tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Beach Encounter Ch. 03

The Beach Encounter Ch. 03


'Here's another Jack & Coke for you' a voice said behind me. I turned around to face the bar and see the bartender put another drink at my spot. Confused, I explained I didn't order another and the bartender smiled and said 'Someone bought it for you.' The bartender wouldn't reveal any more information than that. Now I was really confused – didn't guys generally introduce themselves when they bought a lady a drink? After all, how else could they plan to meet her? 'Oh well! That was nice of somebody' I thought as I turned my attention back to the band on stage, sipping the fresh drink.

As I sat, listening to the country music and sipping the drink, I reflected back on my two-day vacation at the beach. It had been a rather remarkable vacation. I thought I was just getting away from the grind and relaxing – alone. Little did I know Fate had other plans! On Day One I was wandering along the beach that backs this bar, collecting shells, when I happened across Blue Eyes – the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. I was drawn to him like a moon to a planet. Only I had wanted to be much, much closer. The result was the blowjob of the century. (See The Beach Encounter). Then, earlier that day before going to the bar – Day Two – I was relaxing on the beach when who appeared but Blue Eyes! He treated me to the best oral sex I've EVER experienced. (See The Beach Encounter). Anyway, after my two experiences I decided to spend my last vacation night listening to good country music. I wasn't expecting anything but of course, I was hoping – hoping that Blue Eyes would show up.

I realized the effect the memories of my encounters on the beach had had on my body – I could feel myself getting wet under my black knee-length skirt and my nipples harden under my purple blouse – so I decided to head back to my beach apartment a bit earlier than I had planned. I was suddenly in the mood for a bit of solo play time. I set the half-finished Jack & Coke on the bar behind me and headed toward the door.

As I walked outside, I noticed what nice night it was – balmy with just a hint of a breeze to keep the air fresh. I decided to take one last stroll along the beach as I was leaving first thing in the morning and knew I would not have time to walk in the water again. I slipped my sandals off and, holding them in my hand, headed toward the water. Light spilled over from the boardwalk and street lights and I relished the feel of the water lapping against my feet as I wandered down the beach – the same beach which held very special and erotic memories for me.

I paused to stare out over the moonlit water. Smiling to myself, lost in my thoughts about Blue Eyes and the events of this vacation, I didn't hear the footsteps. I jumped when I heard the voice whisper in my ear 'You didn't finish the drink I bought you.' One hand covered my eyes as the other spun me around. Before I could react, this guy was kissing me! I was shocked! And then he removed his hand from my eyes … and my eyes met his. I could scarcely believe it … I was staring into Blue Eyes' eyes.

I felt my face light up and I reached up, pulled his head back down to mine, and kissed him crazy. Wrapping my arms around him, feeling his arms around me, our lips met and parted. Our tongues ventured out and intertwined, dancing with each other. I ran my hands up and down his back, grabbing and rubbing his as he grabbed mine and pulled me closer to him. We were so wrapped up in each other – even just kissing – our location did not matter. Dimly in the background, I heard a bit of music from the bar a couple hundred feet away as our tongues wound around the other and slipped into the other's mouth. Occasionally I felt Blue Eyes sucking on my tongue. Damn that was a great kiss … or was it several?

After what had to be a couple of minutes – but felt like eons – Blue Eyes stepped away and bent to the ground. I followed him eagerly with my eyes as I wondered what he was doing. I smiled as I noticed a bag next to his feet. Blue Eyes opened the bag, pulled out a black fleece blanket and spread in on the ground. Then he grabbed me in his arms and lowered us to the blanket. The sand was soft underneath us but the blanket was warm. We wrapped our arms around each other and renewed the kiss.

I brought my hands out from around his back and bracketed his face for a minute before sliding my hands between us to quickly roam his chest. Taking my cue, he did the same to (or was that for me?) me. I felt his hands rest on my stomach before quickly sliding up to my breasts. He cupped and massaged my breasts through my blouse and ran his thumbs over my hardening nipples. I felt Blue Eye lift his hands away from my chest as I slid my roaming hands under his shirt – feeling his bare skin, sparsely covered with hair.

Suddenly I felt a breeze on my chest as Blue Eye ripped open my blouse. He released my mouth and moved his kisses down my neck and to the swell of my breasts. I felt his hot breath as he tongued my nipples through the red lacy bra before his teeth pulled the cups down and exposed my bare breasts to salty air. A shiver went through my body but not from the sea breeze. No – this shiver was due entirely to Blue Eyes and his ability to know what I wanted … and his confidence to give it to me.

As his mouth was licking and sucking away on my breasts, I felt Blue Eyes' hands roaming down my body, down the outside of my legs and back up on the inside and under my black skirt. His roaming hands found what they were looking for when the encounters my red-lace-covered pussy. I moaned as his hands found my private spot – knowing he could feel how wet I was even through my panties – and he leaned up to kiss me again. I held him there, his mouth to mine while I squeezed my legs closer together – hoping to keep his hands there. He pulled his head away again, as he did so I grabbed his shirt and yanked it open. I wanted his bare skin on mine and I meant to have it.

As I ran my nails over his chest, I felt Blue Eyes' hands pulling my panties down and out of the way. I sat up to reach him and unbutton and unzip his pants but was pushed back down – Blue Eyes met my gaze, telling me it would be faster for him to do it and that there'd be other times for me to undress him but this time it was about need … both his and mine.

I watched as Blue Eyes rapidly rid himself of his pants and black boxers in one motion, the whole time with my legs spread, from my position on the blanket on the sand, vaguely realizing – and not caring – that we were in full view of anyone who happened by. He kneeled between my legs, sliding a condom on as he did, and I reached for him, brining him back to my mouth. As we kissed, I felt his hips rock toward mine and I felt his hard dick touch my soaking pussy.

Slowly he started to slide it in to my tightness. Suddenly I heard 'fuck it!' and felt him slam into me. I moaned again – this time louder – as I felt his hardness fill me. I knew he was not huge, as I remembered sucking him off the day before – but he damn well was not small either. He filled me completely. I bucked my hips, encouraging him. He pulled out and slid back in, slower this time, but pushing all the way back in. I was so wet I could hear the sucking noise as he slid in and out. His pace varied, sometimes super quick and sometimes languidly slow. Sometimes his thrusts would only cause him to sink into me part way and this drove me insane. All I knew was I wanted more. He pulled out and pushed into me again and paused – his eyes meeting mine – and he smiled.

Suddenly he rolled, keeping us connected, until I was on top. What a sight I must have made to anybody watching! My shirt ripped open along the buttons, my bra cups pushed down so my breasts hung out of the cup with my nipples hard and sticking out, my black skirt up around my waist – and me still in my black heels! Again, I was vaguely conscious that we were on a public beach – but I didn't care. I had what I wanted and needed in me. And that was all that mattered.

I began to ride his dick, quickly lifting and lowering as I played with my breasts and watched Blue Eyes' face. Occasionally, as I rode him, I would lean down and lick his abs and nipples, circling with my tongue. I tried to vary my pace … much as he did … and wiggled side to side but I wanted him so bad. I watched his face and saw he was close to cumming so I slowed down and began to rock my hips forward and backward, tightening my pussy muscles around him. I alternated between rocking and sliding up and down – taking and giving as much pleasure as I could yet knowing this would be over before long.

I felt his hands grab my breasts, playing with them, tweaking the nipples, as I leaned forward. My hips never stopped moving. I felt him harden even more and knew he was quickly reaching the point of no return. I leaned backward and, still riding up and down on his rock hard dick, began to play with my clit. I used some of my juices that had run out of me as a lube and ran my finger in circles around and over my nub causing my pussy to tighten. That was all Blue Eyes needed – watching me play with myself and fuck him while feeling my pussy tighten around his full dick sent him into orbit. I felt his hot dick jerk in me at the same time I heard his guttural moans and mutterings. At the same time, my wet pussy spasmed around his dick and I let out a little yelp.

Eventually I collapsed on his chest, keeping him in me as long as possible. My pussy milking his dick – still clenching around his softening shaft. As I felt him slip out of me, his arms came around me, holding me close to him, and our mouths met yet again. I murmured 'no' as he eased me to his side and sat up. His soft reply – 'You think I'm going anywhere? I plan on keeping you!' – made me smile. I felt him lie back down next to me on the blanket and cuddle me close.

I think we dozed off because the next thing I remember was hearing voices getting louder and feeling a breeze at my back. I reached behind me and discovered Blue Eyes was not lying behind me – then I felt a blanket spread out over me and warmth once again at my back. 'It's ok love, I just thought a blanket to cover us until we can get dressed would be wise considering the other people on the beach now.' I smiled and snuggled closer, feeling his small kisses on my neck and his arms wrap around me from behind. I felt safe and secure and knew nothing bad would happen.

Eventually the voices passed by. We got up and, after he kissed my breasts several more times, he packed up one of the blankets. I started to put my breasts back in their red cups and slide my skirt back down over my hips but Blue Eyes stopped my movements and wrapped the other blanket around me. 'Stay just like you are. You'll be fine.' We started walking up the beach to the beach apartment I'd rented. It was a tantalizing thought – knowing that if I lost the blanket anybody would be able to see my breasts and pussy.

We made it to my apartment and immediately headed for the shower to rinse away the sand that got everywhere. While he was shaving, I went into the bedroom to put on a white lace with purple trim nighty. I heard his call from the bathroom – 'Don't bother putting on any clothes – I'm just going to remove them again!' I smiled and decided to heed his instructions. As I walked over to his clothes and hung up the pants, his wallet fell out. Curiosity – and sanity – got the better of me and I looked at his driver's license. Hearing him come into the bedroom, I laughed out loud and grinned. 'Fancy that! You live two blocks from me!'

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