tagRomanceThe Beginning of Forever

The Beginning of Forever


Jonah: Thanks for the idea for this story. *kiss*


I awake, but don't yet open my eyes. I can't believe how cozy I am. My entire body feels so warm and cuddly and the sheets beneath me are the softest I've ever felt. I stir slightly. I rub my feet together and moan like I always do when I wake up. As I move, I realize the mattress I'm sleeping on feels softer than my own...it feels as though I'm lying on a cloud. I turn over and just barely open my eyes. I'm in bed alone, but it's definitely not my bed. As I run my hand over the mattress beside me, it still feels warm. I flip over onto my back and moan again, smiling. I suddenly recall the events of the day before, of the night before...my smile broadens. I scan the bedroom...very modern with lots of stainless steel and black leather furniture. I hadn't exactly gotten a chance to look around the room much yesterday afternoon. Again, I smile as I remember the previous day.

It seems to be a cloudy, rainy day. I can hear a light rain pelting the windows that surround the three walls of the bedroom and there's barely any light seeping in through the sheer curtains that cover them. I remember noticing last night that you could see the ocean from anywhere in the room. It's like a bedroom you would find at a resort on a dream vacation. I can't believe I'm here. Moreover, I can't believe I'm finally with you.

I turn all the way over onto my belly. My long, dark red curls fall in front of my face and tickle my nose. I sigh. I never want to leave. I don't want to return to my hum-drum life and my boring job. I want to stay here in this bed, warm and satisfied, until the day I die. With my eyes closed tightly and a warmth I've never quite felt before enveloping me, my mind races with memories of our initial meeting the previous afternoon.

First, I recall how your face lit up as I turned the corner and came into the dining room of the restaurant where our first meeting was to take place. Your soft eyes danced as I approached the table. I was relieved. If I'd sensed disappointment, I might've run the other way. I couldn't help but give you a quick once over as well. I noticed immediately that you were well dressed...nice button down shirt, black dress pants. And you couldn't be more my type...dark hair, light eyes, tall. My heart fluttered as I made my way over to you. After so many months of chatting and talking on the phone, I couldn't believe the moment was finally here...the moment when I'd finally get to touch you in person. I walked up to you and without even hesitating, you pulled me in for a hug. I could feel your strong arms surround me and smell your scent for the first time...it was then that I knew everything was going to be perfect.

Lunch was fantastic even though I barely remember eating a thing. Our conversation flowed effortlessly. We chatted away like long lost old friends about everything from books to cars to movies. I must admit, I was surprised. I thought for sure I'd be nervous and there'd be moments of awkward silence, but no. I loved how you kept touching me every chance you got. Your fingers grazing lazily up and down my arm, your foot securely next to mine during the entire meal...and at dessert when you finally reached into my lap, took my hand into yours, leaned in, and kissed me sweetly on my cheek, I thought I was going to die right there and then.

After lunch, we headed out into the bright, sunny afternoon. We walked down towards the beach and you suggested we go for a stroll in the sand. After removing our shoes, we rolled up our pant legs. We laughed and joked with each other as I teased you about your very attractive, very stark white legs, then suddenly I caught you staring at me...just staring and smiling. I smiled back, nervously, and giggled like a giddy schoolgirl. You held your hand out and I rested my hand lightly in yours. You laced your fingers in mine, brought my hand up to your lips, and kissed it. You held it tight as you led me down the beach towards the water. We walked along letting the water rush up against our legs, feeling the sand between our toes. The conversation continued to flow smoothly.

After walking and talking for several minutes, we finally came to series of pilings supporting the large pier that jetted out into the ocean. I leaned against one of the pilings as you bent down and picked up a seashell. I watched as you carefully brushed the sand off of it and brought it over to me. You started to explain what type of shell it was and whatnot, but the words were lost on me. I stared up at you, watching your full lips form the words you were speaking, your eyes sparkle, your hair blow in the breeze. Finally, you glanced down at me. You must've been able to tell that my mind wasn't on seashells just then because you dropped the seashell back onto the sand and pulled me into you. I became slightly nervous as I looked up into your deep, piercing eyes. You brought your hands up to my face, caressing it gently, as you leaned down and kissed me. I've never felt a kiss that sparked such intensity. It was such a simple, sweet kiss, but I could feel your passion and desire behind it. Your warm, moist lips felt as luscious as they looked. Our kiss began to evolve...we both wanted more. I could practically feel your neediness as your fingers pressed into my skin and your tongue roamed my mouth. I wrapped my arms around your waist, pulled you towards me, and probed your mouth with my tongue in return. We stood there, tasting each other, for what seemed like mere seconds, but was probably several minutes. I was so disappointed when you pulled your lips away from mine moments later. I was craving you...more of you...ALL of you. You took a deep breath and asked if I wanted to come back to your place. I wasted no time, quickly nodding.

I figured we'd head back up the beach towards your black Toyota SUV, but to my surprise, you grabbed my hand and started pulling me in the same direction in which we'd been walking, away from the restaurant. I sauntered behind you and we soon made our way towards a large building that was divided into several condo units. As we reached the stairwell, you turned, grabbed me, and pinned me against the side of the building, kissing me hard. I kissed you back passionately...there was serious urgency in my moans. My lust for you was more than obvious. Our kisses were becoming more and more fevered. My heart was racing. As we stood there basically making out in the open, our hands began roaming over each other's bodies. I was already dying to tear your clothes off. At that moment, I was fully prepared to give myself to you entirely, which was not an endeavor I've ever taken lightly.

We stood at the bottom of the stairs, kissing, pawing at one another for several more minutes before you finally pulled away and suggested we head upstairs to your condo. I was slightly apprehensive given that we'd basically just met, at least in person, but something told me I HAD TO say yes...so I did. You gave me another quick peck on the lips, then brushed your hand against my face and told me, point blank, that you were crazy about me. I giggled again and smiled the biggest smile ever. You smiled broadly in return, then took my hand and led me upstairs.

I could barely contain my excitement. This was all too good to be true. YOU were too good to be true. We'd come from similar backgrounds and gone through similar experiences in our lives. You didn't have a gaggle of kids or a psycho ex-wife. You were extremely intelligent, witty, sexy, and most of all you "got me". I certainly hoped I wouldn't wake up from this dream any time soon. Although I hated to admit it to myself, I knew I was crazy about you too. I tried to push the fright of admitting that from my mind and concentrate on the whirlwind of the here and now.

We climbed up two flights, then you put your key in the door labeled # 306. We stepped inside to a very lovely, very modern dwelling. Warm with worn brown leather couches, dark cabinetry, a huge flat screen TV on the wall. It was all so very...manly. You took me on a tour of the rest of the place. It wasn't huge, but it was directly on the ocean and had large plate-glass windows that overlooked the water. Just off the gourmet kitchen past the dining room was a screened in porch with simple white plastic lawn chairs where I could easily envision you sitting with your morning coffee. You guided me around the corner to show me a walk-in closet/dressing room and a nice sized bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub. Then, you pointed to a spiral staircase and asked if I wanted to see the bedroom. I quickly nodded. You squeezed my hand and up the stairs we went.

At the top of the stairs, the room opened up into a huge master suite that was just as big as the living room, dining room, and kitchen combined. I could sense the room was more dim than it was downstairs and that's when i first noticed the sheer curtains lining the walls of windows that surrounded the room. Cutting off the piercing afternoon sun gave the room a very romantic glow. I didn't have much chance to look around, though, before you turned to me and pulled me close to you. The entire room disappeared as I looked up at you, our eyes locked, and you leaned down and gave me the lightest, sweetest kiss on the lips. I practically purred as our kisses got deeper and deeper. Before I knew it, I had unbuttoned your shirt and was pushing it off your shoulders. You didn't hesitate shrugging it off, then promptly lifting my shirt above my head, discarding it onto the floor with your own. Our lips barely parted for a second before we were drawn back into one another again. Our hands roaming, our hearts racing.

My hands snaked all over your smooth skin as you wrapped your arms tightly around my waist and, in essence, dragged me towards the bed. Granted, I certainly wasn't begging for you to stop. In fact, I was downright relieved when you gently laid me down on the bed, hovering just above me, smiling. I could tell you didn't want to overstep your bounds...you were obviously hesitating, waiting for your cue. I could barely wait to give it to you. I gave you a little nod, but in case that didn't get the point across, I reached down and began unbuttoning your dress pants. You groaned as you hopped off the bed. Never breaking our eye contact, you proceeded to unzip your pants and pull them all the way off along with your boxer briefs until you stood before me, completely naked and much more gorgeous than the thousands times I'd envisioned you. I held my arms out to you, begging to feel your naked skin against mine. You came closer, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans and ripping them down my legs along with my soaked, black silk panties just as fast as you'd ripped your pants off. I, meanwhile, sat up just slightly and reached around, unlatching my matching black silk bra, allowing my DD breasts free from restraint. I quickly discarded it onto the floor along with the rest of our clothing and just laid there, sitting up slightly on my elbows, staring up at you while you looked down over me. Your stare sent shivers through my entire body.

We both just stared in silence. I couldn't help but look over your strong body. From your gorgeous face with chiseled features to your strong, manly arms that I loved feeling wrapped around me to your hard as a rock dick that I was dying to feel inside me. I watched you look over every last one of my curves and lick your lips. "C'merrrrrrre," I purred.

You wasted no time as you climbed back onto the bed. With your arms outstretched, you hovered over me, your eyes piercing straight into my soul. I'd never felt so connected to another human being in all my life. We needed no words. We both just knew. We knew how right this was...how right we were.

As much as I loved our connection, our silent understanding, I needed more. I brought my long legs up and wrapped them around your waist, pulling you down towards my body. Effortlessly and right on cue, your hard cock began to sink inside my warm, slippery wet cunt. You closed your eyes momentarily and let out a soft, steady moan as you sank deeper and deeper inside me. Finally, when you were buried as deep within me as possible, you opened your eyes and stared through me once more. You began moving your hips, slowly circling them. You begged me not to look away. Your face almost looked panicked...perhaps you were afraid to lose this feeling. I, at that moment, belonged completely to you, though. Our eyes were locked, our souls were one.

With our connection strongly established, our physical intimacy quickly moved forward. You slowly began to move your cock in and out of the soft recesses of my cunt. My breathing started to get ragged. I could feel your hot breath on my face. I bit my lip and wrapped my hands around your forearms. You leaned down closer to me. Our faces were so close we could've easily kissed, but we didn't. We kept staring into each other's eyes as your cock moved fluidly in and out of my wetter than wet pussy.

Our passion inevitably took over. You gradually picked up the pace until your cock was practically slamming into my cunt as you gritted your teeth. I tightened my legs around you. I needed to taste you. I leaned up and captured your lips...kissing you hard. You aggressively kissed me back. Your mouth claimed mine as you rammed your tongue past my lips and rammed your cock into my slippery hole.

Suddenly, you broke our intense kiss, wrapped your arms around me, and buried your face in my neck. You held me so tight it almost hurt. I held you just as tight, digging my long, painted fingernails into your back. Just as quickly as you grabbed me, though, you let me go and sat back up. Your hips slowed a bit. I was a bit confused at first, but immediately, our eyes locked and I was once again mesmerized. You looked deadly serious all of a sudden as you reached down between us and found my clit, hooking two fingers upward and rubbing it in fast, wide circles. I stared up at you...panting, whimpering, moaning as my body took control. You begged me to cum with you as you started slamming your cock into my cunt once more. There was something about the urgency in your voice. There was something so desperate about your apparent need to feel me cum. It, in turn, made me desperate to cum for you. I bucked my hips up into yours. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, concentrating on the heat that surrounded my clit. You pleaded with me not to look away. I opened my eyes for you. You looked so intense, so passionate. With my eyes locked on yours, I could feel my body begin to shake. I could feel my orgasm rushing through me. It wasn't like any orgasm I'd ever had before. The intensity involved was off the charts. Our unspoken connection was never lost as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me. My juices flooded over your cock just as your cum began to shoot inside me. Your eyes stayed locked on mine as you grunted and groaned until your balls were completely drained. It was only then that you collapsed on top of me, wrapping your strong arms around me once more.

We laid there on the edge of the bed together, breathing heavily, for several minutes. Finally, you rolled over, carrying me with you. You pulled the sheets down and we snuggled into bed. Without saying a word yet holding one another tightly, we drifted off into a deep, satisfied sleep.

And, now here I am, lying in your bed, still as warm and satisfied as I was when I fell asleep in your arms. I'm dozing lazily as thoughts of yesterday afternoon drift in and out of my head. Suddenly, though, I feel the bed shift and it snaps me out of my daydream. I open my eyes just in time to catch a glimpse of your naked body crawl back under the sheets, your cock already hard again. You settle in and pull me towards you once more. I see a wicked grin on your face.

Without hesitation, I toss the sheets back and climb atop you. I straddle you, my pussy resting just above your immensely hard cock. I grab onto your wrists, pinning you down beneath me. Your wicked grin gets wickeder. You begin begging me with your eyes. As much as I want to give in to you, I decide a little teasing is in order.

As I hover above you, I begin to roll my hips around, allowing my still soaking wet cunt to graze the very tip of your harder than hard cock. You groan loudly which only encourages me further. I lean in and give you a quick kiss on the lips. You lean up to try to kiss me again, but I pull back. You huff at me. I giggle as I move down to your chest and start kissing all over you. When I reach your nipple, I flick my tongue across it, making it hard, before giving it a nibble. Another groan from you. You buck your hips up trying to push your way inside me, but I quickly move aside before you're able to reach me. Your big, beautiful eyes are filled with frustration. I'd feel guilty if I wasn't so sure that you were loving every second of it.

I lean down to you, letting my forehead rest on yours, and before I even realize what I'm saying, I'm whispering those three sacred words. There was a moment of silence...a twinge of embarrassment hit me until you suddenly shook free from my light grasp and push both of us into an upright position. You grab my thighs roughly, pulling my legs around you. I follow suit, wrapping my legs tightly around your waist, so that I'm sitting in your lap. Your hands move up to my face, pulling me in for a hard, intense, passionate kiss. I lazily rest my arms on your shoulders as I sink into your kiss and into your entire being.

You finally remove your hands from my face and allow them to drift lightly down my back...all the way down my body until you're grabbing my ass. With a firm grip, you pull me towards your waiting cock. We both groan as you impale me on your hardness. I run my fingers through your wavy brown locks and kiss your forehead. You let go of my ass and begin to lazily run your fingers up and down my back softly and gently kissing my shoulder over and over again.

As we kiss lightly again on the lips, I begin to rock my hips. Your hard, thick cock slides easily in and out of my soft wetness. We part momentarily and just stare into each other's eyes. You slip your arms around my waist, pulling me tight against your body. You arch your back and begin to thrust your cock in and out of me ever so slowly. Our breathing becomes ragged. You trail your fingers up my spine, then grab the back of my neck as you lean in and nibble my bottom lip. My breath catches in my throat. You lean into me further and suck on my neck...right on the spot that you KNOW drives me insane. I moan loudly, which rouses you even more. You take your hand off my neck and slide it down my back again, then bring it around between us. Two of your fingers move to my clit. I look at you and see a glimmer of mischief in your eyes. As your fingers begin a circular motion just around the edge of my clit, my lips part though no sound escapes. I tilt my head back and close my eyes, concentrating on my quickly approaching orgasm. I can feel the wave of pleasure surging slowly as I feel your fingers and cock working their magic. I hold you tight, reveling in the heat between us. My body begins to tense and you start moving your hips faster, the circles over my clit become wider, harder. I dig my nails into your shoulder and let out a scream as ecstasy engulfs me. My body shakes uncontrollably as pure pleasure overtakes me. I feel my cum gushing out between us, coating your cock and dripping down our thighs.

Finally, I open my eyes just in time to see you close yours. I watch you closely as your fingers dig into my skin roughly, pulling my body into yours as your cock moves faster within me. I lean into you and suck on your neck, holding you close to me. My sucks turn to bites as you moan louder and louder. Your moans encourage me and I nibble my way up to your ear. I suck on your earlobe and moan, then whisper, "Cum for me baby, please, I'm begging," which in turn sends you over the edge. You grab a fistful of my hair and pull my face into yours roughly. Your lips capture mine for a hard kiss just as I feel your cum explode into my cunt.

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