tagLoving WivesThe Bassist with the Big Dick

The Bassist with the Big Dick


I've always been turned on by stories of my wife, April screwing other men. Before we met she had been wildly promiscuous having slept with close to 200 guys. Often we would spend entire weekends in bed as April would reiterate tales from her shameless past. Her stories had me so aroused that even months before we were married I actually declared that she had my permission to fuck other guys, so long as she came home afterward and let me have their sloppy seconds.

Because April had been so promiscuous, it was easy for her to overlook the fact that we were engaged at the time, and simply spread her legs for other men. The first time she did it was on her bachelorette party when she hooked up with a guy named Brian at the bar. April didn't get home until well after 10 am the next day and as soon as she walked through the door I could tell that she had been laid.

Now, April and I had both agreed that it was redundant for her to fuck other guys if their pricks were covered with rubber. April has never liked the feel of condoms, and she'd once told me that by the time she'd turned 21, so many guys had cum inside of her that she simply assumed that she couldn't have babies. For me, I absolutely loved the thought of sliding my tongue, and then my cock into her swollen, freshly-fucked pussy, full of another man's cum.

Sure enough, April did not disappoint me in the least. One of the first things she did when she walked through the door that particular morning was to point to her crotch and say "I've got something in here for you, baby!"

A minute later we were in the bedroom. She stripped and then laid down on the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor between her spread legs with my face only about a foot away from her sticky snatch.

I was so overcome by the sight and smell of my fiancé's hot pussy that I had to eat her out.

I'll never forget how deeply aroused I was at that moment, lapping some other guy's spunk out of April's gash while she gasped out all of the steamy details of her recent sexual activities.

Throughout the entire day I found it impossible to keep my hands off of her. Knowing that she'd so recently had another guy's spurting cock inside of her had my prick (and my tongue) hard all day. The sex we had was so good; April promised that she'd fuck lots of other guys after we were married.

True to her word, less than two weeks after we said our wedding vows April did one of her co-workers in the front seat of his car. According to April, Terrance had a "nice cock" (which meant it was big) and he was convenient (he had a serious girlfriend, so it was very unlikely that he would tell anyone that he screwed my wife.) As it turns out, April and Terrence hooked up once or twice a month for the next few months before he moved to another city.

It was always really hot when April slept with Terrence, but one of the most memorable times she was with another guy happened when we'd been married for just over 3 months.

My wife has a very good taste in music. As a matter of fact, part of why I fell in love with her was because she was not your typical "pop music" loving female. April prefers bands like Pearl Jam, Led Zepplin and Bob Marley to name a few. When we heard that one of our favorite bands was playing their last show together April made sure that we had tickets before they sold out.

It was quite warm outside the night of the rock show, and April had dressed in a very skimpy pair of cut-off shorts and a tight tank-top. It was mid-summer and April's outfit showed a lot of smooth, tanned skin. April has a dynamite body, so I was not surprised at how many heads she turned. We had just got a couple of beers and found a spot about twenty feet from the stage when the band made their appearance.

Now these guys aren't exactly U2 or anything. You won't hear their music on any radio station that I know of, but they are quite talented. This band has a large fan base in Canada and parts of the United States so it's not like they're a bunch of hacks, I just think that they would rather have nothing to do with mainstream.

Anyway, April and I drank beer and enjoyed the show for about ten songs. Then my wife turned to me and said that she wanted to get closer to the stage. I nodded and we began making our way through the crowd of people. Just then the band broke into one of their most popular songs and there was a sudden rush of fans onto the floor. Suddenly, April and I were separated. I tried to get to her but it was no use. There were just too many people.

I had made my way to the foot of the stage but on the far right. April did too, but about thirty feet to my left. She was standing directly in front of the bass player.

Now the bass player in this band is considered by all females to be very good-looking. There wasn't a single woman in that place that wouldn't have done just about anything to sleep with him -- including my wife.

I felt my stomach turn as I realized that she had let go of my hand on purpose. She had deliberately let go so she could be closer to this guy without me cramping her style.

As the rock show continued they were making eye contact the whole time. I knew that from his vantage point the bass player had a great view down my wife's tank-top.

I had a tough time concentrating on the music while my wife stood thirty feet away, attempting to seduce some rock and roll stud.

I couldn't figure out why it bothered me so much. Like I said, April and I had been married for three months at this time, and she'd already been with two other guys -- both with my knowledge and approval. This was different though. This guy was too good-looking and too desirable. He was too much of a threat to my man-hood.

For the rest of the concert, including the encore, my wife and the bass player looked like they were about to jump each other right in front of everyone. After the band pounded through their last song, the crowd began to disperse. I stood near the back and waited for April, but she was busy talking to the bass player.

They talked for a long time and just as I was about to go over and retrieve my wife, when she turned and came towards me.

April was positively glowing. "Guess what, baby! Corey (not his real name) invited me to go back-stage and party with him!"

"That's nice." I said sarcastically.

"I can't believe he picked me! This is so awesome!"

"You're not actually going to go are you?"

"Yeah. Why wouldn't I?" She said, looking at me like I was crazy.

"Cause he wants to fuck you."

"Of course he does! I thought you wanted me to fuck other guys!" she said, loud enough for the people around us to hear.

"April! Keep your voice down!" I snapped, noticing the criticizing looks we were getting.

"Look," she said, with less volume, "Corey could have chosen any girl here tonight and he chose me. If he wants to fuck me, then I'd be insane not to do it. It was your idea for me to sleep around in the first place, now you're going to have to deal with the consequences. Look, Greg, I'm sorry, but I'm going back-stage, I'll see you at home later."

With that my wife left me and went with Corey. I can't remember ever feeling so humiliated. Ignoring the looks from some of the people that overheard us, I left immediately and drove home.

I was shaking with anger for over an hour. There was no way that I was going to fall asleep knowing where my groupie, slut for a wife was. I paced around our house for some time before finally going to bed. As I laid there, images of April sucking and fucking that rock star began to flood my mind. Although I was still upset with my disobedient wife, I began to get hard. I tossed and turned, I tried to sleep, but the more I pictured them together the more aroused I became.

It was just after five a.m. when a cab finally pulled into our driveway. I looked out the window and saw my wife getting out. As she stumbled into the house I turned on the bedside lamp.

Not a word was said as April undressed and got into bed beside me.

After about a minute I broke the silence. "So, did you..."

"Fuck him? -- Yeah. Are you still mad?"

"No, not anymore. I'm still a little jealous, but I think I'm mostly just turned-on."

April's face broke out into a devilish grin. "Does that mean you want sloppy seconds?" she asked, reaching for my rapidly stiffening cock. "Corey has a really big dick. He left me really stretched out and full of cum -- just how you always had wanted it. You could eat me out first - if you want..." She said peeling the bed sheet aside and spreading her legs.

Locked in her power I slid down between her steamy thighs and gazed at her well-worked cunt. I couldn't help but moan with approval as I took in the sight of my wife's used pussy, sticky and bloated from being pumped full of another guy's semen. It was swollen and still semi-dilated. Her pubic hair was tangled with drying cum and the strong smell of sex made me want to eat her all the more.

I couldn't believe it. Four hours ago I wanted to knock Corey's teeth down his throat, now; I couldn't wait to slurp his spent jizz from my wife's filthy pussy.

"Mmm... That's Corey Caldwell's cum in there, baby." April said, proudly. "His big penis just finished spurting inside of me less than twenty minutes ago. Why don't you stick your tongue in there and taste it?"

Needing no further encouragement I began to lap away at my wife's tender snatch. The overwhelming smell and taste of another guy's cum in April's pussy immediately filled my senses. I ran my tongue from the bottom of April's slit to the top several times then swirled it around her hole, before finally clamping my mouth over her open twat and sucking a portion of Corey's semen out of her pussy.

I swallowed it and gasped, "Oh babe, there's so much cum."

"I know, baby." April said, "He said that he came really hard. I could feel it dripping out all the way home."

As I continued to lick Corey's cum out of my wife's pussy she began to tell me about what happened after I left.

"So I partied with the band and their roadies for about an hour back-stage before Corey took me into his motor home." She gasped. "We made out, and I sucked his cock. It was big -- really big. I don't think I've fucked a guy with a cock like that since Dan." She said referring to one of the more well-endowed black guys she slept with before meeting me.

"The first time we fucked it was hard and fast. It felt really good, but he only lasted about four minutes before cumming inside me."

"Did he make you cum?" I asked between licks.

"No, I got close when I was riding him once, and if you keep doing that I'll come in your mouth. Oh god yeah, that feels so good!" she moaned. "Keep sucking my clit... oh fuck... Oh fuck, baby! Ooh I'm going to cum!" My wife ground her soaked pussy on my face. "Ahh fuck! I'm cumming!"

By the time April finished her orgasm, my face was literally soaked with her's and Corey's cum. I gave her quivering snatch a few more licks before I crawled between her thighs and sank my throbbing prick into my adulterous wife. I couldn't help but comment on how loose she was.

"Oh, April," I groaned, "You weren't kidding about being stretched out!"

My wife grinned up at me. "I told you he had a big dick, baby. It was so good! I'm sorry, but he really was an unbelievable lay, Greg. Even if you took away the fact that he is talented, famous, and extremely good-looking, he would still be one of the best fucks that I've ever had."

I couldn't believe how good it felt to be in my wife's pussy after it had been fucked by a much larger prick. All the guys she'd been with before were slightly smaller than me, but according to April, Corey's cock was one of the biggest she's ever had. Although I felt very little friction, I knew that I was about to have the biggest orgasm of my life. April kept twisting and moaning beneath me as I rutted in her sloppy, wet cunt. I could feel Corey's semen coating my thrusting cock. I could feel it on my balls as it ran out of April's pussy and down the crack of her ass, staining our bed sheets.

"Oh god," she gasped. "I just love getting fucked by two guys in one night! It makes me feel so dirty -- going from one cock to another like this!"

Hearing those words just about made me cum. Not ready to stop yet, I pulled out of April's steamy cunt. My prick was twitching dangerously and I had to grit my teeth and breathe just right in order to hold off my climax.

As I attempted to regain my composure April flipped over and presented me with her sexy bum, wet and sticky with Corey's semen. Her well-used pussy looked so hot; I simply had to eat her out again.

As I licked April's pussy and ass she described the rest of her time with Corey. She told me about all the positions he did her in, how she loved sucking his cock, and how he came inside her three times. By the time I was once again ready to penetrate my slutty wife, my face was once again soaked with hers and Corey's combined fluids.

Thrusting into my wife from behind, I noticed that every time I sank my cock all the way in she would whimper slightly in pain.

"Are you sore?" I asked.

April flipped her messy hair out of the way so she could look back at me. "Yeah, a little." She admitted. "Corey fucked me so hard, baby, but it still feels good, don't stop."

I took a firmer grip on her hips. "Did he fuck you hard like this?" I asked, as I began to pound into her fiercely. April always looks so hot in this position. She has such a nice ass and her pussy looked incredible with my cum-coated prick slicing in and out of it.

"Ohhh... No -- he fucked me harder!" she gasped.

"Like this!?" I growled, increasing the intensity of my thrusting.

"Harder!" she wailed, gripping the bed sheets. "He fucked me even harder!"

With that I gave April everything I had. "Like this!!!???" I asked again through gritted teeth, mercilessly slamming into her upturned ass.

"Yeah, baby, yeah!" she howled.

Pounding into April's sloppy cunt relentlessly, I could only take so much and within ten seconds I roared with release. My prick started spurting uncontrollably into my wanton wife. Never had I ejaculated with intensity such as this. It felt almost like I was having two orgasms at the same time. One big ejaculation, followed by several small (normal) ones, then another big one right after. I thought that I was going to pass out.

Too sensitive to move, I couldn't bear to pull out of my wife's slutty, cum saturated pussy for several minutes after my orgasm subsided. Finally, I fell to the side and we dozed off for a couple of hours. When I awoke, I reached for the phone, and called in sick to work. I told my boss that I needed to spend the rest of the day in bed...

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