tagGroup SexThe Benefits of Staying in Touch

The Benefits of Staying in Touch


"Oh my God!! How ARE you?"

"I'm great! How are YOU?"

"Oh my God, it's so good to SEE you! What's it been? Four years?"

"More like five! You're cute as a bug but you never could keep track of time."

"Shut up, you...Oh my God, it is SO fucking good to SEE you!"

"I GET that, silly! You too, baby! You too!!"

By that point in what passed for the conversation, I had locked up the car and gotten out myself. The two cars had arrived at the restaurant parking lot at almost exactly the same moment and an impatient Cindy had just jumped out before I had even gotten all the way into the parking space. It HAD been five years, in fact, since we had seen our old friend Donna. I walked over to her car and said, "Surprise! Thought I'd bring Cindy along with me. Hi, sweetie," I greeted her a bit more calmly than my companion even as I opened my arms for a big hug.

"Well, hiya stranger!" The short, stacked and smiling blonde wrapped her own arms tightly around me and I squeezed, only to hear an unexpected, "OWW!" right in my ear.

"What th..?" yelped Cindy in surprise.

"Sorry. You're hurting my piercings," Donna explained.

"Your WHAT?" we both blurted.

"My piercings. I just got my boobs pierced last week!" she explained with a proud smile. With that she lifted and lowered her white school t-shirt very quickly, flashing us just enough so that we glimpsed the shiny little metal rings sticking right through the dark brown nipples on her huge breasts.

"Oh! My! God!" yelped Cindy again. "I cannot believe you just fucking flashed us right here in this parking lot. Have you gone crazy or...or..."

"Hahahahaa! Oh, come on, since when were YOU such a prude, girl?"

I couldn't help add, "Reminds me of the night we first met when you came into my store and took off your shirt in the back aisle to show me your tattoo."

"Don't be ridiculous. That was on her back. This was her...her..." Cindy's eyes were still bugged out and she cupped her hands in front of her own chest.



We all laughed. "Okay, enough of this foolishness, " I said. "Speaking of titties, who's hungry? After all, we ARE at a restaurant."

"Meeeee!" Cindy squealed like a little kindergartner.

"I am fucking famished," drawled Donna. "Spent all morning packing to make the trip back to Alabama and then the last couple hours driving so I could stop here and see you on the way. And then you gotta go and spring HER on me!"

My two young friends put their arms around each other and started catching up while I led the way inside. I felt more than a little odd to be a middle-aged man in a long-sleeved shirt and dress pants while my 25-year-old dinner dates were wearing tight shorts and t-shirts and both rather obviously with no bras. Let's face it, I looked like I was their pimp.

I had known bubbly, brunette Cindy for five years, ever since the day I had hired her at the drugstore I used to manage. Donna had been one of our favorite customers just before I quit. Both girls moved away soon afterwards but I had stayed in touch by email. Then, late last year, Cindy moved back into the area. When Donna and I had arranged this long-postponed dinner reunion earlier in the week, I immediately decided to invite our mutual friend along as a surprise. To be honest, it had been so long, I thought things between Donna and I might feel awkward. They didn't. It was like we had never been apart.

"Was she always shorter than me?" whispered Cindy as we waited to be seated.

"Of course not, " I whispered back, "The water in Alabama causes a person to slowly start shrinking."


We all cracked up at that as we entered the restaurant where we had hung out after work five years before. Over the next two hours, we laughed and joked and caught each other up on what had been going on with our jobs, our families, our love lives and anything else that came to mind. Oh, and we ate...but not much. I kept apologizing to Jazmyn, our waitress, when the girls would get a bit loud...and sometimes more than a bit explicit. "It's okay, sugar," she reassured me several times, adding once that, "You guys seem like my kinda people." I knew I had to leave her a good tip.

Toward the end, I had tried to snap a couple pics of all three of us with my cellphone. They turned out okay but then Jazmyn offered to play cameraman and the girls both piled in on either side of me in the booth.

"Okay, now, smile," she ordered. CLICK. "Oh, come on, now, Mister. You can do better than that!"

"Okay, okay. Hold on." Cindy leaned her head on my shoulders so closely that I could smell her hair. It smelled fresh and flowery. As our waitress-photographer counted to three for the next picture, I suddenly grabbed the thighs of both girls and squeezed tightly. It was a silly gesture but it got great, giggly smiles out of all three of us for the picture and even a bit of a stirring inside my pants.

"Oh, honey, that was priceless! You ARE my kinda people!" With that I handed her a seventeen dollar tip for putting up with us above and beyond the call of duty. "Wow!" she said quietly, "Now you're my new favorite customers, too." We all laughed and she went on to discreetly add, "Hey I'm outta here in a half hour if you guys'd like to hang out for awhile..or somethin'."

The girls looked at each other. I started to say that Donna needed to get going when all of a sudden the two of them reached over and hugged Jazmyn. "We'll meet you outside," said Donna.

"Ummm..well, okay, then," I added with a slightly confused smile. She gave me a quick hug, also and if I didn't know better (and I don't), I'd swear she purposely grabbed my ass. When I looked up, my two friends were walking away so I scurried up to their sides. "Hey, what's the hurry?"

"We're going to the bathroom, dumbass. You wanna come?"

"Oh. Sorry. I'll pay and be ready by the time you come out."

"Haha," laughed Donna. "You'd BETTER be ready." They both giggled like the teenagers they almost were and nearly skipped on around the corner to the restroom. I paid us up and waited by the door for what seemed forever before they finally came out still giggling like idiots.

"Geez, what'd you guys do in there anyway and do you have any more of those drugs?"

"If you must know," Donna said, "we peed."

"...and while we were peeing, we discussed a little idea," added Cindy as she kind of stuck her long tongue out at me.

"You know you guys scare me? I mean seriously. Always have. Like the time when you two..."

"Oh, stop that, you moron!" said Donna slapping at my arm, "It's not like you have to be anywhere anytime soon and you might just LIKE what we have in mind."

The three of us started out the door into the parking lot. It was just past dusk and there was an eerie glow offset by all the garish sign lights from the nearby highway. "No, I don't have to be anywhere until tomorrow morning but I thought you said YOU wanted to be back on the road by dark, y'know?"

"Hey, something came up," she said with a squint and a naughty grin. At the same time, she clearly gestured her head toward my crotch. It was rather obviously tenting my pants a little. My own eyes drifted back to her tits. I hadn't been a breast man since I was sixteen but Donna's huge ones could easily change that.

"So anyway," said Cindy, apparently continuing a conversation from the restroom, "like I was saying before, it's not like I haven't done it with a woman...sorta. I mean...it's been a few years but..."

"Did you come?" Donna asked casually as we stood in the windy lot. The pair of them dissolved into nervous laughter at the very boldness of the question. "Hey, answer me, bitch! I said, 'Did you come?,' she asked again, knocking her shoulder hard against Cindy's.

"Hahahahahahaha!! YES! I came! I CAME! Damn you, Donna! Hahahahaha! I shook and shivered and screamed and collapsed the fucking bed we were on, okay?? Hahaha! The cops, the fire department and even the freakin' CIA had to come and see what the hell was going on! Does that work for you??"

"Really? I'm impressed."

"NO! Not really. Ohmigod...gotta catch my breath now. UGGHH!!! Yeah...yeah, I came but it was a little one, y'know? It was just okay. My timing sucked. She was on her period and wouldn't let me try much of anything on her so I never got the full experience. I really wanted to but..."

I tried to join in on the conversation casually without letting the girls know I was really getting turned on with all of this sex talk. I mean, all of us had always been open...but usually on the phone or on the computer...and always seperately! This was a little too...well...REAL to be comfortable. " So you, like, had a rumble instead of an earthquake?"

"You just stay out of this! What do you know about it? You can be such a MAN sometimes!"

"Ummm....could that be because I AM one? I mean...I CAN prove it, y'know." In spite of my stiffie, I went for the obvious visual gag and faked unzipping my zipper.

"No!" they yelled simultaneously with their hands held up in the air.

Under her breath, Donna added, "Not just yet, anyway."

"What'd you just say?" I asked in all seriousness.

Before I could get an answer, however, Cindy interrupted with "Ohmigod! I have GOT to tell you! You are, like, one of the very, very few people I can tell this to!"

"Cool! What? Tell me, tell me!"

"And a little lower, please, " I added, "or else you'll also be telling all of Foster County, loudmouth."

"Rude! Anyway, it's like, the most bizarre thing that's ever happened to me! You are NOT gonna believe this!"

"What? Tell me!"

"You are just NOT gonna believe what happened!"

"Okay but if you don't actually tell me soon, I'm gonna stomp your foot, you crazy girl."

"Fine! Fine! It's just that this thing..." Cindy started before being interrupted by Donna doing just what she had so calmly threatened, stamping down hard in the general area of Cindy's left foot. "Hey! You asshole! I was gonna tell it that time!"

"Oh, my bad. Good thing I missed then. Please continue."

"Okay, so last month I spent a week in Detroit visiting my dad, y'know, and while I was there he bought me not one but FOUR full outfits! SO cute! Oh, I wish you had time to see 'em. Anyway, when it came time to leave, I didn't have enough room to pack 'em."


"So dad says, 'Hey, guess what? I've got one of your old suitcases in the back of my closet.' Guess he accidentally brought it with him when he moved up there. So I'm thinking how cool and he finds it and I start to pack it and you'll never guess what I find in there!"

I couldn't resist. I slapped myself in the forehead and said, "So THAT's what happened to your pet hamster, Harvey!"

"UGH! You're closer. Hit him. "

Donna did just that with a great big smile on her face. "Owww! Not so hard, alright?"

"ANYway...I found my very first...vibrator!"


"YES! Seriously! And I checked and the batteries still worked and everything. But then I'm, like, did Dad see this?"

"Oh, you can bet he'd have said something if he'd ever found it," I offered.

"No, that's just it. He's the type who most likely would've put it back and just pretended he'd never seen it, y'know?"

"Ewww!" was Donna's response. "I could never play with it again if I thought there was even a chance that my stepdad had touched it! I mean...Ewwww!!"

"And I get that, I really do but this was a really, REALLY good one, okay? I mean, I've got other sex toys. This one here gave most of 'em to me, in fact," she said, gesturing to me.

"Ewww, again!"

"What's with the 'Eww?' I sent you one that Christmas, too, remember? That thick tiger-striped one?"

Another smile rolled across Donna's lips. "Oh, yeah!"

"Anyhow, this one was all flesh-colored and soft and squishy just like real skin and it was all veiny and looked just like a real wang."

"A wang?"

"She means a real dick," I explained.

"Well, yeah, and it feels like the real thing, too. And you know, like, I've got a kind of 'oral fixation' and with this, if there's no guys around, I can just..." With that, she opened her mouth in an O shape and began wiggling her tempting tongue lasciviously as if she were plunging an invisible penis into her mouth. Again, the pair of them dissolved into laughter.

"So you decided to keep it, then?"

"Fuck, yeah! Used it just before we headed out here tonight, in fact!"

"Eww! TMI!" Donna yelled very loudly while scrunching up her face.

Standing there leaking pre-cum into the stretched crotch of my underwear, I was starting to feel like I was intruding. We had always all three been sexually open. It just seemed natural to us. Our friendships had been filled with double entendres and sharing fantasies and secrets. Cindy, for instance, had called me to brag when she had performed her very first blowjob to completion and later to tell me when she had sex with two different guys on the same day. Likewise, Donna had emailed me after discovering the unexpected joys of anal sex with a married man. That said, I was sure that none of us had ever looked at ourselves as potential sex partners. As the very public conversation continued to stay explicit, though, I was at long last wondering if maybe...

"Y'know, " said Donna, "I came thiiiis close to having my first threesome just a couple nights ago."

"You naughty girl! Details! I want details, dammit!" demanded Cindy.

" Yeah, and the weirdest part was that the one guy was gay!"

"What th'?"

"Yeah, okay. Y'see I had been hot for this guy I'd been working with at my summer job and it was my last night so it was now or never. So I asked him out and, of course, we had sex at his place."


"And it was AWEsome! I don't think I was ever so wet! But anyway, the next night, Wednesday, he asked me out to this club and there were these two gay guys there and they were SO funny--I mean, really out there with their dancing and all , y'know? Just fun to watch."


"And me, well I'd had a little--okay maybe kind of a lot--to drink and somehow I ended up giving the cute redheaded one a lap dance."

"Oh my God!"

"Yeah, and he was really gettin' into it and started feelin' up my boobs and then he said, 'Mama, you got the biggest tits I ever saw. Please let me suck 'em.' And remember, I was blitzed so I just said, 'sure' and pulled up my top right there! Next thing I know, this guy's got his lips clamped on my right tit and his tongue's playing with my nipple ring. It was ginormously weird but it was AWEsome!"

"Okay, stop. We've got a problem, here," said Cindy.

"What's the matter, hon?"

"I'm horny now, dammit!" she announced with a laugh that doubled as frustrated crying.

"Oh my fucking God, why is that a problem? Remember what we discussed in the restroom?"

"I didn't think you were serious! I mean...I can't do it with HIM!" she was pointing at me, of course.

"Oh, thank you SO much," I said with only a bit of sarcasm.

"I cannot believe that in all the time you guys have known each other you've never done anything. Not even a handjob!" Cindy had a sensuous pout on her lips but shook her head rapidly from side to side.

"Well, I DID sniff her panties a few times," I said.

"You what!?" Cindy asked in surprise.

"And surely you noticed that I would get hard whenever I gave you backrubs or footrubs?"

"Ooooo!" said Donna, "Now we're getting somewhere!"

"Shut up! My feet hurt alot, okay? How was I supposed to know he had a fucking foot fetish? And by the way, mister, when did you sniff my...?"

"Look, I don't have a foot fetish but you do have absolutely the cutest, smoothest little feet I have ever seen."

Donna interjected with, "You wanna suck 'em? 'Cause I'd kinda like to watch." Cindy and I were looking at each other like we'd never looked at each other before. "My car's got a bigger back seat. Come on."

"I'm horny, " Cindy deadpanned. "I'm only doing this 'cause I'm really horny."

"Oh, thanks, again. You are makin' me feel so special."

"Guys, guys," said Donna trying to calm the situation a bit. "We're all friends. We all trust each other and we're all horny. Girl, I don't know about you but I've been looking forward to sucking his dick tonight. Have you ever even seen it?"


" Cindy, you have got great cocksucker lips. By your own admission, you have an oral fixation. You LIKE to suck cock! Do you swallow?"

"Yeeees..." she answered a tad sheepishly.

"Then why the hell are we denying our friend here the pleasure that we can give him by sucking him off when we both love sucking guys off? I mean, seriously, who deserves it more--some guy you pick up at a club or at the grocery or the guy who's always there for us no matter what?"

I wasn't sure why she was doing this but I loved the fact that Donna was championing me. My cock loved it, too as it was now harder than ever and straining painfully at my tight pants as we climbed in to the back seat of her car. She was right. It was bigger than mine. Cleaner, too.

"But some people are friends and some people are lovers and sometimes if you make your friends your lovers, you screw up the friendship. Happens all the time."

"Honey," I said, " do you really think I would stop being your friend if you gave me a blowjob? I mean, where's the logic in that? No, it would make me feel even more special to you. Even if it never happened again, it would always be a very special memory. In your heart, you've gotta know that."

"Oh, I don't knooow..."

"Alrighty, then. Guess I'll have to..." said Donna as as she leaned in toward me.

"NO!" Cindy barked. "Mine first!"

"Girls, girls. Now don't fight over little old me."

"Jerk!" said Cindy.

"Just kiss her, dude." I did. I grabbed the back of Cindy's head unexpectedly and pushed my lips to hers. She seemed startled at first and I almost had second thoughts but my dick was now straining to be free. She smelled so good! In a second, she was kissing back, her tongue tentatively probing into my willing mouth and her hand rubbing up and down the front of my pants.

"Oh, you guys that is SO fucking hot! Go on and suck him, baby! I wanna see." As Donna said this I glanced across at her and saw her hand was down inside her jeans. If possible, that made me even harder. My hands were shaking but I helped Cindy loosen my belt and unzip me. My pole stood up impatiently through the hole in my dark blue boxers. As if in slow motion I watched my lovely young friend grasp my rigid tool. She squeezed it just enough to elicit a few drops of moisture out of the tip, then she got her hands sticky with it and spread it around as she began slowly pumping it. Her eyes looked into mine. As if to prove that she was still my crazy friend, she stuck her tongue out at me and wrinkled up her nose. It made me laugh but it didn't ruin the moment. Cindy made a big show of opening her mouth and lowering her head to my manhood.

"Oh, yeah," said Donna, her hand now gliding quickly over her covered treasure, "Suck him, bitch. Grab his big ol' balls and just..."

"Hey, shut up, ya perv! I HAVE done this before you know!"

" Sorry," Donna laughed. "It's just that I've always wanted to direct."

"Well, guess what, asshole! I Don't! Need! Direction! Just...just play with yourself and leave me alone, here!"

"Ummm...yeah, " I added. "She's doin' just fine, y'know?"

" See!" Cindy added.

" Fine. Whatever. Ya little cocksucker."

They both stared at each other fighting big smiles. "So? Wanna make something of it?" As she said that, Cindy finally lowered her luscious pink lips to my lap and slid my dick into the soft, warm tunnel to her throat. Every nerve ending in my body trembled for a second. I moaned loudly and my eyes caught Donna's. She winked and gave me an incredibly naughty look.

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