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The Beachboys


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There's a pond that's located in a forest clearing with a wide sandy beach. I sometimes used it to bath naked, in the summer. There is nothing like the sun on my breasts, heating down to my waist and my skin basking in laps of refreshingly clear water. It was an aesthetic experience to say the least. It was nice if you wanted to swim, or just lay out. I never stayed long though as others used the pond for bathing, and swimming as well. I saw a bunch of boys that used it, a little later that same day.

Today was a little different; I arrived later than I ever had. As I stood in the water, my face turned towards the sun, I lived only in that moment. My bikini was long missing as my back faced the beach. I was surprised when I suddenly got a feeling of being scrutinized, and in the far distance, I heard a few stifled gasps. For a moment longer I stood still, pretending that I was alone. I bit into my lip and turned my head slowly, my eyes falling on the delighted and astonished smiles of four teenage boys. They were walking into the clearing with towels in their hands.

They all stared at my naked body, as I stood in water not quite deep enough to cover my exposed buttocks. They grinned happily towards me, shouting hellos. A cheeky expression took the place of their grins, after seconds passed. The youth of today are not shy at all, I mused, thinking I have to quickly take control. I cheered back, moving a bit further into the water.

Their eyes studied my breasts, while I smiled apologetically at them. Their confidence visibly broke; they looked at me with doubtful smiles. They saw that I was not afraid and I recognized them as sexual beings. They were suddenly embarrassed, but they were also cocky and horny. I could tell that just by looking at their clumsy movements and concentrated stares.

Time to make them feel masculine so they are not frightened away, I thought. They laughed when I cupped my hands on my chest to hide them from their eyes and smiled.

"Hi guys," I cried brightly. "Have I intruded on your place?"

"Oh, it's okay," replied one boy with long black shaggy hair, after some hesitation.

The others laughed sheepishly, while they stood looking at me at the beach with hands on hips. One, clearly in charge stepped forward, as the others fell silent. His hair was blowing slightly in the wind, as his towel fell onto the ground. Maybe the others were stunned that I hadn't fled the waters. They stayed tentatively in the background, but their leader sat down and pulled off his shoes.

The others slowly followed his example and pulled their t-shirts and shoes off. They kept their shorts on and sat hesitantly on the shore. I think they were a little uncertain of what should happen next. Did they dare to swim with me there? They whispered and laughed amongst each other, all while noticing my bikini.

"Is that your bathing suit?" The leader asked, nodding his head in the direction of my clothes. "Are you nudist? Want a beer?" They all grinned.

"Where did you get beer from? Or are you 18?" I scoffed lightly teasingly.

"We are all over 18..." The leader replied angrily, as he pulled out a plastic bag. "Check! Want one?"

"I always drink after a bath. Are you coming in, or dare you not?" I teased.

They burst out in boisterous laughs, as they quickly yanked down their shorts,revealing their swim trunks. They quickly ran to the water's edge.

"Oh no, not fair," I exclaimed. "You should show some solidarity and take off your suits! Otherwise, I'd be so embarrassed that I can not get up!" I yelled.

They stopped in their tracks, grinning. They looked doubtfully at each other while fingering their waistbands. "Come on cowards!" I ran on with a challenging tone.

Moments later, they shrugged their shoulders, thrust down their fingers into their waistbands, pulling; bathing suits were flying in every direction. It's so strange how quickly guys can undress, I thought as I watched. They plunged into the water so fast I could only glimpse their dangling manhoods as they rushed in.

I was startled when I realized, they were actually more adult-like than they appeared from far away. That aroused something in me that made me see now, that I wanted them. Could it be that easy?!

They paused when I hesitated nervously, building their confidence. Sensing no reason to conceal, with a wonderful openness they waded around me freely. They suddenly were around me closer, put their unashamed hands on me and began a lively grope. With quick, witty, a bit startled and embarrassed laughter, and leering looks, they pinched all over me.

I laughed and joked around with them, and they stood around me and began to paw even more. "What are you doing, are you trying to mess with me?"

I giggled encouraging and writhed with pleasure from their hands. I closed my eyes and felt their fingers and palms slide over me everywhere. I could feel my pussy so hot, and wet, and tightening. I became a little dizzy when I leaned my head to the sky for a moment, with all of them upon me and right in my personal space by now.

One stood behind me and took care of my breasts. When I protested, he laid his hands on them more firmly, and squeezed tightly. I groaned and whimpered and he released them slightly. It was wonderful that they were so free from inhibitions and so honest. It felt so natural!

"Is that silicone?" one asked seriously and squeezed gently with his fingers.

"Sure, do you think they're fine?" another one asked.

"Mmm", a few hummed in agreement.

I felt their breath when they leaned towards my breasts, all of them wide-eyed and panting. Their mouths opened wide as they squeezed and pinched my youthful, fiery, hard nipples. Tongues and lips began to stimulate me, making me moan out. My nipples responded and a dart of pleasure rushed into me. They leaned forward, licking my breasts wildly. I could not spot them all. My pussy burned properly now.

They did not fumble; their hands pinched and groped roughly. A hand slipped suddenly into my hair, and fingers gripped my strands firmly. I was yanked hard in the other direction, and I whimpered loudly. They became agitated and heavy-handed. Holy shit! I thought. I tried humping against one, as other hands grabbed my buttocks and tried to pinch at my cheeks. The water made it slippery. I tried pulling back, gasping softly, "No! I must be out of the water!"

My struggle wasn't in vain as they released me. They watched me closely, cocks hard, with nothing but lust in their young eyes. I walked out of the water, my body dripping wet. I pulled my towel from the pile of cloths and spread it out, looking back at the boys as they moved closer. I winked at them as I sat down spreading my pale legs.

The guys came out of the lake, trudging with an almost submissive expressions on their faces. They came with open mouths and tightly focused gazes. I supported myself up a bit on my elbows and looked up at them. I held in my view their erect penises, tips dripping with water. I almost felt a little dizzy, thinking it was wonderful that I would be fucked by them all now.

I felt so weak with anticipation that I could not support myself on my arms anymore. I lay on my back again, as a cool breeze blew over my hot pussy. It was the only part of my body that I really felt at that time. Then I heard their breath, as they all surrounded me.

Alpha guy came up to me, knelt between my legs, and gave me a look. He directed his hard dick straight into my open cunt. He threw himself on me, leaned on his hands, and started fucking hard and deep into me. I really felt his youthful cock shoot up into me.

I leaned my head back and let his body tremble and shake over me. He shoved my legs in the air with his wild series of pumps. I felt the sun being blocked out when the other guys gathered around us to watch and wait their turn. He pounded into me even more roughly with an audience. So, of course, I was thinking he wouldn't last too long. About the same time he began humping hard like a lunatic, he was trembling hard on top of me. With a little exclamation (too cute! I thought) he released an exhausted grunt against my neck. Then he lay still for a moment and ground a bit with his still rigid meat rod in me. I almost thought he was going to fuck me one more time; after all, he was a teenager.

But one of his friends whispered in a low, trembling voice, "Move Danne! "

He lifted himself with a tough, dazed look on his face. He stood on shaky knees and moved away, making room for his buddy.

The next guy was taller, like a lanky crane with a head of curly light brown hair. Unlike his surly friend, he smiled widely and looked at me radiantly, straight in the eyes. He was so shy that he blushed all over his face, while he expectantly knelt between my legs. He focused his long red cock against my vagina, which was open and red itself, with his friend's semen running out in globs.

I met his eyes, returned his smile and spread even more. Instead of lying on top of me, he held my legs up and slipped into my hole. This provoked a deep gasp from him. He then threw himself down on all fours over me, his cock deep within me. He cried with scrunched up eyes, then opened them and looked straight down into my face. He grinned from ear to ear as he stretched out on hands and toes over me. He began to pound my welcoming cunt again and again with his hard prick.

He was fantastic. He was so well trained that he did not have to rely on his knees for support. He straddled over me leaning on bare hands and toes, like a cross. His hard prick bumped straight to my uterus. He pounded into the gate without any detours. He looked straight at me blushing from his face to his toes. I shook hard with my orgasm and sensed his buddy's cum splashing out of my pussy with each pump!

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and shouted, in my face "Aaaa ...!"

His body stiffened as he emptied his balls and squirted straight into me.

It felt so good to receive sperm from a young boy. He lay still for a while, completely exhausted.

"Come on, are you going to do it again? Or...," I began.

"Now it's my turn Patte!" the third one said.

He opened his eyes and smiled a little awkwardly. I moved one leg so he could roll off and lie down beside me. He supported his head in one hand and put the other on his cock, perhaps to watch and jerk off when I got fucked by another of his friends. I turned to look as the next one knelt between my legs.

This was a cheeky scamp who gave me an equally intrusive but considerably bolder look, and a dirty grin when he put his dick in.

"What a mess," he grinned filthily when he pumped his hips against my sperm-sticky pussy.

I grinned back and bucked against him. His comrades had regained composure, enough to throw off a few humorous comments. He made some playful nibbles against my chest. His hips met mine thrust for thrust as I bit into my lip moaning. Suddenly, he exclaimed in a high voice as he yanked out of me. I imagined that guy was a virgin.

I felt on the verge of another orgasm, but he withdrew so suddenly that the feeling went away. He pulled himself up with all his teenage agility and elasticity. The next moment I was staring straight into his explosive glans, directed at my face. I could just barely close my eyes and open my mouth, before he ejaculated onto my face, just like in a porn movie.

He rained heavy splashes of thick cum drops on my face, while he giggled and squatted over me. He leaned on his knees and emptied out his entire batch of teen cum. I stretched out my tongue and touched his cock. When I licked the slimy sauce, I heard his exhausted laughter. Now more relaxed, he and his friends breathlessly chuckled.

"It's good for your skin!" he said.

I rubbed away the semen and opened my eyes, "but the taste is something metallic ..." I added, with a finger in my mouth and looked up at him with a smile.

His grin appeared to be delighted but a little scared. He moved quickly away and sat with legs shyly together on the grass. Then it was time for the fourth boy, who grabbed my thighs and insisted on attention. I immediately turned my gaze upon him and spread widely. My pussy had not actually received saturation. His prick was impatient and ready to fill me down there!

This was a blond boy with a quiet and strong face, the silent type. He had the biggest and thickest dick of them all, ready in his hand. Yes! I thought, licking my lips as I looked up at him.

He quickly spread my thighs and penetrated me. He filled me in fact completely, and my pussy immediately began to vibrate by being so saturated and filled. He leaned on his elbows, holding still for a long moment, and then began to thrust.

It is always fascinating to see how different men fuck. Many are beautiful in their own way, so it's not bad to get a taste of several of them at once. He was unlike his quick companions, with their jerky, hopping, shock, and giggles. He devoted himself, with deep clenching adults pumps.

He pulled halfway out and then stroked deeper. He dug slowly and pressed and drilled to the hilt. He melted in me deeper than any other, until his scrotum quivered and swelled against me. His eyes stayed closed as he growled lowly. I was so excited by his hard pumping that I screamed with staring eyes. The other guys jumped at my reaction, but number four went right on banging me, and his friends understood that I had another orgasm.

I squeezed my hands on his buttocks, as my legs flew straight out to the sides. My pussy pulled up again and again on the hard adolescent dick that fucked it. With my orgasm I splashed and spilled my juices everywhere; I think I had a gushing orgasm. His friends looked on with gaping mouths, their hands flying over their dicks. They splashed hard jets of cum right up in the air out of their fists, as the boy lifted quietly away from me.

I was barely conscious. I stared confusingly in front of myself, when I felt the emptiness in the middle of my orgasm. I almost blacked out, as I trembled and shook, and then became almost drowsy. The guys showed no mercy and all four fucked me again. I assumed they did so each in turn, but I was not fully aware and did not feel much at first. I was still dazed from my orgasms, and now they were bolder. One let me have a cock in my mouth during another's intercourse. He leaned headlong astride me, with the palms and knees on either side of my face and hips just above.

He fucked his penis in and out, up and down in my mouth, while his companion did the same to my vagina. It revived me! I accepted his position as best I could in my mouth. I tried to suck so he would not get too far out, while my body shook with the other dick spiriting into my pussy. They had completely taken control now. When they finished and moved away, I took this opportunity to get up quickly, as I was quite tired of being on my back. I crawled on all fours, and before I could get completely up, one of them stuck his log shaft into me from behind.

He started humping into me, making me have to support myself more. His arms helped in keeping me from falling over. Suddenly, I had another cock in front of me, pushing insistently at my mouth. I opened my mouth and took it completely. I had yet another orgasm as they pushed back and forth between my holes. From one moment to the other, it was suddenly over and they released me. I was so drowsy, I had to ask them to show their ID to know how old they really were. I thought, what if they had not been 18. It would be a good example of irony if I was arrested for rape after having sex with these guys.

Afterwards we rested ourselves, exhausted. The boys offered me a beer and we talked about sex leisurely.

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