tagNonHumanThe Beast Inside Me Ch. 01

The Beast Inside Me Ch. 01


"That will be four dollars and fifty cents."

Sasha brushed her dark hair out of her face and reached out to take the money from the patron. Every time Sasha got a new customer she would look them up and down and immediately make a judgment as to what kind of customer they would be. Sweaty and breathy meant there was no time for small talk. Designer clothing and a good dye job meant the world had to come to halt for his or her needs. Then there were the few oddballs, the kind of people you don't really expect to see in Merry Mary's Muffins Pastry Shop.

For instance, there was a woman would wear her headphones with the sound turned all the way up and she always wore and inexplicable windbreaker, despite it being either too hot to be tolerable, or insufficient against the cold wind. Her name was Mary Beth and she would peruse the display before, inevitably, ordering only a small coffee. Then there was Bruce, who was always on his phone, openly discussing with one mistress or another how he was planning on leaving his wife. To Sasha's knowledge, Bruce was not married, and was rotating approximately five would-be mistresses.

Sasha handed Lenny, a older blonde and lanky regular who always ordered a blueberry crumble muffin and a black coffee with a dollop of foam, his order. He flashed her his usually half smile; of course this was in conjunction with the quick glance at her breasts. After two years of seeing Lenny do this, Sasha was actually wondering why he doesn't she openly gawk like she suspected he wanted. When Lenny left the shop was empty, save for Alex in the back. Sasha felt grateful that closing the shop was going to be easy that night. Trying to close while dealing with a long line of customers who don't what they want was a nightmare.

Sasha drew a deep breath and reached for the keys to lock the front door from behind the register. She walked over the front door and locked the deadbolt. She looked up the glass and studied her faint reflection. Overall, she felt happy with her looks. She had an olive skin tone, which was nice and even. Though she not the thinnest woman in the world, she was by no means overweight. She had a soft elegance about her - her almond shaped eyes fit well with her pouty lips, the arch of her waist met smoothly with the curve of her hips creating and hourglass figure. Though Sasha would have given anything to be a bit taller, standing at 5'1 made reaching things on the shelves difficult and made it hard to be taken seriously.

She began to collect the trash and dishes not picked up in the last sweep. Alex, her friend whom had gotten her this job, was working in the back scrapping out plates and throwing away unsold pastries. The policy was two days, and it had to go.

"Hey Sash, would you mind bringing me the trays in the display cases? I think those scones have seen better days." Alex called from the back kitchen.

Sasha gathered two trays, all she could hold, and walked through the double doors. Alex had taken off his work polo, and was wearing and undershirt. Sasha could never understand how Alex could have such a toned and tanned body despite being the laziness son of bitch she had ever met. He worked the bare minimum, and when he got home all he did was smoke pot and, well, that was it. With his dark blonde hair, brilliantly hazel eyes and beautiful body made him almost unreasonably attractive. Their coworkers all found it extremely odd that Sasha had never slept with him. Sasha did, too, in fact.

Alex looked at Sasha with irritation when he saw at her bounty of two trays.

"God damn it, I forgot you're a munchkin who can't carry jack's worth of shit. You stay here and bag all of this, I will bring back the trays or else we'll be until midnight."

"It's only five-thirty smart ass." Sasha sniped back.

"My point exactly!" Alex quipped.

"Screw you!"

Alex raised an eyebrow as if to say "yeah?"

Sasha turned away and felt her face get hot. The real reason she had never slept with Alex was because she was too intimidated. What if she was bad at it? What if he saw her naked body and immediately decided he could do better? She was no virgin, but damn if he didn't make her feel like one.

Sasha turned back to face Alex but he had already gone through the double doors, back into the shop front. Another shot lost.

Feeling slightly defeated by her own sheepishness, Sasha turned to bag all of the old pastries when she heard a terrible cry and crash come from the front. It was Alex's voice. The scream sent an immediate chill through Sasha's body. She ran as fast as she could through double doors and surveyed the scene. There was a spurt of blood on the front display case near the cash register and a pool of blood slowly oozing from behind the counter. Sasha ran over, not knowing what she would find. As she made her way around the corner of the counter, she slipped and fell sideways into the large pool of blood that had collected around Alex's body. As she struggled to become grounded in the warm and slippery horrific mess, she crawled over to Alex who was attempting gasp for air, but could only manage gurgle through a large gaping rip in his neck.

Sasha grabbed him and pulled him up to her lap. Hot tears and sharp gasps washed over Sasha as she struggled to make sense of the tragedy that was unfolding. A moment ago she was closing the store and grateful for the quiet. Now she was holding on to her friend who was drowning in his own blood.

"Who did this to you? What happened?" Sasha cried.

Alex could offer no answers. All of sudden he was no longer moving, his skin blue and pale, coated in his own blood. Sasha looked at Alex's face and realized that whatever did this to him was still in the shop. She had to leave quickly. She crawled out from behind the counter and scanned the room. The double doors were swaying. The silence was overwhelmingly eerie. She stood up quickly and made a mad dash for the keys that were on the counter. She bolted for the front door and was struck by a force so quick and powerful she was already sliding across the floor before she knew what happened. She dove underneath a stable and hid. She knew she could not escape.

She hadn't even seen what had struck her. She looked out into shop front. There was nothing. Only her bloodily footsteps leading to the door and the streak of blood caused by her fall. Before Sasha could wrap her mind around what all was happening, the table top was ripped away from above her. All she could make out was a pair of bright yellow eyes before she was grabbed and thrown across the room with such force that she cleared the register and three dining tables before slamming in a heap on the other side of the shop against the opposite wall. Before she could let loose a scream the creature was on top of her, holding her neck so tight she she had instant tunnel vision. She raised her hand to fend off the attack, and felt, to her horror, coarse fur. Then there was nothing.

When Sasha awoke, she wasn't entirely certain she was still alive. She drew a deliberate breath. Her chest hurt. She surveyed her body - it ached. Pain isn't something you feel when you're dead, right? She opened her eyes wider to look down at herself. She was covered in bruises and a few cuts, but she was otherwise intact. Her clothes were different. She was wearing a black silk nightgown. A bit too big for her small frame. Her nipples showed slightly due to the deep neckline. She then looked at the room. It was furnished kind of like a New York loft. It was big and open, the walls a deep matte red. Except one wall, it was a glossy blue. All of the read walls had paintings, various nudes and others that didn't seems to be anything at all; just colors fighting each other. On the blue stood a tall mirror. There were shelves that held blankets, towels and various articles of clothing next to a long bench table on the other side of the room. The bed she was on was large and luxurious, like those she had seen in the period-dramas she had loved so much.

Sasha stood up quickly. Though first she was in awe of the fact that she was alive, panic rushed over her as she realized that not only was alive, but alive and in a large room which she had never seen before, owned by God-knows-who and there for God-knows-what. What was most chilling, was that this room had no visible door.

"I am very sorry about your friend." A deep voice called from behind her. Sasha jumped at the voice, and was terrified when she saw whom it belonged to.

He stood at 6'0, had golden skin, slick dark black hair and had the body of Greek statue and completely naked as such. Normally Sasha would have found this attractive, however the blood red irises of his eyes and horn like bones that ran down the length of his back made him look down right frightening. He inched closer towards her, his movement fluid and most decidedly non-human. No human could ever move with such grace. She felt at once captivated and frightened by his presence.

"My pet, Nanouk got out from this in-between. He's fairly harmless on this plane, but in yours he's quite vicious. I think your people have created the lycan myth surround his kind. Luckily I was able to catch him fairly quickly, but he had already killed your friend. I decided to bring you back here, to make sure you healed properly. You would have died on your plane. Nanouk is deadly to your kind."

The man-beast walked closer towards Sasha. She took another step back before she fell back onto the bed. Within the blink of an eye, he was next to her. He placed his hand on her leg.

"You need not worry. On this plane you are safe. You won't change. You won't die." He looked her up and down with pity. "Amazing what fragile creatures you humans are."

Sasha pushed away from him, but he had a firm grip on her leg.

"What are you talking about? Where am I? Who are you?" Sasha screamed. She felt like she sounded like a bad caricature of a kidnapping victim. But all of this was so bizarre, she couldn't think of anything else to say.

"All in time, dear. My name is Braxon and you will be staying here for a while." He pulled her closer to him effortlessly. He ran his hand up her leg until he got to her pussy. Unsurprisingly, he didn't seem to think she required underwear.

"Get away from me!" Sasha yelled. Even after Alex was killed and she was attacked by an unknown beast, only to result in being taken to another realm and held captive by a creature of unknown species, it never crossed Sasha's mind that she could become a sexual toy. The look on Braxon's face told her everything she needed to know, he was going to use her in any way he saw fit. He pushed his weight on top of her body and she was powerless to stop him.

"You human women are so soft, so breakable." He breathed into her ear. She could feel his hard muscles pushing against her body. His skin was impossibly smooth, soft yet with hard definition. He raised her hands above her head and pinned it with one of his powerful hands. He used his free hand to explore her small body, dwarfed even more by his massive frame. With the tips of his fingers he traced small lines down her body, beginning at her neck and slowly dragging down to her nipple. He pinched it, sending a wave of pain, fear and pleasure through Sasha's body. He rubbed his hand slowly on her belly and then began to kiss her neck.

"You are definitely the most beautiful of your kind that I have brought here. The problem is usually because you all speak too much. Cry too much. Your kind never appreciates all of the good all the good I do. The pleasure I can give. You, I think, will be different." He ran his hand down to her pussy again, gently rubbing her lit. He turned his face towards hers; fear and tears washed over Sasha as she accepted the inescapability of her situation. If she didn't do what he asked she knew she would end up like ever other weak human Braxon had brought back to where ever this place was. She knew she would die. She was terrified - she just wanted all of this to end. Before she could think any more Braxon made two swift and effortless movements to remove her dress; so fast she didn't even realize she was disrobed before she felt his body pressed against her naked flesh.

Once her clothes were removed Braxon showed less restraint. He pawed all over her body - licking and kissing her neck, sucking on her nipples firmly, making his was down to her slit, tonguing down her sweet juices. His tongue was long and strong. Had Sasha not be overcome with fear and panic she would have enjoyed it, but this unwanted violation made her feel used and disposable. She let out a little whimper, and tried in vain to close her legs. For the first time, she saw a flash over anger across Braxon's face. His blood red eyes literally glowed with rage.

"What is your concern? I am trying to make you feel good, I can take this from you the hard way, if you want to end up like the other worthless humans who have failed to leave this place." Braxon grabbed Sasha by her hair and threw her to the floor. She fell hard, and got up and tried to scramble away. But there was no door, so Sasha tried to run to take cover under the long bench table at the far side of the room. With unfathomable speed Braxon was in front of her and grabbed her by the neck. Sasha struggled for air, using her weak and already bruised arms to try to fend of the beast. He gave her a slap that sent her flying a few feet to the ground, where she left out a weak scream as the wind was knock out of her. Crying, Sasha tried to get up again in vain; Braxon had her again, and with one swift rush she was back on the bed, this time face down.

"I can forgive you, I know you are only scared." He whispered softly. "But don't try that again, or I might not be able to help myself.

Sasha cried harder into the pillow and he resumed running his hands down her body. He shoved one of his massive fingers into her pussy.

"You have not been touched by many I take it. You're still wonderfully tight. It's ok that you are dry, I will take care of that." With that Braxon spit on her pussy, lubricating the inside with the movement of his finger. She could feel his smooth naked body shudder with pleasure and his massive cock rub against the back f her legs.

"I think you're ready enough." He said before removed his finger and began to push his cock into her pussy. There was resistance - her small supple body had never taken a prick so big. The pain reminded Sasha of her first time getting fucked, but it was more severe. She cried out.

"Please, no! I would do anything you want please just don't hurt me. I want to go home."

"Shut up! I've already told you, you simple creature, that will not be happening!" The rage in his voice make Sasha cry harder. He pushed her face so hard into the pillow she thought she would suffocate. He pushed harder into Sasha until he was inside. Her scream was muffled by the pillow.

He worked his cock in and out of her opening, and if felt like he was pushing harder and faster with each movement.

"Don't worry," he said between breathy gasps of pleasure, "I know I could hurt you, but I will be gentle."

Nothing felt gentle about the way he fucking Sasha. he moved faster, faster than she had even been screwed. She cried more into the pillow. She felt all at once terror, pain and pleasure. She couldn't help but struggle, Braxon hardly noticed her feeble attempts to fight back as he moaned and fucked her hard.

"You are by far the tightest and sweetest human I have ever brought here. Your pussy is amazing. You feel so good!" Braxon's back arched with increased effort. He momentarily leg go of Sasha head. She popped her head back up, drew in a deep breath and screamed.

"Please someone help me!"

Braxon pulled her cock out of her and flipped her back onto her back. He place one his his huge hands over her mouth and the other one grabbed her tit firmly.

"I am all the help you will need, you insect." He growled. He shoved his cock into her again. He put his mouth to her neck and bit down. He worked her pussy furiously and gracefully. Every stroke was deliberate and fluid. He traced his tongue down to her nipple and fucked her harder and faster. Hot tears still flowed from Sasha's eyes. He uncovered her mouth. This time Sasha did not yell - she was afraid of what would happen if she did. She gasp for air and he pinned her arms down and fucked her the hardest he had yet. Pleasure, though unwanted and not understandable, swelled in Sasha's body. She relaxed a little bit; when she did his eyes stopped glowing with anger. He worked her pussy faster and harder, panting harder and harder with each push. She felt hot liquid shoot inside her and he collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily.

"You - were - amazing." He panted between gasps.

Braxon got up from the bed. He did not seem very much interested in Sasha anymore, instead when to the wall to study one of the nude paintings hanging from the wall. He turned to Sasha.

"You were the best human I have ever had. Don't worry, you will get used to me and soon you will want me to fuck. You will beg me to fuck you. Like her." He pointed to the painting of a blonde nude woman. "I don't think, however, you will end up like her."

End up like her? What did that even mean? What happened to all of the humans Braxon had brought back. Braxon went to a shelf and grabbed an overly ornate towel. He walked over and handed it to Sasha.

"Here, clean yourself off. You will be able to bathe soon, but for now you should rest. I will make sure you are fed. And with that Braxon began to walk away. With a flash of light, a puff of smoke and crack similar to that of whip he vanished.

Sasha took the towel and rubbed all of his juices off of her. The tears began to dry on her face. She had not idea what to think or how to feel. She just knew she would not be leaving any time soon - if ever.

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