The Beach Hut

byquinn rogan©

This is a story told to me by a woman I had an affair with two years ago. She was a very sensual – and sexual woman – and, when I told her I wrote erotic stories, she readily told me the story of her first serious sexual encounter, which I have reproduced as precisely as I can remember it. Nowadays, she is a very classy 'thirty-something', with long dark hair, nice tits, a great ass and long shapely legs, and I count myself very privileged to have been allowed to share her bed for one glorious summer in the south of England, while she was waiting to follow her husband to South Africa.

So here is her story...

My name is Kate and I'm now a thirty-three year old married woman with two young children. My husband is Roger, an architect, and, before you ask, yes, we have a good and active sex life.

But the most exciting thing that ever happened to me, sexually, happened long before I met Roger – in fact, before I had even made love with a boy, or man. Even now, I still think about it most days – especially when Roger's grinding away inside me, and I need something to put me in the mood!

But I suppose I have to admit it wasn't at all pleasant at the time – in fact, I was terrified. But, now – well, it still gives me a thrill to recall it. I was on holiday, with my parents – under serious protest, but they said I had to go because it was a 'family holiday' – them, me and my younger brother, aged 14.

We were in Weston-super-Mare, and I had taken up with a local boy, called Jim. He worked on the deckchairs and he was a bit rough, but I had to have some company apart from my parents, and he was quite good-looking, so I saw quite a lot of him. My Mum and Dad got used to me going for lots of 'long walks' on my own, when I was really nipping off to see Jim.

I should explain that, until about a year before, I had been really worried about my tits not growing. All the girls in my class seemed to have developed from the time they were about twelve or thirteen, but I was practically flat-chested. I used to hate going into the showers after gym, and games, and have some of them snigger and flaunt their floppy boobs at me. But, that winter, at last, I began to grow and, by Christmas, I had enough 'up there' to warrant a decent bra – and, after the school Christmas dance, to have one of the sixth-formers undo it and have a huge hard-on while he squeezed the merchandise!

After that, I started going out with a boy in my class, called Alan, and, by the time I went away on holiday, we were an 'item' and we had got to the stage where we did regular babysitting for his married sister and I would end up stripped to the waist on her settee, with Alan playing with my tits and kissing my nipples.

But nothing else. We didn't, then. It was kind of understood that it was 'above the waist' only unless you were pretty serious about each other so, although Alan used to try to put his hand on me 'down there' occasionally, it wasn't too difficult to get him to take it away. The threat of no more tit-feels usually did the trick!

But Jim was a bit different. I've already said he was a bit 'rough'. Well, he was – in a lot of ways. His language was pretty bad, for a start – he was the first boy I had met who talked about a girl's 'tits' – Alan used to get embarrassed about saying the word 'breasts', but practically the first thing Jim said to me was that he guessed my age correctly because my 'tits' were about the right size for an eighteen-year-old. Then he said that my Mum had good tits for her age – and that he liked her arse!

I'd never mixed with anybody like that before. All my friends were out of the same 'grammar school' box. They stuck to the rules. Jim didn't recognise 'rules' – he made up his own as he went along. He was one of a big family, whereas I was an only child. His Dad didn't live at home and his Mum had a succession of men friends. So, the first time I went out with him – well, it was actually just a walk along the beach one evening – he was so different from Alan. The moment we were away from the promenade, he led me towards a sand dune. Up till then, he hadn't even touched me, but he put his arm around my shoulders as we were walking and just dropped his hand on to my breast, and squeezed it!

"That's nice", he said. Well, he actually said 'noice' – I can still hear it. When I pulled his hand off, he looked at me in surprise.

"What's that for?" he said. "Ain't you never had yer tits felt?"

"Not on a first date," I said, but he just laughed.

Then he grabbed me and kissed me. He was good at that. His tongue pushed between my lips, then I felt his hand on my bottom, pushing me against his erection. Alan had never done that, either, and – well, I didn't stop him and then he lifted his hand and squeezed my breast again. I said he was rough – well, his hand on my breast was much rougher than Alan's. Alan always just stroked my tits, but Jim really grabbed it, and squeezed, and I got really excited.

He had long hair and I tangled my fingers in it and pushed myself against him and stuck my tongue into his mouth. We carried on like that for a minute or two, then he broke off the kiss and pulled me towards a sand dune. We tumbled down the other side of the dune and ended up lying on the sand. Before I could catch my breath, he leaned over and put his hands on my shoulders and kissed me again. I was lying flat on my back and I just closed my eyes and felt his tongue in my mouth again. Then I felt his hand slip inside my shirt, onto my bra. I tried to push up, but his other hand was holding me down, then his hand went inside my bra and onto my bare breast.

He took his mouth away from mine and dragged his leg across me so that he was straddling me, at the waist. I tried to push myself up on my elbows, but he pushed me down again, easily, and held me down with one hand while the other one undid the buttons on my shirt. When he had undone them all, he pulled my shirt apart and sat back, looking down at me. I still had my bra on.

"Have yer got a boyfriend at home?" he asked. I nodded.

"Has he felt yer tits?" I nodded, again.

"Has he seen them?' I didn't say anything, but I knew I wanted him to take my bra off now. "Has he?" he insisted, and I said, "Yes. He has"

He smiled and put his hands on my bra-cups and squeezed, more gently this time.

"You like that, don't you?" he said, and I nodded, staring up at him.

"Go on, then," he said. "Show me yer tits – get em out!"

I hesitated for a moment, but I was really excited, so I leaned up on my elbows again, and undid my bra, at the back, then lay back down on the sand. He just looked down at me, then said – "Go on, then."

For a second, I didn't know what he meant, then I moved my hands and lifted up my bra. Jim looked down at my uncovered breasts, then put his hands on them and squeezed, trapping my nipples between his finger and thumb.

"I bet you make that boy at home do all that himself, don't you?" he said. His mouth came down to mine.

"Just remember – with me, you got your own tits out." Then his mouth came down on me again and his tongue explored my mouth as his hands mauled my bare tits and nipples. After a while, he rolled off to lie down beside me, and told me to take off my shirt and bra. Again I hesitated, but then excitement overtook me again, and I slipped them both off so that I was naked above the waist. Then he tucked in behind me, kissing my neck while his hands played with my tits from behind.

Then he whispered – "I saw your old lady in the changing hut this afternoon – I wouldn't mind giving her one!" I could feel his cock pressed against my hips, and I'm sure it got harder when he was saying that. And I felt a warm rush between my legs, too.

"What do you mean?" I asked, my mouth dry, and he said – "I know how to see into the two changing-huts at the end, and I saw your Mum go into one of them this afternoon, so I went for a quick looksee. She peeled off her wet swimsuit and gave us a lovely full frontal – tits, cunt hair, the lot! Then she started towelling herself ….." but I interrupted him.

"What do you mean – us?" I asked him.

"Oh, I tipped Colin and Charlie the wink on the way round and we all had a look – they'd do the same for me! Your Mum's Colin's type – he's got a weakness for tall blondes – and she's a real blonde, isn't she? I've never seen a real blonde bush before, and her tits are really firm, aren't they? Mind you, I like them a bit bigger – like yours."

And he squeezed them really hard, and started nuzzling my neck. I was terribly mixed up – I knew I should feel angry, but there was something very sexy about Jim and his brothers watching my Mum, naked, and talking about 'giving her one' and my predominant sensation was pure excitement.

I don't know what would have happened if a gang of kids hadn't charged into the dune. Jim wasn't bothered – he just shouted at them to 'Fuck off', but I grabbed my shirt and pulled it on and told Jim I'd have to get back to my parents.

He was quite easy about it, and I was pretty careful for the rest of the week. I still saw him, but I made sure we were never too far away from people – not that that worried him.

He still kept touching me up at every opportunity and, to be honest, I found it really exciting, having my tits and bum fondled a few yards from where people were doing the usual holiday things. He even managed to get inside my bra when we were on the dodgems once!

And a couple of times, I saw him creep round the back of the changing-huts with his brother, Colin, and it felt really strange, knowing that they were spying on whoever was in there. I watched to see who came out and, one time, it was a really young girl.

She couldn't have been more than thirteen, but she was blonde and slim and I shivered to think of Colin looking at her budding breasts and the probably bare slit between her legs. Colin was about twenty-two and he was a greasy layabout who just hung about the beach, drinking cans of beer and it was bad enough thinking about him playing with himself after he had seen my Mum ……

Anyway, on the last afternoon of our holiday, my Mum and Dad and brother and I were on the beach, sunbathing on deckchairs, when Jim passed by in front of us. Mum and Dad didn't notice him – they had only seen him a couple of times and I had never introduced them. As he passed, he sort of jerked his head at me to follow him and I got up, pretending I was going for a dip in the sea. I followed about ten yards behind him. My heart was beating really fast as he had never done anything like this before, but I did want to see him once again before we went home.

He walked in a wide circle and eventually slipped inside the opening of a canvas changing-tent thing – right behind my parent's chairs! It was quite big – about three yards square, and about eight feet high. After a quick look to make sure my parents hadn't spotted anything, I crept in after him. There was nothing in the tent – just Jim and a lot of soft sand – oh, and a travelling rug. Of course, as soon as I was inside, he kissed me, then he told me he had put the tent up deliberately there because he knew it was where we sat.

We had to keep our voices down, because we were only about two yards away from my Mum and Dad, but, of course, that added to the thrill – as he well knew it would – and especially when he started squeezing my breasts, on top of my swimsuit. I was really turned on, but I got a bit frightened when he started trying to pull my straps off my shoulders and I stopped him at first. But eventually the thought of him touching my naked breasts so close to my parents got too much for me - and also I thought it might be the last time I would see him, so I let him pull my swimsuit down to my waist and play with my bare tits.

I let him pull me down on to the travelling rug and we were kissing, with his right hand teasing my nipple when, suddenly, his hand moved away and then I felt it between my legs. I had always been wearing jeans when we had met before and he had never really tried to get inside them, but my swimsuit …. Well, I shot up and grabbed his wrist and, just then, the tent-flap opened and Colin and Charlie and another boy came in!

I stared at them in horror and grabbed my swimsuit and pulled it back up over my chest. My first instinctive scream died on my lips when I remembered my parents were only yards away and, when I turned to Jim to get rid of them, he put his finger to his lips and jerked his head in the direction of my parents.

"Get them out of here", I hissed, but he just smiled – a strange, apologetic sort of smile – then shrugged and stood up. I scrambled to my feet and started pushing my arms back through my straps, but Jim grabbed me by the elbows.

"What are you doing – let me go!" I whispered, but he said nothing and then Colin stepped forward and pulled my swimsuit back down to my waist. Jim pulled my arms behind me and the three others stood looking at my bare breasts.

"Good tits on her", said the boy whose name I didn't know, then reached out and squeezed one. I nearly screamed, but – well, I was too frightened and I started to cry instead. But they didn't pay any attention.

Colin – Jim's brother – put his hand on my other breast, then bent his head to lick my nipple. He looked up at me while his tongue was slavering around the end of my nipple.

"Your Ma's nipples're bigger'n yours," he said. "She's got nice tits, your Ma. I'd really like to fuck the arse off her."

I looked round, desperately, at Jim. "Please make them let me go," I said, through my tears.

He just shrugged. "We shares, girl," he said. "We're mates."

By now, Charlie was feeling my breasts, as well, and I was blinded with the tears running down my face. But I could hear the comments they were making, although they were talking in low voices, and I could feel hands all over me. Then, with a sudden chill, I felt a big hard hand slip below my swimsuit and onto the cheeks of my bottom.

"Nice cheeky little arse," muttered Colin's voice. "Has it got any hair on its dicky-di-doh, Jim?"

"Dunno", Jim said. "She ain't let me down there - yet."

My heart stopped. I opened my mouth to scream, but Jim's hand shot up and covered my mouth.

"Let's have a look, Jacko," rasped Colin, and somebody's hands grabbed my suit and pulled it the rest of the way down. I couldn't stop them, and I thought I would die of shame. I had never stripped off for a boy before – and now here were four of them, looking at me, completely naked.

Then Colin said – "Fuckin' 'ell, look at the bush on that! She's got more hair there than my Janice!"

"Let's 'ave 'er down on the rug so we can 'ave a proper look," said Charlie, and they pulled me down, on my back, on the travelling rug. They all knelt down on the sand and Jim and Charlie each took one of my wrists and Jacko and Colin each grabbed an ankle.

"Spread 'er legs", said Charlie, and my ankles were pulled apart. I was spreadeagled, naked, on the rug, completely at their mercy. Jim and Charlie were playing with my tits – then Colin leaned forward and opened my vagina with his fingers. I tried to scream, but Jim slapped his hand over my mouth again.

Then I felt Colin's finger sliding inside me. I thought, then, that they were all going to rape me, and I just wanted to die.

Then Jim whispered at Colin – "We can't fuck this one, boy – she's posh."

Colin said – "I know – I'm only feeling her cunt, for fuck's sake!"

"Well, I know what you're like," said Jim, and Colin laughed and stood up.

Then he suddenly fumbled at the front of his jeans and dragged down the zip. His hand disappeared inside and, in an instant, his penis was sticking out in front of them. It had a sliver of shiny stuff dangling from the end and, from my position on the ground, looking up, it looked huge and menacing.

Jim started to protest, but Colin said – "I just want to give her a feel of what she's missing."

He dropped to his knees again and grabbed my wrist from Jim, who laughed and started squeezing my tits again, his other hand still over my mouth.

Then I felt my knuckles brush against Colin's penis. I clenched my fist, but Colin grabbed my fingers and pulled them open.

"You got a choice, girl – it's your hand, or your cunt! It's up to you!"

He closed my fingers round his hard cock. Instinctively, I tightened them. Even in my terror, I was aware that this was a completely new sensation. I had never felt anything like this – it was hard and hot, but still had a yielding quality like nothing else I had ever experienced. I moved my hand along it and, while the skin stayed with my fingers, I could feel the hard ridges underneath passing beneath.

I slid my hand back down, then up again. I was aware of the hands, now, squeezing my breasts and teasing my nipples, but now they felt sensuous, not painful. Another hand – I don't know whose it was – was touching my vagina and, involuntarily, I parted my legs to let a finger slide into me.

Then, suddenly, Colin groaned and I felt the thing in my hand begin to throb. Colin's hand closed over mine and pulled it up and down the length of his penis, pumping it.

I turned my head, just in time to see a stream of milky-white fluid eject into the sand beside the rug, followed by another, then another. Then it began to soften in my hand and Colin breathed a satisfied sigh. He took my hand off his penis and stood up. With his own hand, he squeezed out a final drop, then he tucked it back in his jeans.

"Now you can tell your Mum what she's missing, too!" he said, then – "Come on then – let's get out of here!"

The other boys protested, but Colin was obviously the leader and, with a few final squeezes, Charlie and Jacko let go of me, but Jim kept his hand over my mouth. He looked down at me and said "No telling tales, girl, now" and I nodded my head, terrified.

He grinned at me, then I felt his other hand leave my breast and slide down between my legs. He slid a finger inside me, and said "You're a bit slippery down there, girl – reckon you're about ready for a good fuckin', an' all. Come back next year, and I'll give you one!"

Then he leaned over and kissed me and pushed his finger right up inside me – then he jumped to his feet and, suddenly, the tent was empty.

I lay there, listening to the sounds all around me of people playing on the beach and tried to calm down. It was strange – I was so relieved they hadn't raped me, but, in a way, I also felt let down. I think Jim was right – I was nearly ready for a 'good fucking'.

Eventually, I got to my feet and pulled my swimsuit back on. I crept back out of the tent and took the long way round to the sea, avoiding my parents, then I had a quick swim and re-joined them. Dad was asleep in his deck-chair, and Mum had gone to the shops. They hadn't a clue about what had happened.

I lay down in the sand beside Dad's deckchair. A few minutes later, I saw my Mum crossing the beach on her way back from the shops. She was wearing a yellow halter top, with light blue shorts and I knew she wouldn't have a bra on.

I couldn't help it – I imagined her naked in the changing-hut, then Colin and his mates bursting in. I saw Jacko and Charlie holding her while Colin ran his hands over her defenceless small breasts and slipped his fingers through her blonde pubic hair into her spread vagina. Jim was holding her legs apart so that his big brother could caress my Mum's cunt.

Despite her fear, her cunt was lubricating and Colin's finger was sliding in and out easily – then he was fumbling in his jeans and dragging out his large, hard cock. Mum screamed as she saw it, but it was no good. They lowered her to the floor of the hut and, while Jacko and Charlie played with her naked tits, Jim kept her ankles spread while Colin lowered himself between her thighs and inserted his big dirty cock into her unprotected cunt.

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