tagBDSMThe Beginning

The Beginning


This is a revision to a work I submitted almost 20 years ago under a different author name. I'd love to hear what you think of it.


Corbin awoke to find his body responding to the proximity of Lizzie's naked form. His cock, hard and ready, wanted to feel the warmth and snugness of her pussy. Scooting closer to the object of his affection, he wrapped one arm around her as he gently slid the other under her neck to cradle her. He had found himself thinking of her constantly during the days since that first night, amazed that she would think him wonderful enough to share her body and her bed. Planting soft kisses down her neck and shoulder blade, Corbin busied his free hand by tugging at Lizzie's nipples, his hand then sliding down to her warm folds, seeking out her clit. Using his thumb, he teased and tickled it, awakening Lizzie's body. She stirred in her sleep, a soft half moan half purr coming from her lips as her back arched in a very feline movement underneath his hand. Corbin loved waking her up this way. He took this opportunity to coax her body around so she was lying on her back. With his hand still busy at her pussy, alternately stimulating her clit and sliding one or two fingers inside her, his mouth traveled down between her breasts and over to her nipples. They were so responsive. He suckled at one, then the other, knowing that this action alone could bring this enticing woman over the edge.

As if reading his mind, Lizzie's body arched again under Corbin's hand, her own reaching out to press his head closer to her body. "Oh God yes, babe," she whispered. "Now...I need you inside me."

Silently, Corbin slid his body over hers and slipped inside, taking long, fluid strokes so she felt every inch of his cock. As he pumped into her, Corbin nuzzled her neck, her breasts, and her mouth. Lizzie's arms wrapped around him, hugging him closer as her spread legs hugged his waist, her body rising up to meet his, thrust for thrust. Not a word was spoken between the two as they carried each other to orgasm.

Breathless, sweating slightly, Lizzie brushed the hair from her face as Corbin rolled off her onto his back. "You know, for an old man, you sure are one horny devil." She nestled into the waiting crook of his arm, her favorite spot after they'd made love.

"Can't deny the truth in that Liz. Although I suspect it has more to do with my sleeping partner than my own physiology."

"Sleeping partner?" She looked up at him mischievously. "Who else is sharing your bed? I don't seem to recall a whole lot of sleeping going on when you're over here."

Corbin leaned over and playfully bit her neck. "You are such a brat Lizzie. A wanton one at that too."

"Hmmm...must be my new bed mate." Laughing, she took advantage of his recovery and rolled him over to ride him again, their orgasms occurring quickly and intensely.

Afterwards, as she watched him dress from the comfy nest of blankets, Lizzie also found herself wondering at the beauty of their relationship. She couldn't remember ever feeling this complete with a man, this at ease. Her body responded to Corbin's touch as if it had known it forever and had been patiently waiting for his return. She was confounded that he would find her so appealing, so inviting, so alluring. "So...big plans today?"

Corbin sat on the edge of the bed to put his shoes on. "Nothing much...a couple of project meetings this morning," he glanced at the clock as he took Lizzie in his arms, "one which I'm going to be late for if you don't let me out of your bed."

Lizzie laughed huskily as her deliberately placed her hand over his cock and began stroking him through his slacks. "Uhm, who was laying on top of whom earlier? You're free to go any time you like, you old lech."

Reluctantly, Corbin pushed her hand aside. "Uh huh. You're a wanton little thing Lizzie Sherman." He stood up and leaned down to place a gentle kiss on her forehead as he whispered, "If you're not careful, you'll find I'm falling in love with you."

Lizzie blushed, her eyes cast down. "Don't tease Corbin, it's not nice."

"Who said I was teasing?" He kissed her again, on the lips this time, soft and gentle as he rose. "Now I've got to get going or I'm going to miss that meeting. Perhaps you should think about getting out of bed yourself, slacker." He left then, dodging the feather pillow thrown at his departing form.

The day passed quickly for both of them. Corbin's meetings taking a bit longer than expected; his co-workers teased him about coming in late almost every morning since Valentine's Day. He didn't mind. He knew most of them were jealous. While they didn't know how young she was, they did know he was seeing someone. Lizzie faced the same taunts from her co-workers, especially when the attorney she worked for noticed a distinct change in the tone of her voice when she was talking to Corbin. Lizzie didn't mind either, because she knew they were jealous too.

"Steve," she said as she poked her head around the attorney's office door, "I'm taking the afternoon off if that's alright. The due diligence for Project Boris is in Chad's office."

Grinning as he continued to work on the contract before him, Steve muttered something about certain paralegals developing a habit of bankers' hours. "Must be some guy Liz."

"Did I say I was meeting someone?"

"You didn't have to. I sure hope he's worth it."

Oh he is...he definitely is. So, is it alright if I leave?"

Steve looked up; inwardly pleased Liz had found someone that brought such a glow to her face. "Like I could stop you. Go...go on...I'll just sit here and try to keep from daydreaming about the decadent delights the two of you are up to."

Liz laughed as she retrieved her coat. "You're such a pig, Steve. I should have a talk with HR."

The drive to Corbin's office complex didn't take quite as long as Lizzie had expected, afternoon traffic being much lighter than normal. She had changed from her office attire to the pink angora cardigan she had decided not to wear on Valentine's Day, a snug, short, denim skirt and flats. Underneath she had the same brassiere, but neglected to put on the thong. As she turned into the complex parking lot, Lizzie smiled to herself, wondering what Corbin's reaction would be when he discovered the lack of underwear.

His receptionist had told her Corbin had gone to a nearby coffee shop in one of the connecting buildings for a meeting. The look in the woman's eyes said she definitely did not approve of Lizzie's appearance...either the way she was dressed or the fact that she was in the office. "I doubt your father will have much time to talk with you today," she said as she went back to answering the ringing phones.

Lizzie gave the old biddy a catty smile as she replied, "Oh, he's not my father...I'm his girlfriend." She had the satisfaction of seeing the woman's jaw drop as she left the office to find the coffee shop. No doubt by the end of the afternoon, that office would be buzzing with gossip.

She found the coffee shop easily and saw him sitting at one of the front tables, his back to the door, so he didn't see her come in. She crept up behind him and slid her hands over his shoulders and down his chest as she nibbled on the nape of his neck. "There really should be a law about sexy older men sitting alone in coffee shops...especially by the window. Very distracting."

Corbin turned his head, surprised as much by her appearance there as by her actions. "Cripes, Lizzie! Someone from my office might see!" As she sat in the chair next to his, he kissed her quickly. "It is a nice surprise though...what happened? Your firm finally go bust?"

"No, I asked Steve if I could take the afternoon off."

"So you're playing hooky, huh?" Corbin stopped mid thought as Lizzie removed her jacket. Taking a long swallow of tea, he looked her up and down and grinned. "Oh that's nice...wear that to work did you? You're not playing hooky...they sent you home for violating the dress code and x.distracting the senior partners."

Lizzie laughed as she took Corbin's hand in hers. "Nope...I honestly took the afternoon off. Decided you'd been working much too hard and needed a distraction."

"Oh believe me hon; I'm plenty distracted without you here." Corbin noticed the men in the coffee shop giving Lizzie the once over. He also noticed she was enjoying every minute of it. "Well, you little tease. That's very naughty Elizabeth. I'm shocked."

"No, this is naughty," she whispered as one hand went to the top buttons of the cardigan and undid them, revealing her breasts swelling over the top of the bra.

"Christ, woman. You're killing me." Corbin discretely checked to make sure no one was watching, and slipped a hand under her sweater and cupped her breast, his thumb circling over the nipple through the satin of the bra. He slid his chair closer and leaned in so it appeared the two of them were deep in conversation.

She blushed deeply. "CORBIN!" she whispered. "That's not naughty...that's positively wicked!" In response, she slid one hand under the table to give his cock some of the same treatment her breast was getting. "Never let it be said that I don't give as good as I get."

They lost track of how long they sat like that, teasing each other discretely, pushing the envelope with each caress, each stroke. Conversation turned to things they wanted to do to each other, either for the first time, or again. When one of the wait staff told them the shop was closing for the afternoon but they were welcome to stay if they didn't mind the noise, Lizzie's thighs were very wet and Corbin's cock was straining at his slacks.

"Are you ready?"

"Depends. What for?" Lizzie replied, knowing full well what was in store for her when they got home.

"Let's take a little walk, shall we?" Corbin gathered up their things and ushered Lizzie into the hall. He took her hand, and draped his jacket over his arm to hide his growing erection. He was silent as he led her through a maze of corridors.

"You seem to know where you're going. Do this kind of thing often?" she asked as she snuggled closer beside him.

"Not often enough I don't think...or as often as I'm going to in the future." He looked down at her and flashed a grin as he stopped. "Do you dare?"

They were standing in front of the men's room in the lobby of one of the buildings. He couldn't be serious, Lizzie thought to herself. The twinkle in his eyes said otherwise. Images flashed through her mind...would he take her from behind as she leaned over the sink? No, too public...what if someone came in? Would they go in one of the stalls? That had to be it...but how? The logistics had her slightly befuddled. Taking her silence as assent, Corbin led her quickly into the rest room and into the handicapped stall. Tossing their things over the support rail, his fingers frantically fumbled with the buttons of her sweater.

"I've got to have you...now." His mouth crushed down on hers, sucking the breath from her and making her weak in the knees. Like a starving man at a banquet table he feasted on her lips, neck, shoulders, as he pushed the sweater down, binding her arms to her sides. Helpless and breathless, Lizzie fought to keep her balance, wanting only to feel his hard cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck me Corbin...hard...now..."

He raised her skirt and she heard him gasp sharply. He pulled her roughly to him as he pushed the skirt up to her waist, exposing her bare shaven cunt to the cool air.

"God, you're dripping," he muttered between kisses at her breasts and collar bone as he furiously fingered her pussy.

Lizzie, not the most silent of lovers, had to bite her lip to keep from crying out as the first orgasm ripped through her. "Now Corbin...I need you to fuck me now..."

He spun her around so she was facing the support rail and pushed her back down so he could enter her from behind.

"You want me to take you here? In the men's room? Like a common whore?"

She turned to look at him. "Yes," she hissed through clenched teeth, "you called me a wanton little thing this morning...prove it. Fuck me like the little slut I am."

Needing no further encouragement, he plunged his hard dick into her waiting slit. Thrusting deep and hard, Corbin took both of Lizzie's wrists in one of his hands, holding them behind her back as the other hand gripped her shoulder. With every thrust he could feel the tip of her cervix, hear her gasp in pleasure. "Yeah...that's...it..." he said with each thrust, "you're...such...a wicked...wicked...girl Lizzie."

"Uh huh...yes...oh yes...just a...little...cock...tease." Her reply was ragged as Lizzie fought to control the tone of her voice. Bathroom acoustics were great for singing in the shower, hot and vocal sex in a public urinal however, was a different matter. "That's...it...fuck...your little...slut Corbin...fuck her...good...and...hard."

They froze as they heard the bathroom door open, the sound of whistling and footsteps entering the restroom. Lizzie turned her head, eyes wide in embarrassment. "Shit!" she mouthed.

Corbin did the only thing he could think of. Releasing Lizzie's hands, he grabbed her by the waist and keeping himself inside her, sat on the toilet in the stall, brining her legs back so her feet rested along the edges of the bowl. "Don't move," he whispered, his voice deep and commanding.

Lizzie tried to comply, but the twitching of Corbin's cock inside her hot, tight pussy combined with the unexpected thrill of knowing they could be found out at any moment was too much for her. She slowly began rocking her hips back and forth on Corbin's dick, her hands going to her breasts as she pulled them free of the bra. Pinching and tugging at her nipples with one hand, fingering her clit with the other, Lizzie rode Corbin for all she was worth, as silently as she could. Her body tensed as she felt him explode inside her, and she bit her lip so hard it began to bleed. Corbin let out a low growl as he came.

"You alright in there dude," asked the intruder.

Lizzie fought to keep from laughing as Corbin pinched her hips, replying, "Uhm...yeah...fine...just the three alarm chili I had for lunch taking its revenge on me."

"I hear that dude. You gotta be careful with that shit...it'll burn straight through to your balls if you eat too much of it."

"Uh, yeah." Corbin reached up and pulled Lizzie's head back, whispered in her ear, "You just wait until he's gone."

They sat like that, with Lizzie's legs bent back along Corbin's hips, his cock still deep inside her, until the stranger washed his hands and left. Giving the man enough time to get down the hall and out of ear shot, Corbin eased a very amused Lizzie off his lap and onto her feet. They looked at one another and as she burst into laughter.

"I thought I told you not to move."

"I couldn't...help it..."replied Lizzie. "You know when I've got something good and hard between my legs I just have to ride it." She straightened out her skirt and gathered up their things. "Besides...was that not the best sex you've ever had?"

Corbin nipped at her neck as they cautiously made their way to the door. Checking for witnesses and seeing the coast was clear, he led her outside, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as he whispered, "That's beside the point." Lizzie began humming as they walked to the parking lot.

"What is it with you and humming after sex?" he asked.

"I can't help it," Lizzie laughed. "I was thinking about what just happened and the most hilarious image popped into my head."

"And its making you hum? What is that anyway...sounds like a commercial jingle."

"It is," she snickered. "Don't you remember those ads when you were growing up...the boat that was in the toilet tank? You've just earned yourself a new nickname buster." Lizzie broke free from his embrace and looked back at him. "So...care to have dinner with me...Mr. TidyBowl Man?"

He said yes, and later, when she was cooking dinner, Lizzie thought about that afternoon's interlude, and smiled. Her life had certainly changed since meeting Corbin. Even when she was married, they'd never done anything terribly erotic, certainly nothing as risky as sex in public. Her face warmed with the memory. What really surprised her however, was the shiver of pure pleasure that ran through her when he told her to keep still. His voice had deepened and had a tone of authority Lizzie hadn't heard before.

A knock on the door brought her back from her reverie. "You're just in time," She was surprised to find Corbin standing there, carry-on bag in hand, dressed in a well tailored suit and tie. "I thought we were dining in," she asked as she made her way back to the kitchen.

"We are," he called from the bedroom. "But we're also going to have a little chat about this afternoon." Corbin's voice had the same low, husky, authoritative tone from earlier.

Plating their dinner and carrying it to the table, Lizzie felt that same shiver and knew she was wet.



Dinner was, for the most part, silent. Lizzie found herself squirming in her seat, trying to gauge Corbin's mood. He didn't seem angry, but he definitely wasn't the same man she'd come to love.

As she cleared the table, Corbin sat back in his chair. "Leave the dishes Lizzie," Corbin poured them both another glass of wine.

"Corbin, what is go..."

"Be quiet Lizzie." Corbin's voice was dark and commanding. She took a big sip of wine as she sat. "What happened this afternoon?"


"You heard me Lizzie. What. Happened. This. Afternoon?"

"Corbin, you were there..." Lizzie's cheeks flushed. "You took me into the men's room and we...you know..." suddenly she felt very shy and nervous.

"We fucked, Lizzie. Say it."

Her face aflame with embarrassment, Lizzie softly voiced her response.

"I don't think I heard you."

"We fucked, Corbin. There. Did you hear that?" The butterflies in Lizzie's stomach were in full flight and she knew her panties had a growing wet spot. "What's going on, Corbin? You show up in a suit carrying your weekend bag, you barely talk during dinner, and now that you've decided to be talkative, you bark at me. I don't know what's up your ass, buddy but..." Lizzie pushed her chair away from the table and turned towards the kitchen.

"Sit. Down." She froze in place. "Lizzie, I said, sit. Down. I won't ask again."

Lizzie sat down and for some reason, placed her folded hands on the table in front of her, just as she had at Her parochial grade school.

Corbin stood and walked to her. "I told you not to move, Lizzie. And you did anyway. Just like a spoiled little brat." Corbin took a finger and brushed a loose hair away from her face. "But what interested me more, was your reaction. Did you think I wouldn't notice that you got wet when I said don't move? Hmm?"

"I ... I don't know." Lizzie offered up a silent prayer of thanks for the extra lining in her bra. For some reason, her nipples were rock hard.

Corbin took her hands in his and continued. "I was inside you," he laughed. "I could feel the rush of juices on my cock. Do you know what I think, Lizzie? I think you liked it when I got authoritative with you. In fact, I know you liked it. Just as you're liking this, right now."

"Now wait a..."

"Don't deny it. I can smell your pussy. I bet if I checked, I'd find you're absolutely dripping." Chuckling, Corbin leaned in and whispered huskily, "and I bet those nipples of yours are like two little buttons, hard and erect." He stood and went back to his seat.

"I've been wanting to bring this up with you, but didn't know how. Until today. Tell me," Corbin took a slow sip of his wine, "What do you know about BDSM?"

Lizzie's face turned beet red. "Whips and chains...uhm, no. No way."

"It's not all whips and chains. Lizzie do you trust me?"

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