tagFetishThe Basketball Team Ch. 02

The Basketball Team Ch. 02


I hope you enjoy this story. I've been trying to write a lot more lately. More experimental stuff will go into new stories, while I'll try to keep only slightly adventurous stuff in Party Mom and keep it super conventional and traditional with this story line: Basketball Team. I think I've developed some good situations and continuity with this Basketball Team, and I'm trying to be cautious and not ruin that. Still, PLEASE email me or comment below if you want to suggest or critique some piece of this. Tell me what you like and what you don't like. The only thing I find hotter than writing these stories is when people talk to me about their experiences with them. So do your part, please. Hope you enjoy.


Lilly awoke the next morning tangled in the sheets of her bed. The young mother felt the heavy sway of her bare breasts as she sat up. She rubbed her forehead and tried to remember the exact events of the night before.

She remembered everything, the date with her son's friend, the vicious fucking by the two black boys, the video they had shown her husband and son, and then even the way Devon had scooped up her fit body over his shoulder and carried her back to the bedroom for some fun.

She looked behind her at the two sleeping black men in her bed. The sunlight from the window shined off their perfect athletic bodies and she felt a tingle run up her body.

What had happened next? She remembered making out with them, stroking their cocks in their laps as she sucked each of their faces, but then they had passed out, sleepy, and she had gone to sleep too.

Lilly stood up quietly from the bed, careful not to wake the boys. She tiptoed to her bathroom where she relieved herself in the toilet, turned on the shower, and let the warm water run over her tan body. She gave her firm breasts a quick squeeze and ran her hands down between her legs and around, covering every inch of her skin with soap.

She was surprised at how calm she was. Of course, this wasn't her first infidelity, but it was the first she had shown to her husband, and the first she had brought into her home. Her slutty life and her home life had come together, and yet she was completely calm. Were the boys done with her? she wondered. Something in her head told her they were not, had they mentioned something? Whatever the case, they were still asleep in her bed at the moment, which suggested a long term arrangement.

Lilly thought for a moment of her husband, Tom, and where he was. Probably asleep on the couch, she realized. She had imagined what would happen if she had ever told Tom that she fucked other men, and this was how she imagined he would take it. He would stay with her even if she fucked every man in the whole world. Some would call it love, but Lilly was not so optimistic. She knew that it was Tom's dick that loved her round breasts and juicy bottom, and so he would submit to nearly anything as long as it kept him close to her sexy body. Theirs was not a marriage of love, at least, any more. It was a sad man and his sexbomb wife.

Even though she knew it would never change anything, Lilly had still kept her affairs a secret. Firstly, it was to protect her son, whom she loved over anything in the world. Secondly, it was for her image. Even if her husband would never protest her sucking cock around the house, Lilly feared nothing more than the outside world seeing her as anything other than the pretty young housewife and mother.

It was at this thought that Lilly began to feel anxious. These were not pathetic boys, these were studly black men she had just fucked. They would never keep this affair to themselves, it would become public knowledge!

Lilly's heart began to beat faster. And they had a video tape! she realized. Hadn't they said something about displaying the video publicly?

She had never wanted her husband or son to know, but now they did and there was no undoing that. But she could still save her image by getting rid of these boys as soon as she could.

But then she remembered the reason they were here: they were protecting her son. She shook her head. As much as she loved her son, could she really ruin her image for this? She was concerned.

Lilly turned off the shower and used a soft fluffy towel to dry herself off. She stepped naked on the hardwood floors back to her bedroom, where the boys were still sleeping in her bed.

Upon seeing them, her thoughts changed once again. Devon had rolled over, and she stared at his limp black cock, which clung to his leg looking like a tube of pringles. She remembered the night before, and how many times that cock had made her cum, and she almost changed her attitude about trying to get the boys to leave.

Instead of waking them at the moment, she slipped on a bra and panties and left to go make some breakfast. She could talk to them when they woke up on their own.

Tom indeed had spent the night on the couch. After Devon had carried his sexy wife away, he had driven away to a bar, gotten fairly drunk, then had driven back home and collapsed on the couch. When he awoke, he made himself coffee and thought about the previous night.

Lilly entered the kitchen to find Tom at the table, drinking coffee. She had forgotten she wasn't alone, and so she hadn't anticipated her husband seeing her in her bra and panties.

She was feeling bad for him, however, knowing that he would react submissively, and so she sat down with him.

"Are you okay?" she asked him.

Tom stared at his coffee and avoided looking at his wife, which was difficult with the way she was displaying her body.

Lilly decided to do all the talking.

"I understand how you must feel. You can't believe I would do that with another man. You've been so used to having me all to yourself and lying next to my warm body in bed each night, but you've had to know it wouldn't last forever. Don't worry, honey. I understand how you operate. You'll absolutely continue to live here, and I'll never mention this to any of your friends. The boys will be gone in a few hours, I swear." She put her arm around him.

Tom shoved her arm away angrily and stood up.

"Damn right they'll be gone! How fucking dare you fuck those boys, and on camera!"

Lilly was taken aback. She didn't know that her husband had such fury in him. Lilly liked commanding men, it was why she was so attracted to the strong athletic basketball team. But now, when her husband was yelling at her, she just got angry.

"Tom! What are you yelling at me for?"

"Are you kidding me, Lilly?" he said, "I have every right to yell at you!"

Lilly frowned at him.

"Listen, I'm telling you that the boys are leaving soon! I'm trying my hardest to make things right!"

"You can't just make things right!"

Lilly became indignant. "Honey," she cooed, "You're being unreasonable. I'm trying to be civil with you and you're being insane."

Tom glared at his underwear clad wife. "Fuck you!"

Lilly had come into the kitchen planning to deal with a hurt broken man, but instead she had this pushy violent husband. She wasn't happy. She thought back to the sexy bodies of the black boys sleeping in her bed, and she realized now that she didn't want them to leave at all.

"You know what, Tom?" she said to her hysterical husband, "Fuck you too. You're being totally unreasonable about this, and you have no right to be this way to me. It's my home, it's my body, and I can do whatever I want. I signed a contract with those boys that I will honor; they can stay as long as they like"

Lilly stormed out of the kitchen, Tom watching her near bare ass jiggle as she stomped away.

As Lilly walked out, Tom came running after her.

"I'm sorry!" he yelled, the sight of her round ass changing his mind, "Please don't go back to them!"

But Lilly didn't even turn around. She went back into the bedroom and closed the door.

Parker was in his room. When his mother had been taken by the basketball team leader and his father had driven away, Parker had retreated to his room.

As conflicted as his mother was about the boys, Parker was even more conflicted. When he saw his mother the night before, he was overwhelmed at how sexual she could be. To him, she was always just his mother, and so when he saw those boys got at her like animals, he was confused. Parker enjoyed sexy women a ton, but the fact that it was his mother whose perky breasts were being sucked made him queasy. On the other hand, these boys were his idols and his protectors, and he would never dare speak against them. If they wanted to bone his mother, it would upset him, but he would never protest.

Parker was a lot more like how Lilly believed Tom to be than how Tom himself was.

The mix of humiliation and reverence confused him, but it was made even more confusing by Meghan's presence. Parker loved the sexiness of the young cheerleader, and the fact that she seemed so bicuriously interested in his mom too made it even more bizarre. When Meghan described rubbing her fat tits against the full tits of his mother, Parker was turned on, and then also creeped out, by the evocative image of his crush's lovely wide breasts up against the off limits bust of his mother.

While he wasn't sure if all of this made him happy or sad, he was sure it made him horny. Since seeing Meghan the night before, he had masturbated three times.

Now, in the morning, he was still embarrassed by the video and sights he had seen of his mother getting fucked, but he was also still horny. Taking out his trusty calendar of Meghan, he pulled down his pants and began to stroke his cock. The image of her hand down her own pants came back to mind, and he climaxed all over his already sticky boxer briefs.

It was Saturday, and Parker remembered that the boys were in his mother's room. He put on some fresh clothes and went out to see if they were in his home, but the door to his mother's room was closed and his father was sitting alone at the table. He had just spoken with Lilly, but Parker didn't know that.

Without speaking to Tom, Parker walked back to his room and closed the door. He knew the habits of the team fairly well from listening to them at practices, and he knew they liked to sleep in on Saturdays, they were probably in his mother's room asleep.

Parker thought it would be a nice gesture for Devon and Meat to get breakfast, and so he left his house and drove towards the doughnut place. He took the long route, which passed Meghan's house. He was hoping he would see her on his way there, but he didn't. He bought a box of doughnuts, a canteen of hot coffee, and a few bagels with spread. On his way back, he passed Meghan's house again, and ended up seeing her taking her morning jog.

Meghan's hair was pulled back into a pony tail, and she had on a bright pink sports bra that pushed up her tits with a pair of tight blue sweat pants. When she saw Parker's car, she stopped and pulled out her headphones, smiling at him eagerly.

"Parker!" she said, grinning at him.

Parker smiled at her back and explained that he was just getting breakfast for the two team members.

"They're still at your house?" she said, "Tell me what happened after I left last night!"

Parker told the bouncy cheerleader all about the video they had shown him and his father, and then how they had scooped his mother's sexy body up into the bedroom. He tried not to be blatantly staring at her tits, but it was hard when they were shelved up in a sports bra like this. Parker wanted to slide a pencil between the round crevice the beautiful tits made.

"Oh my god, that sounds really hot!"

"They think they own her."

"Well, they probably do. I'll stop by to check up on you later, let me just finish my run and shower and do a few things, then I'll be over."

"Sounds good," Parker said, watching the young girl's sexy ass as she jogged away.

Parker arrived home to find that his teammates had awoken. His mother was standing in the kitchen by the table at which they were seated, serving hash browns and scrambled eggs from a skillet into the boys' plates. She was still wearing the lingerie she had put on when she had gone into the kitchen earlier.

Tom was standing against the wall in the corner, staring at the boys and his stripped down wife contemptuously.

"Oh hey, you're awake," Parker said to the boys as he set the boxes of donuts down on the table.

"Oh hey!" Devon greeted the son, shoveling down eggs into his manly body, "So glad to see you! Sit down, we were just going to have a talk with everyone and we were waiting for you."

Tom was unnerved by the friendliness of the boys since they had woken up. Instead of being the savage brutes he had imagined, they had behaved like perfect gentlemen. They had arisen from bed dressed back into their nice clothes, shaken Tom's hand amicably, and spoken without any sort of malice. It was only when they saw his wife and each had given her a long kiss and firm squeeze on her buttocks Tom sawdthat these boys were still the intruders who had boned the young housewife multiple times the night before.

Meat and Devon opened the box of donuts and devoured them quickly.

The boys stood up from the table and their height towered over all three of the family members. Lilly shifted in her stance as she watched them rise, feeling herself shiver at their tall muscular frames.

"First," Devon began, "I'd like to thank Parker for introducing us to this lovely woman, his mother and our new sex cat." At the nickname, Lilly giggled like a little girl, and Parker smiled at the approval from the two boys.

"But I'd like to clarify exactly what it is we have planned, both for your protection, Parker, and for your mother's special payment."

Parker looked at his mother, who was smiling widely as she imagined the "payment" these two boys would give her.

Devon spoke slowly and clearly. "Parker, with this deal, you have full protection from any sort of bully or enemy who might try to hurt you. You've got the forces of me, Meat, the whole team, and our allies at your service. I promise you if anyone even looks you at funny, they will be in the hospital for weeks.

"Next, our payment. As you have seen, Parker, we've taken your mother for a test drive and she is perfect. She took our cocks deep and hungrily, like any great slut should. And trust me, Parker, your mother is a great slut."

Tom frowned both at how they were describing his wife as well as how they kept addressing Parker but not him.

"The whole team is really excited to have her on board because we're interested in using her for a class project that we've been working on for awhile. As part of the business program, our final assignment as high school seniors is to start a profitable business all on our own that can generate actual revenue. So the team and I have gotten together and have planned out an extremely detailed internet porn website. We have hired a proffesional porn star already, her name is Avalon Stars, and then we will be filling in for the male roles. It's all very exciting."

Parker jumped when he heard the name Avalon Stars. Avalon Stars was the first woman to whom he had ever masturbated. The image of big cocked studs creaming her face with spunk was forever glued to his memory as the most sexual and lovely videos he'd ever watched.

"Avalon will be here in a few days, but we're so happy to be able to recruit this woman here. We showed you the video last night of her first time with us, and I hope you'll all agree that this woman, despite being your mother, is a great slam piece for video. Isn't that right?"

Devon reach over to Lilly and slipped his heavy fingers down the front of her breasts and pulled down the bra. Her heavy tan breasts were exposed to the room and he groped them and showed how heavy they felt as they dangled up and down.

"This tits, these curves," he said as he slid his hands down the hourglass figure of the mother, stopping at her protruding behind and giving it a firm spank.

Lilly giggled as the black hand slid over her skin.

"We need to share your mom with the world, Parker, and we're putting her down on all fours and giving her as much cock as she can take to do so."

He slid the tip of his enormous penis out of his pants and handed it to the wife and mother, who instinctively began jacking it off.

Tom felt a surge of anger at the sight and yelled out, "This is fucking crazy!"

He leaped at the two boys, but Meat swatted him down before he could touch a hair on his pretty wife or the man she was jacking off.

"That's not cool," Meat said, "We don't want any violence here. We have to right to be here and the right to use this woman in this way. Don't forget; we're protecting your son, and she's given her consent. Your behavior is out of line."

Tom tried to stand up for a moment but fell back down.

"Can I say something?" Lilly asked.

"Sure thing, baby doll," Devon said, letting her step forwards.

"Parker, are you okay with this? I'm doing this for you. I want to make sure you're safe and if I have to be penetrated by these boys here to do so, I'll gladly gobble down whatever cock it takes."

"Uhh," Parker stuttered, "Yeah mom, that's okay."

"You sure, honey?" she asked, tits bared from Devon's groping.

"Yeah. I mean, I love the team and I'm so good at serving them already, this will just be like another step. I've seen them all naked in the shower all the time, so that's not anything too new or scary, just seeing you naked, mom, that's a little weird. But I'll learn to deal with it, I swear, I will."

"Wait wait," Meat interjected, "You've seen us naked before?"

"Uhh, yeah, we all shower together."

"Meat, I think everyone in this room has seen your cock," Lilly added.

"Come on, man, think before you start talking stupid," Devon said.

"Has he seen my cock?" Meat asked, pointing down at the crumpled husband still on the floor.

"I don't fucking know," Devon said.

"He watched the video, hun," Lilly answered.

"Shit that's not the same thing," Meat said, and whipped out his hard cock.

"Now everyone has seen it," he said, waving it around a bit.

Holding the black monster in his hand, he leaned in towards the wife and mother and slid it up and down her upper thigh.

"You said she works for us, Devon?" Meat asked.

"Take whatever you want," the leader announced.

Meat unhooked the half opened bra and slid it to the floor. Next he hooked his index finger in the waist of her panties and slid those off too.

Tom opened his mouth to yell but a cold glare from Devon stopped him.

The naked mother followed suit and grabbed the penis that was near her thigh.

"I'm going to watch television," Tom yelled despondently, standing up and leaving the room.

Lilly took the penis in her hands and stroked it up and down softly.

"Parker," Devon said, ignoring the actions of his friend, "Could you do me a favor and call Meghan and tell her to come over as soon as she can?"

"I actually ran into her when I was out getting breakfast," Parker said, his mother stroking Meat's cock faster and fast, "She said she'd be over here soon."

"That's great," Devon said, grabbing a doughnut off the counter and taking a bite, "Get something to eat, Parker."

Parker and Devon each sat down at the table. Though he was happy at the politeness Devon had just shown him, he couldn't help glancing over at his naked mother stroking the cock of this other studly boy.

After a few minutes of stroking, Meat grunted loudly and exploded all over the young mother. White creamy spunk jetted out of his cock, spraying the woman's thighs, stomach, and pussy before sliding down her long tans legs.

Parker watched Meat glaze his mother with his seed before having the dripping woman get down on her knees and clean his tool with her tongue.

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