tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Becoming of Maya 01

The Becoming of Maya 01


"Maya, please help me, they won't give it to me anymore. I'm sick, I can't, and I won't last long without it. He... He's gonna kill me. Maya, I love you. I love you. You know... you know I wouldn't ask. Help me. I'm begging you. Maya! Maya! They're here! Maya! Please."

The line went silent.

I have listened to Clare's message over two dozen times since I received it. She sounded desperate, high on cocaine, and out of her mind. We've talked about this scenario before I left the States to study on one of the boarding school in Switzerland. My rational, loving and bubbly sister said on no accounts should I ever go back to the States. She was adamant on our agreement. She'll rather die, that I should let her die, instead of coming back.

The promise was easier back then. It's easier because we were both naïve.

"We will begin our descent to Los Angeles," the pilot claimed via the overhead speakers.

I sat up. I am being selfish. I will not let her death be in my conscience, not if I can do something about it. Still... the idea of me doing something is laughable. Can I really do something? I pushed the doubts aside. Of course, I can. I will do whatever it takes to save Clare, because she gave her whole life for me. I should do the same.

There weren't a lot of people in the airport. My heart is palpitating, it seems like it wants to come out of my chest. I'm scared. God knows I am. Seeing the restroom, I slid my way in. There weren't any women in it either. Turning on the faucet, I let the cold water run. There I am, looking at myself. Clare and I look a like, our black long hair with natural cascading soft waves, big bluish-green almond eyes, big full red lips, and fair soft skin. Our difference in height is evident, I'm 5'10 and Clare's 5'4, however, our generous breast, small tiny waist, shapely hips and long legs commanded attention.

I splashed my face with water. Get a hold of yourself!

When I got out, the few people who were in my flight are nowhere to be seen. Instead, a man wearing a black suit was standing not far away from the restroom carrying a poster with my name on it.

"Ms. Lyons. Your sister is expecting you." He handed me an iPad, grabbed the only luggage I have and escorted me to the town car.

As soon as I hit the play button, I see Clare. She looked healthy, though she can barely open her eyes. She was also extremely pale. Her full lips are chapped. She moaned my name. I hugged the iPad, and a silent tear escaped my eyes. How can I not come to you? I told myself.

The drive was almost 2 hours. We arrived in the opulent Beverly Hills where we entered a winding drive way. The house, if you can call it that, was reminiscent of palatial houses of Tuscany. The colors were rich terracotta inviting guest to come in. The driver opened my door. Exiting, I see two or three people walking towards me. They were all dressed in white spa-like uniform.

"Thank you, you can go now," she directed to the driver. He bowed his head in response.

They ushered me into a room that looks like a doctor's clinic. Again, they gave me an iPad.

"Remove your clothes, all of it and put the robe on. To keep you entertained while you wait for the doctor." The woman with overdrawn eyebrows said.

I removed every garment I have including my underwear and put on the black silk robe. I pressed play. It's a live feed of Clare. There were two women towering over her, wearing the spa uniform, and removing her clothes. Her frail arms fought but she was weak, too weak to even make a child cry. They injected her with something through her right arm and she calmed down almost instantaneously. When they were done, I can see my sister's body, she was covered in red angry welts. I gasp when I saw.

"Miss Maya Lyons,"

I didn't even hear anyone come in. Standing in front of me was the definition of male perfection. Tall with perfectly tanned skin, naturally muscular –comparable to a swimmer's body- and a face Adonis would kill for.

"I'm Noah, I'll be conducting your examination today."

His voice was firm yet silky.

I nodded.

To his left was another man I didn't saw before now. He handed Noah a tape measure.

"If you could stand straight for me..." he said and I did.

"108 pounds"

"34 DD, 24 and 34" he said and the guy behind him wrote it on the sheet of paper he was carrying.


"Size 6 shoe size"

I could have told him all that but I had a feeling he wouldn't have believe me. He commanded me to lie down on the examination table. My heart hammering, I did what I was told. He grabbed my legs and positioned it to the stirrups at the foot of the table. My breathing is faster now. He looked at me with his gray eyes but did nothing to try to calm me down.

Next, without warning, he removed the knot of robe and pushed it on either sides of me. My breast exposed, and a flash of embarrassment washed over me as I feel my nipples become erect.

"Highly reactive," he murmured.

Cupping my breasts, "full and natural," he whispered. He tugged with my nipples using his thumb and index finger. I arch my back involuntarily. A man has never touched me before and certainly, not like this. I feel warmth cover my naked body; the cold silk to my side and his warm fingers only intensified the feeling. He then rolled my nipples using the same fingers, while tugging them.

"Ahhhh," I whimpered

He removed his hands and nodded to the man beside him. Taking the stool, he positioned himself below me. I pressed my knees together.

"You know why you're here," he said.

With a tear in my eye, I let my knees go.

His face was dangerously closed to my sex. I can feel his warm breath on every inch of me. He placed one hand just below my bladder and oh my... with his fingers, traced my soaking wet slit. Parting my labia, he gently circles my engorged clit.

"Please... stop!" I yelled, overwhelmed with the feelings I have brewing inside me. I tried to get up but the man who was quietly writing was now holding my shoulders.

"We don't want to hurt you, like I said, I'm here only to examine you."

Noah's silky voice was full of malice. I can see it in his eyes, his stern eyes filled with lust. I dropped my shoulders back. Clare, I have to save Clare. I kept repeating to myself.

He continued to circle his finger on my clit. My breathing became faster, a pressure building inside me, I was dripping wet. I have never felt this way before. Suddenly, he inserted his long, thick index finger inside my hole.

"Aw!" I yelled.

I was dripping wet, yet the width of his fingers reduced me to writhing.

"A virgin," he murmured with a smirk.

He stopped and opened my hole wider, and he nodded of approval as he saw my maidenhead intact. He smiled again, a sinister, beautiful smile. He begun caressing my clit once again, but now...

"What are you doing," I asked breathy from the pleasure he is giving me

"It's part of the examination, try and relax"

He lowered his lips to my flesh. From the bottom up, he slowly glided his wet, beefy tongue along my slit. Stopping at my hole, he gently pushed his tongue in. It was heaven as he lashed in and out me ever so slowly. Finally, he left my vagina and made his way to my clit, he flicked his tongue and I jolted with pleasure. Slowly, he lowered his mouth and sucked at my very visible knot.

"Please..." I begged

He sucked even more while circling his tongue over my clit. Placing his ring finger in my vagina, I gasp at the intensity of it. Electricity was running wide over my body; he slowly plunges in and slowly removes his finger. With his left hand, he pressed down on the skin right above my slit and pulled it up, exposing the highly excitable skin above my clit to the pleasures of his tongue.

"Oh my... Oh my..." I moaned

Suddenly, it wasn't enough. His finger and tongue wasn't enough, I needed more. He sucked my clit with renewed vigor, my back arched, and his finger slid in and out of me faster. I squeezed his finger with the walls of my vagina, hoping to intensify the excitement.

Like a vacuum, the electricity that was running wide in my body concentrated on my vagina. My hips met his finger thrusts. All the glory of heaven blessed upon me as I exploded around his finger, he continues to suck my clit and again, the same intense feeling built up and I burst once again.

He unceremoniously left my skin. He nodded to the guy who was holding me and they exited without saying a word.

I never felt so vulnerable in my life. Emotions are going wild and I was left to pick up pieces of me. I hastily removed my feet from being hoisted, tied my robe and wiped the wetness between my legs. I am embarrassed. I came for someone who I don't even know. My body has betrayed me.

The woman from before entered. With her, a syringe filled with medication. She cleansed the side of my arm and stuck me with it. I winced. She withdrew the needle and put a Band-Aid on the site.

"Birth control," she said and exited.

As if the events haven't sealed my fate, the announcement of being given birth control took my emotions to overdrive. Here, in this majestic place, I am to rescue my sister. But in order to do that, I must become what she is, a slave.

The night was uneventful; after what transpired earlier, I'm relieved that it was. I was escorted to a room bigger than the cafeteria on my boarding school. The wallpaper, four-poster bed, white Egyptian cotton with delicate bedding, antique armoire reminds me of Marie Antoinette. It was delicate, romantic and over-the-top feminine.

I touched the bedding, exploring the gentleness of it. Lifestyle of the rich and famous, I thought. The adjacent bathroom was marble white, it boasts a whirl tub that could probably fit 5 people. The walk-in closet was filled with gowns and delicate lingerie. The theme of this room is evident, innocence and purity, just like I was an hour ago.

I was still wearing the black robe when a woman, platinum blonde hair, red lips with black eyeliner that rims her amber eyes, came in. She was wearing silk red long lingerie, a great contrast to the room.

"I'm Alicia Monte. I run this house." She said with her French accent. Taking a seat on the bed, I nodded in acknowledgment.

"Do you know what we do here?" Her eyes boring into mine.

You blackmail girls and sell them body and soul to the highest bidder, I thought but didn't say. Shaking my head in response, wanting to hear how the devil can convince a soul to come with him to hell.

"We sell pleasure. Fulfill desires. Make dreams come to life." The twinkle in her eyes and the desire embedded on her voice tells me she believes her lies. My eyebrows shoots up, eyes wide, unprepared to hide my emotions because I don't believe any of the bullshit she's selling.

She laughed. A laugh that reverberated throughout the walls of the room and walls of my psyche. It's one thing to make a person believe your lies, and quite another to believe it yourself.

Irritated, "I want to see my sister," I snapped.

"You have seen her."

"I don't trust any of you in here."

"Very well," she said calmly, clasping her fingers together. "But before that, you need to sign the contract."

She handed me a leather folder, inside was the contract we've discussed over the phone two days ago. Written in legal terms, I am to assume responsibility to my late father's and my sister's debt amounting to $10 million dollars. The only way to pay this debt is to work for them. I will be their property for...

"1 year?" I asked, remembering our discussion where I was supposed to stay with them for 3 years.

"You are untouched, we are not unreasonable. You are quite rare nowadays, 18-years of age, intelligent with 4.0 GPA, ivy league schools already lining up for you and yet you decided to work with us. We know value when we see it." She explained. I didn't say anything but I did not decided to work with them, they made me work for them.

I signed. Mainly to get it over with and begin my sentence, but most importantly, to see my sister.

She handed me a long white silk lingerie, much similar to the one she's wearing, "put this on," she commanded. I slipped into it, it hugs the curves of my body, and my nipples are protruding, as it was cold in the palace.

Before leaving the room, Alicia snatched my left wrist and placed a gold bangle into it. The bangle fits snugly, unmoving in its place. "It's a GPS tracker, step out of bounds, or try escaping, your sister's dead. But you already know that." She mused.

I followed her outside the room. We reached the end of the hallway where two doors are at, she directed me on the door at the right side. The only light on the room is coming from low emitting blue LED lights that line the walls. There are two leather recliners separated by a table. The east and west walls are made up of ceiling-to-floor mirrors.

Alicia came in and typed something on her iPad.

"Where's my sister?" I demanded. I sounded braver than I feel. Perhaps a backlash of having my heart hammering in my chest.

She just smiled at me and directed me to sit on one of the recliners as she sat on the other. A couple of minutes passed and the lights turned on the west side of the room. The mirror was a two-way mirror. The room beyond it was bright, the walls and interior are beige and there's only one furniture, a large, circular bed in the middle of the vast room.

I looked at Alicia, my brows tied to a knot. Are they really going to let me see my sister?

Minutes later, my sister came in or rather dragged in my two women. They sat her down on the bed and injected something into her veins. Her long auburn hair split into ponytails on either side of her head. She's so pretty, with her makeup minimally done. They removed her robe to reveal black sheer chemise.

I walked towards the mirror, the palm of my hand pressed against it. "What is this?!" I snapped at Alicia. She fiddled on the iPad and lights came on our side.

"Maya..." Clare said with a weak voice.

"Clare," I called

She half-walked, half-run to the mirror. Her hand pressed against mine, separated by the glass.

"Why did you come here?" She was crying now.

"I had to,"

"You promised, you promised!"

"They're going to kill you,"

Suddenly, a man walked into the room where Clare was. My eyes wide, and taking cue from my expression, Clare looked behind her. The man was wearing mask. He unrobed and revealed his thick manhood, erect and ready.

I pounded on the mirror, but before I knew it, Alicia already turned off the lights on our side. My sister still pressed hard on the mirror when he approached. He pushed her even more to the wall, her breast and nipple smashed on the cold glass. Lifting her one of her leg, I was privy to my sisters pink pussy. He pressed her hips to the glass, opening her slit. With his thumb, he started strumming into my sisters protruding bud. She moaned.

Tilting her hips towards the mirror, he anchored her legs to his while planting his knees to the mirror as leverage. Now, I am full view of my sister's hole, pressed on glass, dripping wet. Not leaving her clit, he inserted a finger to Clare's vagina.

"Ah," a moan escaped her lips

His finger slid in and out of her slow at first and faster and faster.

"Oh fuck yes! I miss this!" She exclaimed. I can't believe she said that. She can't be enjoying this.

He added another finger inside her while strumming her clit continuously. She was so close, I can see it in her face, but then he withdraws his fingers and positioned his enormous dick into her hole. Upon feeling his big head, my sister smiled. She grabbed his head and robbed it up and down her slit before finally taking his head in. In one swift move, he was buried in my sister's tight, pink hole.

He grabbed her legs and wrapped it on his elbows, stretching Clare's pussy even more. She took over playing with her clit, one hand to her clit and another finger to her mouth. He started pumping in and out of her, and each time he slams his massive penis into her, Clare smiles. She's enjoying it.

"Tell your sister, Maya, how much you like to fuck." He commanded her.

Clare's eyes went wild. She probably forgot I was on the other side of the mirror. "Maya... oh god," as he fucked her roughly, "close...,"

"Tell her to watch, tell her to watch while I slam my dick to your tight pussy. Just like you begged me to."

"Oh fuck...," She was incoherent, lost in lust, as he slams his dick into her repeatedly. Her nipples graces the cold glass and moves up and down as they do.

"Oh fuck, your good." She screamed. He spreads her leg wider and pumps into her faster.

"Tell her what she's missing, tell her how you want me to fuck your pussy."

She whimpered, I can see in her eyes how afraid she is, afraid of me getting the wrong idea?

He stopped fucking her. Waiting for her to answer. She fights to move, she wants his dick, but he did not move. He wanted her to say it. Slowly, almost painfully slow, he moved his big dick out of her.

"Don't stop." She said between sucking her finger

"Don't stop what?" He was still taking his time. I can see how his big head slowly goes in my sister, how her pussy opens up and swallows his head and how his penis passes through inch by inch. I can see how my sister loves every inch of his dick into her, her expression as his hard dick moves within her. The glass is dripping from her wet hole.

"I want it hard, I want to be fucked hard." She whispered as she continues to play with her clit.

He didn't change his pace. The slow movement of his hard, huge dick into her is turning me on. I found myself touching myself. Wanting to feel how she feels, wanting him to do me slow so I can feel every inch of his big, hard dick against my pussy walls. I want to feel the ridges, the veins, and the dick head to move and part my pussy.

"Tell her," he commanded her as he painstakingly moves his dick inside her.

"My god, Maya, you need to be fucked. You need to feel this." She screamed and right after she said it, he slams his dick into her. She encircles her clit with her finger over and over again.

"I'm cumming," Clare proclaimed. He pumps into her, he took her hand away from her clit and planted it on the glass. "No, no, no," Clare said but he wouldn't hear it as he slams and slams and slams his thick member into her.

"Argh..." He said buried into her. I can see thick, white liquid drip on their conjured sex. He withdrew his semi-erect cock and the fluid gushed out of Clare. Picking up her robe, he threw it on her face and wore his own robe.

"Clean yourself up. You're embarrassing your sister." The man said as he exited the room. But Clare was frantic, she continued playing at her clit, using her thumb to apply more pressure on the budding knot and two fingers inside her hole. She plunges in and out of her until finally her back arched, she moaned and lay on the floor, panting.

Alicia stood beside me. I'm heated both because of their treachery and the scene I just witness. "You got some nerve," I said.

She shrugged and pointed at the door. "You demanded to see your sister. I even let you talk to her."

Minutes later, I was back to my delicate cage my back flat on my soft bed, touching myself.

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