tagInterracial LoveThe Best Bet

The Best Bet


I pulled up to Aaron's apartment complex after dark but stayed in my car for several minutes. 'I can't believe I'm doing this.' I thought. My phone buzzed, Aaron was texting me, "Did you find the Apartment ok?"

I snatched up the phone and punched the keys like they owed me money, "Yea I just don't know what number."

"13." His response was immediate.

I sighed and checked my hair in the rear view mirror one more time. I occupied myself with weather my hair looked better in front of or behind my ears. I'm blonde and pale as the moon, so there's not much in the way of contrast.

I decided on putting it behind my ears and knocked on his door. Aaron answered with a smirk, "You ready to lose?" I set my jaw and retorted, "You better have that thousand dollars ready." Aaron's living room was spartan in decor, with only a fold-out couch and bean-bag chair in the way of creature comforts. Deshawn and Anton were both on the couch watching the game.

My stomach lurched. 'What are they doing here?' I thought, 'What if I lose?' Aaron must have sensed my surprise, "New offer," He said, "Three-thousand dollars on the table. If you lose yo blow all of us." I started to retort, but then I thought about it. I could pay rent with a thousand but my shoes were getting pretty worn, and the car was only a bad turn away from needing repairs, and I haven't been to the movies in a long time...

"Fine." I said, "But only if he goes down in the first."

Aaron looked at Deshawn, who shrugged. Aaron bit the inside of his lip for a second before nodding to himself. "Yea, ok. That's fair."

I sat down between Anton and Deshawn and crossed my arms.

The bell went off and the fight started. 'Fast Hands' O'Leary vs 'Black Iron' Wilson in the octagon. O'Leary sprinted into Wilson and got three jabs in faster than the camera could follow. Aaron made eye contact with me and I smiled. This was going to be the easiest 3k I ever made. But Wilson stayed up, ducking out of O'Leary's barrage. O'Leary jumped back before Wilson even had time to react. A thin trail of blood traced down Wilson's face but he seemed unphased. Wilson walked forward, slow and steady and O'Leary leapt forward to meet him. But this time Wilson was prepared. He deflected everything O'Leary threw at him all the while strode on, like a vengeful glacier. O'Leary darted this way and that, hammering Wilson at every opportunity. Black iron was bloodied and bruised, but his bulk was hemming O'Leary into a corner. Slowly. Surely. Inevitably. Finally O'Leary had nowhere to run and Wilson slammed him with an audible crack. The force of the blow hit Fast Hands so hard he stoped moving. The refs were still counting, but I looked at all my opponents and my heart sank. O'Leary had gone down in the first.

I stammered and looked from face to face, trying to find a way out of this. Aaron rose an kneeled in front of me. His eyes were soft and sympathetic. "Look," He said, "How about we just pay for this in money. You give me three thousand dollars and we'll just forget about the whole thing. Ok?" My heart pounded, the whole reason i took the blowjob bet was because I didn't have that kind of cash! "I- I- I don't- I haven't got- I- I thought-"

"Or." Anton interrupted, "We flip a coin, right now. Heads, you get a thousand dollars. Tails, and we do whatever we want with you. No condoms."

I swallowed hard. My voice dropped to a shaky whisper. "I haven't got the money..."

Aaron looked exasperated, "Well then call you Dad and-"

"No! No way! Just flip the coin."

Anton flipped the coin and it landed right on my lap; heads. I looked at Deshawn and my heart skipped a beat, he was grinning and he had a bulge that went down to his knee.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. How the hell did he walk around with that? Deshawn pulled it out and I audibly gasped. His cock was eleven inches long and not even all the way hard yet. I bent down, almost in a trance, and put his head in my mouth. It was the biggest cock I had ever put in my mouth, even bigger than my boyfriend's.

As I bent down, Anton pulled my pants down and grabbed my ass roughly. "Damn! You thicker than a sister!" Deshawn laughed as I forced his cock into my throat. Anton's cock head pressed against my labia and I could already feel my juices running over him. Deshawn grabbed the sides of my head and forced my face down to his groin, making me smell his musk. Anton pressed his cock into me and I moaned, sending vibrations throughout Deshawn's shaft and balls.

Anton laughed and pressed deeper. "You tight as fuck! You never been with a brother before?" He quickened his pace and stretched me out. He and Deshawn started fucking me from both ends. Anton was so rough I vocalized with every thrust. I could feel him slamming my cervix. The vibrations brought Dehsawn to climax and he grabbed my head and forced my face to his groin. He shot load after load after load of thick, delicious cum down my throat, not that thin clear stuff my boyfriend had. His was thick, white and plentiful. I gulped it down and started to cum.

'No!' I thought. I'm not going to cum yet. I won't. Not for Anton. "I can feel you, girl!" Anton teased, "Once you cum on a black cock you can't go back to whitey." Deshawn pulled out of my mouth and left the living room. I couldn't cum! I wouldn't! Not for anyone but my boyfriend! Anton pulled out and pressed his shaft to my lips, "Clean it off, bitch!"

I hurriedly ran my tongue all over his shaft, tasting my juices, grateful he hadn't made me cum. Now I could go back to my boyfriend and still make love to him. Still enjoy hims. Still see him as a man.

Then I felt Aaron's cock slide into me.

I steeled myself against the sensations, tried not to love what he was doing to me. But the more I resisted, the harder it was. I fought on the thin line before cumming for what felt like forever. I felt Aaron's testicles suck in and his cock start to spasm. He filled me with hot cum as an orgasm ripped through me in waves. I geysered all over his balls and thighs. Wave after wave of punishing orgasm blotting out all other thought as I realized I was screaming at the top of my lungs. I understand why people called God's name when they cum now. I collapsed forward onto the couch. Aaron's coal-black cock sloughed out of me and his cum leaked down my thigh.


I sat in my car in the dawn light and groaned. I was sore all over. My phone vibrated, '12 texts: Brian'. I scoffed a little and sent him a reply without reading his messages.

'Dear Brian,

I want to break up. Now that I've been with a Black Man I can't go back to a white boy. It's not your fault, it's what you are. And what you are can't measure up to what I want.

I hope you understand,


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I didn't quite understand what was going on in this story.
But I'm sure it made sense in your head whilst you were wanking yourself.

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