tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Batman: Downfall Ch. 04

The Batman: Downfall Ch. 04


Gotham General,

The conversation with Alberto Falcone kept playing over and over in Harvey Bullocks head, the guy was a weasel, not even half the man his father Carmine was. Even so, when Alberto had taken hold of Bullocks hand in his cold, clammy hands he had flinched ever so slightly. It was like being touched by death. "Get well soon officer Bullock, just be careful out on those streets you hear." The smile was grim he held bullocks hand for far too long in the silence that proceeded. Alberto finally nodded and let go of Bullocks hand as he stood up. "You were a good man," he said and gave a curt nod then turned and walked out.

He had not slept fitfully since, every time his hospital room door opened he would sit or atleast try and sit upright, his hand going to his bedside looking for the service revolver that was never there. Every doctor or nurse who came suddenly had that look about them. He would break out in a cold sweat when a syringe came into view or they offered him a cup of pills to offset the toxins in his body.

Which led him to where he was right now, stood at the main desk trying to discharge himself even as the duty nurse urged him to stay. "Look lady I'm not going to sue you or the hospital,"

The nurse, cute, blonde and Harvey's type but they were all Harvey's type. "It's not that Officer Bullock, you are not fit to leave this hospital, you're vitals need to be monitored and those sores can easily become infected again." Harvey reached up absently and touched the sensitive skin on his face, the lumps coarse and dry under his fingertips.

"I'm fine lady, just hand me the forms and you can give my bed to someone who needs it more than I do." The nurse hesitated then reached into a drawer pulling out the release paperwork. She placed them on the counter and handed Bullock a pen, she told him where to sign and Bullock left scrawls over all the sheets she pointed to.

Bullock found he was holding his breath when the elevator doors opened, he expected to see a barrel of a gun but instead nothing but an empty compartment, which seemed even more unsettling. He hit the ground floor button and then repeatedly mashed the door close button until they finally began a long, slow close.

Out on his streets Bullock sighed with relief, sure it was crowded and at any minute one of Falcone's goons could stab him with a long knife leaving him to bleed to death where he stood but atleast he would die looking at the blue sky and grey buildings of Gotham instead of in a hospital bed hitting a call button that would never get answered.

He began to walk east, for no other reason than his feet were taking him that way, he reached into his coat and found his wallet, he had a few bills in there and his bank card, he next checked for his phone. Someone had taken the decency to turn it off and he was relieved when it lit up with just under half a battery remaining. Bullock smiled as three then four messages pinged up on his screen "Who knew I was so loved," he said out loud. He scanned the messages deleting three of them and leaving the one from Rosa saved, he would certainly give Rosa a call but first things first.

Bullock paused by a bus stop, the traffic was heavy and he pressed the phone firmly to his ear as it started to ring. After four rings the line clicked and Bullock dispensed with the niceties "Travis its Bullock."

"Bullock, how did you get out of the hospital already?" His partner said on the other end, Bullock could hear the ambient noise, Travis was at headquarters.

"Signed myself out, those four walls were starting to bug me out," now came the tough bit. They had only been partners for a few years, no family barbeques (Bullock had no family) no Thanksgiving dinners (Bullock worked every Thanksgiving) but they got along okay, "I need a favour." He could hear the heavy swallow over the phone then the ambient noise changing as Travis moved.

"When you ask for favours someone has to write a lot of paperwork." Travis said and his voice echoed off of a wall.

'Men's toilets' Bullock knew instantly, "I need my service gun and a couple of pieces from storage."

Travis groaned and sighed, "Bullock you are crazy, Gordon will string you and me up." Bullock played the silent angel, letting his partner deal with his inner conflict, he smiled widely when Travis spoke up again, "Your gun I can get, but there is no way I can get into storage. Gordon has a couple of guys from IA in there doing an audit, seems a few of our guys decided to help themselves over the last few weeks."

Now it was Bullocks turn to groan, he knew who would have gone down there, Greggs was one Canetti was another for certain, he could probably name a handful more. How the hell Gotham had not been destroyed by now was a miracle and that was from a man who gave up on God a long time ago. "Okay, okay leave the storage just get me my piece will you." The bus pulled up at the stop, the doors hissing open, Bullock signalled at the driver to hang on, "Meet me at the cemetery in an hour or so." He hung up not waiting for an answer.

Bullock always found solace out at the cemetery. No crowds of people, no constant noise here he could be among people who did not talk and annoy him. He walked the avenues, a route his feet now took him on instinct, usually when he was working on a case that had brought him to a dead end, no pun intended. Now his feet took him on the same route, only this time Bullock started to see the names on the headstones. Gotham had a lot of dead Bullock knew that for certain and the years on the headstones told him the dead had been piling up on this hill for too long.

At the peak of the hill beneath a grouping of Ash tree's he turned and looked down on the city. The nape of his neck itched, was there a red dot now just hovering there. He kept his hands in his pockets refusing to give in to the jitters, a police siren kicked in near the needles a moment later a police helicopter swooped from around the Wayne Enterprises tower heading the same way. Bullock turned to his right, the other Wayne building could just be seen. Wayne Manor and its lush green lands on the outskirts of the city. Now there was a man Bullock admired, but not out loud. Bruce Wayne was a true son of Gotham and he kept his business here and helped the best he could, or atleast the best he could for that month, the guy was super rich he could afford to give a few more millions away.

The car stopped at the cemetery entrance and Bullock watched his partner take the long walk up the hill to where he waited. "Why couldn't we meet in Luigi's or at your apartment?" Travis said out of breath.

"I like it here," He replied, just finishing short of saying he could see anyone coming.

Travis took in the view briefly then handed a crumpled brown paper bag to Bullock, "Service revolver and your back up, plus some ammo. Don't say I don't do anything for you." Bullock was surprised to see the bag. In his past life it would have been full of cash.

"No badge?" He asked jokingly. Travis went to argue and Bullock laughed him off, "Just kidding, thanks partner." He took the revolver from the bag feeling the comfortable weight and slipped it into his coat pocket, the box of ammo he slipped in the opposite pocket. The spare was a small Smith & Wesson 38 special, nothing spectacular but it would stop anyone coming at him. He knew Rosa would have a belt holster and ankle holster somewhere in her home.

"You think you can shoot the Bat again?" Travis asked.

Bullock looked up surprised at the question, the guns were not for Batman, not totally, Harvey Bullock had a mark on his head and sooner or later the Falcone family would call to collect, this was too much to explain to Travis so he simply replied, "Something like that."

He tried to call Rosa but found every time he hit dial he quickly hit end call. He sat on the bus doing the same routine over and over and before he knew it he was getting off in the needles a block from Rosa's home. He hit the buzzer for her apartment, watching kids who should have been at school playing in the streets, he gave a quick glance up and down the street no cars looked out of place no guys in Italian suits eating Gyro's at the stand on the corner either. "Billy if that's you I told you I ain't got your money until Friday." The young voice sounded scratchy through the speaker.

"Rosa it's me open up." Bullock spoke over her and the door was instantly buzzed open.

Rosa greeted him at the door to her apartment. Her black hair was a mess and her dark skin looked pale, she hugged the big bear of a man, her small arms hardly reaching around his frame. Bullock hugged her back feeling her skinny frame beneath the simple shift she had on. "I missed you daddy bear," she said into his chest.

"I missed you to, I was going to call ahead but..." the words failed him, "can we go in?" Rosa took his hand in hers and led him into the apartment.

Rosa was twenty five and lived by herself. Bullock had arrested her for prostitution and possession six years previously but she never got to the police station. They had sat in the squad car and talked straight for the rest of his shift, Bullock would not call Rosa his kindred spirit but they were certainly cut from the same cloth. Since then she had quit prostitution, gotten a full time job at a diner just down the road. The drugs were still a problem though but Bullock was getting there with her.

The curtains were drawn shut, and the lights were off. Candles were lit on nearly all available spaces, if it wasn't for the radio playing away Bullock would have thought the power had been cut. There was a slight smell in the air, incense mixed with marijuana. He walked lazily by the dining table and noticed flecks of white powder. "How much are you on now?" He asked outright.

Rosa hugged herself, "Hardly anything now, can go a day or two before it gets bad, maybe four days before it gets really bad." Bullock nodded slowly, "The Mary Jane is a different story but that's helping me keep off of the hard stuff."

"Is Billy your dealer?" Bullock asked. Rosa hesitated then nodded. "How much you owe him?"

She bit her lip, "Couple of hundred, but I get paid Friday. I'll just have to miss my rent payment, though Mr Li has said I can pay him another way."

Harvey struck out, his hand slapping hard across Rosa's face, "No, that's not you anymore." His anger had turned his cheeks red he gritted his teeth and balled his fists willing the anger to go away. "Call Billy tell him you have his money and to get over here."

Rosa lowered her hand from her face; Bullock winced when he saw the mark he had left on her chocolate coloured skin. She picked her mobile phone up from the settee; Bullock was not surprised to see his number had been stored. "Billy, its Rosa." She pulled the phone from her ear as Billy shouted vile abuse down the other end, "Listen will you! I have your money...yes here right now...okay sure." She hit the terminate button as quickly as she could. "He said he'll be by in a few hours."

Bullock walked into the tiny kitchenette, he saw the half empty bottle of whiskey near the sink his hand lingered near it before he forced himself over to the fridge. Inside he saw a mix of half eaten meals, all from the diner where Rosa worked, she was living off the left overs of customers. Bullock's stomach rumbled though at the sight and he grabbed a handful of cold fries and shoved them in his mouth.

"Harvey you look a mess," Rosa said outright stood in the doorway, her arms crossed beneath her small breasts. "When was the last time you slept," she watched him grab half a hamburger and shoved it into his mouth, "Or ate?"

Bullock thought it over as he chewed, "A few days for both I guess," he had reached the point of not even trusting the meals in the hospital. He closed the fridge, feeling a little sick with the sudden rush of food to his empty stomach, "I need to lie down."

"Can I come too?" Rosa asked meekly and Bullock took her by the hand.

Rosa had helped him out of his suit and he now sat up on the bed, the whole thing barely standing on four legs with his weight on it in just his greying white boxer shorts, he wanted to sleep, for a very long time but he watched silently as Rosa slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders and let if fall around her feet. His cock stirred in his shorts at the sight of her nakedness. Small breasts topped with dark brown nipples made black in the gloom. Her ribs were not as prominent as they once were and her stomach was a little muffin top beneath which was a mass of black pubic hair.

Rosa climbed onto the bed and pressed herself firmly against the bulk of Harvey, he closed his heavy eyelids finding the warmth from Rosa comforting. He cracked open one eye as Rosa's petite hand found his groin and hardened cock, "Rosa, baby I need to sleep." She raised one finger to his lips while her other hand pushed past the elasticated waste of his shorts and gripped his hard cock.

Bullock lay back letting Rosa pepper tiny kisses on his chest, then ample gut one of his hands found her black hair as she pulled his boxers down slightly letting his cock slap free against his stomach. Her lips found his cockhead and without hesitating she took him deep into her mouth. His girth pulled at her lips stretching her mouth almost painfully wide, her hand worked the base of his shaft as her mouth slipped up and down. Bullock's hips thrusted upwards meeting Rosa and forcing more of his cock into her mouth he sped up, he had gone so long without her that this simple pleasure was more than he could cope with.

Rosa held still letting Bullock dictate the pace, she gripped his shaft firmly, and let him force what he could further into her mouth. Bullock groaned out loudly and as he pushed up he gripped Rosa's head and forced her further down, she gagged and sputtered as he unloaded in her mouth. His grip only relinquishing as his last spurts became weak. His grip weakened on her hair and Rosa finally lifted her head. Her eyes were red and her mouth a smeared mess of spittle and cum, she smiled widely and planted a soft kiss on Bullock's lips, his response was a deep snore, he had already fallen asleep.

Bullock awoke to the sound of shouting he rubbed at bleary eyes trying to figure out where he was and what time it was. The small gap in the closed curtain was now a diffuse glow, it had slipped to late afternoon he sat up when he heard a glass shatter against the wall. Bullock stood up when he heard a heavy slap, he grabbed his pistol as he headed out the room.

Rosa was leaning with one hand on the dining table her other hand to her face, a man of Hispanic descent stood near her, his short Mohawk died purple and various piercings decorated his ears, nose and mouth. He looked up as Bullock bulldozed his way out of the bedroom, the guy smiled at the sight of the man in white shorts, clearly unaccustomed to being intimidated by anyone. "Look at this fat fuck, you the great white ape of Gotham?" The smile wavered as Bullock grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall so hard that two picture frames fell and clattered on the floor.

Bullock raised his pistol and settled the barrel at the side of the guy's head, "If you're not Billy you have about five seconds left in this life to say your goodbyes." The guy nodded as best he could, the colour draining from his face as Bullocks grip on his throat closed his air passages. Bullock looked over at Rosa, who nodded wearily.

Bullock relinquished his grip and Billy took in a lung full of air, "Who the fuck are you, do you know who your messing with?" Billy said hoarsely. Bullock removed Billy's bravado by tapping the cool metal of his gun against his thick skull and Billy winced.

"I'm Rosa's guardian angel. How much does she owe you?"

"Two ninety," Billy responded.

"Liar! It's two fifty." Rosa spat back with venom.

Bullock whacked Billy on the side of the head with the pistol, not too hard but just enough to make sure Billy was paying attention, "Alright two fifty," he looked at Bullock, "You got that kind of money angel."

Bullock called for Rosa to get his wallet, when she came back she pulled it open and counted notes onto the table, "Grab the note that's in there too," Rosa pulled a crumpled piece of paper free and handed it to over. Bullock unfurled it and held it up for Billy to see. "You see this?"

Billy read the prescription he smiled a little at how dumb the guy was. Did he not know his name was printed on the top, "Sure do...Officer Bullock," Bullock bit back his rage at his stupidity, but it was too late to rewind and start over.

"Good, now can you get them for me?"

Billy's eyebrows knitted together, "Seriously, just go down the street and get them Holmes, you've got the prescription." Bullock whacked the side of his head again, "Fuck stop that, sure I can get them what makes you think I want to?"

"How much is left in my wallet?" Bullock called out to Rosa, he had withdrawn a healthy sum before getting to the apartment in case he needed to run. Rosa counted slowly then called back five hundred. "Okay, one hundred dollars says you'll get them and come back."

"One fifty says I'll get them and come back." Billy replied then winced as Bullock lifted his gun from his head. He sighed as Bullock lowered it to his side and stepped back nodding.

Once Billy had left the apartment Harvey began to get dressed. Rosa kept asking him what was going on but he failed to reply, his face was starting to itch and he was certain that he would start vomiting again soon if he did not get the drugs he needed. Now that Billy knew who he was the chances that one of Falcone's boys would hear had gone up considerably, if he came back there was a chance he would bring company. "Take what's left in my wallet and get to the train station you need to go visit your ma'."

Rosa shook her head, "Harv' you're scaring me a little, what's going on?"

"For the first time in my life I am trying to do the right thing and that is going to put you in danger, I cannot have that." He hugged Rosa close, smelling a mix of coconut shampoo and sweat beneath. "I will come for you when I'm done here okay?" She looked up at him, her eyes wet with the realisation that she may never see Harvey Bullock again.

Gotham City Police Headquarters,

Jim Gordon was sat behind his desk, a mountain of paperwork on either side of the desk with a hastily made space in between. For the moment Jim was leaning back in his old wooden chair reading a short report that had been given to him only moments ago by Internal Affairs officer James Reynolds.

Reynolds was as clean cut as they came in Gotham and Jim had called in a favour from Reynolds who had once been one of Jim's best officers. He sat opposite Jim Gordon as he went through the report he had worked up for him. It was not an A.I matter but Jim had asked for Reynolds personally and he had been more than happy to do the task, seeing him cutting through Gotham Police Headquarters had turned most of the cops white with fear, if they believed A.I was involved so be it, they did not need to know that Reynolds was doing this on the side. "So what this is telling me is that we have old and very dangerous equipment out on the streets and it is in all possibility being carried by police officers."

Reynolds nodded, "I'm afraid so Jim," Not many got to call the commissioner Jim, but as far as Gordon was concerned Reynolds had earned that honour. "How long this has been going on for I cannot say but I would hazard a guess that it's been happening for years though the activity we saw in there does tell us that perhaps the last shopping spree was as recent as a month or so ago."

Jim sighed and rubbed at his temple, "The mayor is going to have my ass for this." It was only after the museum fiasco a few days ago that he had seen unauthorised equipment turning up. The officers involved in the shootout had handed in their weapons three of which were no longer service revolvers but older, powerful models. When he had gone downstairs to the storage locker and had seen the lock missing he knew straight away what he would find in there and had called on someone he trusted to investigate.

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