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The Beach House Party


Susan and I had been married for 3 years. These had been the best years of our lives. Susan had a very good job in a legal office and I was heavily involved in the computer software business. Susan is 27 and I am 30 and although we didn’t know one another for very long before we were married, we have had a seemingly satisfactory relationship ever since we met.

Susan had been educated at a private school and had graduated college with her degree and, although she often referred to her early years, it seemed to me that there were things about her early life she didn’t seem willing to discuss with me.

The legal office where she worked since graduating was a really large organization and there were hundreds of staff members working there. I hadn’t had much opportunity to meet with many of her fellow workers as I always seemed to be busy with my work. The only times I had been involved in her work activities had been for a couple of staff dinners and several staff picnics. It seemed Susan was very well liked by her fellow workers and she seemed to be very popular with the male staff judging by the number of men who came up to Susan and either engaged her in conversation or asked her to dance with them at the dinners. Susan always seemed willing to oblige when it came to the men and at times I felt a bit left out at these occasions.

A few months ago Susan came home from work one evening and appeared to be quite excited. She told me there was to be a beach house party in a couple of weeks time and she had already checked my calendar and found I hadn’t booked any appointments for that weekend! She had accepted the invitation on our behalf. I had no objections to going to the beach house, where ever it may be, provided I was with Susan. When I questioned her about who would be attending, she simply said, lots of girls from the office and their husbands and a few of the single men as well. There should be about 35 for the weekend. I accepted this and looked forward to meeting any of the staff I hadn’t already met and also, of course, renewing acquaintances with those I already knew.

As the weekend drew nearer, I asked Susan just what sort of activities would be taking place at the beach house. She seemed rather vague and said they would be playing games and mixing everyone up so that all got to know one another. There would also be swimming and sunbathing and probably beach sports as well.

Susan told me later that she had bought some new clothes to go to the party. When I asked about the clothes she simply said, “You will have to wait for the party – I will see if I can give you a surprise!” I accepted this without question. It wouldn’t be the first time Susan had surprised me with a new outfit.

The beach house was apparently a very large house which had been built on a fairly remote beach some 2 hours drive from our home. There were no nearby towns and we were all told to be self-sufficient in what we brought as we couldn’t go shopping for any items forgotten. We were told the organizers had arranged for all the food and drink and we were mainly required to bring personal items. It appears the law firm had purchased the beach house many years ago for the use of the staff and their families.

Susan asked me if it would be O.K. to take three of the single men with us as they didn’t have any transport and the organizers had tried to arrange for a minimum of cars to be there due to parking problems. Of course I agreed. Well, we have a fairly large sedan and it would be no problem taking the extra men. We had plenty of room for luggage in the car so we could push off when ever we were loaded. The three chaps arrived at our house on the Saturday morning, and we placed their small cases in the car and got ready to leave.

Susan surprised me greatly when she climbed into the back of the car with two of the guys. She told the third to sit in the front with me and navigate. Susan always sits next to me and navigates so this was a real surprise for me! Knowing we had a two hour drive, we all settled down for the journey and a few jokes were told and everyone seemed to be quite happy. Susan joined in the fun quite easily and even told a couple of dirty jokes which set the pace for more jokes from the chaps.

After we had been travelling for about ½ an hour, I heard Susan start to giggle in the back seat and a couple of times I heard her say, “Don’t – not here!” I passed that off as something between themselves and concentrated on the driving. A little later I heard what sounded like a sharp slap and tried to look in the rear vision mirror to see what was happening. Sam, who was sitting in the front with me turned to have a look and started to chuckle, and then turned around and helped me with the navigating. I kept looking in the rear vision mirror to see what I could see but it was set a little too high, and really only showed the road behind.

We were not travelling at high speed and suddenly we were overtaken by another car with lots of arms hanging out of the car – it was another car load headed for the party. I took this opportunity, whilst everyone was looking out the side windows at the other crowd to adjust the mirror and now I could see down between the bucket seats in the front of the car. I could now see Susan’s legs, and what lovely legs they were. She had worn a very short sun frock and, not only was it short at the bottom, but it was very low at the top. It was easy to look down on her breasts. I had been alarmed when she had come out of the house to greet the other three men as this was the first time I knew what she was wearing. I also noted she wasn’t wearing a bra, although I had to be realistic and see it mightn’t have looked too good with the sun frock.

Alarm bells started to ring in my head when I glanced back in the mirror and saw that one of the guys, Greg, had undone several of the buttons on her sun frock and had his hand inside feeling up her breasts. I had to move about a bit to see Susan’s face and when I did, it was obvious she was enjoying what was happening to her. I thought it was now time to put a stop to this nonsense. I was about to say something when we were passed by another carload of yelling people, also headed to the beach house. The moment was lost and I had to concentrate on my driving. It was several minutes later that I was able to glance in the mirror again. This time, Greg was not only holding her bare breast – more buttons had been undone – but he was kissing Susan quite deeply and, worst of all, she seemed to be enjoying it all.

More careful driving due to a bit of traffic from the opposite direction and my next look really upset me. Craig, the other guy in the back seat had his hand on Susan’s leg, well under her dress and pretty close to her knickers. Now was the time to say something. I simply asked Susan if everything was O.K. and she simply replied, “Of course Darling, what did you ask that for?” I guessed from her response that she had expected the guys to take advantage of her in the back and that was the reason she was sitting there. What to do now? I had asked if she was O.K. and she had responded that she certainly was – should I now tell her to stop?

More traffic ahead and I had to concentrate on the driving although I was doing a lot of thinking at the same time. Sam then moved around in his seat and faced the back of the car. He now obscured my view in the rear vision mirror. I couldn’t see what was happening but I wasn’t sure I would like what they were doing. The first thing I saw, when he moved to one side was one of Susan’s leg pointing well up into the air. The next thing I saw was Sam turning around and handing me a pair of knickers – obviously Susan’s – now I realized Susan was almost naked in the back of the car with two, and almost three, men taking turns with her doing all sorts of things.

At this point I decided I had better say something and so again asked Susan if everything was O.K. She replied, a little crossly, that everything was quite O.K. and what was my problem! Now I was quite upset. What should I do now?

Sam leaned over to me and said, in a very quiet voice, “Ian, if you had wanted to protest you should have stopped them when you first had the chance – it has gone too far now to expect them to stop!” Stop what, I wondered, fearing Susan might be raped or something like that! I also realized what Sam had said was true, I had missed my chance to call a halt to the activity!

Over the next couple of miles I had to listen to Susan groaning and the men having a lot of fun in the back. I couldn’t see too much of what was going on as Susan had moved more to one side and I couldn’t get a clear picture of her. Next, Sam turned towards the back again and when he turned around again he had Susan’s sun frock in his hands and he passed this over to me! This meant Susan was naked in the back with the two men! I was very pissed off and again asked Susan to get dressed! She replied, “Why, are we nearly there Darling?” and then began laughing. Well, I knew from the way they were positioned in the back that they were probably just feeling her up and not fucking her! Every now and again I would hear Susan sigh and this meant she had probably had an orgasm.

When we were only about 15 minutes from the beach house, I told Susan she had better stop what she was doing and get dressed because we were nearly there. She didn’t seem too concerned and it was about 10 minutes later that she asked me for her sun frock back again. I also passed her knickers back to her but she threw them back to me and said she wouldn’t need them! What had happened to my lovely Susan – she was turning into a slut and I was seeing a side of her I had never imagined I would see.

When we arrived at the beach house, Susan was dressed with most of the buttons done up on her dress, but she certainly had a look about her which yelled I have been having a good time in the back of the car! I didn’t like this one little bit!

There were about 10 men waiting at the front of the beach house and when we stopped the car, they moved forward to help her out of the car. I was amazed at the number of them who greeted her with a passionate kiss and a quick feel. I was sure I wouldn’t be liking this weekend.

We were allocated our room by one of the organizers and I couldn’t wait to be alone with Susan. When I had dropped our bags and closed the door, I grabbed her arms and asked her what the hell was going on! Susan gave me a big kiss and told me not to worry, they were only being friendly. I didn’t accept this and told her so. She said she was out for a good time and if I didn’t like it I could drive home and she would get a lift from some of the others! Now I was upset! She kissed me again and told me they were her friends and she wanted to enjoy their company and I should let go a bit and join in! Yes, join in, like hell!

I could see it was no good arguing with Susan and decided I would have a shower and cool off. It did feel good in the shower and I was a little surprised when Susan opened the door to the shower and joined me! We had always enjoyed having a shower together and now she seemed to be her old self and soaped me all over and I did the same for her! She then knelt down in the shower with the water pouring over us both and took my hard cock into her mouth. She gave me a wonderful blow job and I had almost forgotten what had happened on the way here.

After we had dried ourselves, Susan sat down on the bed alongside me. She was still naked and she took me in her arms and kissed me. I could still taste my cum on her lips. She looked me right in the eye and said, “Darling, this is a good chance for us to both get to know the other people I work with. I want to have a good time and join in with all the activities, but I won’t be able to do that if you are all the time watching me and getting upset with me. Darling, I love you and only you. You have to believe that but please join in with what is happening here this weekend and I am sure we will both have a good time!” After thinking about what she had been doing on the way down here I couldn’t believe she was asking me to trust her with the other men.

I decided to ask her just what had been going on in the back of the car! She said, “Gee you are a real nosey parker! The guys had told me they were going to play with me on the weekend and whilst we were in the office they dared me to ride in the back seat with two of them! I accepted their challenge and that is how I came to be in the back seat. Yes, they did feel me up and I had a lot of orgasms, and I blew both of them, but only once each. I have made an arrangement to blow Sam later on!”

Now I am shocked out of my mind. She was actually confessing to having given blowjobs to the two chaps and was looking forward to a third later on! No way! Susan simply said, “Darling, as I said before, if you don’t want to stay, you can go home and I will get a lift from the others! Please don’t get cross with me. I want to have a good weekend.” I didn’t say anything and just looked at Susan.

She rose from the bed and proceeded to open our bags and took out another sun frock but this one was even more revealing than the first and when I looked closely I saw that it was almost see-through and her nipples were just visible through the material. I was somewhat relieved when she took a pair of extremely small knickers out of her bag and pulled them up her legs. They did little to hide her pubic hair which seemed to stick out of either side of her thong. This was the smallest pair of panties I had ever seen her wear. I thought to myself, at least she is wearing something. We left the room after I had dressed and wandered around the very large beach house and met most of the other people. A couple of them were very busy arranging the meals and we would catch up with them later. The rest of the people greeted Susan with great gusto and they were equally as friendly towards me. Perhaps I had misread the action on the way down. Our lunch and the afternoon passed quietly.

After a wonderful evening meal which included a lot of quality wine, except for those who had volunteered to do the dishes, the rest of us moved into the largest room in the house which was a sort of double lounge room. We still had our glasses and there were lots of bottles of wine around the room. A few were showing signs of being pissed but no one was drunk.

The person who was appointed organizer of the evening entertainment started the ball rolling by asking everyone to tell something exciting about the person next to them! If they couldn’t do so, they had opportunity to choose just one other person to talk about or they would have to do the dishes after every meal for the rest of the weekend. Everyone joined in and there were some lurid details told about sexual activities between some of the members present. The chap sitting next to Susan was next. He said, “Did everyone know that Susan had been undressed completely in the back of the car on the way down here and she had given a blowjob to two of the men in the car?” “He then added, “What was great about it was that Ian allowed her to do it – it was reminiscent of other parties Susan has been present at!” I turned a bright shade of red and realized I had been pointed out as a weak person and had been cuckolded! The group just laughed at what he had said and I was next. Well, I didn’t know much about any of the people there although at one time Susan had told me one of the girls, whom she had named, had fucked one of the bosses in order to get a promotion. I decided I didn’t want to do any more dishes than I had to so I said, “Who is the girl who slept with one of the bosses to get a promotion?” Although the girl was present I certainly didn’t want to name her! The host accepted what I had said but added I should have told them just who I was thinking about! He said this was because he had it on very reliable authority that every one of the girls present had slept with their bosses in order to get promotion and there were no exceptions!

I glanced over at Susan (she was sitting two away from me) and she gave me a silly grin and then turned to talk to the person sitting next to her! Now I was really upset!

When it came to Susan’s turn, she simply said, “Well, I guess you all know it, but Sam was the first member of staff who fucked me after I joined our organization!” Now I was unhappy – here was Susan admitting in front of everyone else that she had been fucked by one of the men present – the one she was planning to give a blowjob to later on. She was also, by default, if the host was correct, guilty of sleeping with one of her bosses to gain a promotion. I suddenly remembered she had come home, not long before we had been married, and told me she had been give a good promotion! Now I understood how the system worked.

After we had been around the room and everyone had had a turn at telling some sort of gossip about another member of the staff, it was time for the next game. The host said we were going to play a game of forfeits and he was sure everyone would love to play his rules. The rules, as he outlined, were simple. He would ask a simple general knowledge question of everyone in turn. A correct answer to the question meant we would pass on to the next person. An incorrect answer would require the person giving the incorrect answer to move to the centre of the room, pick up a sealed envelope from a box on a table and to carry out the forfeit! Failure to carry out the forfeit would mean the person had to leave the group immediately and couldn’t join in any more activities until we were ready to leave! This would mean anyone not carrying out the forfeit was effectively ostracized from the rest of the group. Not a pretty thought!

We were each allowed to choose another envelope from a different box and this was to determine the order in which the questions would be asked.

After the first question was asked and answered correctly, everyone seemed to be relieved at how easy the question has been. The first question had been – how many rings in the Olympic sign. The answer, of course, was five!

The questions seemed to be too easy and everyone answered the first round of questions correctly. The questions really were easy.

Most answered the second round correctly although one of the girls gave a wrong answer and had to select from the forfeit box. When she opened the envelope and read the forfeit, she blushed and gave a short cry! When asked to read it our aloud, she said, “You will select a person present, from the opposite gender, and completely remove all of their clothes and then lick their genitals for 1 complete minute!”

The host had already explained that spouses or girlfriends were not allowed to be chosen for the forfeits. This girl was married to one of the more staid men in the group and he showed no pleasure in hearing what she had to do! She looked around the room and then chose me! Hell, what was I getting into?

Anyway, Judy came over to me, kissed me deeply, and whispered to me, I don’t mind licking your cock, but you must promise not to cum in my mouth or on my face! I agreed and so she began to undress me. It was very embarrassing being undressed in front of everyone else, particularly Susan. She thought it was a great joke.

When I was completely naked, even to my shoes, Judy made me stand in the middle of the room and she got down on her knees and began to lick my very erect cock! It really felt great and I was enjoying this a great deal. After she had been licking it for what seemed an age, I suddenly felt a tightening in my balls and immediately pulled back from her tongue! She sensed why I had done that and smiled at me. When I felt I was safe, I moved back and she continued to lick my cock! At last the host called time! Boy, was I glad. I immediately picked up my clothes to dress when the host read out a supplementary rule. Once anyone was undressed, it wasn’t allowed for them to redress! Now I was stuck sitting there naked!

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