tagGroup SexThe Bartender

The Bartender


Liz and Andy had a favorite little bar in town. They had spent many evenings at this bar just enjoying the scenery while drinking a couple adult beverages.

And what scenery it was. The bartenders were all very cute, and Liz and Andy had become friends with most of them. One bartender in particular, Natalie, had become really good friends with Liz and Andy. They had hung out a couple of times outside of the bar, and everyone enjoyed each other's company. Everyone loved Natalie. She was 5'6", 115 pounds, and had long black hair and striking green eyes. She knew she was hot, and loved showing off her cute tits or shake her ass. So many men came to the bar to see her, and she always looked great for them. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous, she had the best personality. You always felt like her best friend when you talked to her.

Liz and Andy had met her on one intoxicated night, and Liz did a body shot off of Natalie. Liz licked lime juice off of Natalie's stomach before doing a shot of apple Pucker. The bar erupted in cheers, and one guy asked Liz to lick Natalie again, which she did. Natalie then kissed Liz, and asked Liz to come and visit her sometime. Liz said she would, and then they kissed again. This was Liz's first kiss by a girl, and it was so hot for her. The second kiss was different than the first, much more sensual. Both girls seemed to really enjoy it.

One night, many weeks later, Natalie asked Liz and Andy to take her home at the end of the night. Liz and Andy said yes right away and spent the evening watching her serve drinks and flirt with the customers. She always made time to chat with Liz though. Natalie knew that Liz was bi-curious. Natalie had been with women before, and told Andy that she really liked it. Natalie always flirted with Liz, and Liz loved the attention from this hot girl.

The evening passed quickly, and soon Natalie yelled, "Last Call!" and people started leaving the bar. Before long, it was just Liz, Andy and Natalie in the bar. Natalie finished cleaning up, and then sat down next to Liz at the bar, with three shots in her hands.

"I just want to thank you again for taking me home tonight. I really appreciate it," Natalie said.

"Don't mention it. We've enjoyed seeing you tonight," Andy said with a smile. "You look great in that skirt."

And she did look great. She was wearing a short skirt that barely covered her ass, and a halter top that showed ample cleavage. She had small breasts, but she knew how to use them to get attention.

"I like Liz's skirt better then mine," Natalie said back to Andy.

Andy nodded his agreement. Liz was much different looking then Natalie, but still quite cute. At 5'4", her 135 pound frame barely fit her DD breasts. Her blond hair was a strong contrast to Natalie's dark hair. But Liz still got looks everywhere she went, from both men and women. On this night, she wore a cute jean mini-skirt, and a button down shirt that was almost completely unbuttoned. Both her tits and her tight stomach could be seen at the openings of the shirt. Liz could feel the wetness between her legs from the compliment.

Natalie pushed two shots in front of Andy and Liz. "I thought we could do a couple of body shots before you take me home. Who's first?" Natalie looked at Liz with a smile, then nodded to Andy. "Why don't you do one off of me first?"

Andy was more then happy to oblige. Natalie laid down on the bar, lifted up her shirt, and rubbed some lemon on her stomach. Andy leaned down, and slowly licked the lemon off her stomach before doing the shot of tequila. Liz noticed the change in Natalie's breathing as he licked her. Liz knew how well Andy used his tongue, and she could tell Natalie could feel it as well.

"I'm next." Liz said, and hopped up on the bar. "Natalie, would you do the honors?"

Liz moved her shirt thinking that Natalie would lick in the same spot as Andy did on her, but Natalie moved the top of Liz's shirt down, so that Liz's tit was almost exposed. Natalie rubbed lemon juice on Liz's huge boob, and slowly licked down toward her nipple. Liz almost came at the touch of her tongue. Natalie stood up, and quickly did her shot.

"I guess it's my turn now." Liz said with devilish grin on her face. Natalie's shot off of her tit put her over the edge, and with all of the alcohol consumed that evening, Liz's inhabitation's had flown out the window.

Liz told Natalie to lie back down on the bar, and Liz stood next to the bar. Liz moved Natalie's skirt up just a little bit, and put her lemon juice on the very top of her leg, incredibly close to her cunt. Liz bent down, and she could smell Natalie's sweet juice before she started to lick. It sent Liz over the edge, and she was now lost in lust for this girl.

Liz slowly liked the lemon juice off of Natalie, then moved her lips up her skirt and kissed her very wet cunt. Liz wasn't expecting Natalie not to have panties on, but she was pleasantly surprised to find her naked under her skirt. Liz heard Natalie moan out loud. Liz moved away, and did her shot. That quick kiss on her pussy had just increased Natalie's horniness, and she suddenly got off the bar, and kissed Liz. Their tongue's intertwined with each other, and then each girl started feeling the other. Liz was so excited to have her hands all over Natalie's tits. She made Natalie's nipples very hard, and Natalie moaned into Liz's mouth.

Natalie made the first move, and unbuttoned the last few buttons on Liz's shirt. Andy stood behind Liz, and pulled the shirt off. He quickly unfastened Liz's bra, and Natalie pulled it off. Liz tugged Natalie's shirt off, and she didn't have a bra on. The two girls started feeling each others very hard tits, and Liz moved her head down to suck on one of Natalie's. Andy and Natalie leaned in and kissed, and their tongues danced with each other.

Liz's hands moved down Natalie's amazing body, and reached under her tiny skirt to feel her now very wet pussy. Natalie moaned loudly, and broke her kiss with Andy. She jumped back onto the bar, and sat with her pussy right in front of Liz's face.

Liz looks up at her quickly, to see the pure lust in Natalie's eyes. Liz moved her face in, and slowly started to tease Natalie. She licked around her lips, and around her pussy, but never actually licked her clit. Natalie's moans got louder at all of the teasing.

Meanwhile, Andy had decided to get into the action. He dropped his pants, showed Natalie his very hard member, and lifted up Liz's skirt to reveal her shaved pussy. Hours earlier, Liz had gone to the restroom, taken off her panties, and handed them to Andy while they were sitting in a very full bar. Andy put them in his pocket, and had even then felt wetness on them. He now wanted to feel the real thing, and reached from behind to rub her very moist sex. Liz moaned into Natalie's pussy, which made Natalie moan even louder.

Finally, Andy couldn't stand it anymore. He entered Liz from behind, and started fucking her. Liz gasped when he first entered her, and began licking Natalie's hard clit. Andy fucked Liz faster, which in turn made Liz lick faster, and made Natalie moan louder and longer. Liz stuck her tongue into Natalie's pussy, and then moved her tongue back to her clit. She did this several times to the delight of Natalie.

Andy was viciously fucking Liz's cunt now, making her tits jiggle back and forth. Liz started sucking at Natalie's clit, and she screamed. Her dirty talk was getting louder and longer.

"Oh yes, lick my clit, right there, fuck yeah, this feels so good...oh my god!"

Her talking just got Andy going even more, and now he was pumping into Liz with all his might. Liz came first, shuddering over and over as her orgasm seemed to last forever. She grabbed Natalie's hips and started licking with all her might. Natalie began humping Liz's face, and screamed as she came. Right after her screams died down, Andy's moans were echoing in the bar. He grabbed Liz's hips and fucked her silly. He yelled as he came, shaking uncontrollably.

Liz turned around and kissed Andy, and he loved tasting Natalie on Liz. Everyone caught their breath, and decided to lock up the bar. It was about 3 am at this point, and a very warm night, so the girls just kept their shirts off as they walked to the car. It was very liberating for both of them to be naked in a public place.

As they reached the car, Andy unlocked the doors, and Natalie opened the door to the backseat. Liz was going to sit up front, but Natalie grabbed Liz's hand, and pulled her into the backseat with her.

Liz and Natalie played in the car the entire drive home. Andy got a great view from the rearview mirror, but almost drove the car off the road a couple of times. Luckily, it was late at night and there weren't many cars on the road.

Finally, the three made it to Liz and Andy's house. Andy said, "I thought you might want to relax a bit more before you went home."

Natalie smiled. "Yes, I could definitely use more relaxing."

The three made it up to Liz and Andy's bedroom. The two girls started kissing again, and then both turned to Andy. They both started kissing him and taking off his clothes. Liz took his shirt off and started licking and sucking his nipples. Natalie worked on his jeans, and soon he was standing there totally naked. Natalie cupped his balls, and tongued his prick. She could still taste Liz on his hard member.

Liz joined her, and Andy could feel both girls taking turns. One would suck on his cock while the other would lick his balls. He was in heaven. The girls then both started licking his cock, and their tongues would meet at the top of his shaft.

The girls started kissing each other again, and moved onto the bed. They just couldn't get enough of each other. They moved into a sixty nine, and Natalie finally got to taste Liz. Liz got so hot feeling Natalie's warm mouth on her pussy. She dove into Natalie's pussy, and it was wet and ready for her. The girls mimicked each others movements. When one would suck on a clit, the other would as well. Andy watched this beautiful scene as his hand moved up and down his shaft. He decided he would help Liz get off again, and he came up behind her and entered her.

Liz's favorite thing was to be fucked and licked at the same time, and Andy was making that happen. Liz gasped as he entered her, and he felt even bigger and longer then he did just an hour ago. He slowly fucked her as Natalie's tongue licked at her clit. As he pulled out, she would lick his shaft as well. Both Liz and Andy were moaning at the talent of her tongue.

Liz grabbed a toy, and started using it on Natalie. Liz put it in her slowly at first, and then matched Andy's thrusts into her. Andy moved faster and faster, as the feeling of Natalie's tongue was getting to him. Natalie licked faster as well. Liz could feel her orgasm building. She fucked Natalie faster with the toy, and turned on the vibrator.

Finally, Liz screamed, "I'M CUMMING!!" and her whole body shook in ecstasy.

Andy felt her orgasm from inside her, and that put him over the edge. He came hard inside of her, pounding until every last drop was inside her warm pussy.

Liz continued to pound her toy into Natalie's cunt, and Natalie proceeded to suck all of Andy's spunk out of Liz's sore snatch. Andy came around the bed, and helped Liz get Natalie off. Liz helped for awhile, and then gave Andy the honors. He was so good with his tongue, she knew Natalie would love it. Andy continued to fuck Natalie with the toy, and lick her clit. Natalie finally came, screaming and writhing around. Andy could barely keep his mouth on her pussy.

Andy fell into the bed, and they all rested for a while. Finally, Natalie got dressed, and Liz and Andy took her home. On the drive home, Liz and Natalie sat in the backseat together again. Neither girl had put on panties, just their skirts from before, so they both had easy access to each other's pussies. Natalie started the whole thing by kissing Liz again. This led them both to fingering each other. Liz started by putting one finger up Natalie, then two, and finally three fingers. Natalie maneuvered her body around so that she could do the same to Liz, and they were both getting finger fucked at the same time. Their sloppy wet pussies were dripping down into the seats, but they didn't care. All they cared about was the pure lust for each other. Liz finger fucked Natalie with all her might, and it felt like Natalie was trying to do the same thing.

Finally, just before they got to Natalie's house, both girls came almost at the same time. Their screaming was louder then the radio in the car. Both girls squirmed and shivered at their last orgasm of the night.

They finally made it to Natalie's house, and they all kissed their goodbyes. They almost had another scene in the driveway, but managed to keep their composure. At this point, the sun was starting to come up, and they were all very tired. Liz and Andy promised Natalie they would be back at the bar to see her very soon.

The three still get together every couple of months for a good night of fucking.

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