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The Beach


Hobe Sound

Mid-south Florida, in the fall of 1983. I was working just South of Ft. Pierce and had been told of a "nude" beach, 10 to 15 miles further south. I decided to check it out, the idea of being nude in the outdoors had always intrigued me. I had already been in Florida for a week and had the makings of a pretty decent tan, but the idea of losing the tan lines really inspired me.

I found the beach, per directions provided by someone who knew where it was. It was much better than the beach at the hotel, at which I stayed, even if it was a half-hour away. My first visit was relatively uneventful, but had me hooked on being naked on a beach (or for that matter, anywhere that I could get away with it!). I just concentrated on losing the tanline.

The second time, three people, a guy and two girls, chose a spot about forty yards away and eventually I was invited to join them. One of the girls was a stripper, the other, a waitress at the same club. I enjoyed having someone to talk too, but they left an hour or so after I had joined them. They had to get ready for work. I stayed about an hour longer and then left myself.

A week later, my whole body was a bronze tan. My butt and groin were quickly catching up with the rest of my body. I had a favorite spot where there was a wind-break/sand fence that angled northward to the beach. There was a large flat area behind it that offered privacy from the water's edge, being about six feet above water level most of the time I was there. The wind-break/sand fence served several purposes, two of which were to slow the beach sand from claiming the woodland at the beaches edge, and to shield you from naked eye view from the public beach area, a quarter mile distances to the south. If you stood, people could see you but at that distance, without aid (binoculars or such, they could not tell that you were nude. Because of the curvature of the beach, you could spot anyone coming your way long before they go to you. There was a sign warning against public nudity, but usually if you covered when someone was near, nothing was said. The beach was a sea turtle sanctuary and usually patrolled about twice a day by Park Rangers riding four-wheelers.


I was laying about fifteen feet behind and from the beach end of the fence when I first saw him, maybe forty yards away, walking quickly up the beach. As he passed the end of the fence, he saw me and came closer, asking me the time. I checked my watch, in my bag, and told him the time. I was lying on my stomach at the time. He said, "Thank you," and started up the beach then turned to ask if I had seen anyone going up the beach. I told him that I had not, but that I had not always been watching the beach all of the time. He turned again, continuing to walk up the beach. I checked every few minutes and watched as he walked around the next outward bend, out of sight.

Some time later I saw him again, as he rounded the bend on his way back down the beach. It had been about forty-five minutes since he had first passed, when he stopped by again to ask if I had seen anyone.

"No I haven't... except for you," I said as I rolled to my back so that I wouldn't have to crane my neck back to look up at him. I should probably mention that although Ed, as I learned his name was, was wearing a swimsuit, I was not. As he had already seen my naked butt and not said anything, I did not bother to try to cover myself as I usually did if someone clothed approached. After I had rolled over, Ed asked if I would mind if he sat for a while to wait to see if his friend showed up.

"No, I don't mind. I've been here several hours and not spoken to anyone... but you."

He sat on the sand several feet away and we chatted for a few minutes about the beach and his friend whom he was supposed to meet here.

"You've got a nice tan and a great body. Do you workout," he asked.

"Only at work," I said.

He scooted closer in the sand, nearer my towel, during the next minutes of conversation. Soon, he reached out and fondled my flaccid dick. "Does that bother you?"

"Not if it doesn't bother you," I answered, my dick becoming firmer with his manipulations. As I became half-erect, Ed looked both ways on the beach, then rocked forward on his knees. Leaning over my body, he took my cock into his mouth. I was rock hard in less than a minute.

Raising his head and making eye contact, he said, "Would you want to move back a little farther into the woods, off of the beach? I'm afraid someone might see us here."

"Yeah...sure, that might be a good idea." I put some loose items into my bag, then, grabbing it and my towel, went twenty or so yards back into the woods and brush. I found a mostly secluded spot where I laid my towel then myself down.

Ed went to his knees, sucking my still partially erect cock back into his mouth. After several minutes, my ass was getting jealous.

I said to him, "Do you think that your cock would fit in my ass."

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked.

"Would you like to fuck my almost virgin ass?"

"Yes, I'd like that! I don't know if it will or not, but we can find out soon enough, if you want me too?"

"I don't think that I'd have mentioned it, if I didn't." I responded.

Ed stood up and removed his swimsuit, revealing a six-inch cock with a large purplish mushroomed head, and large hairy balls surrounded by dark pubic hair. He had a wooden cock ring around his cock and balls. I rolled over and raised to my hands and knees. He positioned himself at the end of the towel and using oil from my bag, lubricated my ass and his dick. He tried to penetrate my ready and willing ass, but his cock-head was like a huge mushroom. It felt like he was trying to push the small end of a baseball bat in my ass. I mean...I guess I was a little tense at first. I tried to relax, but it was taking some time. Just as I felt my ass muscles loosen, he was so excited that he blew his wad! He had not penetrated even the outer ring of my anus. His cum was hot as it splattered on my asshole and flowed down the crevice of my buttocks to drip from my balls onto the towel.

He sat on his bent knees, with his hands on his hips, "I'm sorry. I was just too excited by your gorgeous body. That doesn't usually happen to me," he apologized.

"That's O.K., don't be concerned. Can I try to fuck you." I said.

"No, I want you in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth," he repeated himself.

Shortly thereafter I was and I did! So hard in fact that my knees buckled. Ed swallowed every drop then licked my cock and balls clean

Ed thanked me and said that he hoped to see me again, another time, but that he had to leave now.

As he pulled his swimsuit back on, tucking his deflated cock in, I told him, " I'm here almost every day about the same time and usually, until the sun has gone from the beach."

Ed smiled, "Then maybe I will see you again," turning to walk away.

"Maybe", I said, smiling as I thought about the next time I would come to the beach.

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