tagRomanceThe Beach Getaway

The Beach Getaway


The beach was Sarah's most favorite place in the world. It was her home-away-from-home, it was her sanctuary; the place where she could lose her troubles as well as her cares. The beach was a place where the world did not exist and Sarah was the queen of her domain. No pesky boyfriend to interfere in her happiness; in fact, it was her meddling man that caused her to make the trek from Danvers to the warm sands of the Maine coast in the first place.

Her relationship with him was not going so well lately. He was not standing up to his friends when they spoke ill about her, and their love-making was slacking off. She did not know how much longer they would last. If she were to find a suitable replacement, the beach was where she would find him. If one didn't look like a good enough replacement, well, she wasn't going to stop herself from having no holds barred sex.

Not that Sarah was speeding up Route 128 with that one thought in her mind: no, she was going to relax, find her inner peace as well as think about her relationship with him. Her note to her parents was quite simple and to the point -- "At Tanya's beach house, will be back in a few days." She didn't refer to her reasons for driving away from home, nor did she want her folks to know the turmoil she was dealing with. Sarah was always one to deal with her own problems in her own way. Her way meant packing several revealing swimsuits and several changes of clothes, and before she knew it, the North Shore was behind her and the state line was approaching.

She blew past Salisbury and Hampton Beaches, crossing the Piscataqua Bridge into Kittery. Old Orchard would have been a likely destination as would York, but her friends had said if she ever needed their cottage near Wells, she was free to use it. This was definitely one of those times.

As she drove past the shops that lined the streets of Ogunquit, her thoughts drifted to the beach and what she would find there. She was hoping for lots of sun (her skin was looking slightly pale) and she wanted to swim the frosty waters of the Atlantic. She brought along a few novels to read while she relaxed, yet she would discover the adventures of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were going to be forgotten after Tom made an unforgetable impression on her.

She arrived late on Tuesday evening; she stopped at a pizza place on Route 1 and ordered a small tuna grinder with a little lettuce, tomatoes and extra pickles. Since she was in Maine, Poland Spring water was clearly in abundance, so that was the beverage of choice. The trip to the cottage didn't take much longer, despite her travelling the speed limit: Maine cops were always looking to ticket Massachusetts drivers for going a mile over the posted limit. After she ate her grinder, she fell asleep without a care, her troubles miles away.

The sun was shining brightly the next morning. Sarah awoke later than she wanted to, but there were still plenty of hours remaining in the day to tan. She slipped out of her clothes before admiring her naked body in the bathroom's full length mirror. She had a body that many men would be sworn to protect at all costs, yet she couldn't understand for the life of her why her boyfriend was swerving from that duty. She had what some men would call a curvy figure, one that received its deal of glances. She had a small C cup for breasts, a firm stomach, and a tight ass. Her legs, she thought, were her best feature. For someone who stood 5'2", her legs was long and shapely. After taking a good look at her body, Sarah stepped into the shower and a cascade of warm water pelted her body.

After her shower ended some 25 minutes later, she covered herself in a towel and entered the bedroom. She rummaged around her bag for her bikini: a blue one which showed off more than it hid. It would be the one she knew could attract a flock of guys, and then she would have her pick of the litter. She threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, picked up her towel and a book, and made her way to the beach.

The section of beach she was going to was called Moody Beach, about a three-mile walk along the Atlantic Ocean north from Ogunquit. Her friend Tanya said a family friend of hers would allow her to set up her towel and belongings in front of their house without a problem. When she arrived, she was getting several looks from several people. Women were looking at her with loathing; she was far more attractive then they were and would undoubtably receive more attention. Men were looking at her with longing; any one of them would be lucky to be in her company for five minutes. But none of them received glances in return.

Sarah walked to Tanya's friends house, which was located about 20 feet away from a group of guys playing beach volleyball. She shed her shorts and the t-shirt, displaying her bikini for all to see. She was far from shy here; she knew no one and cared not for what they thought.

The guys playing volleyball certainly noticed Sarah, which was just what Sarah wanted. She bent over with her ass pointed in their direction as she laid her towel down, which resulted in several of the guys hooting and hollering.

One of the guys though was being as much a gentleman as he could possibly be. "Guys, calm down, get your hormones under control," the guy said. He was obviously a local and had patrolled this beach numerous times. But there was something mysterious about this guy that Sarah could not get out of her head about him. He wasn't shifting his head toward her after every play, and she thought that was decent of him; she hated show-off guys.

Sarah couldn't keep her eyes off him, yet she didn't want to seem like she was drooling over him. She glanced at his backside, her gaze sliding down his muscular shoulders to his ass. He wasn't a bodybuider by any means, yet he had a good looking form which excited Sarah. Her pussy started to get slightly damp as she was thinking about the things she could do to him. It was when she got lost in her thoughts that a spray of sand hit her legs and a scream of "watch out Tom!" snapped her out of her reverie.

"Sorry about that," said Tom, who had ran full steam before going into a dive near her to knock the stray ball away from her. He had eyes of blue, which was the first thing Sarah noticed with him facing her. Lowering her sunglasses to the bridge of her nose so she could look deeper into his eyes, she smiled and said, "that's okay, I was hoping you would come over." She was definitely not going to be coy when she had a good looking guy near her.

Tom smiled back to the young woman and almost forgot what he was doing. He was also looking into her hazel eyes, which started to burn into his memory. He wasn't taking in the beauty of her body, but the beauty of her soul. He saw fire behind the eyes, and passion. He saw what she was thinking and he began to think it too. Still on his knees, he stretched his hand to her and introduced himself. "Hi, I'm Tom."

"Nice to meet you Tom, I'm Sarah."

Tom was trying to come up with a line to impress her; obviously his dressing down of his friends only minutes earlier was a ruse to keep their eyes off her so he could get her for himself. He decided to go with the obvious.

"Well, now that I've gotten you all dirty, would you be interested in going for a swim?"

Sarah gave Tom a mischievous smile. "Sure!"

The pair ran headlong toward the water, with Sarah hanging back slightly. She wanted to get a good look at him as he moved. It was like he was in slow motion and there was no stop button. He looked so good running toward the water that she could have had an orgasm from watching him. She knew she would fuck him, just from their few minutes together.

He splashed into the water and she snapped out of it again. He yelled, "Hey, are you coming in or am I going to freeze all by myself?" She stuck her tongue out at him and ran in after him.

It was Tom's turn to stare. Her breasts were firm and were moving with her body as she ran into the water. She dived headfirst when she was deep enough and swam underwater to him. He couldn't see her as she approached, but she could see him easily: she made a grab for his swim trunks and could have pulled them down, but his hands grabbed hers just in the nick of time.

"Woah, getting a little carried away aren't you?" he said, giving her a little wink too. As she surfaced, he noticed her bikini top was showing a little more cleavage than before. In fact, it was pulled down slightly, the top of her nipple nearly poking out of the material. And it didn't hurt her appearance that due to the coldness of the ocean, her nipples were standing at attention through her bikini.

She knew the effect the water had on her body, combined with the thought of a sexy man next to her sent shockwaves of pleasure through her. She wanted to tear his shorts off, yet they had only known each other five minutes! She was eyeing him with a sexy, seductive look, one that spoke desire.

She could feel heat branching throughout her body. Sarah decided to say to hell with everything and just let this hot guy ravage her.

"I'm not usually this forward with guys, but I think you're wicked sexy and I want to fuck you wicked bad!" Sarah said, not worrying about what he thought.

Tom was set back on his heels, never once before having an offer this enticing in front of him before. But after staring at her body while she was running into the water and seeing practically half of her tit, he knew he should forget all pretense and just fuck the ever living hell out of this chick. He gave her a grin and said, "Why not?"

The pair started to kiss in the water, and their lip lock was not going unseen: Tom's forgotten friends were staring out at the ocean, their mouths agape with what they saw. Some, after several minutes of confusion, were back to their boyish ways and were hooting at the couple.

"Let's go someplace where we can be alone. I know the perfect place," Tom said, and without a word, swept Sarah off to his secluded hideaway.

It wasn't far from their meeting point. About a half mile's walk away the pair stopped. It was what appeared to be a hidden cove, yet small enough to go unnoticed by passing boats.

"So do you bring all of your prospective fucks here?" Sarah taunted before winking at him.

Tom caught the bait. "No, only the sexy ones, which means you're the first." Sarah didn't know whether or not to believe this, but she went along with it anyway.

She noticed a slight bulge in Tom's shorts. "That looks like it will taste and feel good," Sarah thought to herself, as her eyes roamed his front.

Shedding all thoughts aside, Sarah reached behind her to loosen her bikini top, with her breasts spilling into view. Her firm breasts were topped with hard nipples. Tom started to walk toward her, but when he was two feet away, she blocked his advance with a stiff arm to his chest. She dropped to her knees and began to yank his shorts down.

She was amazed to see his cock, which looked like it was made by a blacksmith; its shaft was like wrought iron and it felt hot to her touch. It stood 8 inches from his groin and had the appearance of a hammer. Looking up at him with bedroom eyes, she slid her tongue over the head of his cock, and his eyes closed slightly, a soft moan escaping his lips. She slowly worked the swollen gland into her mouth before sliding her hands around to his back, coming to rest on his ass. There she kneaded the flesh as she gave him head.

Tom opened his eyes and looked down at the girl on her knees in front of him. The sight made him catch his breath. Her beautiful hazel eyes were focused directly on his, as her red lips were sliding along and swallowing his cock. She winked at him.

He began to talk dirty to her, telling her to suck his cock, to slide it between her hot lips, to let it drop into her throat. Sarah did as she was instructed, letting the 8 inches of meat slip past her gag reflex and practically into her stomach.

Sarah was having a great time sucking on his cock. Her right hand had moved to his balls and were carressing them; her left was feeling his pectorals. She was loving every minute of her oral ministrations on him and after several minutes of sucking, he was harder than her boyfriend would ever be. Giving the head of Tom's cock one final kiss, she stood up, turned around and bent over, giving Tom a great view of her bikini bottoms. She slowly and seductively shed the bikini, giving him a look at her bare ass for the first time. He reached out and rubbed her ass, slowly working his hand around in a circle. He reached under her ass and felt her pussy, which was starting to leak. She moaned softly as his fingers danced along the lips.

He started to move behind her, sliding the head of his cock onto the pussy lips, slipping it inside her. She was right, he did feel great inside her, and that was only the head of his cock! If he pushed harder, deeper groans would escape from her mouth; but Tom was being as much of a gentleman as he could be, and he wouldn't press himself on her -- he would wait for her go ahead.

She was getting used to the sensations rippling through her. He had a magnificent cock and she wanted it all. She started to hump herself slowly on the cock head, feeling it enter her millimeter by millimeter. She couldn't wait any longer, practically straightening up and sitting down on top of it. Her body tensed up, as a majority of the cock was lodged deep inside her. She waited about a minute, and Tom felt her pussy muscles squeezing him. He started to rub her breasts to take her mind off of the exquisite feelings emanating from her.

She looked behind her shoulder with lust in her eyes, looking deep into his eyes and telling him to fuck her. He did just that: moving his hands to her hips, he started to slide her small frame up and down on his shaft, going slow at first to let her get used to his cock. But soon the motions became faster, and they were fucking at full force. She was screaming in pleasure as the cock was forcefully slammed into her.

Her moans were coming quicker, her breathing getting more intense, the fucking becoming unbelievable. As he was fucking her, she could feel the building of an orgasm. Her boyfriend never got her off this quickly.

"Oh God Tom, I'm cumming!" Sarah screamed. "Fuck me harder baby, make me cum all over your cock!"

Tom intensified the fucking, penetrating her with such force that he was sure he would have split her in two if he fucked her hard enough. He could feel her pussy clenching him, making it tougher for him to move inside her. But he felt her orgasm, gripping his cock like a vice and slowly retracting as it passed through her. He continued the vaginal assult, feeling his balls slapping on her clit as their bodies collided.

Soon it would be over for Tom: he felt his own orgasm building, rising through his cock, making its way into her pussy. It exploded inside her and Sarah could feel the rushing onslaught of semen enter her. After the orgasm subsided, he withdrew his cock from her tight pussy and offered it to her. She greedily shoved it into her mouth, savoring the joined juices of their cum. She sucked him for a few minutes and again, Tom's massive tool was at full strength again.

Her pussy was ready for his cock again, this time they were rolling on top of each other, neither of them getting leverage on the other. Finally Tom stopped the mutual struggle, pinning her arms above her. His body rocked into her, his cock pistoning in and out of her soaking wet pussy. He was prepared to last much longer this time, but he could feel her body squeeze the life out of his cock. Her pussy had a mind of its own and it wanted his cum. His cum it would get, as not ten minutes later their second orgasm, this time mutual, rocked their bodies.

As they recovered, Sarah looked at her new friend. As she saw the sweat glistening on his muscles, she knew she found a keeper.

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