tagRomanceThe Beach Ch. 01

The Beach Ch. 01


It is a very small island; no more than 500 feet long by 200 feet across. It has a small very private cabin (with all the modern amenities since both water and power are fed by underwater conduit from the mail island). We rented this small Caribbean paradise as a getaway to ourselves.

The island has neither name nor visitors. It is part of a resort made up of a large main island with an airport and more than 2 dozen very expensive private little islands like ours for rent or lease. We have taken ours for a week.

The total island is covered with lush vegetation with lots of beautifully coloured tropical birds and butterflies. There is a hidden cove and beach facing out to sea away form the sight of all the other atolls that make up this exclusive getaway. At the head of the beach - about 65 feet from the lapping surf, is our own little paradise. It is a two room little hut built on stilts (very solid in case of high tides) with a ramp we can pull up at night to close off the door for privacy. The roof outside is thatched although inside it is warm glowing light wood panels.

The electric fans slowly turn overhead moving the balmy air slowly about us as we unpack our small bags. We didn't bring much except traveling clothes since we plan on spending much of the private time nude and very busy in each other's arms. We check the full sized fridge and find both it and the cupboards fully stocked by the resort as expected. Nothing for us to do but enjoy!

As we turn towards each other, we slowly take of our traveling clothes with our eyes never leaving the other. God, my darling, you are such a goddess standing there before me! You shining free blown hair circles that loving face and the azure blue of your eyes feel like they are burning every inch of my exposed skin. As you watch me - and I rake my eyes slowly over the beauty before me (the woman who is my loving bride - yes, even after all this time, it is as if we just wed!) - I feel as if I am on fire with passion. My cock, already as hard as it can get, is pouring forth precum onto the reed mat covered floor.

I reach out my arms for you and you walk slowly into them with your Mona Lisa smile lighting up the shadowy room. As I feel the first brush of your erect nipples across my chest, the air leaves my lungs in a gasp of arousal. Your arms reach up to encircle my neck and you lift one leg into my waiting hand. As I pull that slender limb higher, you warm moist core slides over my cock, leaving behind a trail of your own flowing juices! The heat we generate together is almost all consuming. It so almost unbelievable that after all this time, we are so in tune with each others feelings! Even without touching each other, just the whisper touch of our bodies sends almost orgasmic waves throughout us. Amazing and unbelievable!

Your soft hands slowly reach between our bodies and wrap around the tip of my cock sending shivers of anticipation of what's to come throughout my body. I lift your leg out to the side to allow you greater access to my already super sensitized organ. You don't allow the moment to slip by and moving my cock to the entrance of your warm inviting pussy, slip just the head inside you.

Balancing on one foot with your arms around my neck, you lever yourself until I feel the silken warmth of your cunt walls surround half of my cock. I drop my hands to cup your buttocks and lift you slightly off the floor until you are poised on tip toe and I can control the penetration. Spreading my legs slightly for stability – and with the effect of opening your pussy even wider to accept me – I lower you by your weight until you squeal with pleasure as my pubes meet your shaven mons.

With a command from me and an assist by my hands which are still gripping your firm ass cheeks, you leap upwards to wrap your legs around my waist. Your arms are tightly wound around my neck and legs around my waist as you nuzzle the crook of my neck with your mouth. I can feel the sharp intake of your breath as I walk us slowly towards the doorway onto the porch overlooking the beach. With each step, my cock jars erotically against your cervix eliciting a moan of pleasure from deep in your throat.

Our private beach is deserted – except for the inflatable Zodiac which we used to land from the boat that delivered us – and the sum is starting its descent into the darkening pool of the sea. There is a wide railing surrounding the porch and I rest your ass on top of it to relieve my arms of even your light weight. I'm not as young as I would like to me so I know my limits.

However, your legs and arms remain wrapped around me as I start to slowly stroke your steaming pussy with my very needy cock. I have awaited this vacation and our absolute privacy for so long and I want to make our first lovemaking special.

As I slowly sink my 7" all the way into you, you throw your head back and cry out to the emptiness surrounding us, "Please, my darling! Love me now!"

You start to hump and grind your hips as your spread legs expose your clit and inner folds to my hard pubic bone thus creating a swelling of those sensitive organs. As I pump my cock harder and faster inside you – going as deep as I can on each stroke – the speed of your gyrations continues to grow until we are on the verge of falling off the rail.

Just in time, we explode simultaneously in a blinding orgasm as the sun dips below the horizon and the first stars of our first night appear high above our secret paradise.

With the week ahead of us, there are so many adventures and so much lovemaking ahead.

I love you so very much, my darling wife!

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