tagBDSMThe Beekeeper's Mistress

The Beekeeper's Mistress


His fingers trailed down her chest, and it sent shivers through her aching body. This wasn't going to be anything hardcore, they were just testing the waters. She was anxious that she wouldn't give him the experience he wanted but he kept assuring her she was all he needed. He leaned in to kiss her but his lips met her finger instead.

"You didn't ask slut."

She tried to sound like she knew what she was doing but she couldn't help but blush.

"Oh.. I'm sorry. May I kiss you?"

She brought his face close to hers and brushed her soft supple lips against his, the heat between them growing , and just when he thought he'd finally get to collapse himself into her she promptly said "No." in one solid move she pushed her weight against into him and turned so she was on top.

"You've neglected your manners since we started. Most mistresses would've punished you by now."

Heat rose into his cheeks and ears. The mention of punishment made his body ache with pleasure.

"Please." He half whispered.

"Please what? You can say please all you want but if you don't address me properly you'll never get it."

He tried not to smile. She was trying so hard and it turned him on but she was absolutely adorable when she tried to take control.

"Please mistress. Punish me."

"On your hands and knees slut."

Anticipation reeled through his chest. Suddenly a soft covering fell over his eyes, and he felt his hands being brought forward, tied together and then to the bed frame. Everything was silent, he could feel her near him anymore and then she spoke.

"I'm going to strike you six times. You'll count out each one, and if you mess up or happen to say anything other than the number I'll start over and go harder. Do you understand?"

He could feel his cock straining against his tight boxers.

"Yes Mistress."

She dragged the ends of the whip across his spine, the metal ends were cold and made him shiver as they made their way down his back. Her teasing was driving him wild, she reached her hand around and toyed at his ever growing cock.

"My aren't you getting big. Awfully tight in those isn't it?"

Her hands found the waist band and she pulled his boxers down his cock springing forward standing attention to her teasing. She ran her finger across the tip, wet with his precum and moved in a circle. Moans escaped his lips but she was trying his patience.

"Please don't tease." he gasped

his plea was met with a hard but quick strike of her whip. He cried out but the pain was replaced with a hot pleasure he'd never felt. She grabbed his balls,

"I'm in charge aren't I?"

She squeezed harder as she spoke.

"You're my toy and I'll tease and use you as I please. "

she squeezed even harder

"Undermine me again and I'll lock your pretty little cock up and leave you tied up here for a week. Do I make myself clear?"

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/07/17

Good Work

I actually quite enjoyed this. Thought it was written well and the feedback received so far perhaps doesn't do it justice...

I can see what the first two comments are getting at in that it is very shortmore...

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by Anonymous09/04/17

Not nearly as bad as the comments make it out to be.

Obviously there are some mistakes but you wrote something hot enough to get me going and don't mind the ppl above because none of them have anything written so fuck em. I'd read more just liven it up amore...

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by FASfan09/02/17

This was strange ...

... it could have turned into something readable but fell at the first hurdle. What was it supposed to be -- you didn't really tell us. More part of a scene than a story, but do keep writing now you havemore...

If the above comment contains any ads, links, or breaks Literotica rules, please report it.

This was like watching a boxing match that ends with the first punch thrown.

This wasn't a story, or a SHORT story. This was a couple hundred words you threw together. Thumbs down.

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