tagLoving WivesThe Bed is Big Enough for Three

The Bed is Big Enough for Three


This is a fantasy of sharing my wife with another man. This was inspired by the story on Literotica.Com by pantie_fan entitled "A Friend in Deed".


It had been a long day of boating, sun, and drinking with my wife, Laurie and my long-time friend, Mike. Recently divorced, Mike met us at our lakeside condo to for a well needed release of steam. Once back at the condo, we ate, drank some more, sat around the pool, and drank some more. Needless to say, by the end of the evening our minds were cloudy and our bodies were weary. We're not much for entertaining, so we just have a one bedroom condo. When we invited Mike, we didn't think about our couch, that's not much bigger than a loveseat, not being large enough for him to sleep on. Fortunately, we had a king size bed in our bedroom. We told Mike it was big enough for all of us to sleep comfortably and that we were good enough friends to make the situation work.

Laurie and I have always had a habit of leaving a radio on in the room as we sleep. We always like having a little bit of sound and small amount of light in the room rather than complete darkness. That night it afforded Laurie and I the opportunity to whisper to each other in bed, so that we couldn't be heard by Mike. Once in bed, Mike laid on one side face outward. I was lying on the other side facing inward, and Laurie was in between us facing me.

As my mind began to focus on the three of us together in bed it obviously drifted into the direction of sex. My cock sprang to life and I took Laurie's hand, so she could feel it. She grinned and whispered that we couldn't do anything about it right now. I said that I bet Mike was just as hard as I was with her between us. She dismissed that saying that Mike was an old friend and wouldn't be thinking about her like that. I reassured Laurie that she was, even at 50, someone that any man would love to fuck. I reached my hand down and pulled up Laurie's night gown and slipped my hand into her panties to cop a feel of her sweet pussy. Just as I suspected, she was soaking wet from our discussion. I told her it felt like she would like to try him out as well. She pulled my hand away and gave me a smirk, from which I couldn't tell if it meant yes or no.

About then, Mike rolled over in bed and was now facing towards Laurie's backside. Laurie whispered to me that Mike's leg was now on hers. I told her he probably did that on purpose. Again she dismissed me. A couple of minutes later I saw the covers move and Laurie jerked lightly. "Honey", she said, "I think Mike's hand is on my leg. What should I do?" To let her know how I felt about it, I once again took her hand and placed it on my raging hard-on. I told her that we are all adults and that if he's making a move on her that she should enjoy herself if she wanted to.

Nothing happened for a few minutes, but then I saw the covers move again as his hand moved off the top of her legs. Then, Laurie whispered to me. "He pulled up my nighty and is putting his hands inside my panties on my butt. I'm so hot that somebody is going to have to fuck me. Are you sure you want this?" I told her that Mike probably hasn't gotten laid in a while because of his divorce, so it should probably be him. It's only fair right? With that, she kissed me, while practically jammed her tongue down my throat, and then rolled over facing Mike.

I thought I could hear them whispering, but with the radio going couldn't make out anything that was said. And then, the covers began moving slowly again as it was apparent that they now had hands on each other, and her head began moving in a motion that made it obvious they were kissing. I saw Mike start to look up, so I quickly shut my eyes. I heard him say in a low voice "looks like he's asleep". Laurie then sat up in bed next to me, removed her night gown, and placed in on top of me. I knew that my friend, Mike, was now seeing her gorgeous breasts. She then reached under the covers and removed her panties and placed them on the night gown. It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone in my head. I was coming to the realization that this was actually going to happen.

Laurie lay back down, facing him, and pulled the covers back up. They pulled themselves together by intertwining their legs and once again began kissing. I couldn't believe my wife of 25 years was lying naked next to me kissing another man. After a few minutes, she pulled away from him lying face up. I felt her left leg pull up to my thigh which I knew meant that her legs were now spread. She reached over with her left hand and touched my swollen cock, which I think was to make sure I was still in agreement with the situation. Then the covers rose up as Mike moved over on top of Laurie. As he lowered himself down on top of her she let out a gasp, which I knew meant that Mike's cock was now pushing inside my wife. All I could think about was the wet silkiness of my wife that he was now experiencing.

For a long while they lay still together kissing passionately. Then, the sheets began to move rhythmically. It was clear that for the first time since our marriage, Laurie was being fucked by another man. I had been subtly opening my eyes slightly now and then to try and view what was happening. This time as I did, I became aware that Laurie had her right hand on the back of Mike's head pulling it down onto the pillow on the other side of her head and that she was facing me and looking me in the eyes. She took her left hand and placed it in my hand. What a surreal experience it was looking Laurie in the eyes and holding her hand as she was being fucked. With each thrust into her, by Mike's cock, her eyes would close slightly in obvious pleasure and her hand would clench. And, with her left leg on top of me, I could feel each thrust, myself.

As Laurie's pleasure became more intense she was now facing up with her eyes closed and was breathing heavily. I don't know if she was getting too hot or if she wanted me to be able to see better what was happening, but she pulled her hand away from mine and ripped the covers off of them. I could now see Mike's body on top of Laurie. His butt cheeks were moving up and down forcing his cock in and out of my wife. With the covers off, the smell of their copulation was permeating the entire room. I felt like I wasn't even there. It was like watching a porno movie, except that my own wife was one of the actors. I couldn't believe how long he stayed inside her. I thought for sure that her sweet pussy would have sucked the cum out of him right away, but it must have been the alcohol at work because he just kept pumping away.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, his movements seemed to be getting more labored and his breathing became louder. Then, his body tensed up. He rammed is cock in harder than ever and let out a grunt under his breath that sounded like someone who really wanted to scream out as loud as he could but was resisting. Laurie instinctively grabbed his ass cheeks and tried to pull him in deeper. My best friend, Mike, was about to cum inside my wife and she was trying to get as much of it as deep in her as she could. An "oh" escaped Laurie's lips as her legs wrapped around his and began to shake. Laurie and Mike were now locked firmly in orgasm together. Mike pulled back and thrust again, then again, and again. Each time he did I visualized his semen shooting inside my wife.

What were minutes seemed like hours, until their bodies finally relaxed from what appeared to be the best sex either of them had ever had. Laurie's legs relaxed their grip around Mike and she dropped her hands to her side. Mike continued to lie on top of Laurie, obviously wanting to enjoy the sweet sensation of her pussy as long as he possibly could. Every so often, he would pull his cock back and slide it back into her. I couldn't blame him for still being hard inside her wonderful warmth. They were both sweating profusely and breathing heavily. Once again I reach over and took Laurie's hand. She turned her head and looked at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We lay like that for a few minutes and then heard Mike begin to snore. She tapped him on the back and he rolled off of her, facing away from us. For a brief second I got a glimpse of his cock. It was about as long as mine, but much thicker and unbelievably still hard! It was only seconds before he was again blissfully snoring.

I moved towards Laurie and began kissing her. I reached down with my hand and found the unbelievable wetness between her legs. Laurie asked "Are you mad? Do you still love me?" I answered by removing my underwear and quietly taking my place on top of her. My rock hard cock was pinned between us I forced my tongue in her mouth and kissed her with a passion like I hadn't done since we were young. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do. I moved down slightly and began kissing her sweet breasts and protruding nipples. I then moved lower and kissed her tummy that was still wet with the combined sweat that resulted from her lovemaking with Mike. I moved lower again and kissed around her pubic region. She placed her hands on me and pulled slightly as if to say I don't want you to go any further, but I knew she wanted what was about to happen as much as I did. I then pushed myself all the way down until my hands were on her silky thighs and my face was in front of her well used pussy.

I teased her with my tongue by kissing and licking her thighs. While doing so I was intoxicated by the pungent aroma of their combined juices. Then, I felt Laurie's place her hands on the back of my head. I was right about her wanting this as she was actually pulling my face into her pussy, which was leaking another man's cum like a river. I put my tongue out and licked once from the top of her anus to her clit. She gasped with pleasure. Mike's sperm that had leaked from her was now pooled on my tongue and slowly working its way down the back of my throat and into my belly. As I swallowed it, I envisioned his seed also doing the same thing in her womb as it sought out her eggs. I then thrust my tongue as deep as I could inside her and began eating the remaining results of their lovemaking as fast as I could. My head was spinning. I couldn't believe that my wife tasted so good with another man's cum running out of her. Laurie's thighs were locked against the side of my head and shaking almost continuously in orgasm. I licked and sucked for what seemed like hours until she could take no more and finally pushed me away. I think I could have stayed there all night.

I sat up and saw the beauty of my wife with her legs spread and Mike's cum all over her and the sheets. Mike was still snoring peacefully next to us. I moved forward over her, lowered myself onto her, and slipped my cock into her hot, wet, slippery, and now adulterous pussy. The heat and wetness was more than I had ever experienced before. Unlike Mike, I didn't last long. Within just a few minutes my body began to shake, my tender balls, still sore from being full of cum during Mike and Laurie's lovemaking, began to contract, and my cock exploded into Laurie with a force that I had never felt before. I think I must have passed out momentarily because the next thing I became aware of was Laurie pushing me off her. My cock was soft and wet. I kissed her and told her I loved her and drifted off into sleep.

I awoke the next morning to a bright sunny room. Mike was no longer in bed with us. I remembered that he was going to go spend the morning having breakfast with another buddy of ours. Laurie was still on her back with her legs still spread. I'm sure Mike enjoyed the view of her before leaving the room. I kissed her gently and she woke up. She smile at me and said that she had a terrific time last night. While waiting for Mike to return, we spent the next several hours making love and plotting how we could get Mike's cock inside Laurie again.

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Pile of garbage by an illiterate nigger.

Goddamn tow animals ! "1*" !!

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... and an enjoyable read.

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Laurie is a keeper.

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