tagLoving WivesThe Bed is Big Enough for Three Ch. 02

The Bed is Big Enough for Three Ch. 02


This is a follow up to the story I previously submitted entitled "The Bed is Big Enough for Three". I would suggest reading it first. This story is written for those who like to read about cuckolding. I hope you enjoy it. If you don't like stories involving husbands eating their wife's cum-filled pussy, I would suggest you move along.

Nothing more happened with Mike on our lake trip and a couple of weeks had passed with things kind of settling down. One night, in bed, we were discussing an overnight business trip that I had coming up when Laurie dropped on me.

"You know...I'm going to be kind of lonely when you're gone."

"Well it's only going to be one night." I responded.

"Yeah." she said, "But our bed is so big and empty with just me in it."

That's when it finally rang clear in my thick skull what she was really getting at.

"I think I see. Maybe we need to find a way to fill that empty space." I replied.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"We've been thinking about a way to get you and Mike together again. This is a fantastic opportunity!" I answered.

At this point I became aware that my cock was at full attention envisioning my friend Mike once again making love to my wife. Laurie could see the gleam in my eye and also looked down at my bulging shorts and said.

"You are a naughty boy!"

I reached over, lifted up her nighty, put my hand down in her panties and felt her pussy, which was soaking wet.

"Which one of us is really the naughty one here?" I asked.

"Well, we can't just call Mike to come over and fuck my brains out, can we?" Laurie said.

"I'm sure that would work just fine." I responded

"But, I bet we can come up with a better idea."

We were so worked up at that point that we stripped down as fast as we could and started fucking like wild animals. As I fucked her, my head was spinning with visions of Mike fucking Laurie and I'm quite sure hers was too by the way she was responding.

As I fucked her, I grunted out. "You like having Mike's big cock inside you. Don't you?" She moaned, but didn't answer. "Don't you love it when he's doing this to you?" I prodded.

This time she responded with a faint "uh huh."

I was getting close to the point that I was going to cum, so I asked her "Do you want Mike to cum inside you?"

"Oh, yes." she gasped.

"Then tell him." I said.

"What?" she panted.

"Tell Mike to cum inside you!" I grunted, as I tried to hold back a river of sperm.

Laurie then blurted out "Cum inside me, Mike. Please, cum inside me. I want to feel your hot sperm in me." Then she shouted out "Oh shit!" and began to shiver and quake in a huge orgasm.

That blew me over the edge. My balls contracted and sent waves and waves of sperm into her burning pussy.

We laid there in our afterglow and tried to decide how to approach Mike. We both decided that we really enjoyed the lake trip where Mike had no idea that I knew he was fucking Laurie. We couldn't come up with a plan before going to sleep, but by the next day, which was the day before I had to leave, I had a brainstorm. I showed Laurie how to loosen up one of the pipes under the master bathroom sink so it would start leaking water. I told her that after she did that, she should call me and I would then call Mike to go over and help her with it. That would give her all the time alone with him that she wanted.

Laurie agreed with the plan, but then started to worry about how she looked, and what she should wear, etc. I told her that she was beautiful and Mike would fuck her that instant if he could. She continued to fret over it so I agreed to help her get prepared. Laurie went to take a shower and I started looking through her closet for clothes. I came up with a very hot black dress that she had only worn once, because she didn't like how short it was. I went into the bathroom and showed it to her.

"I can't wear that. How do I explain wearing something like that?" She said.

"How about, you were out with friends while I was gone and just returned home and found the leaking pipe?" I answered. We both agreed that was a plan.

I was still in the bathroom when she stepped out of the shower. She was so gorgeous standing there dripping wet. When my eyes moved down from her bouncing tits to her pussy, I came up with an idea.

"Why don't you shave your pussy for Mike?" I asked.

She thought for a minute and then replied. "Why don't you shave it for me?"

I didn't have to be asked twice. I got out the shaving cream and her razor. She went into the bedroom and placed a towel on the bed and lay down. As I started removing her pubic hair, I came to the realization that I was preparing her pussy for my best friend to use, and not for me. Her pussy was absolutely dripping wet as she was obviously thinking the same thing.

When I finished shaving her and wiping off the rest of the cream, I started to lean my face into her pussy in order to taste her sweet nectar. I was startled by her hand on the top of my head pushing me away.

"Don't you think we should save that for Mike tomorrow night?" she asked.

Reluctantly, I agreed. I knew she was right. That way she would be that much more excited when they got together, but my fully erect cock didn't agree. I couldn't fuck my wife and didn't want to jack off, so I went to bed with a terrible case of blue balls that kept me awake on and off all night.

Working out of town the next day was a terrible experience. My cock was hard on and off all day thinking about what was about to happen that evening. My mind was never on my work, it was always on my wife. Later, I went to dinner and then returned to my motel room. Shortly afterwards, I received the call from Laurie.

"Guess what?" she asked.

"What?" I answered.

"We have a leaking pipe in the bathroom." she responded giggling.

She sounded like she had a couple of drinks to loosen up before she got home. I got off the phone and called Mike to explain the situation. Not surprisingly, he was eager to drop what he was doing and rush right over to help her.

After calling Laurie and telling her the good news I tried to lie in bed and watch television, but my mind was obviously elsewhere. I stripped out of all my clothes and lay there rubbing my aching cock. As the minutes passed, I tried to guess when he would arrive there, I tried to guess when he would have my wife naked, and I tried to guess when she would be fucking him. It didn't take long to shoot an enormous load of cum all over my chest and belly. I continued to lay there naked, and after about 2 hours, for some reason, I thought that she had already had plenty of time to fuck him and send him home. I never thought about the fact that he would probably just stay there and fuck her until I returned, so I dialed her cell phone.

"What?" she asked in an annoyed tone when she answered.

"Well? Did Mike come fix your pipes?" I asked anxiously.

It was then I heard a lot of rustling in the background.

"Actually...ugh....he's working on it....ugh....right now." she said in a breathless manner. I just then realized that I had called her in the middle of her being fucked by him.

"It sounds like he's doing a great job!" I chimed in.

"Uh huh." was the only reply I got.

"Let me talk to him" I said.

"Nuh uh." she responded.

"Go ahead and put him on the phone. Let me have some fun with him too!" I begged.

There was a pause and then I hear "Hey buddy" from Mike on the line.

"Hey Mike", I answered. "Thank you so much for rushing right over there to help out Laurie. How's it coming? Are you getting that pipe taken care of?"

"Yeah, it's just a loose nut. I'm trying to get it screwed back into place." he said.

"Outstanding" I said. "It's hard taking care of Laurie's needs while I'm gone. I'm sure glad you're there to do it for me." I followed.

"Yeah." he said, now sounding like he was out of breath. "I had probably better....ngh....get off the phone....ngh....I think I'm about done here".

I remembered those sounds from our lake trip. My head was spinning. My own hard cock was painfully erect again and leaking precum all over me. I knew Mike was about to cum in Laurie.

Laurie's voice broke the momentary silence.

"Honey....I think....ugh....I should go now." she said.

In the background I hear a moan from Mike, followed by Laurie whispering. "Oh Mike."

There was more silence. I knew Mike must be cumming inside my wife. Just like her last coupling with Mike, I'm sure there was no condom. I'm sure he entered her bare. They probably never even discussed it. That meant there was no barrier between my wife's eggs and the sperm she was undoubtedly receiving from my best friend. In my mind, she was on her back. I envisioned her legs wrapped around his thighs. I wanted to see her hands clenching his ass in an effort to pull his manhood tight against her cervix as he poured his seed into her womb. Her eyes were probably rolling back in her head. Her mouth, I am sure, was open and gasping for air as his warm sperm triggered her orgasm. I imagined a thick vein running along the bottom of his cock, pulsing over and over again as waves of sperm spewed from the end of his cock and pooled deep within Laurie's body. I wanted to feel what he was feeling. No, I needed to feel what he was feeling. I'm sure he felt the lust radiating from deep within Laurie when he first entered her. He undoubtedly was overwhelmed, lying on top of my wife, feeling the warm soft skin of her tummy and breasts beneath him as they pleasured each other in unison. The sweet, wet, velvetiness of Laurie's most private of area must have been overwhelming to him. I'm sure he could feel Laurie's vaginal muscles contracting forcefully around his swollen cock as nature took over and her body involuntarily responded to his attempts to breed her. I'm sure that in Mike's mind, at that very moment, with each thrust, through each shudder, and culminating with each spurt, he believed that he was impregnating my wife.

I was virtually unconscious with desire as own cock erupted once again began shooting my useless cum all over my chest. This time, so forcefully it even hit my face. I lay there in my delirium for what must have been seconds, but seemed like hours, until I heard Laurie's voice in the phone tell me to call her when I got close to town and hung up on me.

After Laurie got off the phone, I assumed that she intended for Mike to stay there until I returned. I wiped the sticky cum from my face and chest and let it drip onto my tongue. I imagined that I was eating Laurie after her mating with Mike and swallowed it down. I laid there awake for hours with visions of them in my head. Before falling asleep, I jerked my cock off one more time with thoughts of my wife's adulterous acts swimming in circles in my brain. When I finally came, it was even more painful than the time before and there was very little sperm left. What little there was simply oozed out and pooled on my belly.

The next day I was mentally and physically exhausted. I knew from what Laurie said that she wanted me to tip her off when I was nearing home, so I dialed the phone when I was about a half hour away.

She was as short with me as last time in answering with a simple. "Yeah?"

"I will be home in about a half hour. Is Mike still there?" I asked.

"Uh huh....ugh....I'll see you then." she answered breathlessly and hung up.

My worn out and sore cock once again sprang to attention and remained that way all the way home. That last half hour seemed like days, but I finally arrived. Mike's truck was nowhere to be found, so I knew it was okay to enter. I walked in the door and found nothing. Looked in the kitchen and again found nothing. I made the long walk up the stairs and found Laurie sound asleep on our bed. Her clothes were strewn around the floor and she was lying on her back naked from head to toe. Her hair was a mess. Her gorgeous body appeared to have dried cum all over it and there were stains all over the sheets as well. She looked so peaceful and satisfied I hardly wanted to wake her but my own cock was once again aching for attention.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes and crawled into bed. I immediately took hold of her knees and spread her legs. I gazed at the wonderful sight of her shaved pussy. It was covered with the remnants of her coupling with my best friend, Mike. Eagerly, I lowered my face and began softly cleaning the dried semen from her swollen lips and inner thighs. I push my tongue inside and found her still soaking wet. I'm sure Mike had just left because a blob of sperm immediately oozed from her and onto my tongue. As I swallowed it down, I savored that delicious taste of their combined juices that I remembered from the last time Laurie and Mike were together.

My eyes looked up and saw that Laurie was watching me.

"Go easy." she said. "I'm really sore."

I continued gently making love to her sweet vagina with my tongue until there were no more juices remaining except my own saliva. I noticed she wasn't getting excited like she always does when I eat her. She explained that she was simply too tired. I got up and started kissing my way up her body. Each time I found a spot of dried semen I removed it with my tongue.

"I love you." she whispered.

"I love you too." I quickly responded.

When my mouth reached hers we locked together as passionately as we ever had before. I started to slide my aching cock into her pussy.

"Slowly." she instructed.

I couldn't believe the sensation once I was all the way in. She had never been hotter or wetter. I started fucking her in long slow strokes.

"Well, was it good?" I asked.

Even as hot and wet as she was, I could hardly feel her because she was so stretched out as I continued to slowly fuck her.

"Mike was here until just a little bit ago. We never slept. I lost track of how many times he made love to me. It was wonderful. He's a great lover." Laurie replied.

Hearing that from her brought me to the edge.

"Do you want Mike to cum inside you again?" was my final question.

"Oh yes. Cum in me now. Please cum inside me." She begged.

With that response, my entire body seized as spurts of cum that felt like lava, began shooting in agony from my tender, worn out cock and into my wife to join with the seed planted there by my best friend. We both passed out with me on top of her and remained that way for hours. When we finally awoke, we began trying to figure out how we could possibly top this experience.

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