tagBDSMThe Beginning

The Beginning


Cat looked at Chase through their reflection in the window, a sudden thought crossing her mind.

"You said you were into BDSM, a Dom."

Chase flicked his eyes down to her in surprise. "Yes, why?"

She squirmed and blushed. "I saw some stuff in your closet and it got me thinking maybe it'd be fun to try."

He turned her around in his arms and lifted her chin to look squarely into her face. "It's a load of fun. What are you imagining it to be?" He smiled gently when she blushed darker.

"I don't know. Some spanking, some ropes, some teasing. But nothing humiliating, nothing degrading, and nothing as severe as you'd probably like."

There was excitement tempered with fear in her voice and Chase ignored the heat rushing through his veins. "I don't like it that severe, but I sense you don't necessarily have specifics. Are you open to me simply playing with you gently and kindly, but pushing limits I feel can be pushed?"

She smiled, her eyes darting between his chest and eyes. "Yes. With a safeword, of course."

Chase tried to ignore the thrill rippling through him and he nodded. "Of course. To keep the scene more clearly defined, I am Sir, and you are pet. Is that acceptable?"

She shivered and smiled and nodded. "Oh, yes."

He arched an eyebrow and she blushed red. "Yes, Sir."

Chase clenched his jaw to control the urge to simply rip her clothes off and stepped back, feeling the Dominant energy pulse in his chest. He feigned disinterest and casually jerked his head towards the bedroom.

"Strip down to your panties and bra, then stand on the platform in the closet. Put your hands at your side and wait for me, I'll be with you soon enough. While you wait for me, think of a safeword."

She nearly ran from the room in excitement and as soon as she was out of sight he sagged against the window. He was struggling with the strongest, most powerful arousal he'd ever had pre-scene and it was an obscene challenge to control his urges. He walked to the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water, downing it swiftly. He was tempted to down a couple glasses of whiskey, but he knew the alcohol would only damage the fragile thread of control he was already so close to losing. He spied the half empty pack of cigarettes from his last visit a couple months ago and inspiration struck him.

Smoking would give him a way of measuring time, something to do with his hands to help his control, and add an extra element to the play. He was relieved when he saw the lighter neatly tucked beside the cigs inside the flimsy box and tucked them away in his pockets. He refilled his glass, grabbed another, and took them to the bedroom. He heard her fidgeting in the closet and smiled before tapping the lights off. She gasped quietly.

"Be calm, pet. Have you thought of a safeword?" His eyes adjusted nearly instantly to the darkness and he placed the glasses of water on one of the nightstands. He reached down and pulled a pair of leather cuffs and a length of chain from the bottom drawer, jingling the latter as he walked to the closet. He heard her breath grow raspy and he paused in the doorway, draping the chain over his shoulder and lighting up a smoke.

"You're panting. Are you afraid?"

She shuddered before speaking. "No."

He swiftly pounced closer and hissed in her ear. "No?"

She shied away from him and he smelled her arousal begin to grow. "No, Sir."

"Very good." He brushed his hand warmly down her spine between her lingerie and flattened it out on the top crest of her buttocks. "Have you thought of a safeword?"

"Red, Sir."

He grinned around the cigarette in his mouth. "I see. I want you to stand very still. I'm going to tie you to the ceiling. This means you can't squirm around on that pedestal, because if you slip off you may damage your shoulders. Can you stand very still for me, my pet?"

Her skin was rippling with goosebumps and her breath caught in her throat. She managed a jerky nod before her teeth chattered a quiet "yes Sir." He moved to stand in front of her, buckling the soft, velvet lined leather cuffs around her wrists firmly. The lit end of the cigarette dimly illuminated his face as he clicked the clip into the strong D-rings imbedded in the leather, then he looked up at Cat.

"I'm going to stand on the pedestal to attach this to the ceiling. Step back a couple inches, but don't fall."

She nodded and in the faint light saw her drop her head as she shuffled her feet away ever so slightly. He stood on tiptoe on one foot, reaching above them both and slowly moved through the links until he found one that gave him the degree of restraint he was looking for. As he did so, his chest brushed against hers and he felt her nipples hard and erect though her bra. His clothing brushed against her bare skin and she twitched with each touch, her darkness-heightened senses magnifying everything. Once he was satisfied with the chains, he stepped away and left the room for a moment, pulling a chair into the doorway. He sat down, hanging his hands between his knees and took a couple deep drags to calm his nerves. He'd been extremely close to snatching her up and burying himself inside her and he breathed to release some of his tension. Once he felt in control, he sat back and crossed his legs at the knees.

"Do you like standing on that pedestal?" He was proud at the quiet, smooth strength in his voice. Idly he wondered if he'd lost confidence in his skills after not using them for so long. He snapped his attention back to Cat, who was twisting to look in his direction. "Stand still, I didn't say you could turn around."

She froze in place before sluggishly returning to stare away from him. "I'm not sure I like it, Sir."

"Why not?" The cigarette was almost gone and he glared at it. He'd hate to chain smoke before sex, but it seemed impossible to avoid.

"I feel alone and exposed, Sir. Can I call you by your glorious normal name, Sir? It may add some comfort for me."

He smiled. She was willing to go pretty deeply into this if she was already making adjustments for her comfort levels. He stood up in silence, letting the question hang in the air while he grabbed a cut-crystal ashtray from his nightstand and bringing his glass of water into the closet with him. He settled himself, stubbing out the cigarette and taking a sip of water before he answered.

"You can call me Sir Chase, if it comforts you, but your payment for that will be two very uncomfortable smacks with my whip, one on each butt cheek."

She exhaled noisily, nodding her head. "Okay, Sir."

Chase reached into a closet drawer and produced a gentle, softly padded leather crop. He walked around her first, dragging the unfinished edge over her skin. She arched into the touch, sighing deeply, bending forward slightly when he returned to her backside. He brushed his hand over the warm flesh exposed by the high cut, lace boyshorts she wore, then tugged them deeper between her buttocks to expose more skin. She moaned lustily and he leaned closely to growl in her ear.

"Silence, pet. You can moan when I tell you to moan."

She clamped her mouth shut with a snap and nodded, her breath rasping. He turned back to her creamy skin and lightly touched the crop to one cheek. He reared back and she stiffened, and he waited for her to relax before gently swinging down and lightly popping her. He swiftly popped the other cheek as delicately as the first, leaving Cat confused, then returned to his seat. He thought about lighting up again, but took a couple breaths and thought better of it. His nerves were gaining strength as they played.

"There. I have exacted my price of your flesh, and you may call me by your comforting name of Sir Chase."

She fidgeted before sighing. "Thank you, Sir Chase. What else will you do to me, Sir?"

Chase smiled, fully aware she couldn't see it. "Whatever pleases me to do, my pet. You don't need to know yet." He sat for a moment, considering how responsive she already was and how much farther he could tease her without allowing an orgasm. Judging by the scent of her arousal, he would want to start allowing orgasms very soon. He stood up again, walking around her very slowly.

"Do you understand why you are tied in such a way?"

She shivered and nodded. "For your pleasure, Sir."

He smiled, ducking close and whispering in her ear. "Correct." He stepped away, watching her swing towards him then sigh in frustration as she returned to center. "Do you understand why this pleases me?"

She made a face and he smacked her across the butt with the rod portion of his crop. She stifled a cry and whimpered in her throat, shaking her hips delectably. He admired the slowly reddening mark across her skin then continued his interrogation. "Answer me."

It was a few seconds before she managed words. "My pain is your pleasure, Sir Chase."

He stepped closer, in front of her this time, and rubbed the back of his fingers against her stomach in big slow circles. "That's part of it. Anything else you can imagine? Why else would you being trussed up bring me so much satisfaction?"

She quivered before a mischievous look crossed her face and she shrugged, her hair rubbing between her arms and her face. "Because humans are prey?"

In a flash he ducked behind her again and popped her with two more whacks of the rod on either side of his earlier slash. She gasped then pulled at her cuffs, wiggling furiously and whimpering. Chase studied her for a moment before taking a chance that she wasn't in crisis. He moved back in front of her and hooked a finger around the strip between her bra cups and yanked her hard against him. He watched that she didn't stumble and brought his face to hers, resting his cheek against her forehead.

"No, you are not prey. You are my pet, you will never be prey." He kissed her gently then released her and she shakily straightened, her hips quivering. Chase withdrew, giving her a moment to recover. He took a gulp of water and studied her body's reaction. When her shivering slowed, he stepped forward and grabbed her panties, wrapping his fingers around the seam that ran down her crack and pulling her hard against him.

"I enjoy you being tied this way for the intent behind it. You are showing your trust in me, giving me your submission, and it's a precious, fragile gift that I have to take perfect care of, lest it shatter into a thousand pieces." He paused to rub a hand from her wrists, down her shoulders and back then around to her stomach. He paused there, spreading it out over her skin, before dipping his fingers into the front of her panties. He inhaled her scent, her whole body's reaction to the play, then pressed his lips to her nape and exhaled slowly as he spoke. "I also enjoy it because it allows me total control over your orgasm." He pressed firmly on her rock hard, swollen clit on the last word and she bucked against him. He held on tight, keeping her body pressed hard against his for stability before withdrawing his hand. She sobbed suddenly, yanking at the restraints again.

"Please Sir! Please, allow me to cum. I need it, please, Sir."

He reached back to flick on the lights in the mirror and they cast Cat in shadows. He saw her face, desperate and aroused and she searched the inky darkness for his face. Instead, he stepped onto the platform behind her and wrapped his arms around her. One arm went to her breasts, a hand sliding inside the bra for access to her extremely sensitive nipples and the other delved into her groin, cupping the heavy warmth. She arched against him and he braced himself to support her. He slowly began to move his fingers as he whispered in her ear.

"Watch yourself in the mirrors. Keep your eyes open, or I'll stop. Do we understand?"

She cried out and snapped her head forward, her eyes staring intensely. She managed to sob a garbled acceptance and he intensified his touch. All Cat was able to see in the reflection were his tanned muscled arms against her skin, his hands buried in her underwear, and she orgasmed almost immediately. Chase struggled to stay hidden, finding the lighting just above the perfect notch for it. The disconnect between seeing him and his touch giving her pleasure was important to him for reasons he couldn't fully explain, and finally he relinquished some of the control and slid a knee between her legs. She was straddling his hand, his fingers soaked with her juices and he smiled at the realization.

He continued pleasuring her, bringing her repeatedly to orgasm until she was so weak he supported all of her weight. Her eyes had drifted shut and he felt her muscles quivering. Then he wrapped one arm around her waist and released her from the chain above, catching her before she fell and cradling her against his chest. She twitched in his arms and he carried her to the bed, placing her on it gently and reaching over to turn on soft lighting. He crawled into the bed beside her and pulled her close, smoothing her hair and kissing her forehead.

It was a few moments before she could speak, precious moments of pure sensation and feeling and emotion. Chase had gently loosened the cuffs and rubbed his hands delicately over her wrists and now she was pressed completely against his body chest to chest.

"Chase?" Her voice was quiet, a little weak and bewildered and he rubbed his hands over her back.

"I'm here." He willed her his strength and she sighed.

"Did I do it right?" The timidity in her tone worried him and he pulled away slightly to check her face. She wore a concerned and hopeful expression and his brow furrowed.

"You did it wonderfully."

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by Anonymous

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by dreamer336609/12/17

Please continue

Great start and it is beautifully written. I can't wait to read more of Cat's education into BDSM by Sir Chase.

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by gentleone5809/08/17

Intersting Beginning

This is an interesting beginning. Chase had control over Cat and brought her pleasure. Her concern was doing it right. There really is no right or wrong, in the beginning, it is between the two parties.more...

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by badgirlfan6909/06/17

5 stars

What a beautiful beginning! Hope you're planning to continue telling this story!!

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