tagFetishThe Basketball Team Ch. 01

The Basketball Team Ch. 01


The idea from this story came from tapeworm, and it was heavily outlined by demos. I owe nearly everything here to them.


Parker Marson spent every day after school in the basketball locker room. At Toriville High School, basketball was the most important sport. The games were always packed, the pep rallies were wild, and the basketball players were the gods of the school.

Parker never made the team, but that didn't stop his enthusiasm. Parker took the important but unpopular position of towel boy. Parker stayed after school every day to watch and manage the practices, to wash the uniforms, to clean the locker rooms, and to in general make sure everything ran smoothly.

The leader of the team was Devon Masters, a tall muscular black nineteen year old high school senior. He was the undisputed best player in the school as well as in the county. He had tons of schools competing for his attendance in college. In addition to his strength on the court, Devon had charming good looks which made him popular with both the girls at the school as well as in the neighborhood.

Like Devon, the other members of the team were black, including the powerful ex-NBA coach. At practices and in the locker room, Parker always stood out as the small puny white boy amongst the giant black men around him. Parker wished he could be as big and strong as the players, but he wasn't and so he worked his hardest to make sure they got what ever they wanted.

One day, the players were out practicing and Parker was ironing their uniforms in the locker room. He heard a knock at the door, and opened it to find Meghan Bellon, the head cheerleader. She had smooth blond hair, rosy tan skin, bright blue eyes, and a set of perky grapefruit sized tits which she had shelved up in a halter top. Her shiny full red lips curved into a smile when she saw Parker.

"Is Devon out of practice yet?" she asked.

Parker had trouble talking to girls, especially those as pretty as Meghan. For a fundraiser. Meghan and the other teenagers had put out a playful sexy calendar. Since then, it had become a nightly ritual of Parker's to spread the calendar out on his bed, whip out his cock, and masturbate furiously to the scantily clad girls from his school.

When he saw Meghan in the doorway, it was hard for him not to think of the many jets of cum he'd shot out to her image.

"He's-- He's still practicing," Parker managed to spit out, and Meghan told him she would wait. She sprawled herself down on the locker room bench, giving Parker a view of her long and sexy legs. He knew he wasn't supposed to let girls in here, but Meghan was too intimidating for him to tell her to leave.

While Meghan lay on the bench, Parker nervously finished the ironing and started scrubbing down the showers. They would only become dirty again in a few moments, but the players had spoken to him about how they liked the shower to be cleaned right before they all got into it. Cleaning the showers was a dirty job, and Parker often got covered in slimy soap scum and body wash fluid. Most times, he would have to join the players in the shower when they came back from practice.

As he sponged off the walls, he found it hard not to stare at the dozing thin body of the coed on the bench. Meghan's perfect blonde hair was draped beautifully over the side of her shoulders, and her big blue eyes looked innocent and sexy.

Looking at her firm breasts and deep cleavage, Parker wanted to pump his dick right there, but he knew he would have to wait until he was home in the safety of his bedroom.

Meghan, relaxing and bored, called out to him.

"So what is it you do again?" she asked.

Startled, Parker could barely get out his words.

"I'm the locker boy," he answered.

Meghan sat up and looked at him with her big blue eyes.

"What does that even mean?"

Parker gave a quick outline of his duties.

"So you don't even get to play on the team?" she asked.

"No, I don't."

"Well that sucks. You do all this work and you don't get shit for it."

"I don't really think of it that way."

"It's like you're the team's bitch," she added.

Parker shrugged nervously.

"Nah, I'm just messing with you," Meghan said, giving Parker and loving and goofy smile, "Between you and me, I'm sort of the team's bitch too." She winked at him, but Parker didn't know what that meant.

"How old are you? I've never seen you around."

"I'm eighteen," he answered.

"Shit, you're my age?" she asked, incredulously, "You look a lot scrawnier... I'm just kidding!" She said, seeing the way Parker's face blushed.

"I take a lot of science classes," he told her, "And I think you're in the business program with the rest of the basketball team."

"Damn right," she answered.

Parker was ecstatic with the fluidity of their conversation. He knew he would shoot out such a big load to her picture that night.

Here, the basketball team started coming back into the locker room. They were shirtless and sweaty, and their toned ripped black bodies were covered in sweat. Parker watched the way that Meghan stared at their bodies, glancing up and down their muscular chests and then eying the thick and heavy bulges in each of their gym shorts.

Most of the boys went to their lockers to get their things for the showers, but two of them left without touching anything. John and Ron Solomon were twin athletes, but they didn't always fit in with the rest of the team. While often times the team would get together at nigh to drink, party, and find girls, the Solomon twins were the sons of a Baptist preacher, and they condemned the lewd and terrible behavior of the rest of the team. After practice, they showered at their own home, away from the debauchery of the rest of the team.

Since these boys were so contemptuous of the other rowdy team members, Parker at first thought they would be kindest to him, unlike the others who often were rude or joked around rudely with him. Instead, the Solomon twins were even ruder. Their father had taught them growing up that the white man had enslaved them in the past and would enslave them again if they ever let their guard down. They were not very sympathetic at all to Parker's position.

These two left, and the coach left with them. He was always leaving to go home to his wife, who the players liked to talk about as the sexiest piece of black chocolate in town.

Devon strutted over to Parker and Meghan, his body dripping wet from sweat.

"Hey Devon," Meghan said deviously, looking at at the head of the basketball team.

Devon smiled at her. "Hey, girl."

"I was just chatting with your friend over here while I waited for you to come back," she said, not breaking eye contact with Devon.

Devon glanced over at Parker, who looked down away from Devon. Devon smiled.

"Hey Parker," he said, "Did you clean up the shower?" Parker nodded. "Iron the uniforms?" Nod. "Sweep the floor? Set up the schedule? Organize the equipment?" Parker nodded.

"Good boy," Devon said, patting the white boy on the head condescending. Meghan giggled at the act.

"I'm just kidding, thanks a lot, we really appreciate your work." Devon and the other team members did this a lot. They would treat Parker like a dog, but then at the end add that they were just kidding. It made Parker uneasy, but he was just glad that he could help the team.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower," Devon told them, "Parker, you should probably come too," he added, referring to the dirt all over Parker's arms and face.

"What about me?" Meghan asked deviously. Devon just laughed and left.

Parker stood up and headed towards the showers.

Parker slid off his pants and shirt and stepped into the communal showers. Around him were big black bodies, scrubbing down their pecs and muscles. When Parker had first started working with the team, he was shocked at the differences between the black men's bodies and his own. They were so much taller, so much blacker, so much more muscular, and they had one very important difference as well.

The first time Parker saw Devon without his pants, he could barely speak. The size and girth of the black boy's cock was impossible. The thing looked like a vicious snake sliding down the toned body of this god-like figure. It was nearly ten inches long, with a a thick head and a girth like a beer bottle. Parker was even more surprised when he saw that the other team members had cocks of equal size, girth, and terror.

Parker's own cock was about four inches, when hard. When soft like the other boys, it was barely a stub, looking like an eye on the top of his small tight ball sack. The other boys had long, heavy balls that looks like they could knock down a building.

Comments about this difference in power were common place. Some of the boys would seem like they were taunting Parker about it. They would step up next to him in the shower, holding their big black cock in their hand and letting the tip of their limp cock spill out of their grip. They approached Parker like this, in a way that drew complete attention to the magnitude of their cocks, and ask for the soap, which he would nervously hand them. They would take time to lather the bar of soap up and down the thick long shaft, cleaning every inch of their massive meat and their sweaty balls, before thanking Parker and handing the defiled soap back to him.

Parker had other times where he was reminded. He was in charge of washing their jock straps, which were leagues bigger than the one he wore in gym class. When he was supervising their practices, he would always notice the heave and swing of their balls in their loose gym shorts.

This difference in body type intimidated Parker, but it also made him proud. Everyone in Toriville knew that basketball was the most important thing, and the fact that his team were so physically endowed was more evidence for him that his time spent serving and slaving for the team was worthwhile. He didn't have the fit, massive, athletic body of the athletes, and so the size of their cocks served to show him that he had a place on the team, even if it wasn't as a player. He was right to obey when they told him to wash their clothes, as they were more god than man, and it showed in the size of their cocks.

Parker had taken the shower head in the corner when Devon took the one next to him. Parker tried to clean himself as quickly as possible, but Devon asked him for his soap and so he would have to wait for Devon to finish before he could exit the shower.

There was a sound from the shower entrance. It was a female voice, and Parker was startled.

Meghan stood at the doorframe, dressed in her low cut halter top and tight shorts, staring at the room of naked black men, and Parker.

"I was just sitting around doing nothing," she said, "So I thought I'd take this chance to see if you guys wanted any help."

She stepped in the shower, still dressed, and made her way to the corner where Devon was standing with Parker.

"Hey Parker," she said, taking a glance downwards at his small package, "I was thinking about what you said earlier, about all the work you do with helping the team. I want to help the team too."

She looked at Devon.

"You can help by cleaning me off," Devon boldly commanded, offering her the soap. She took it in her dainty white hands and, making sure to stay dry by staying away from the shower head, ran the bar of soap up and down Devon's chest.

Parker tried not to stare, but he couldn't help it. The bouncy blonde bent over and began to rub her slippery soapy hands up and down the black man's cock.

"I think you're causing another problem," Devon said. He was right. As Meghan worked to scrub the cock of dirt, she was causing the monster to fill with blood and rise to its full size. Working with a hardening cock in her hands, Meghan pumped harder, lathering the black penis in more slippery soap. Soon enough, she dropped the pretense of washing it, and simply pumped up and down.

Devon looked down at the squatting girl jerking at his cock, and, smiling, took a great big squeeze of one of her melons, leaving a wet hand-print on her shirt. Meghan smiled, and continued pumping his cock.

Eventually, Devon's big balls contracted and Meghan saw that he was about to cum. She aimed his giant black hose to the shower wall, and Parker watched as Devon's balls squirmed and a big wad of cum shot out of the monster and made a big splat against the shower wall. Meghan didn't stop pumping, draining every drop of cum out of Devon's heavy balls onto the wall of the shower. It seemed endless. Wad after wad of sticky black man cum shot out of the heavy shot. The small white hand moved faster and faster and Meghan worked to give the black god an orgasm.

When she was finished, she let his limp cock drop, and lathered it once again, cleaning off all his cum.

She stood up and gave Devon a big wet kiss, accidentally letting the water shoot down and wet the back of her top.

During this, some of the other players had watched the girl. Most of them were hooking up with one of the cheerleaders, and so they were used to getting or watching handjobs from busty white girls. Some of them, however, were pumping their own cocks at the sight of Meghan's hard work, and they too shot their loads up against the shower wall.

Meghan and Devon left the shower, Devon's heavy cock swinging with each step. By the time Parker had finished using the soap that Meghan had spread over every inch of Devon's body, most of the boys were out of the shower and had gotten dressed and left.

Parker exited the shower and found that Devon had left, but Meghan was sitting on the bench where she had been before. A few boys were finishing putting on their clothes.

When he saw Meghan, Parker clamored to cover up his nakedness.

"Calm down," she told him, seeing his struggle, "I already saw your tiny dick in the shower; you were standing right next to me."

Parker meekly uncovered himself and grabbed a towel, which he wrapped around his waist.

As he started getting redressed, Meghan started talking to him.

"I've been dating Devon for about a week now," she said, "But that was the first time I'd seen his cock. It really is huge." Parker didn't know what to say.

"I've been talking with him," she says, "And we both agree that what I just did there was incredible. I mean, I'd never given anyone a handjob in public like that! And with all the boys watching, and you right there! It was such a thrill."

Parker looked at her and saw that she was panting excitedly at the thought.

"So he thinks I should stick around and help out with the team more often. So I guess I'll be like your assistant or something."

Parker gulped. This beautiful buxom girl was going to be his assistant?

"Well, more like you're going to be my assistant," she clarified, "But it doesn't mean anything really, I just am going to be helping serve the time like you do. Well, I guess not like you do, if you know what I mean."

Parker finished dressing and faced her.

"When I was in the shower, and I saw all of those black men with their huge cocks, I was just overwhelmed. Everyone's always talking about how great the players are, they have been my whole life, and just to see how strong and powerful their cocks were, it was amazing!"

Parker spoke. "I sort of feel the same way."

Meghan laughed. "What do you mean?"

"I just like serving the team. I feel like I'm doing something important when I can help them."

"I know, right!" she yelled in agreement. "I'm so glad we can understand each other."

She stood up. "We're going to be such good friends, Parker," she said, " Even if you do have a tiny cock." She flicked his groin playfully and giggled.

"I'm not that tiny," Parker said.

"Aw, don't feel bad," she said, "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But yes, you are that tiny."

She walked towards the door of the locker room. Parker picked up his cleaning supplies.

"You mean we're not done?" Meghan said.

"No," Parker said, " I still have to wipe down the lockers, the floor, and then do the showers again. Meghan sat on the bench and watched him mop the floor and sweep the lockers. When he got up to clean off the showers, she followed him.

"Oh wow, look at all the jizz!" she said. There was the giant stain that she had caused with Devon, as well as about six or seven others from some of the spectators.

Parker grabbed a rag and began scooping the clumps of sticky cum into a bucket. Meghan leaned behind him and stuck a finger into the goopy stain on the wall.

"This cum is so thick," she said, and stuck her finger into her mouth. "It tastes very salty."

"Uhh, that's pretty gross," Parker said, feeling his cock stir at the sight of this gorgeous woman licking cum off the wall.

"Cum eating's fun," she told him, scooping up some more and dumping it into the bucket, licking her fingers clean afterward, "It's just so dirty. When a man shows his big cock down your throat and tells you to swallow, you can just feel how powerful it is. It makes me so wet."

Parker's cock was at full attention and he hoped Meghan didn't see.

"I'm sorry if this is grossing you out, or if I'm saying too much," she added, "But I feel so comfortable around you. It's like I'm talking to a girlfriend."

Meghan and Parker finished scooping and cleaning all the cum, and they finally packed up their stuff and started to leave.

"Oh shit," she said to him, looking at the clock, "It's nine-o'clock already?"

She stood closer to Parker.

"I can't walk home at this hour... In this neighborhood!"

Meghan was right. Toriville was perhaps one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the area. The basketball team was composed of some of the nicest, most intelligent youths of the school, even if they were also the biggest and the strongest. The rest of the school was a lot scarier. Most were in gangs and carried guns and knives everywhere. Rapes and murders occurred constantly in the area.

"How are you getting home?" she asked.

"My mom comes and picks me up," he told her, and then sheepishly added, "You can get a ride form us if you want."

She hugged him.

"Thank you so much!" she yelled.

They stood in the safety of the gym by the window, waiting for Parker's mom to drive up and take them home.


Lilly Marson spent most evenings at her yoga class. She and her girlfriend Sarah would go out for drinks at five, and go to the evening yoga class at seven. The class lasted two hours, after which she would get her son from school and drive him home.

Lilly lived a simple life. Her husband Tom was an accountant who made a decent living, and they had bought a small but quaint home. These days, money was tough, but Lilly stressed to him that a lack of a promotion on his part shouldn't mean she shouldn't enjoy her own luxuries. So while it was Tom's job to deal with money, she spent lavishly on clothes, bags, shoes, and drinks.

Toriville was a basketball town, and so at the high school basketball games, she would spend for the prime box up top, where she would drink and mingle with people like the mayor and local celebrities. Her son Parker was of course down on the court helping the players, and Tom had to get cheap seats for himself since money was so tight. Lilly felt somewhat bad for her husband, but she rationalized that he was the bread winner, and it was his fault if he didn't want to work hard.

As Lilly drove from her yoga class to her son's school, she thought about how ugly some of the town had gotten. When they'd purchased their house, it was in a nice sweet neighborhood. Now, it seemed that it was entirely invaded by gangster blacks and low class immigrants. Lilly was no racist, but she saw the dangerous kids with guns and knives, the poverty around her. As Parker grew older, it seemed that more and more of the high class white people like herself were moving to the edge of town, and now when Parker was eighteen, they were the only ones left. They were the last vestige of a high class neighborhood in what was now the slums.

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