tagRomanceThe Beautiful Game 02

The Beautiful Game 02


The second of a three part series that takes place in the same universe as The Lake House Rules, but which stands apart from the earlier series. You should read the first part of this one, though. Still a lot of soccer, but some other things, too....

And, to be clear, everyone who has sex in this story is at least 18 years old.


Later that day

M.J. stopped pretending to do homework and decided to get ready for her first date with Eduardo. She put on her new lingerie and her clothing, brushed out her hair and put on a small amount of makeup. When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw something new, a pretty young woman, and she was a little excited by it.

When she went downstairs, her mother looked away from the TV and said, "You look beautiful, M.J., have fun."

M.J. grabbed the car keys, got into the car and drove to Eduardo's house. She texted him that she was there, and he came out, dressed in jeans, a nice blue polo shirt, and his hair was slicked down. He got into the car, and she could smell his cologne. She leaned over and he gave her a quick kiss on the lips before he put his seatbelt on. They started to drive to the theater, and discussed their options. Eduardo put his hand gently on M.J.'s right leg and let it rest there. They agreed to see a comedy that had gotten pretty good reviews. Although Eduardo tried to buy both tickets, M.J. insisted on paying for hers. They held hands while waiting on line, and when they got seats, Eduardo put his arm around her, which was a little awkward because he was shorter than M.J., who slumped in her seat and rested her head on his shoulder, overcome a bit by his strong scent.

The movie was funny, and they both enjoyed it, kissing briefly a few times. After, they went to the car, holding hands, and M.J. drove them back toward home. They chatted idly about the movie and soccer, but it was clear that they were both nervous. She drove to the school and parked the car in a secluded area of the lot.

They got out, and M.J. opened the trunk and pulled out two fleece blankets that lived there all year round. Holding hands, they walked back to the field where they had been earlier in the day, hoping that it wasn't occupied by kids sneaking beers. When they got there, it was quiet, and lit only by the bright moonlight. Together, they laid the blankets on the ground and stood facing each other. Eduardo put his hands on M.J.'s hips and could feel her trembling slightly. Or maybe it was Eduardo's hands that were trembling. M.J. leaned her face down slightly, and Eduardo reached up and their lips touched gently. Their kisses increased in intensity and passion until they both dropped slowly to the blankets.

They sat, kissing and gently stroking each other and Eduardo tried to unbutton M.J.'s blouse, but was shaking so hard, he couldn't do it. M.J. looked at him, tenderly, and said, "Relax. You have done this before, right?"

Eduardo said, "Yes, but never with someone like you."

She smiled and kissed him hard, and he was able to unbutton and remove her shirt. He gasped with pleasure when he saw M.J.'s breasts and the new bra that she was wearing. M.J. gently pushed his head toward her, and he buried his nose in her cleavage, deeply breathing in her scent, before starting to kiss her breasts above the bra. M.J. lay back on the blankets and let Eduardo see her, and he placed his hands gently on her breasts and stroked them. She let out a sigh of pleasure and pulled him toward her until he was laying with his chest on hers, but his legs were on the blanket.

They kissed, and M.J. reached her hands under Eduardo's shirt, feeling his skinny, wiry back and pushing the shirt up. He took the hint, and took off the shirt, exposing his bony, but still muscular chest. M.J. took the opportunity to remove her bra, and lay there, reveling in the hungry look that Eduardo gave her breasts before he gently began kissing her sensitive nipples. His touch was light, but insistent enough to cause her nipples to become hard. M.J. felt the warmth growing in her crotch, and she desperately wanted Eduardo inside her. She could feel his penis pressing against her leg and she wanted to see it, to touch it.

Eduardo reached down and gently stroked between M.J.'s leg, as if to gauge her interest; her moan told him exactly what he needed to know. He reached for the button on her jeans and said, "Is this O.K.?"

"Yes," M.J. whispered.

He opened her jeans and pulled down the zipper. She wriggled out of the jeans, and let him take off her shoes and pull them down, so that she was only wearing her panties. Eduardo smelled her and was aroused even more by the animal scent. He stroked her panties, feeling their dampness and causing M.J. to moan with desire. He was aching himself, as his erection was throbbing against his jeans. He slowly removed M.J.'s panties and stared at her beautiful athlete's body, her firm breasts, long legs and beautiful pussy. Eduardo was also not a virgin, but like M.J., he was not very experienced. She was, in so many ways, the opposite of Elena, who was short, curvy and dark, and rarely stopped talking. He and Elena had fooled around a little, and had sex a couple of times before he left New York.

Tonight, though, he wanted M.J., and he badly wanted to give her pleasure. He kissed her flat, toned stomach and kissed his way toward her trimmed pubic hair, breathing her odor deeply into his lungs. He flicked his tongue randomly around her engorged labia, and M.J. writhed and gasped when he accidentally brushed her very sensitive clit.

Eduardo stood and took off his pants and boxers and M.J. could see his penis, which was about 6 inches long, and skinny, fully erect and throbbing. She reached up for him, and he dropped to his knees next to her.

"I want to make love to you," he said.

"And I want to make love to you," M.J. responded. She reached over to her purse and pulled out one of the condoms, opened it and rolled it onto his penis. She lay back and spread her legs, welcoming him, and he climbed on top and slowly stuck his engorged cock into M.J., who gasped with surprise, then sighed with pleasure. When he was fully inside, he lost control, and came almost immediately. Embarrassed, he pulled out and rolled off of her.

"Don't worry," M.J. said. "I understand." She handed him the second condom and because of his youth and lust, he was able to become hard again. He rolled the condom on and repositioned himself, slowly entering her for a second time. This time, Eduardo was able to control himself, slowly thrusting into M.J's well lubricated pussy. She sighed with pleasure as he tenderly pumped into her, and her hips, seemingly of their own accord, rose and fell in rhythm. She wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to penetrate her deeper. M.J. gasped as Eduardo's pubic bone pressed against her clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her body. Eduardo increased his tempo, and M.J., the star athlete, kept pace, clutching him with her long, powerful legs and strong arms. They sped up and sped up until Eduardo was thrusting as fast as he could and M.J. felt small orgasms building up inside her until she crested and peaked, feeling pleasure beyond anything she had ever experienced with Josh, or alone. She screamed and threw her head back and Eduardo, feeling her delight, lost his control and came hard into his condom repeatedly until he collapsed, panting onto M.J.

Despite the fact that they were in excellent shape, both M.J. and Eduardo were spent, exhausted, satisfied, and they lay there, unable to speak, unable to move, just breathing and holding each other. Holding turned into stroking, which turned into kissing, and soon Eduardo was hard again, and pressing his erection against M.J.'s pussy.

"We don't have any more condoms," she said, sadly, but then turned 180 degrees and began to kiss his throbbing member before gently inserting its head between her lips. Eduardo sighed, feeling the incredible pleasure of her mouth, lips and tongue on his penis. He smelled the odor of her desire, and was able to press his face into M.J.'s sweet pussy, tenderly licking her lips and plunging his tongue into her folds, causing her to writhe and become even wetter. They feasted on each other, trying to give as much pleasure as they were receiving, in an amazing competition of oral sex that only concluded when Eduardo shot another load into M.J.'s willing mouth and she reached yet another body shaking climax.

Eduardo turned so that his face was over M.J.'s and he kissed her, neither of them at all put off by the smell and taste of themselves on their lovers' mouth, and they kissed for what felt like days before they collapsed on their backs, holding hands and looking at the stars. Neither of them wanted the night to end, but M.J. knew that she needed to get home soon, and she reluctantly got dressed and watched Eduardo do the same. They folded the blankets and returned to the car, walking with their arms around each other, silently.

She drove to his house, and they kissed again. M.J. said, "I think we shouldn't see each other tomorrow. I have too much school work, and we have our playoff game on Monday."

Eduardo agreed, and they kissed again, and he left. M.J. drove home, smiling, still feeling tingling between her legs that might have been real or might have been imagined, but either way, felt wonderful.

When she arrived home, she was surprised to see her mother, watching TV and drinking a cup of tea. M.J. realized that her hair was a mess and her clothing was a bit askew, because she expected to come home to a house of sleeping people. Her mother looked at her and smiled. She knew, or certainly suspected, what had happened and she scanned her daughter's face for some sign of something other than happiness, and saw none.

"How was the movie?" Annette asked, patting the couch as a signal for M.J. to sit next to her. Annette smelled Eduardo's cologne, and the unmistakable smell of sex on her daughter.

"It was fine, mom," M.J. replied.

"And afterwards?" Annette asked, and gave M.J. a pointed look, "did you have fun?"

M.J. was not sure what to do. She knew that her mother knew, but she didn't seem angry. And why should she be, M.J. thought, considering that she was 18 and thus could do what she wanted. "Afterwards was great," she blurted out, looking down at the carpet, thus confirming her mother's suspicions.

"Was that your first time?" her mother asked, quietly, skipping ahead to eliminate some of the awkwardness.

M.J. blushed. She realized her mother was, in fact, treating her like an adult, and she was proud, and decided to tell the truth. "No, Mom, it wasn't. My first times were with a boy at basketball camp, and it was fine, but tonight was amazing."

Annette hugged her daughter and said, "I'm glad. This may be uncomfortable for you to hear from your mother, but I don't care. Sex should be fun and it should be good and it should make you happy. Even though your father works crazy hours, we still enjoy it and always have. You were careful, right?"

"Yes, Mom, we were."

"Are you on the pill?


"Well, if you intend on doing this on a regular basis, you should consider making an appointment with Dr. Bolen and discuss your options with her—but I'd wait until after the season is over because it might affect you."

"Thanks, Mom, I love you," M.J. said, hugging her mother.

"But, I wouldn't make a big deal about this in front of your father," she said, smiling. "He sometimes still thinks of you as his little tomboy."

M.J. shook her head and smiled. She kissed her mother and went to her room, washed up and got into bed. She slept like a rock and awoke at 9 the next morning with a smile on her face.

True to her word, M.J. spent most of Sunday doing schoolwork. She also called Sam and gave her some details, and Sam almost broke M.J.'s eardrums by screaming into the phone. She also spoke with Eduardo twice, and they had sweet, tender conversations.


At school on Monday, she kissed Eduardo in the hall, and they walked hand in hand to some classes, declaring their relationship official in the eyes of the school. But M.J. turned her attention to the first playoff game and couldn't wait until the day was over.

As usual, the girls gave M.J. a wide berth before the game, although a few of them congratulated her on her new boyfriend. She put on her white home jersey with the red "RAMS" on the front and prepared herself for battle. M.J. got up and was out of the locker room and jogging around the track to warm up. The boys were getting in a short practice before the game, and M.J.'s face lit up when she saw Eduardo look at her, smile and wave. But she got her focus back and completed her jog before warming up with a ball, waiting for her teammates. The boys' team left the field and, to her surprise, most of them went into the bleachers to watch the game.

The Kennedy Lions ran onto the half field vacated by the boys and started to warm up, in their bright yellow shirts. They looked small and young, and a few of the players pointed at M.J. while they warmed up. They had played early in the season, and M.J. scored 3 goals and had 2 assists before Coach Benson took pity on their opponents and sat M.J. and most of her other starters on the bench.

Finally, her teammates were all on the field, warming up, when Coach Benson called them over. She set the lineup and said, "Ladies, the season starts today. Our record is zero wins and zero losses. If we lose, we are done and no one will remember our undefeated season. Anyone here want to be done?" she asked.

"NO COACH," the team yelled in unison.

"Good. Me neither. So, I suspect that their strategy is going to be to try to take M.J. out of the game. I expect that they will double and triple team her, and try to knock her around and foul her. M.J., you can't try to beat them alone. If you are double or triple teamed, pass it out to the open player and move to space. Eventually, we will wear them down. O.K.?"

M.J. nodded. She was a team first player, and winning was her objective.

"Ready, Rams?" Sam said.

"READY!" the girls yelled, and the starters ran onto the field.

The game went much as Coach Benson suggested. Kennedy was outmatched in skill, size and athleticism, and M.J. was double and triple teamed whenever she received the ball. In fact, the Kennedy coach had his fastest player shadow her throughout the game. So, M.J. made pinpoint passes, and set up three goals. The plan to foul M.J. backfired when she curled a free kick into the goal from just outside the penalty area. She looked into the stands and saw Eduardo cheering and high fiving his friends after she scored. M.J. spent the end of the game on the bench, cheering on her teammates as they won, 6-1.

After the game, Coach Benson told the team that she was proud of them, and M.J. took the opportunity to speak, which was unusual for her.

"Coach," she asked, "the boys' team watched us today. Do you think we could cancel practice tomorrow and go support the boys?"

Coach Benson was surprised.

"M.J.," she said, "I've never seen you ask for a day off, but I think that it would be a nice thing to do and I think they would appreciate it. So, if you promise to all go as a team, give me a good hard practice on Wednesday and be ready for Thursday's game, then, yes, we can take the day off tomorrow. I'll find out if you can go on the bus with the boys and I'll let Sam know and she can pass around the information."

The team promised, and then started to walk toward the locker room. A couple of the seniors were brave enough to tease M.J. gently about cancelling practice to watch her boyfriend play, but knew M.J. well enough that they didn't go too far. She ended up walking alone with Sam, who whispered, "Considering the way you played today, I'm going to make sure you get laid again before the next game."

M.J. knew that Sam was joking, but secretly wished that she could figure out a way to make it happen. At that moment, she heard running footsteps and looked up to see Eduardo sprinting toward her. He stopped and they hugged and kissed.

"Get a room, you two," Sam said, laughing and continued to the locker room.

"You played great," he said, kissing her again. "The way you passed out of the double and triple teams was great, and your free kick was unbelievable."

"Thanks," M.J., said, beaming. "The team played great," she continued, sincerely. "By the way, I convinced the coach to cancel practice and the team is going to watch you guys play tomorrow."

Eduardo was thrilled. He kissed M.J. again.

"I'm gross and I need to change," she said, reluctantly, and she turned and went into the locker room. Eduardo went to the boys' locker room, but when he came out, M.J. had already left with Sam.

Later that evening, Sam got a text from Coach Benson that their next game would be against the Easton Pirates, the 5th seed, who had slightly upset the Claremont Tigers 3-2. Sam forwarded the information to the team. The Rams had beaten the Pirates a few weeks before, 2-1. It was the only game during the season where M.J. didn't score, so Sam hoped that M.J. would want revenge.


The next day at school crawled again, until the final bell rang, and M.J. met with her team in the parking lot. They cheered for the boys as they got on the bus, then followed them on. M.J. caught Eduardo's eye and he motioned for her to sit with him, but she shook her head, not wanting to distract him, or cause problems with his coach. The few other girls who were dating boys on the team, or were hoping to, followed her lead, and sat with the girls. M.J. and Sam shared a seat. As usual on a road trip, it started quiet, but after a while, there was a quiet hum of chatter, punctuated by laughing. They boys' coach made sure that the boys and girls were separated, and when they were about 10 minutes away from the field, he gave them a little pep talk.

When the bus pulled into the lot, the girls, following Sam, got off the bus first, and made two lines for the boys to run though, which they did as the girls cheered. M.J. locked eyes with Eduardo and they smiled at each other as he ran by.

As the new player, Eduardo started on the bench, and during the first half, the second seeded Wildcats scored three goals. Luis Alvarez scored one for the Rams, and Eduardo played, but never seemed in sync with his new teammates. Either he mistimed runs, or didn't anticipate their actions, and M.J. could see his frustration. Once, he tried to dribble through the defense himself, and made it past two defenders, only to be stopped by a midfielder who had made a run at him from the blindside and stole the ball.

After the half, Paul Barlow scored his first varsity goal, on a header off a corner, and M.J. could see that the Rams were beginning to believe that they might have a chance. With about 3 minutes left in the game, Eduardo received a pass in the center circle from Alex Fredericks, a center back who started forward in a desperation attempt to tie the score, and Eduardo put on a dribbling clinic. He went around one defender, caused a second to fall, and faked a pass to a cutting Luis before pulling the ball back and blasting a shot passed the helpless Wildcat keeper.

M.J. was on her feet, screaming and asking Sam if it was the best goal she had ever seen. Sam agreed that it was amazing, and they could see Eduardo beaming on the field. The game ended tied, so the teams lined up for overtime. Unfortunately, the Wildcats scored on a pretty goal that left Carlos Mejia sprawled on the grass as the ball trickled passed his outstretched gloved hand. It was an awful way to lose, but they had given the second seeded team a real scare.

The bus ride home was subdued, and again, the girls and boys sat separately. It was not until they got off the bus in the North parking lot that M.J. was able to give Eduardo a hug and long kiss, feeling his sweaty body and smelling his strong athletic odor.

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