tagFetishThe Belle of All Hallow's Eve

The Belle of All Hallow's Eve


After leaving the service, I bummed around Europe a while before coming back stateside. It was a time to relax and get my head together. As well as a time to get some head. And give some. And get laid and screw around in general. I'd gotten too little in the service.

I stayed in Amsterdam all through the spring and was enjoying the town so much, I politely declined an invite to Prague where the leather scene was apparently booming. The best leather bar in all of Amsterdam is The Web on the Jacobsstraat. It's a serious leather bar reminiscent of the Village in the 70's (before my time) where only the butchest of the butch are allowed entry. It was my kind of place in every way. There is a very dark and smoky atmosphere. Speaking of dark, the club has a 'dark' room downstairs. These are rooms where serious consensual activities occur. They also have really clean toilets which is a rarity in most Dutch clubs. I'd had plenty of delicious cocks in my face there.

So October came and I was cruising at The Web when I saw a flyer for an All Hallow's Eve party at Argos (the oldest Denim and Leather bar in town) which intrigued me greatly. It was a ball for all the queers in town and the theme was a celebration of gay culture. The drag diva pictured on the flyer made my cock rock hard. She wore a Marie Antoinette style gown with sweet tits jammed into a plunging neckline and had a riding crop clenched in her white teeth between glossy red lips. Yum...

All Hallow's Eve and I'm just another dressed reveler heading out. I'd decided to go with a new outfit I'd rented for the event. At Party House a particularly helpful salesman (who promised he'd see me at the Ball) had fitted me in cowboy leathers head to toe. Gleaming, tight black leather trousers of my own covered with red leather chaps, a black lace front leather shirt, a red fringed leather vest, black leather Stetson style hat and a black leather gun belt. Black leather roping gloves and a braided leather lasso were great touches. My spurs jangled gaily (ha!) and my six guns were gleaming as I strutted to the Ball.

The bar was jammed when I entered around eleven, firing up a smoke as I came through the door. Someone pointed and yelled. "It's the Marlboro Man!" and it stuck as some people clapped and smiled. The costumes were fantastic and I played it cool to avoid whiplash. There were five cut, buff studs in matching 'prison issue' shorts and tops all chained together. There were couples of gay cavemen. There was a gay Indian who got a nod from me. And there were drag queens as far as the eye could see. Marilyn Monroe and Cher, of course. Judy Garland. A very passable Sade. Some Marie Antoinette types. A couple of 1950's housewives. And her.

Her was a luscious redhead in a skintight sequined red sheath cut right up the leg. Jessica Rabbit. I wanted to fuck Jessica Rabbit. She had a fairly obvious crowd of admirers so I figured my chances were low and I headed to the bar for a bourbon and a beer. I was enjoying the scenery, leaning on the bar with my hat cocked back when I felt a hand on my ass. I turned my head and Jessica leaned into view. Her thick German accent was really, really hot.

"So, cowboy, new in town?"

I grinned my best pseudo John Wayne and stood up. I was easily four inches taller, minus her heels and mine. "Well, not in town but this is my first time here...buy you a drink cowgirl?" Lame but true. She smiled that smile and took her hand off my ass. reluctantly, I thought. "Yeah, sure. Stoly rocks." That smile again. Deep green eyes. Creamy skin. Pouty lips.

We made some small talk and she finished her drink and kissed me on the cheek to thank me. And she was gone. I sighed and lit up and decided it was time to take a piss, head back to my room, change into my regular leathers and hit The Web before it closed at two. The scene seemed fun but unprofitable.

I went and found the men's toilet and was surprised there was no line. Inside I stepped into a stall, unbuckling my guns and draping them over the stall divider. I pulled my pants to just below my balls, exposing my ass to the cool air from the open window. Trust me, this is the best way to piss in tight leathers. Just as I started pissing the stall door opened and I glanced back to see, I shit you not, the construction worker from the Village People. he smiled and I realized it was a guy I saw often at The Web, Karl. He smiled and I laughed until he slid his hand around my waist and encircled my cock and began stroking. It felt like heaven. His hands were office worker smooth. I spread my legs and leaned forward as he stroked my ass with one hand and my engorged cock with the other.

I knew Karl by name only. He spoke no English, I knew little Dutch. The bartender at The Web introduced us. His hand was firm and even as he stroked from the root of my cock to the head of my cock. I stepped forward to straddle the toilet as he gently pushed me forward and dropped to his knees. His tongue touched my asshole and I shuddered. What a tongue. He spread my ass cheeks as I stroked my cock slowly, his tongue circling my hole and slipping in gently. I moaned and stroked faster as he pulled my cheeks taut and probed deeper. I was in heaven. I put my arms against the tile and leaned back into his face which met with a murmur of approval from Karl. Then the stall door opened again and I heard Dutch voices. I looked under my arm.

Karl was continuing to rim me well and Miss Rabbit stood behind him, her dress now off. What to say? Red lace panties aside and the bra off, standing in heels and a smile. those perfect orbs. those sweet, pink nipples. Her cock was uncut and growing in her gloved hand as she stroked it and smiled. I smiled, dizzy in ecstasy. She said one word in that thick German growl and I nodded, "Cowboy?" She may as well have said, "Does the cowboy want his ass branded with my cock?" I wanted it.

Karl turned in his crouch and took her cock in his mouth and began to suck and bob with abandon so I turned to her and began to stroke my cock. She held the tops of the stall and grinned at me. I stepped to her, desperate for a kiss. We locked together as Karl pulled me forward and began to mash our cocks together in his mouth.

It's a sensation that has to be experienced. Our cocks colliding as Karl bathed them with his mouth and tongue. I had a hand around her waist and one sweet, soft breast cupped as we kissed, hard and urgent. Karl was muttering in Dutch and she laughed out loud, her velvety gloved hands on my ass as I nuzzled her neck and reached down to stroke her cock It was thicker than mine and about as long. While usually a top, I wanted that meat in me.

I turned back to the wall and bent over with my ass in the air. Karl again turned to my ass and began to rim me with fervor, slipping a finger into me at the same time. He fingered my ass with first one, then two, then three fingers. I opened up willingly and arched my back, my cock rigid as he massaged my prostate with his hands and tongue. My rod was twitching and I was shaking with excitement.

She had a condom rolled on and Karl slid under me and held my ass cheeks apart for her, slipping my cock into his mouth and knocking off that damn yellow hard hat. I had to laugh a little and he took my member out of his face long enough to say something to her as she slid her fat cock into me. As I grunted in satisfaction she squirted some cool lube onto her cock and slid it deeper. The feeling of her hard, hot cock was wonderful. I'd only been penetrated a few times and she filled me completely. With her meat buried in my ass, her hands around my waist she laughed as Karl moaned. "Karl says he's wanted to suck your cock for months but was too shy to ask. He said you are the hottest boy at the Web." I sighed and nodded, unable to speak as she stroked my ass with her rod, rubbing my spread cheeks with those soft gloves. Her rhythm was making me shudder in pleasure and subsiding pain.

"My name is Nan...does Nannette's cock feel nice in your tight little ass? Hmmm?" All the while she is stroking in and out of me with a steady, even, satisfying rhythm while Karl is ramming my cock down his throat. Her fucking was like an art. Slow, faster, slow, faster. I was beyond the highest point of sexual ecstasy. I nodded again and ran my hands through Karl's blond hair. I was going to blow my load and asked Nan to tell him. She laughed again. "Karl wants your seed, Mr. Jack the big (cock rammed to the hilt and then withdrawn slowly), hot (rammed again and then withdrawn and I know she's going to cum for me), hard (again she rammed me harder and withdrew, faster), cow...boy!"

She rammed her cock to the balls and blew into the rubber as she leaned forward and licked my back. At the same moment I shot three hard, long spurts into Karl's mouth. He swallowed every one and leaned back, his head against the bowl and smiled contentedly. Nan pulled out of me and tossed the condom into the next stall. Karl extracted himself from the floor and lit a smoke. They leaned side by side and joked in animated Dutch as I straightened up. Just the sight of her softening cock made me want it again.

I dropped to my knees and began licking and sucking her still wet cock, eager to taste her seed. Her cock was so fat and soft and yielding but then grew and I was sucking her harder. Karl unzipped his fly and began to stroke his cock as he and Nan kissed and she murmured in German. Drawing Karl to me with a tug on his leg I returned the favor by alternately sucking his hard, and surprisingly cut, cock and hers. His cock was so white and hard and gleaming. it curved into my cheek, like it belonged there. They were both hard and ready as I would stroke one and suck the other and back and forth. I felt hot and dirty, on my knees with my well fucked ass and once again hard cock exposed. I gazed adoringly at the both of them, sure they had conspired in fucking me. Karl was licking Nan's pert pink nipples and stroking her ass. I was getting them hotter when someone tried to get in the toilet, pushing the door into Karl it was a two stall, small room. Karl said something in Dutch and Nan looked down at me. "Let's go to Karl's. He says we can finish there." Again that smile, "Or maybe we'll start something else..."

Definitely a Halloween Treat...

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