tagReviews & EssaysThe Belated Laci & Lori Rant

The Belated Laci & Lori Rant

byHeathen Hemmingway©

I wrote this a while back. After seeing a recent news article about Lori Hacking, I decided to post this here. As always, read at the risk of being elated or pissed off.

Scott Peterson, the importance of gut decisions, and the loss of respect for women.

I have been watching the Scott Peterson case from day one. Not fanatically, mind you. I don't watch too much television. I keep up with the headlines on the news sites from time to time. When Laci Peterson was first reported missing I was abhorred by it. She was such a genuinely pretty young woman. The first time I saw that picture of her with that big beaming smile on her face, those dimples and smiling eyes, I thought to myself "Some guy is very, very lucky". Then the evidence began to mount that her husband was involved. I was disgusted to think her own husband could have been the culprit. Any decent self respecting man would be proud to have a pretty young wife like Laci, and should be even more so proud to be the father of her children. I know, I know. Not all men want to father children. And if that's the case they should think of that before they end up with a pregnant wife. Part of being in an adult relationship is being a responsible adult, right?


I believe in the due process and the whole innocent until proven guilty thing, but after reading the most bare of facts about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, I was firmly convinced Scott Peterson was guilty. I didn't let myself get carried away with it, though. When a person is faced with such a terrible trauma it's all too easy to feel awkward in everything you do. That can make you look guilty when in fact you're just trying to cope and make it through your day to day life. It's hell being under the microscope. Believe me brother, I know. So for the first few weeks I read the articles half heartedly and hoped a revelation would come through and Scott Peterson would be found innocent. It never did. Quite the opposite, actually. The evidence was mounting quickly, the web of lies he spun was slowly beginning to strangle him.


I can understand Scott Peterson's family wanting to believe in his innocence and see him set free. That is what a loving family does. They want to believe in the good in you. I feel sincere sympathy for his family, and hope one day they can come to peace with this terrible mess and find some kind of closure.


It makes me sick, the people who defended Scott Peterson because there was no smoking gun even though there was a mountain of circumstantial evidence. So I guess we should have forgotten he was caught at the BORDER with a stack of CASH and he had DYED his hair a different color? Oh and I guess we should forget about his MISTRESS. And maybe we should chalk off him trying to sell his house with the furniture still in it? If we do that we might as well scratch off him going FISHING close to where the BODIES were found AFTER Laci was reported missing. And all those lies he told along the way. Since he wasn't found standing over Laci's body I guess some people think he should be let free. Now does that mean that some people think he should go free even though they KNOW he was guilty, but since the opportunity existed he should get away with it? The sickening part is, some people do. Some people like to see the bad guy get away just because he can. Milk that legal technicality for all it's worth, huh? No fucking way. The jury in this case gave me something I haven't had in a long time: faith in the system. They came to a solid decision based on the facts and what they knew as sensible adults. The legal trickery and technical razzle dazzle was thrown out the window. All the loopholes were drawn shut and twelve men and women made a gut decision. If you ask me, they're all mighty fine Americans. It won't bring Laci or her son back, but it will damned sure give her family some much needed peace of mind.

And for Scott.

Looking out of that little prison cell window in San Quentin, looking over the very bay where you dumped Laci's body.... well I guess justice is a bitch, now ain't she?


During the media blitz surrounding the case I saw some stats thrown around. One really drew my attention and shocked me. The number one killer of pregnant women isn't health complications from pregnancy, or anything pregnancy related for that matter. It's murder. Now doesn't that just send a chill up your spine? In any civilized society shouldn't pregnant women be among the most coveted and protected of our citizens?? Sadly, not these days. I believe alot of the disdain and disrespect aimed at pregnant women is a direct result of a loss of respect for women in general. At what point did the word bitch replace the word ma'am? Sure, the word bitch has taken on a number of meanings these days. I use the word myself, but never in the context of a casual reference to a woman. It seems as if the word has taken on a secondary definition meaning a bitch is any female in general. You don't know what I'm talking about? Listen to top 40 R&B ( or some of the crap that passes for R&B these days). Or watch some new music videos, or maybe some late night tv. Listen to teenagers talk. It seems like an entire generation of young men has never been encouraged to treat women as if they were important, equal and dare I say loved? At what point did it become too much to tell a young man that it is not acceptable to talk to a girl like that? To call her a bitch and treat her like she's below you?

When people lose respect for other people, women in this case, they DEVALUE THEIR LIFE and you see things like the Laci Peterson case happen. Now, I am not saying this is exactly what happened in this case. I am however saying it does happen. And quite often. I have over thirty nieces. I have encountered more than one of their boyfriends and husbands who thought he was hot to trot. And don't think I haven't set more than one of them straight. When a young woman is demeaned and disrespected by some ill mannered punk she can lose sight of her own self worth, and that is very destructive to her. And these days it is so common a girl coming up might feel it's acceptable to be treated that way if NO ONE SHOWS HER OTHERWISE. It makes me sick to listen to some young guys talk, and even more sick to listen to grown men who have the same attitude. If a young woman is convinced she has to tolerate the shit, she will learn to tolerate the shit. And that is a truly a sad thing.

I'm certain this will piss alot of people off. I've developed the habit of doing that. Go ahead, send me the hate mail. I'll print them all out, shred them, and my cat can take care of business on your words. For those of you who agree, thanks for taking time to read.

I hope Laci's family can find some peace and closure some day. She was truly a beautiful young woman and the world is a little darker for her loss.

As for mark Hacking.... look at what you had, and now look at what you've got.

The End

( pssst. Hey Scott, how's your sex life these days? )

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