tagBDSMThe Basement

The Basement


I took in my room. The main feature was an oversized bed, 4 poster, dressed in red sheets. It was a pillow top, soft when you laid down, but a firm base underneath. On the wall hung various whips, paddles, and ties. There was a modest sized bathroom off to the corner with a giant claw foot tub. But the door to leave was locked.

This did not make me afraid, there was trust established already and this was not the first time Sir left me locked in this room. I decided to make use of my time alone and get ready for him. I took a long bath, making sure I was smooth all over and extra clean. Then I slipped on a simple black chemise. My breasts practically spilled over the top of it, and I wore nothing underneath. I left my hair down in long messy waves, no makeup except for a thin layer of chap-stick to make my lips soft.

The door to the room opened and Sir walked in. I walked across the room and knelt before him, eyes downcast waiting for his instruction.

"You may stand now" and I rose with his instruction. I kept my eyes averted from his, not looking until he said I could. He placed his hand beneath my jaw and had me look up. I met his eyes. He was a firm, and consistent Sir, but there was still a softness to his eyes. He leaned forward to kiss me, my lips responding back in hello. His hands moved up to my hair, taking handfuls and running it through his fingers. It felt amazing and I tilted my head back into his hands and let out a moan.

His grip tightened on my hair, keeping my head leaned back, throat exposed. He moved his lips from mine, and down to my neck. The feeling he stirred up in me were intense and I could feel myself getting wet from his touch. As if reading my mind, he slipped one of his hands up under my slip and felt my sex. He pulled his hand away and seemed pleased with the results.

"Go to the bed" Sir stated. And I followed his command, walking backwards until I felt the bed at the back of my thighs. I paused, waiting for his next instruction. He closed the distance between us and places his hands on my hips. Sir lifted me slightly and pushed me back onto the bed. Instinctively I scooted backwards making room for him. Next thing I know I'm being flipped over onto my stomach.

"Did I tell you to move?" His voice calm but firm.

"No" I replied. I hear the smack before I register the bite of the pain across my ass.

"No, what?" He stated, voiced raised just a bit.

"No, Sir" I feel his hands on my ass, rubbing the spot he smacked.

He flipped me back over onto my back, my breasts completely out of my slip. Sir lowers down on top of me, taking one of my breasts into his mouth. His tongue swirls around my nipple, and I arch my back and push my breast into his face. He switches to my other breast, and I move my hands to his head. Running my fingers through his hair.

All at once his mouth is off my breast and my hands are pinned on the bed above my head.

"Did I tell you that you could touch me?" Amusement dances in his voice and he's got a coy smile.

"No, Sir" I respond, feeling cold without him pressed against me. Sir orders me to keep my hands above my head. He sits back on his knees, straddling my lower legs. He doesn't break eye contact with me as he removes his belt from his jeans. He leans forward on top of me again and ties my hands together above my head.

"Now, keep your hands above your head" I nod in acceptance, and Sir moves down my body. He pushes my slip up above my hips and spreads my legs open. He lays kisses up my thigh, and lightly brushes his lips across my sex before moving to my other thigh. I gasp at the touch. He begins to suck on my inner thigh, the spot elicits a wave of twisted pleasure that flows through my entire body. I try to move my leg away, and he holds it in place. He continues to suck, causing me the squirm under his touch. He finally pulls away and a love bite is left behind.

A smile plays across his lips, he has marked me as his. He moves his head back down and presses his tongue flat across my lips. Slowly he licks up my pussy stopping when he finds my clit. He begins to attack it with his tongue, and it felt amazing. I squirm under his touch, he's holding my legs open as he continues to ravish my pussy. Without warning I feel him slip a finger inside me, he curls it and presses it against my G-spot.

Unable to contain myself I let out a hiss of pleasure. Sir pulls his finger out and reinserts two, rubbing them across my spot and his tongue continues to lick my clit. The pressure of my orgasm builds in me quickly and rips through my body. My legs are shaking and without realizing it I move my tied hands down to hold his head.

Instantly his mouth and hands are gone, and I am flipped back over onto my stomach. The smack of his hand across my ass echoes in the room.

"I told you to keep your hands above your head" Sir's voice is stern this time, almost angry.

"I'm sorry" I feebly reply. Another smack lands on my ass. "Sorry, what?" He waits for my reply. "I'm sorry, Sir." He doesn't respond but I feel his weight leave the bed. I don't dare chance to look where he went. I hear him off to my left, and in about a minute I see him out of the corner of my eye returning. This time he is by the head of the bed. "Sit back onto your knees" and I follow his command, eyes once again downcast and hands tied in front of me. He climbs on the bed to join me, his crotch directly in front of my face. Sir unbuttons his jeans and pulls out his semi-hard cock. I start to lean forward to lick it.

My head is pulled back one of his hands twisted in my hair, the other wrapping around my throat. He doesn't squeeze, just applies enough pressure to make it known he holds my life in his hands. "Beg for it Whore". I look him in the eyes and steady my voice. "May I please suck your cock?" His hand tightens around my throat. "What did you say Whore?"

"May I please suck your cock, Sir?" He drops his hand from my throat and guides my head back to his crotch. I dart my tongue out and lick the head of his cock, getting a taste of him. I lean further in, taking his entire cock into my mouth. I create suction around his cock, moving my tongue against his head. I feel his cock grow hard in my mouth, touching the back of my throat. I pull back, letting his cock slip from my lips with a pop. I lick the length of his cock and pull it back into my mouth. Sir moans and pulls my face deeper on him.

I deepthroat his dick, feeling myself gag on the length. His pre-cum mixing with my saliva. He lets me suck him for a few more minutes before pushing me back by my shoulders. His fully erect member falls from my lips, and he once again leaves the bed. Next thing I know my hands are being pulled forward causing me to fall forward onto my stomach. He stretches my arms up and ties a rope through the belt and then to the head of the bed.

"I wasn't going to do this, but you have proved to be disobedient tonight" Sir's voice cuts through the silence. He instructs me to get on my knees and I comply. Once again, I feel my slip get pushed over my hips and then up my back. My ass and back exposed to him. I feel Sir lightly drag a whip across my skin, it tickles, and I let out a little giggle. Then I feel pain as he whips my shoulder. Despite the stinging sensation I feel myself getting wet again. Sir drags the whip across my back some more and then over my ass. I feel the tails of the whip brush against the lips of my pussy. I catch my breath at the sensation and Sir lightly taps the whip to my lips.

He continues to run the whip over my back, then he catches me off guard by delivering a whip to my thigh. I yelp in response, and he rewards me with another crack to my ass. I feel myself dripping, wanting more. Sir delivers and whips me 3 more times before he stops without warning. And my skin is crying out to be touched. I let out a small protest, and I feel him pull my hair back, turning my head up and to the side to look at him.

"It is unbecoming of you to pout Whore". I nod in response and apologize to him. He lets my hair go and he disappears from my view. I feel him behind me as he rubs the spots that he has whipped. It feels wonderful as he rubs out the soreness, but I need more.

"Sir?" I ask.

"Yes, Whore?"

"Please, can you fuck me? I need to feel your cock inside of me Sir." His touch leaves me with my request.

"A little impatient tonight aren't we, Whore?"

"I'm sorry Sir, you just have me so worked up." He hums while he thinks.

With that I feel him press the tip of his cock to my pussy lips. "Since you asked nicely, Whore." And pushes his entire member into my tight wet pussy. I push my hips backward, pushing his cock as deep into me as it can go. It fills me, and I can feel it pulsing inside me. He places a hand on my upper back and pushes my chest down to the mattress. At this angle he can push inside me just a little deeper. I gasp in pleasure as the head of his cock rubs against the wall of my pussy, brushing against my spot.

He moves his hands to either side of my hips, using them to push and pull me off his cock in long slow strokes. Its agonizing. "Faster" I cry out. And I'm met with a smack across my ass. I yelp, and I can feel his cock twitch inside of me.

"What did you say, Whore?" His voice so calm, if it wasn't for his throbbing cock shoved deep into my pussy I would think I had no effect on him at all.

"Please Sir, can you go faster?" He decides to indulge me, and he picks up his pace. Slamming hard into me with each thrust. I tighten on his cock, and I feel my toes curl. Sir keeps a steady even rhythm, and I feel the pleasure swell inside me. I know he knows I am about to cum, he always knows. And he picks up his pace just a little more, helping me over the edge.

My orgasm tears through me, and I must stop meeting him with each thrust. I feel him slow down and he helps me ride out my orgasm. When it subsides he pulls out completely. I suddenly feel empty.

He is by my side, and I turn my head to look at him. His cock is dripping with my cum.

"Clean up my cock, Whore" and I don't waste any time. I lick all my cum off his cock, and then suck him hard. "You like the taste of your cum don't you Whore?" I moan on his cock, nodding my head. He places his hand on my head, twisting his fingers in my hair as I continue to suck him. I feel his cock grow larger in my mouth. I know he's close, and chance a glance up at him. His head his tilted back. Eyes shut, mouth twisted in pleasure. I smile and double up my efforts. He lets out a low moan and I'm rewarded with the first stream of cum.

I quickly swallow it down and another one hits the back of my tongue. "You like drinking up all my cum, don't you?" I'm so busy swallowing him down that I don't respond. "That's right you little Cum Slut, swallow Sir down." I feel his cock start to go soft and he pulls me off. I stretch back down on my stomach, arms still stretched and tied together above my head. He moves up and unties me. Despite being free of the restraints I keep my arms up.

"You may move your arms." And I pull them down and roll to my side. They are sore, and I feel stiff. Sir lays next to me and rubs my arms. I lean back into him and let him rub out the soreness. He rolls me over to face him and kisses me deep, and one of his hands trace my side down to my sex. He feels how wet I am and rubs circles on my clit.

I lean back against him, letting him get me worked up again. Sir has a way of drawing out my moans, and I can feel him grow behind me. I press my ass against his cock and grind against his fingers, feeling him grown completely hard. He pulls away from me and rolls me onto my back, crawling between my legs. He leans down to kiss me, holding an handful of my breast. When he breaks the kiss he moves his hand to my leg, pulling it up onto his shoulder. He positions his cock at my pussy and pushes it in.

"May I please touch you, Sir?" I ask. "You may" and with that my hands fly up to touch his chest. I play with his nipples as he begins to fuck me. I pull my other leg up and drape it around his waist, allowing him to go deeper and pulling him closer. We quickly move into a rhythm together. I look up at him, and I see his pleasure is growing. We pick up the pace, his free hand playing with my breasts and my hands still placed on his chest.

I feel my orgasm swell inside me and I tighten more on his cock. I feel his cock throb and I know he's close too. We both moan as the pleasure builds. Sir drops my leg and I wrap it around his hips, my heels pressed against his ass pulling him deeper into me. He leans down and kisses me again.

"Cum for me Baby" he says next to my ear. And I do, hard. We slow our pace and I dig my nails into his back as wave after wave of pleasure overtakes me. I'm screaming for him, my eyes shut and all I see is stars. I hear him let out a roar, and his cock pulses inside of me. He is cumming too, and his pace slows down even more. We ride out our orgasms together slowly coming to a stop. He kisses me again before completely pulling out and rolling onto his back.

I sit up and make work cleaning up his cock, being careful with the sensitive head. When Sir felt satisfied with how clean his cock was he pulled me back. He wrapped his arms around me, and I lay my head on his chest. Both of us falling into sleep.

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