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The Bee Queen


Interactional Assessment of Apis Parasitus with Human Female – 02/09/17
Subject Identity: Laura Beckett – 1991
Full Risk Assessment File Identification: (N/A)
Location(s) of Conduction: Gratsburrow Biological Testing Facility- London
Authorised under: Dr. Caitlin E Stevens

Apis Parasitus is a genetically altered species of Anthophila (honey bee) engineered by myself as a focus of further biological study on similar species and insects which abide alike monarchy structure. These tests are intended to assess the behaviour of the creatures when built to tolerate a larger, organism of different phylum in place of a queen of their own species, while surrounded by a suspected hive interior. Subject Laura Beckett has documented acceptance on the requirements of the experiment and consent has been given.

To allow easier observation, the Arthropoda Giganteus gene patented by Dr. S Miller has been added to all candidates with exception of Laura Beckett. Such an experiment has not been publicly documented to this point, so all results should be taken with caution of legitimacy.

The expected assessment assumes the bees to accept the subject as their unofficial queen, relying and using her to supply food in an environment where flower nectar is not available, as well as to aid in reproduction.

Due to possible inaccuracies of the results, subject Laura Beckett has not been informed of the expected outcome nor processes involved in how it will come about.

04/09/17 13:20

Laura has familiarised herself with the artificial hive. The room is quarter sphere in shape, roughly 4 metres squared in floor area. The glass panel, making up the straight side of the room is one way, as to not alter behaviour of the bees regarding rapidly changing light levels or movement from outside the testing area. Microphones are located within the room to compensate for the sound proof wall which is in place for similar reasons. All other surfaces are fabricated from imported amounts of beeswax that the species is comfortable with. Laura's clothes have been removed and she has based herself on the right hand side of the room, against the wax wall, awaiting company.


Upon first arrival in the testing room, the 20,000 insects acted understandably startled towards their new home. Laura has not been harmed by the creatures, however has shown reluctance to make contact with them. I have informed her through speaker that this should be avoided to assure a successful bond to form with her and the bees. She has agreed to act upon these criticisms. I want to avoid using the speaker, to prevent intimidation on the insects as they are naturally reactive to sounds from an unidentifiable source.


The bees recognise Laura as a non-threat, or at least this would appear to be the case as they are far more willing to make contact with her skin. Without suitable material however, they are unable to recreate a sufficient living space or substance storage. They seem to be unwilling to take apart readily available sections of the walls to help construction, likely due to an adaptation which prevents them from deconstructing their own hive. Because of this, I've decided to implement 3kg of propolis into the testing area, to help give the bees something to work with. Their resources should be self-supplying after that, assuming they are as rational as I predict. This addition will occur tomorrow when I can get hold of some. For now, I'm leaving Laura and the bees overnight. I will reassess in the morning and register any changes in behaviour. Before the test, Laura has been supplied with and consumed sufficient nutrition to maximize the duration of the self-sufficiency testing of the bees. She shouldn't become hungry during the night, and in case supplies become critically low over the next day or two, the experiment will be terminated.

05/09/17 08:45

When I returned into the facility, Laura seemed relieved to hear me announce my arrival through the speaker. Strangely, around 80% of the colony was in contact with her, the majority, roaming the surface of her naked body, possibly examining her suitability as monarch. Whether this is something that would make a difference in more generic circumstances, or whether it's instinctive behaviour that has no real effect on the outcome, I can't be sure.

Laura wasn't happy. She kept informing me that she wanted to stop the experiment. She said they had kept her awake all night, crawling on her body. I told her that in order to fulfil her contract, at least two days of experimentation were to be conducted unless her safety was put at risk, which to this stage it hadn't.

On the other hand, the insects seem to have become very comfortable being around her. I have little doubt that Laura's promotion as 'Queen Bee' won't be met.


The propolis has arrived at my collection desk. I was quick to pour it into the testing area via the double ended drawer and depositor which intersected the door. Immediately after the resinous pile fell to the floor, a large portion of the bees, some of which were and some of which weren't in contact with Laura beforehand, flew towards the pile and began scooping up small amounts, before flying back to Laura and dropping it onto her body. Laura asked for permission to halt the experiment again, but this behaviour had to be studied for a longer period, so I told her to stay put for now and try not to move.

Peculiarly, each bee dumped their package in one of a few specific places. After a few minutes of this process, a trend began to form. The areas that were most popular for sites to unload were her mid-arms which lay slumped against the back wall, her upper thighs and in a band around her waist. Areas left exposed were her lower legs, lower arms, hip region and anything above her waist.


After returning from a research break, I was very surprised to witness what had happened in the testing room. During the time I was gone, almost all the propolis had been transported from the original pile on the ground, over to where Laura was sitting. Using what I presume was their own saliva; they had created a sticky mixture common to that of honeycombs and threaded it over and over Laura's limbs and waist, all while linking it to the waxy floor and back wall of the room. Ingeniously they had used the propolis I had supplied them and the properties of the room to create a cast hold that glued their queen in place. This has made me very excited. There are some records of certain species of bee that use such a method to immobilize their queen to ease the process of breeding, but by no means to this scale.

I told Laura that she was doing wonders towards my research. However she cared less about the progress we were making and preferred to focus on the time in which she would be allowed to leave. The concept of experiment termination at this point deeply saddens me. So many new discoveries have been made already and I can see her ignorance preventing further mind blowing findings from being discovered.


Laura constantly complains about her hunger. I've already been through the process several times, so she has no reason to constantly remind me. If you were to ask me, I'd say she's becoming most definitely more irritating by the hour. I'd much prefer a more committed subject to test such an important experiment. As soon as she envisioned her name on the title of a scientific breakthrough like this one, she practically leaped at the opportunity. In a way, this will teach her a lesson, but for now, I will have to put up with her moaning for the sake of the test.


I was forced to glance over my monitor from the sound of whimpering coming from the microphone. It earned my attention when I noticed the bees had taken an unusual attraction to Laura's nipples. Laura had unsurprisingly noticed this too. Due to her body and limbs being bound by hardened beeswax, Laura's chest was vulnerably displayed on show with nothing she could do to defend such sensitive areas.

A large number of bees were gathered around her bosoms, but only one was intentionally crawling over the tips. None of them took any notice or care of her fearful quivering, as they all seemed to be fixed on their adventurous comrade.

Naturally, my interest peeked at this unusual behaviour, so I quietly stepped up closer to the glass to watch the ritual that was taking place.

The singular bee walked right up to her left nipple and raised its barb. I knew what was coming. I didn't know why it was going to do it, but I was certain of its intention. Laura's eyes tightly shut, awaiting the strike. The other few hundred bees around her chests all watched blindly and motionlessly as their friend plunged its rear end into the dead centre of Laura's tit.

Laura didn't scream. She cried out softly and wept though. She was clearly in pain. I doubted any real harm could come from a bee sting, no matter where it was located, but I was sympathetic towards her misfortune. Nevertheless, I proceeded to watch as the same bee lifted its barb from her right nipple, walked a few steps and without hesitation pushed it into her left. This time she squealed quite loudly, though the bees didn't so much as fly away in fear as they simply took off slowly over a few seconds as if there was nothing left to see.

Laura sat wet-eyed, unable to nurture her injuries from the wax that held her back. Her nipples were engorged and reddened, seeming to have swollen at least twice their regular size. Even for a bee sting this seemed a little exaggerated of an effect. That last event introduced far more questions than it answered. Why on earth would they sting her there? Why would they sting their queen at all? This required more investigation. It's the rare occasions like this when some rules have to be broken in the name of scientific discovery. I'm sure Laura will understand the need for lengthened testing time when it's over.


I've come to the decision to leave Laura in another night. I'm aware of what the contract had written down about the two day limit, but I can change the numbers via my computer. Laura seemed rather aggravated by the news. I have assured her that what she is doing is tremendous help and her time here is contributing much towards the scientific research of this decade. She doesn't seem convinced.

I left hearing her complaining about her breasts feeling heavy. This is likely a side effect of the sting, has her body would naturally pump blood to areas of penetration to attempt to nullify the weak poison from the bee's sting.

06:09:17 09:10

This morning I arrived to be greeted with yet more complaints about her breasts. She argued that they "didn't feel right" so I took a closer examination through the window. She wasn't making it up completely.

Despite the stinging occurring a whole night ago, her nipples were still very much engorged and swollen, but that wasn't all that had changed. They also seemed rather larger than earlier as a whole, more rounded and plump. I am not one to usually pay close attention to such things, but having seen her naked for the last couple of days, I can confirm that they were quite noticeably larger in comparison to last night.

When I asked through the speaker if she was feeling ok, she mentioned that they felt "full" and "turgid". I myself do not know what to make of this. I doubt however, that it isn't somehow related to the stinging.

As for the bees, they aren't acting much differently. They fly around the room fixing parts of the hive with the remaining pieces of propolis on the floor. This supply isn't sustainable though, so I'm beginning to wonder if they will ever come up with a renewable method of retrieving enough substance to continue repairs. As far as I have observed, they have yet to create an edible resource too. This concerns me. If these bees cannot prove self-sufficient, they will need far more genetic engineering until they can be justified.


Something quite extraordinary occurred within the last half hour. It began when Laura complained that she was lactating. I didn't entirely understand what she meant by that, as the records show she has never given birth, and so could not possibly produce the hormones to begin milk production.

I examined her nipples closely, to see that both were starting to secrete a very small amount of fluid, except the beads of liquid weren't white, but more of a translucent yellow. She moaned slightly as the trickles of liquid ran down her breasts, undeniably more viscously than one would expect. Though I discarded all suggestion at the time, it bared a striking resemblance to bee honey. At this point, Laura demanded to be let out of the room. Of course, this was not an option at the current stage, given the data at stake.

The bees were quick to react to this news, as two days without food meant that they were very attracted to the strange, yellow goo that oozed from Laura's tits. Obviously unable to make any effort to stop them, they proceeded to swarm her nipples, sucking away at the secretions, like it had been their intention from the beginning. Perhaps this was the case. It actually made a surprising lot of sense. I had imagined such creatures to quickly evolve to be able to consume something other than honey, to adapt to a queen that couldn't produce such substance. I could not have suspected throughout my entire life that they would instead, alter their queen to fulfil their picky needs. It's ingenious and absolutely marvellous!

The countless number of insects swarming Laura's breasts caused the honey to ooze out more rapidly, so I assume that either the sucking or vibrating has increased the rate of discharge. I can solidly assume that the heaviness of Laura's breasts was a result of the bee poison manipulating her glands to produce honey. Honey, being a much denser substance than milk, would feel far heavier for Laura's breasts as they filled up.


Every hour or so, Laura has a consistent session of honey production. They gladly use this as a source of food, so it's safe to say that for as long as she is present, they will not go hungry. I worry that while this proves an adequate sustainability for the bee's consumption, Laura is not receiving such luxuries. In order to retain this system, they need to keep her alive. I assure you with my upmost word that if such a situation were to occur, I would indeed call off the test, but for now their ability to sustain a colony must be assessed. If this is not something that they acknowledge the need for, they have a serious flaw in their genetic coding which must be fixed. No signs of reproduction have taken place as of yet.

She still complains about her hunger. If this continues, I will deeply regret having to stop the experiment for the sake of preventing Laura from starving.


Given the results of the last scenario where the bees had taken a strange attraction to a part of her body, my curiosity spiked again when they appeared to suddenly become very interested in Laura's genitalia. Only around 20-30 had actually attended in what resembled a sort of social gathering around her crotch region. I could tell that Laura was nervous. She watched fearfully as the creatures circled her exposed privates. A couple tread onto her clitoris and began to excrete saliva around the opening to her vagina. Laura winced accordingly. I observed in deep interest as they, as close to as I can describe, lubricated her. After witnessing such practice, a few more joined in on the activity.

For what I could make out, the saliva wasn't purposed to so much lubricate, as it was to cause Laura's vagina to relax unnaturally to the point where it became loosened and started to gape. By the time this effect was taking place, a much larger crowd of insects had nestled themselves on the floor between her legs, as if to get an eyeful of the transformation.

Laura wasn't the least bit comfortable by this experience. Once again, I can sympathise with her situation, but her previous disobedience had diluted my mercifulness. Her nervous quivering gave a good demonstration of how effective the saliva was, has the vibrations were heavily amplified around her loose clitoris.

Once satisfied that enough of the substance had been applied, one of the lubricating bees made the rash decision to enter Laura's vagina, causing her to roll her head back and clench her jaws with discomfort. Helped now by her easily accessible opening, a parade of bees climbed between her flaps and into her chasm. I estimated a total of around 50-100 venturing into the hole centred in her vulva, all the while Laura's face was bright red and her eyes tightly closed. I can only imagine the sensitivity.

Here came the next session of pleading. Laura was virtually begging me to end the experiment. It irritates me of how much refusal she is voicing on my work. If she could just understand how important this study was, I wouldn't be admittedly glad of her inability to move. My interaction clearly means nothing anymore. Thus I have double locked the door of the testing area and deactivated my speaker. I wouldn't get any work done otherwise with all this regular monitoring.

A short while after the courageous bees had settled inside her, a low hum was audible through the microphone, but it was lower than that of the bees that flew around exterior to Laura. It took me a minute or two to realise that the sound was coming from Laura. She was sweating a lot and moaning involuntarily from the sensation, so I supposed they must be purposely vibrating inside her. Her chest was quivering and her hands were clenched. It looked as though the feeling was getting harder to withhold.

By now, Laura was making sounds relatable to that of sexual pleasure, grunting and moaning with unwanted satisfaction. Her pitch heightened around the time that I guessed she was reaching climax, which ultimately finished with a louder, more elaborate groan which came with a gush of bodily juices flowing from her crotch and soaking the floor around her, of which a crowd of bees had been waiting patiently. I am impressed by the speed of which they were able to trigger an orgasm. The whole event only lasted a minute or two and then it was over.

The humming stopped, but I didn't see any of the bees exiting her flaps. I doubt they have sacrificed themselves to such a profession, but perhaps they have been assigned permanent duty within their queen.

The bees that were consequently dowsed in her ejaculation quickly set to work gathering small globs of it between their legs, and inserting it into the hexagonal structures that had been carved into the wax walls of the room, next to those storing Laura's peculiar 'breast honey'. What they plan on doing with such an extraction, I cannot guess.


For the last hour I have been surveying in detail the methods the bees are taking to uncover any uses of their new-found substance. I'm taking down notes as they work. The bees involved in the task have devised a way of mixing together the honey and cum from their queen, as well as their own saliva, forming some sort of pale yellow paste. I noticed that where some parts of the wall had degraded overtime, a similar coloured seal had already been plastered over the cracks, similarly to what I had expected them to use the propolis for. Areas of the cast that imprisoned their queen's limbs and waist have also been filled in with the same ingredient.

I can confirm to myself that this mixture is being used as a substitute for the propolis that would naturally be moulded from pollen and wax in order to build and repair the hive.

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