tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Basement Room Ch. 01

The Basement Room Ch. 01


I had been making my own home movies for years posting them on the internet, sometimes involving other people but more often than not solo. This was how I came to have my own secret basement room complete with four poster bed and many hidden cameras. This was where I was now keeping the girl.

I had had all the equipment for months now maybe even years, the idea was in my head but I had never had the nerve to act out my one secret fantasy. That was until I met the girl. I had to have her I had to act out my dream she was the one and so it came too be.

I had always been bi sexual but had problems when it came to women it wasn't that I couldn't get any far from it but I never seemed to have a fulfilling experience with them I had to be drunk to get up the nerve to have lesbian sex and so by the time it happened it was less than memorable. I needed a new intense experience and my own little living doll to experiment on. Now I had one.

She was so petit and beautiful her skin was as white as snow and her hair fire red. Her breast looked so small and juicy under her tight jumper and he round pert buttocks were so divine I could hardly take my eyes of them all night, but I had too she had to believe I was straight and that my interest in her was completely friendship.

We had met in a pub she was younger than me as she was 19 and I am 23 she had informed me she was traveling through England before she started university something about getting a better understanding of the world. This meant she was alone and free for the taking it would be weeks before anyone noticed her disappearance plenty of time for me to play.

We talked for hours and that was when I slipped something into her drink she had no idea it was me or what was happening and that was when I took her back to my basement room, which had now been secured with plenty of locks and a mesh viewing panel within the door. I could now look at my sleeping beauty and she had no idea it was me.

That was where she now laid on my basement bed dressed in the clothing I had placed her in once she was out cold. The school girl outfit fit her perfect and made her look so innocent. She was in knee high white socks and a nice short pleated skirt. Her white shirt was tight and showed off her pert little tits and the final touch her tie rested on those juicy breasts completing the outfit.

Just staring at my new toy made me wet I couldn't wait to get into the room with her and start my fantasy. To complete what I had planned I was now dressed in the same outfit as she was we did look different though I am also petit and only 5ft 2 my breast are considerably larger at a 34DD. My bum is also larger then my girls which means my little pleated skirt showed off more of my juicy ass. I had placed us both in cotton white panties and mine were currently sodding wet with my juices.

Getting her changed was too much for me to take I couldn't hold back. Once I had got her from the bar and back to my basement I had placed her on the bed. She had been wearing jeans with her tight little jumper. I had to get her completely naked so I could dress her how I wanted. First I took off her shoes and jeans revealing a little black thong that barley covered her perfect pussy. Then I took off her jumper slowly like she was a present just for me. All the time she was unconscious. I couldn't wait to take everything off her but I wanted to try keep my composure for now.

Then it came to taking of her bra. Her little nipples were pink and so beautiful I wanted to taste them to hear her moan as I sucked on them. Finally I pulled down her tiny thong to revel a pussy that was the same colour as her perfect nipples. Her pussy lips were small and perfect. I was so wet by then that I thought I might as well have some fun she wouldn't be coming to for hours.

I bent over her and rubbed her little nipples getting them erect. As I did this I undid my top and got my big tits out and started to play with my pink nipple. I rubbed both our nipples together and as I did this I rubbed my fingers up and down her pussy from her little clit to her tight little butt hole, which I couldn't wait to have my tongue in. I also had jeans and I so I slipped them off all the while playing with my pert nipples and then I slid of my soaking wet panties. I sat on the bed next to my gorgeous girl and started to rub my clit it was difficult to keep my fingers on because my pussy was so wet.

I then bent down and picked up the thong I had just taken from the girl. Slowly I started to push them inside my pussy whilst playing with my clit I nearly came right there but I stopped myself I wanted to come over my girls face while she was unaware of what was going on. I placed my legs at either side of her head and squatted down making sure I didn't actually sit on her face that would come later. I continued to stroke my now bulging clit with the tiny thong in my pussy. Just before I came I bent right down and placed a finger deep inside the girl's pussy and just as i climaxed over her face she let out a little moan. I came so hard I shuddered with excitement and satisfaction.

Usually I would make myself cum two or three times in a row but this orgasm had been so satisfying there was no need. I also knew there were better things to come once my girl had awaken and so I swiftly got dressed again and dressed the girl in the schoolgirl outfit. That was where she was now oblivious to how hard she had made me cum without doing a thing!

As I watched her soaking wet once again she began to stir it had been a long time since the bar and I knew she would be coming around about now. I could barely contain myself but I had to if my plan was too work and so I watched her stirring and imagined all the things there were about to happen!

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