tagLoving WivesCarlos Ch. 01

Carlos Ch. 01

byYour Girl Daisy©

As I was sucking the chef's big black cock across the bucket seats of my Honda, I thought to myself what a long strange trip it had been...

I live a double life. I am a 40-something year old devoted wife... but my husband doesn't know what I do when he's not around. I have a secret. I don't know what took me so long to come out of my shell.... especially considering what I do for a living. But after 20 years of marriage, I needed an outlet for my unfulfilled desires and my out-of-control sex drive. So I started to play.

I am in a position of power in a business made up of young men. I have ready access to boys who want to be in my favor, either for opportunities or because they want to be associated with me. Some of them want the cougar experience and some just like to fuck. For many years, i did not take advantage of my position. This is about how I stopped being good and started giving in.

I have always liked to fuck and suck cock (and eat pussy on the right occasion). Before I got married, I fucked everyone I wanted: men, women, single, married, gay, straight, strangers, friends, everyone. And I had a blast doing it. Then I met my awesome hubby and lived a life of monogamy for 20 years. Don't get me wrong. Hubby & I fucked a lot and still do. He has a big hard cock and a love of eating pussy. But everything gets old after enough time. I needed other big hard cocks and other tongues in my pussy.

When I turned 40, it was like a bolt of lightning went through me! I had to have sex ALL the time. I have to get fucked every day and masturbate a few times a day. I walk around with a wet pussy 24/7 and I love getting fucked hard and rough. Now I live to suck dick. I want a cock in my mouth all the time. Mmmm. Cock. Wait. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah.

But when hubby turned 40, his sex drive DEcreased. I want to fuck more. He wants less. I was going crazy! So I finally gave in to my desires and began to have affairs with young men in my industry. It all started with Carlos.

Carlos was Cuban/Puerto Rican, my first Latin daddy. And 10 years younger than me. I was 40; he was barely 30. He was very macho. I loved his dark features, brown hair and skin, such a contrast to my blonde hair and milky white skin. We had been friends for about a year and worked together many times. We would often get high together after work. (I always have the best weed.) He would always hit on me, tell me how hot I looked and remind me that his apartment was right around the corner. Even though I always wanted to fuck Carlos, hell I had even masturbated to him several times, I wouldn't let myself go there. Until one day he said those 3 little words every girl considering an affair longs to hear: "I am moving." I thought to myself, "This is it! This is my chance to fuck someone else and not have any consequences." He asked if he could be my boyfriend for the next month until he moved across the country. I said "Yes". That was the beginning of a month of glorious fucking, an affair that lasted a year, and a lifestyle that I would embrace long after Carlos was gone...

I went into the bathroom at the theatre and waited, my heart pounding through my chest. A moment later, Carlos entered the bathroom and closed the door and locked it. I remember I could hear the show going on outside and I knew my husband was in the audience. That thought made me so hot and wet.

He said nothing, but immediately pushed me up against the wall, taking my breath away. He began kissing me furiously and his hands were on me at once. This was the first time I had even kissed anyone but my husband in 20 years and an electric shock ran through my body from my pussy to my scalp. I moaned "Carlos," and he said "Don't you mean daddy?" That made me even hotter. "Yes, daddy."

He moved from my mouth to my neck, licking and kissing me. I had on a shirt with a long zipper all the way down the front. In moments he had unzipped the zipper all the way and was grasping for my breasts. The next thing I knew my Double D tits were snatched from the black lacy bra that held them tight. His mouth instantly found them. He was sucking and squeezing my nipples hard while I tried to catch my breath. I reached down to his jeans, rapidly searching for his cock as if it were the oxygen I so desperately needed.

I grabbed his hard dick through his jeans and squeezed. I felt him get bigger and harder in my hands. He began to unzip his pants and suddenly I was sitting on the toilet of the tiny bathroom, he was standing before me with his thick Latin cock in his hand. I wanted it. No, I needed it. In my mouth, in my pussy, anywhere he wanted to put it. It had been 20 years since I tasted another man, felt another man. Hell, felt like this at all. I didn't have long to contemplate this because his cock was being thrust in my mouth. He shoved his dick so hard down my throat that I gagged on the head, but quickly opened wider to accept his whole cock.

I began to suck that cock like it was a long lost relative, like I was in a dick sucking contest and the prize was $1 million. I made up for 20 years without strange cock by licking the tip, slobbering it with my spit, flickering my tongue beneath the head and then sucking hard as I deep throated it and then slid my mouth back up the shaft. He began to moan, "Ay mami" and grabbed my hair tight and pounded my throat hard with that big Latin cock. My pussy was getting soo wet and jealous that it was not getting pounded, too. I wanted desperately to get fucked and hard, but I knew there was no time that night. I would have to be on stage soon. So I was a good girl and sucked his cock so good until he blew his wad down my throat. As he said something in Spanish that I'm sure was a compliment, I slurped up his warm cum while he fucked my mouth until he was dry.

Pleasing him, submitting to him, made me soaking wet and overcome with desire. My slippery wet pussy wanted cock and tongue and fingers but I zipped up my shirt, thanked my new daddy for letting me swallow his cum, and left the bathroom, returning to the show...

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