table, and the magician pulled my knees to either side. I had never had sex before, but the magician told me what to expect, and I had been training with phallic toys already. Even so, it was a new and unexpected sensation when he entered me.

"Try to calm down, you're all tensed up," the old magician said, his bony fingers gripping my waist. I realized I was tensed up, and relaxed my muscles. When I did, I felt his erection push further into my unexplored flesh, and begin to move back and forth.

It didn't take him long to ejaculate inside me. I had barely become aroused, let alone reached orgasm. But I knew better than to expect that the first time.

I didn't feel the ejaculation itself, but I noticed the veins of his neck pull taut, the clench of his jaw, and the abrupt grunt. Even so, I wasn't absolutely certain he had cum inside me. Then as he caught his breath, I suddenly began to feel the heat of the protective spell repelling his sperm. It wasn't painful, but it was unexpected, and I gasped.

"Is it working?" my mother asked.

"Yes, it is, mother," I replied.

And just like that, training had ended, and my career had begun.

It was close to midnight when Nathaniel interrupted my reverie. He came soundlessly through the door and pulled it carefully shut behind him. Then he strode straight to my sofa, and kissed me with a forbidden hunger. I let him discard my robe and take me straight to bed. The man fucked me like a dog in heat, he was so aroused with unfulfilled desire for his pregnant wife, and he took it all out on me, her younger, slender sister.

I reached orgasm, and was sad to have to stifle my cry, just to let Nathaniel think that our affair was secret. It didn't take any magic to feel him erupt inside of me. I lay limply on my bed as he slipped his nightclothes back on, and snuck back down the corridor. Not long after he left, I felt a renewed heat inside me, as the protective spell fought off Nathaniel's potent seed.

In the morning, I left again by ship. It would have taken five days via the direct route to reach the port where the foreign prince laid his anchor. But the ship took an indirect route, and brought me there in seven days instead.

When I arrived, I rented a room at the same inn where the prince's crew was known to frequent. It was another three days before they returned to port. Then the inn's common room filled up with sailors and soldiers and noblemen.

I spotted the prince from across the room. He was clearly of high birth, but his time at sea had made him rougher around the edges. I worried I'd have trouble getting his attention, but he spotted me as well, and recognized me on sight.

"Princess," he said in greeting, with a bow. "What are you doing in a place like this?"

"I'm not the only royal blood here," I said with a curtsy.

"I meant here, on our shores, rather than your own," he replied.

"The same thing you've been doing in our waters, rather than your own," I countered.

He eyed me up and down, and then turned away for another drink. I wondered if I might not be the sort he was into.

"Forgive me, if I gave you the wrong impression," he finally said. "It would be rude of me to turn you away, even from a humble establishment such as this. I want no diplomatic incident between us. While there are grander port cities to be seen, and better behaved bars to drink in, you are of course welcome here as well, if this is where you choose to be."

"Perhaps it is," I said. "There may be better behaved bars elsewhere, but the company I've found here is unique. Will you drink with me?"

"I'm drinking with you already," he said, reaching his glass out to clink mine and then taking a gulp.

It wasn't long before my head was swimming from the alcohol. It seemed as though the prince took pity on me. He helped guide me up to my room and deposited me ungracefully on the bed.

As he stood back up, I worried that I had failed my mission. If I hadn't been drunk, perhaps I would have made the right decision, to leave the task unfinished for the night and try anew in the morning. But I was too drunk to think it through.

"You don't have to go," I said, reaching out for him. To do what I do, I have to find ways to find men attractive. But in this case, he truly was handsome and rugged and charming.

He seemed to waver in the doorway, indecisive for a moment. Then he returned to me, and put his mouth to mine. Not hungrily as Nathaniel had, but gently, tentatively, as if he was still ready to be sent away. But I kissed him back, and wrapped my arms around his neck, letting his hands wander the folds of my blouse.

It was I who got impatient and started to unbutton his shirt, but it wasn't long after that when we were both naked, and sweating in the hot night air.

He kissed my chest and my belly, and then rolled me over and kissed down my back. When he reached the tattoo just above my buttocks, he asked casually, "I wonder, what does this say?"

"I have no idea," I said. It was written in magic glyphs, but I wasn't about to give that away, even though I was drunk. Instead I joked, "I've only ever seen it in the mirror, after all."

He rolled me back over and kissed a line down of my legs, all the way to where they met. With his tongue on my clitoris, he brought me to a screaming orgasm, and I made no effort to stifle my cry, even with the thin walls around us.

I was more than ready, when he brought his crotch level with mine, aiming a thick pole at my well-lubricated pussy. He began slowly, attentively, his breathing matching mine, each thrust deliberate and exquisite. Little by little, he explored more of me, pushing ever deeper, until we were conjoined, his flesh pressing against my sensitive clit, the rim of his head running along my special spot, his tip nudging the firm nub of my cervix deep within me.

I built up to another massive orgasm, and clutched his back, pulled the hair on his head, begged him to fuck me harder. It was moments like this that made me almost wonder if it wouldn't be better to settle down with someone, perhaps a prince from another realm, and if not make babies, at least have glorious sex for the rest of our lives. But I knew that wasn't my fate.

In my drunkenness, and then in my lust, I had completely forgotten why I was there.

And then something happened. My whole body felt burning hot, like I was just a bit too close to a bonfire. It had to be my protective spell, but this wasn't the gentle reminder that it was working, this was an assault on my defenses, the limits of my protection were being strained. I had never felt anything like it before.

"What's going on? I'm burning up. What are you doing to me?" I asked.

"That must be my precum," the prince said, looking down into my eyes as he kept thrusting into me. "We may not know exactly what your contraceptive spell says, but my kingdom's magicians have figured out how to fight it. Believe me, getting the spell tattooed on my scrotum was no fun. But it means my sperm are enchanted to counteract your defenses. So whose magic do you think is stronger, yours or mine?"

The conflict burned inside me, hot like a branding iron. But I knew that as long as I felt that pain, I was still protected.

Belatedly, I tried to get things back on track. I asked, "Are you going to stop sailing into our territory?"

"No, I'm not going to stop," he said with a cruel laugh. "And I'm going to make your dynasty my own when I impregnate you."

I should have stopped him then, but I was drunk, and I was approaching my orgasm even while my body burned with fever. And maybe there was still some part of me that found his intention erotic.

Just before I hit my peak again, I felt him swell up inside of me, and pour forth a jet of seed. The burning heat flared like flash paper, and for a second, I wasn't sure how much more I could take, even as the feeling of his ejaculation into me put me over the edge.

And then the heat was suddenly gone. The army of his magically armed sperm had overwhelmed my protections. When the next spurt of semen hit my cervix, all I felt was the sheer force and pressure of it. But with the pain suddenly gone, I felt it in perfect detail.

Stranger still, after my development being magically halted for so many years, in mere seconds, my body reshaped itself from young woman to mother. My breasts swelled, my thighs thickened, my hips suddenly widened. All of it happened in the span of a few breaths.

I was still in the throes of orgasm, but suddenly I experienced it differently than I ever had before. My cervix spasmed, reflexively taking in more of his seed. My vagina clenched in a rolling motion, something it had never done before, milking the potent liquid up and out of his cock. As he spurted inside me again, the sensation pushed my orgasm to new heights, my body somehow naturally knowing that this time the outcome would be different. This time there was something else at stake. He held himself deep inside me as my loins drained him into me. Every time his cock swelled and burst, my vagina squeezed him back, our shared orgasm cascading from him to me and back to him.

I had pitied the common woman, who had no magical defense against pregnancy, and couldn't tell if their egg was being fertilized. But now that was me. I could no longer tell if his sperm were attempting to invade my egg, and I wouldn't feel it if did. But I was pretty sure would. I realized then that it had all been a trap laid for me, and I'd walked right in.

The foreign prince climbed off me, and I sat up and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. In a matter of moments, I'd come to look almost like my sister's twin. And I would have to decide what to do about the baby undoubtedly taking root inside me, but one thing I knew for sure. I was no longer the barren princess, and I wouldn't be able to do what I'd been doing for more than a few months at most.

And yet, the orgasm I'd just had was unlike any I'd ever felt before. Maybe the future wouldn't be so bad.

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