tagNonHumanThe Beginning of Forever Ch. 02

The Beginning of Forever Ch. 02


To readers,

Being a student, I have little time to write and the time I do have I have not been able to use because of my chronic migraines. I was just diagnosed and put on medicine so hopefully with school ending in five weeks and the medicine beginning to work, I can get back to writing again. As always, I look forward to reading your comments. My only request is that you be professional in your criticism and not cruel.

Thank you, and I hope you like this next installment in this series.




Carmen entered the library cautiously, looking quickly around for the Alpha. He was braced against the window sill, staring blankly out the window.

"Alpha?" She asked softly, hesitating to move further into the room.

He turned to look at her with barely concealed anxiety. "Yes? How is she?"

"She is doing well. The infection, if there was one, is gone. However..." She hesitated and his brow furrowed. "Well, you probably should see for yourself."

With little hesitation, he followed her into his master suite. She stopped in front of the door to the bedroom and motioned to Isaac who stood a little to the side. "Isaac, could you please explain?"

Isaac looked down and frowned. "Well sir, she is better...and she is a Were... but..."

"But what?" Felix demanded, exasperated.

"She is not a...wolf..." Isaac finished hesitantly.

Felix glared at him, fairly sure this was a joke. "What the fuck are you talking about? She was human. I bit her. Ergo, she should be a wolf!"

Isaac cringed. "Apparently, she wasn't human... "

Felix snorted in disbelief. "Let me see her. Then, maybe... I will believe you."

Isaac glanced at Carmen and nodded. "Go ahead. But be careful...she's very afraid. She won't let anyone near her."

"She shouldn't be afraid of me," Felix muttered darkly. He pushed past Carmen and entered the room cautiously, closing the door behind him before they could follow.

His eyes quickly adjusted to the lack of light and wandered towards the bed. He froze in shock; his first thought being that he was somehow being tricked... but his nose confirmed what they had told him.

Valerie was on the bed and she wasn't a wolf at all. She was a fucking white tiger... the rarest type of Were Cats in existence.

"Holy shit..." he gasped. He hesitated, unsure what to do. He had never dealt with a frightened Were Cat... So he went with the safest route.

"Umm...nice kitty," he started as he began to move forward slowly. He paused when she growled low, warningly. "It's just me. Just Felix, your mate."

Valerie bared her teeth and he paled. "Valerie... trust me. Please?"

She growled low, another warning. He sighed and decided to sit down. She would come to him when she was ready to. He shifted to his wolf form and lay down on the floor, stretched out on his side with his stomach bared towards her in a show of trust.

He watched her sit up with a mild look of interest in her wild green eyes. She tilted her head to the side, as if in thought, before jumping down and advancing slowly towards him. Her gaze was not predatory, just curious.

He smiled gently and sent a telepathic message to her. "Valerie. I'm your mate. I won't hurt you."

She paused, her gaze suddenly vulnerable. "Felix..." She moved towards him slowly and then lay down a few feet away with her chin on her paws.

He shifted back to human and smiled gently. "Hey, Valerie." He moved towards her slowly and laid his hand on her back. "I love you sweetie. You're still amazing."

She lifted her head and sniffed him carefully. She looked up at him as she began to purr uneasily. She trusted him, but she was still afraid.

He smiled reassuringly and began to rub her back lightly. She soon relaxed enough to shift back to human and he was there to hold her close.

She looked up at him nervously. "Shouldn't I be a wolf?" She asked softly.

"Apparently not, honey," he sighed. "You must have Were ancestry in your blood that lay dormant."

"I wouldn't know...my parents died when I was eight and I was raised by an uncle." She sighed heavily. "All I have are pictures...."

"It will be ok, honey," He murmured gently. "The ancestry must have been recent, at the earliest from a grandparent. Most likely, we could trace it to the nearby prides with a little work."

"Really?" She asked softly. "You would do that for me? Even though we just met..."

"It's true that I barely know you, but I know you are my mate. Because of that alone, I would do anything to make you happy," he told her gently.

She looked down, blushing. "I felt a connection with you as soon as I saw you... I don't know why I said yes to being your mate so quickly." She felt him tense and rushed to explain. "Not that I regret it now. I'm just not quite sure why I agreed when I barely knew you. Maybe I was just too tired of being alone. Maybe it was instinct..."

She trailed off and nuzzled her cheek against his chest. "I can't claim to love you yet when we only just met. But you make me feel safe...and..." She struggled to find the word she wanted. "Perhaps not happy just yet... but definitely hopeful. I finally have something to live for."

Felix smiled. "Then I will work even harder to make you happy. Just name what you want and it will be yours."

Valerie laughed softly. "It would probably be best to move my belongings here... and maybe...if you have an extra room for an art studio?"

Felix chuckled warmly. "Your wish is my command." He kissed her head gently and helped her to her feet. "You should probably get some sleep, honey. The first change can wear you out."

She yawned and climbed into bed. "You're going to sleep next to me, right?"

"Of course, silly," he laughed. He slipped in beside her and turned out the light.


Valerie awoke slowly, snuggling up to her mate as she yawned. He chuckled and kissed her forehead. "Come on, sleepyhead. It's time to wake up."

"No," she muttered mutinously. "I want to stay in bed with you."

"You're the Alpha's mate, Valerie... Which means you need to get to work and you need to get to know the pack before the ceremony," He chided her gently.

She pouted. "Can't we compromise a little bit?"

He chuckled. "How about you and I take a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub first?"

"Deal," she purred happily.

He smiled warmly and kissed her. "I'll go get it ready."

"Love you," She yawned as he left the room. Her eyes slowly drifted closed and she dozed back off.

She reawakened slowly as she was lowered into the warm, bubbling water. Felix smiled down at her sleepy face as he pulled her into his lap and gently started washing her limp body. She purred happily, leaning back against him.

"Ready to stay awake yet?" He chuckled softly.

She shook her head and hugged herself to him. "I wish I could just stay in bed. I feel more tired than usual."

Felix nuzzled her neck gently. "It's ok, honey. The first change can do that to a person."

"Ok," she sighed. She nuzzled her cheek against him and let out a long sigh. "Kiss me?"

Their lips met briefly and she smiled. "I love you, my big, strong Alpha."

"I love you too, sweetie," he chuckled. "We need to dry off and get dressed soon if you want to eat though."

She pouted playfully. "Help me?"

He rolled his eyes and laughed. "You are such a tease. But yes, I will."

They both quickly dried off and found their way into the walk in closet. Felix found her a simple, medium length sun dress and a pair of slip on sandals.

"What about panties or a bra?" She asked, frowning.

"Go without them for now. Most of the time, undergarments get ripped when beginners are learning to control their shifting," he explained simply.

"Oh..." she sighed and blushed. "I've never gone commando before."

"No one will notice," he reassured her gently. "We are very open about nudity here."

She nodded and sighed nervously. "Let's go then."

She quickly slipped on the clothes and took his hand. Today was going to be interesting.


The pavilion quieted as Valerie and Felix stepped out from the cavern. All eyes went to them as a young woman approached Felix.

"Alpha," she said politely before turning to Valerie. She sniffed and scowled. "Well, well. I see that Felix dragged another chew toy home. Don't get too attached. He'll be mine in a couple of days."

Valerie held back a growl and glared at her. "The only thing you're going to get is clawed if you don't back off of me and my mate."

"We'll see on the night of the ceremony," Felix chuckled humorlessly to the young woman. "But I have little doubt that Valerie will win, Harper."

Harper scowled and went back to her seat. "Bitch," she muttered.

Valerie turned to scowl at Felix. He smiled gently. "Don't worry. On the night of the ceremony, you must fight any females that want to challenge you for the right to be my mate. I will also fight any male that wishes to challenge me for the right to be yours."

"Oh..." she replied softly. "How do you know for sure that I will win?"

He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "White tigers have been known to be stronger than most alphas."

She blushed but smiled, pleased. "Oh..."

"Just don't use my bed as a scratching post. Ok, honey?" He chuckled with mock seriousness.

"Oh, I have something far better," she laughed, her claws elongating enough to graze his skin.

He jumped slightly and gave her a reprimanding look. "Be good." He pulled her towards the head table where Isaac, Carmen, and a young man sat nearest to their reserved seats.

"Hey, Isaac," Valerie said, blushing slightly. "Sorry for earlier."

"As long as I don't end up a scratching post, I forgive you," Isaac warned seriously before smiling in relief. He turned to Felix. "The other Alphas will start arriving soon for the ceremony."

"Pack and Pride?" Felix asked cautiously.

"All of the ones that are located in the surrounding region. The prides asked for us to fax over a photo and background information on Valerie. A few have said that they may be able to find out who gave her the white tiger DNA from their elders," Isaac replied confidently.

"As long as she agrees to share the information," Felix replied, peeking sideways at Valerie.

She smiled. "That's fine." She ate slowly as they went over business and tried not to get nervous. She silently wondered how many girls she would have to fight.

A few hours later, Felix took her to bed and they both slept peacefully. But for Valerie, it wouldn't last for long.

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