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The Bed & Breakfast


Katie ran a little bed and breakfast out in the cut of the Georgia country but close enough to the city not to be in the middle of nowhere. She was only 20 years young and had a good head on her shoulders, very mature for her age. After all, she did run her own business, and a very profitable one at that. She had customers come stay with her from all over the country, usually the south east though.

Katie had always been a popular girl growing up. She never felt like she was skinny enough or pretty enough or smart enough but as she got older, she realized that she had been wrong all along. Standing about 5'4", she was an athletic but feminine girl, thick, with curves in all the right places. Shiny brown hair adorned her slightly round face, her piercing green eyes could make anyone melt, and she had the most luscious full lips you'd ever seen. Katie was a smoldering beauty. Men seemed to be attracted to her thicker physique and defined features. It wasn't her looks that captivated people though...it was her personality. It was magnetic and addictive. Katie was always a very bold girl. She said what she wanted to say when she felt like it. She always spoke her mind, but she was kind and thoughtful about it. She wasn't scared of much of anything. She had been through a lot, emotionally, in her life thus far and was a strong minded woman with a tough, loving, gracious heart. She gave everyone a chance and was able to see the good in everyone even if it wasn't visible to others.

Katie had decided not to go to college when she graduated. She had a lot of family problems, due largely to the fact that she was in a relationship with a black man who ended up getting locked up. Her parents did not approve of her relationship with him. She was in love with him. He was really rough around the edges, came from a broken home, no father figure, always got in trouble, had a hard time keeping a job, and was a text-book thug, but for some reason he came into her life when she needed someone most. She'd fallen and he had picked her up. The emotional damage she suffered from years of fighting with her parents had done a real number on her but he was there when she needed him. And for that, she had love for him. He pleased her in ways no other man had. He made her laugh and smile when no one else could. The relationship ended abruptly when he got arrested one night. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got accused of something he hadn't done. It broke her heart.

Her feelings for him slowly diffused and she was able to move on. She got back on her feet and opened her own bed and breakfast which, to her surprise, was very successful! It led her to a well deserved profit and a lot of wonderful memories, not to mention the fact that she met a man there who ended up changing her life forever.

The summer had been a hot one. The humid Savannah air was thick with moisture and almost unbearable. But this particular Sunday at the end of July was an unusually breezy, mild day. No AC was needed. She left the windows to the B&B open and let the cool air drift through the sheer curtains all throughout the 3 story, plantation style home that she had inherited. A newly wed couple had just checked out of their room and the place was deserted. She spent most of the morning cleaning and cooking and preparing for the week. Because she was the only one around, she decided not to wear her usual pants suit or dress when she was "at work". She wore a simple wife beater tank top over a hot pink, satin bra that defined her 38 D breasts perfectly and tight jean Bermuda shorts. After her work was done that afternoon, she grabbed a beer out of the fridge, lit up a cigarette and sat on the front porch, enjoying the cool summer evening as she admired her hard work and dedication to the bed and breakfast.

Although she loved running the home, it left her little time for her personal life. She hadn't really dated anyone since her ex had gotten locked up. She put the whole situation out of her mind and left it at that. A few hours passed by and Katie dozed off on the porch swing. It was about 8:30 and it had gotten dark and the cool summer breeze had given her bare skin a slight chill. Just as she was about to go in for the night, she saw an old black, Chevy classic pull up on the gravel in front of the house. She walked back out on the porch and stood there. A man emerged from the car and pulled a bag out of the trunk and slammed it shut. He stood about 6'3", large, muscular build about 230lbs, a close hair cut and a goatee, thick full lips, and the most attractive, dark skin she'd ever seen. He walked up to the porch with a swagger that gave her chills. He set his bag down in front of her, took his sunglasses and hat off and looked her up and down. She didn't say anything. She let the stranger soak up her beauty and then their eyes met. He had the deepest, darkest eyes she'd ever seen. He grinned, licked his lips, and said "How you doin tonight ma my names Marcus."

"Nice to meet you Marcus, I'm doin jus fine my names Katie."

"Nice to meet you lil lady. I'ma need a room for bout 2 or 3 days if that's possible, I can pay you for 3 even if I end up only stayin for 2. I'm in town on um, business." He said matter of factly.

"Well I got a room for ya, $50 a night, meals included, whatever else I can get ya jus lemme know."

"Only $50 a night? Well damn I'm glad I found this place ma."

They exchanged smiles and walked in the house and Katie grabbed a key from behind the desk in the foyer and slid it across the hard, glossy wood towards Marcus as he reached in his back pocket and pulled out a roll of hundred dollar bills. He noticed her eyes get wide as she saw the roll of money and he laughed a little to himself as he plucked 2 hundred dollar bills from the wad and handed them to Katie. She opened a drawer and went to unlock the money box to give him his change and he reached across the desk and put his hand on hers.

"I don't need change ma...we straight."

Katie looked up at him in surprise.

"You sure bout that?"

"Yea, positive." Marcus took the key and walked up the big, old fashioned, winding stair case to his room.

Katie was surprised by his generosity and she was genuinely curious about him. He was sexy as hell and had an incredible body not to mention. She knew he had been checking her out and vice versa and she found herself hot over it. About an hour later, Marcus walked downstairs and asked Katie about something to eat. They made small talk as he helped her prepare dinner. Before they sat down to eat, he ran up to his room and came back down with a bottle of Cognac he had brought with him and he poured them each a glass. He was a gentle, but mysterious man. They eyed each other the whole night, exchanged sly little smiles here and there and made far too much eye contact for complete strangers. They could both feel the sexual tension though, there was no denying that.

They talked most of the night and Marcus was extremely helpful in cleaning up after dinner. They sat out on the porch, enjoying another glass of Cognac and a cigarette and they just sat there, enjoying each others company. The night air got unusually cooler and Katie told him she was heading upstairs for the night and that he could help himself to anything in the kitchen and what not. She got up from the rocker on the porch and Marcus's eyes followed her, plump, round ass into the house. He licked his lips and just shook his head in admiration.

Katie retreated to her master bed room and turned the switch on the tub. She filled it with bubbles and the steam felt great against her chilled skin. She slid her shirt and bra off over her head and her shorts down to the floor and was wearing just a thong when she heard a knock at her door. Startled, she threw a loose fitting, short robe on and opened the door. Marcus was standing there in front of her. As soon as he saw her wearing that thin robe, bearing her sexy, thick legs, and her hard nipples, his dick got on hard and he inhaled deeply. He stood there for a minute, embarrassingly mesmerized by her beauty, before he asked her if she needed anything from the gas station as he was running up the street to get a pack of cigarettes.

"Wow, I'm sorry ma, I didn't mean to interrupt you...I gotta run up to the store real quick and get some cigarettes, you want anything?"

"Can you get me a pack of Newports...I'll pay you back."

"You straight mama, I gotchu. I'll be right back."

Katie eased the door closed, leaving it open a little bit and she walked back over to the bath tub. Not knowing for sure if Marcus had left, she slipped off her robe anyways and slid her thong off before pulling her hair up. She slid into the tub and closed her eyes, leaning back on the porcelain as a long, deep sigh escaped her lips.

Katie decided to take the time while he was gone to satisfy herself as this sexy, ebony god had made her unusually horny. She rubbed the suds all over her big, bouncy, firm breasts and rolled her nipples between her fingers as she threw her head back in ecstasy. She positioned her hot, waiting pussy in front of one of the jets in the tub and moaned a little as the pressure of the hot water worked its magic on her swollen clit. Her legs hung over the edge of the tub as her pussy got beat up by the jet. Within 30 seconds she was cumming hard and moaning pretty loudly. She laid back in the tub and almost fell asleep until she heard the front door slam shut and the dead bolt lock into place.

She heard heavy thuds as Marcus skipped back up the stairs to his room. Katie got out of the tub and dried herself off and slipped on a slinky, thin little house dress. Marcus knocked on her door a few minutes later and handed her the pack of cigarettes. He had the bottle of cognac in his hand and 2 glasses. They sat out on the balcony porch that faced the huge back yard of the plantation and they smoked and drank. Marcus was surprised at how well she was handling the liquor. They talked, laughed, and flirted. The cool night air caused Katie's nipples to stand at attention and Marcus definitely took notice.

It was getting late and Katie was feeling pretty damn good because of the liquor. She excused herself to the bathroom and when she came back to the porch Marcus was gone. She stood there for a few minutes leaning against the railing, staring off into the night sky at the stars when she felt someone behind her. She didn't even turn around to look, she knew it was Marcus. He stood, pressed behind her, arms on the railing beside hers. He moved her hair from her neck, wrapped his heavy, muscular arm around her thick, toned stomach, and kissed her gently on the neck, sending shivers through her whole body as she arched her back into him.

Marcus continued nibbling and sucking on her smooth white skin for a minute before he spun her around. He slid his big, dark, strong hand up her stomach, across her chest, and to her throat where he tilted her head back and kissed her neck again. He nibbled on her ear and ran his tongue down her neck before he lifted her chin up and kissed her on the lips. He withdrew to see if she was cool with it and the eager, lustful look in her piercing green eyes told him she wanted him just as bad as he wanted her.

Marcus parted her lips with his cool, wet tongue and explored her mouth, stopping to nibble on her lips every now and then. Katie sighed in pleasure as his hands slid down her back under her dress to her plump, phat ass. She wrapped her arms around his neck and in one swift motion, he lifted her legs up around his waist and kissed her as he held her against the railing of the balcony. Their breathing got heavier as they wanted each other more and Marcus carried Katie into the room and laid her down on the little sofa chair. He went to lift her dress off over her head and she resisted.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just don't like showing off my body." Katie said, ashamed.

"You're a beautiful woman Katie, and your body is on point ma...it ain't no reason for you to be ashamed of what you got. You got a trophy girl and I want all of it."

Marcus looked deep into her eyes, ran his fingers through her soft brown hair and kissed her passionately. For some reason Katie felt comfortable in his presence. He lifted her dress over her head and he stood back to admire her beauty. He could smell the faint, sweet smell of her pussy and he bit his lip, let out a low growl, and grabbed the bulge in his pants. He got on his knees in front of her and kissed her again before he took his shirt off, exposing his smooth, chocolaty, muscular body laced with mesmerizing, sexy black ink tattoos.

He placed kisses all over her body, cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples between his fingers, causing her to arch her back in pleasure. He sucked and nibbled on each nipple making her wetter and wetter with each pass of his tongue over her sensitive nipples. He kissed a trail down her stomach right above her hot, wet, awaiting pussy. Marcus teased her a little by kissing and nibbling all around her pussy, down her legs and on her inner thighs. Finally Katie could feel his hot breath against her pussy lips and he slooowly ran his tongue up her sweet, wet slit before wrapping his lips around her swollen, throbbing clit. Katie grabbed his head in ecstasy and moaned as he hummed around her clit. Marcus slid one of his thick, black fingers into her wet, pink pussy and massaged her g-spot as he sucked and licked on her clit.

Katie had never felt anything like this before. Never had a man been able to stimulate her g-spot before. Marcus knew she was close to cumming so he stopped abruptly and lifted her up and kissed her deeply. As he kissed her, Katie could taste her sweet juices and she felt Marcus slide 2 fingers back into her eager, throbbing pussy. As their lips held their embrace, Marcus started rubbing her g-spot harder and faster and Katie's moans escaped her mouth and traveled into his.

"You ever had a nigga make you squirt before ma?" he asked aggressively.

"No, never..." Katie replied feverishly.

"Well I'm bout to make you cum like you ain't never came in ya life shawty. When you start nuttin, push my hand away and rub ya clit and squirt that nut for a nigga you got me?"

"Yea...I gotchu..." Katie replied between staggered breaths.

Marcus grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and started sucking on her neck as he continued to fiercely stroke her g-spot. Before she knew it, she pushed Marcus's hand out of her hot, wet pussy and started rubbing her clit hard and fast, instinctively, as her toes curled and her body tensed up and she shot her nut out in a gush. Katie let out a loud harsh scream as her curvy body spasmed and jerked in response to the best orgasm she had ever had. She lay their helplessly as she came down from her high. Marcus picked her limp body up and carried her over to her bed and laid her down. Finally, when Katie's breathing returned to normal she sat up on the foot of the bed while Marcus stood in front of her.

Katie unfastened his belt buckle and slid off his oversized pants, boxers, and basketball shorts, revealing a monster of a cock. It was at least 10 inches long and the width of 3 of her fingers and it grew harder with each stroke of her hand. The head was a deep purple color and it throbbed as the blood rushed thru his organ. She looked up at Marcus with innocent, eager eyes and licked up the drop of precum that had formed at the tip of his dick. He closed his eyes and let out a low groan as his fingers ran thru her hair and his grip tightened. Katie swirled her tongue around the head of his dick and took almost its entire length into her mouth and down her throat. Marcus began pumping his throbbing dick into her mouth and in a few minutes Katie felt his balls tighten and his cock jerk in her mouth as he growled deeply and pumped his nut into her mouth. She swallowed every hot, sticky drop and Marcus collapsed on the bed beside her.

They both lay there for a few minutes, relishing in the events that just took place and regaining their bearings.

They both wanted more of each other...all of each other, but the Cognac and the relief of their orgasms had truly worn them out. Marcus got up and grabbed a blanket out of the trunk at the end of the bed and covered Katie's naked body as he saw her getting goose bumps. He laid down beside her and Katie eased into his body as Marcus wrapped his strong, muscular arms around her. They fell asleep together that night as if they had been lovers for years. Everything felt so right in each others embrace.

The next morning, Katie eased out of a deep sleep around 11am. Where had the time gone she thought. Before she even had time to put clothes on, Marcus walked through the bedroom door carrying a tray of food. He had brought her breakfast in bed. They ate together in bed and kissed and cuddled, enjoying each others company.

The day brought no new customers at the bed and breakfast...pretty unusual for the summer. Marcus and Katie flirted all afternoon and stole little kisses from each other here and there around the house. More than a few times he grabbed her ass or would walk by her and rub her hot pussy through her shorts.

The evening came quick and Katie was making dinner in the kitchen. Marcus had gone up stairs to take a shower. Katie was standing at the stove when she felt Marcus come up behind her and wrap his arms around her. She laid back into him and pressed her ass into his crotch. Instantly she felt his massive dick getting stiff beneath his pants. Marcus trailed his hands up her stomach to her breasts and cupped them as he kissed her neck and shoulders. Katie closed her eyes and threw her head back. They wanted all of each other that night.

Katie grabbed Marcus's hand and led him out onto the big screened in porch at the back of the house. It was another cool night. Almost immediately they were all over each other. Katie kissed Marcus passionately and slid her hand down his muscular stomach and inside his pants. She gently stroked his growing cock through his boxers. Marcus tore of his shirt and his pecks jumped a little. Katie kissed him all over his chest and stomach down to his happy trail. She unbuckled his pants and slid them off. She was about to taste that tempting chocolate treat again but Marcus pulled her to her feet. He ran his hand across her cheek softly and through her hair and looked into her bright green eyes and said, "I wanna make love to you tonight girl..."

That was all she needed to hear. Marcus placed his soft, full lips on hers and parted her lips with his tongue, letting it pleasure her sweet mouth. He lifted her shirt off over her head, barely breaking there kiss. He cupped her big breasts and gently squeezed her nipples before he took one into his mouth and nibbled softly on it, causing her to moan. As Marcus continued to suck on her nipples, his hands slid down her back as his fingers raked her skin. He slid his big, black hands down her shorts and cupped her ass cheeks. He slid her shorts and thong down and traced a finger up her wet pussy.

Katie almost collapsed as Marcus teased her clit. He layed her down on the couch on the porch and climbed on top of her and began kissing her again. Marcus then knelt between her legs and admiringly stroked her pussy while Katie squeezed her breasts together and played with her nipples. Marcus grabbed the base of his long, thick, black cock and rubbed the throbbing head up her pussy a few times. He thrust slowly a couple times before impaling her with that beast of a cock. Katie winced in pain as he hit the back of her cervix. This only caused him to want to go harder and faster. Katie's soaking wet pussy clamped harder around Marcus's dick with each powerful thrust. Wave after wave of orgasms racked her body as he pounded her pussy harder and harder. She raked her nails down his broad, strong back and bit his shoulder as she came hard. Marcus let out a loud groan as he pumped his hot nut inside her thirsty pussy. There moans and groans echoed throughout the plantation. Their sweaty, naked bodies collapsed onto the couch and they fell asleep.

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