tagLoving WivesThe Best Birthday Ever

The Best Birthday Ever


I awake, long before my alarm clock tells me it's time to rise, to relieve my bladder. Eyes shut, I make it to the toilet and pray I can fall back asleep. I finish, return to the bed, thankful for the darkness, and manage to fall back asleep. So far, my day is going well.

Soon, though, the alarm clock confirms that 6:30am has arrived. As I always do, I hit the snooze button and return to lying on my back. My wife rises, makes her way to the bathroom to relieve herself. I hear her briefly fumbling around her sink and she returns to bed, snuggling close to me. Almost immediately, her hand reaches into my boxers and fishes out my soft penis. Her warm mouth envelops my penis and I am surprised – given the early hour – that her mouth is so wet. As she sucks me, my penis extends to its full seven inches – thick and circumcised. And now her mouth descends the full length of my cock, taking in the full length and then ascending all the way up to the now swollen cock head. Her mouth continues to massage my dick for a few minutes this way until it is hard, slick and primed.

"I love the way you suck my cock. You're so good at it." I tell her.

Now, she grips the wet shaft of my cock and begins to stroke it up and down as her mouth – increasing its suction – works just the head of my cock. Her skills are remarkable and the pleasure is euphoric. A few more minutes pass, with her hand and mouth combining to pump my cock. Soon, I erupt in pleasure.

"Oh I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your mouth! Are you going to swallow my cum?" I state.

My wife moans an affirmative and my cum begins to fill her mouth. Her mouth holds steady with the entire head inside her mouth, while her hand pumps my shaft vigorously, milking me of every drop of cum. It feels as though I've shot a voluminous load of cum into my wife's warm, wet mouth. My wife loves pleasing me and she moans loudly so I know she's enjoying it, too. The very last drop of warm, gooey semen slowly eases out of my cock slit and into my beautiful wife's mouth. I hold her head steady – my penis now too sensitive. My wife relaxes her grip, both hand and mouth, and swallows my cum. She returns her mouth to my penis and tenderly sucks up the last few drops.

"Happy Birthday!" she says to me, and pecks me on the lips.


Several hours have passed and I am in my office, tending to my work. Although my birthday today is a significant one – at least to some people – nobody at work knows and that is just fine with me. I'm not into birthdays. At 11 o'clock, I call my wife and tell her I want to pick her up and take her to lunch.

"What time will you be here?" she asks.

"In 30 minutes." I respond.

I arrive home and enter the house from the garage. Amazingly, my wife is ready though she is talking on her phone via a Bluetooth connection. Not surprisingly, she looks hot. Tight, white tank top made of silk, tucked into a black miniskirt. Her heels add a few inches to her naturally short height, extending the look of her legs.

"Hey!" she says, greeting me. "I'm on the phone – just a few more minutes. Come here."

I approach my wife who is standing near the sofa. She turns her back to me, hikes her miniskirt over her hips and bends over the couch, nearly at a right angle. Little cotton panties – black, trimmed in hot pink with hot pink polka dots – barely cover her plump, voluptuous ass. She is still talking on the phone. From her side of the conversation, I gather she is talking to her friend, Jennifer, about nothing terribly important.

Instantly, my cock springs to life, hardening completely. I approach her, pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles, spit into my hand and lube my cock. My left hand pulls her sexy little panties aside while my right hand positions my erect penis at the opening of her labia. I push forward and my cock head enters her. I push my hips forward even more, slowly, and insert the full length of my hardened cock into her. She moans, somewhat loudly, but keeps the telephone conversation going. Her pussy is very wet, surprisingly so. She must have been thinking of this for awhile. Silence – we exchange no words. I pump her slowly, allowing her tight, wet pussy to conform to the presence of my penis. A few more slow pumps and I know – from experience – that she is ready. My left hand is still holding her little cotton panties aside and my right hand reaches around and underneath, fondling her nice tit through the silky tank top. She is not wearing a bra – a first for her – and the smooth silk covering her soft tit and erect nipple feels so good in my hand. My wife is holding nothing back today – she is wet, horny and bra-less for me. I begin to pump her furiously, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

"And then what did she say?" my wife asks Jennifer.

My wife is serving me another birthday present - her - for my sole, unmitigated pleasure. My mind bathes in the pleasure – my wife turning me as much mentally as much as physically. I want to pound her now. My left hand lets her panties go and I grab her tiny waist with both hands and slam my cock into her pussy.

"It's Mark's birthday today so he's taking me to lunch." my wife says to Jennifer.

Slam! Slam! Slam! I can't wait to fill my wife's tight little pussy with my cum. I can tell she's giving maximum effort not to make any noise that would indicate to her friend on the other end of the telephone that she is getting fucked hard and loving it.

"I know, I know." My wife responds to her friend. "I gave him a blow job this morning to start his day off right."

That does it. Hearing my wife tell her friend how that she gave me a blow job sends me over the edge. I pound harder as cum begins to erupt forth from my cock. For a moment, I debate whether to be silent or loud as I usually am. I can't decide and stutter in the process

"Unh! Unh! Oh god! So tight!" I blurt out, rather loudly.

I'm thrusting into her pussy as my hands hold her waist still to give me maximum force as I pump my wife as hard as possible. Soon, I can thrust no more and shove my cock as far up into her vagina as possible. I lean my torso against her back to hold her steady and, with both hands, forcefully grab and knead her soft tits decorated with stiff, pointy nipples. I hold her there to make sure she takes every drop of cum from me.

"Oh, that was just Mark, sneezing." My wife said.

Apparently, Jennifer heard me.

I relax my body and enjoy the sensation of my wife's warm pussy, now feeling wet and loose from all the cum I spewed into her, and her soft full tits that I play with. My wife completes her conversation with Jennifer as my cock softens. I withdraw and pull up my pants. My wife fixes her panties so that they are in place, pulls her skirt down and smoothes it.

"Are you ready for lunch?" she asks me.

"I'm famished now. Are you ready?" I ask her.

"Yeah, do I need my purse?" she inquires.

"Not really. It's not like you're gonna pay." I reply.

"That's true. Let's go!" she says.


Max's is a very popular, trendy uptown lunch spot. Pricey but good, it draws the old-money crowd at night, and well-dressed businessmen at lunch. Tables are close together and soft voices get drowned out.

We pull up and one valet opens the door for my wife while another opens mine. As I meet my wife and grab her hand to walk inside, I hear one valet comment to the other.

"Dude, that chick just flashed me the biggest crotch shot ever! I saw her panties!"

My wife is pouring it on, now. As the hostess escorts us to our table, I can tell the men are admiring my sexy little wife.

We get our drinks, chat, peruse the menu and order our meal from the waitress.

"Did you like that?" My wife asks me.

"Like what?" I ask.

"Fucking me like that. Having me be your little cum hole that you fill whenever your dick gets hard." My wife asks, her voice loud enough that, surely, the guys at the next table hear her.

"Of course I liked that! In fact, I love it."

"Well, it's a very special birthday treat. " She says.

Soon, my wife rises to go the bathroom. Minutes pass. She returns and, as she sits down in her chair, she drops on to the small table a ball of black cotton.

"What's that?" I ask.

"My panties." She replies. "See?" She asks as she unfurls them right there on the table. She reads my puzzled look. "You came so much they are just gooey and sticky and uncomfortable. I should have changed them at home before we left. I have no purse so put 'em in your pocket." She says matter-of-factly.

Needless to say, eyes and ears are trained on us, her, the table. I am blushing.

Before I can scoop them up, the waitress returns with our food.

"Those are cute!" the waitress remarks, pointing at my wife's little, black cotton panties.

I apologize and grab the panties, stuffing them into my pants pocket. I am hard during the entire time we eat lunch. My wife is being so naughty, so bold. I concentrate hard to mentally talk down my erection before I stand up and walk through the crowded restaurant.

I hand the valet my ticket and I can tell the two young men are jockeying to see who gets to open the car door for my wife. I drive a two-door coupe that is very low to the ground. Very hard for a woman in a short skirt to enter and exit gracefully. The car pulls up and the lucky young man practically falls over himself to open my wife's door. I am watching him and he is positioned perfectly to see her pussy, with its full but neat bush, as she exaggeratedly spreads her legs to get in the car. I enter the driver's seat, knowing the valet is telling his buddy about the wonderful full view my wife just gave him. I begin the drive home to drop off my wife and return to work. A ten or fifteen minute driving through typically heavy traffic. My wife asks me to open the sunroof and roll down the windows. I oblige.

Then my wife reclines her seat back, stretches out her legs and pulls her skirt up. Her naked pussy and bush are on display, her cum-filled panties still in my pocket. I steer with the left hand and she grabs my right hand and thrusts it up her skirt.

"Feel me." She says. "My pussy is so wet."

Sure enough, I rub my fingers against her cunt. The labia have already unfolded some and she is soaked. I rub my fingers in her pussy juices and put them to my lips, tasting her nectar. I love the taste of my wife's pussy and never turn down opportunities to lick her, taste her. She knows I love her scent, her taste.

I return my fingers to her snatch and begin to rub her clit, spreading her nectar from her cunt to her little love nub. When I first rub her clit, my wife gasps in pleasure. I know she is turned on. I begin to rub her clit vigorously while I drive.

We pull to a stop at a red light. Cars next to us, cars behind us. They are her audience.

"Oh, Mark, my pussy is so wet. Oh, rub it faster!" She announces loudly. She wants to be seen, heard.

Even if in a room just the two of us with no sound, fingering my wife's swollen clit would be enough to make me hard. But now, my typically reserved, private, conservative wife is acting completely against type and I find it exhilarating, highly erotic. My mind and cock love the show my wife is putting on for me. And the other drivers.

The light turns green and we proceed, my right hand still fingering her clit. Up and down, back and forth, side to side I rub. My wife is now slowly grinding her hips, biting her lips, rubbing and pinching her erect nipples through her shear silk tank top. The cars to our right and left are keeping perfect pace with mine, not wanting to miss out on the show.

"Stick your finger in my pussy!" She commands.

I oblige and shove my right middle finger in her wet snatch as far I can. With my index finger, I can ever so lightly rub her clit. I do and she loves it. She tells me to do it slowly, though. Again, another red light and our car comes to a rest. My wife does not.

"Oh yeah! Oh God, yeah! I'm gonna cum! Rub faster!" She screams.

The car to our left – closest to her side – has their window down. Furiously, I'm rubbing her swollen clit.

"Oh yeah, both fingers now!" she commands.

I withdraw the middle finger I had buried in her tight cunt and use it with others to rub her clit with multiple fingers. My fingers are drenched in her nectar. They slip and slide around as I rub her clit.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah! Make me cum, rub my pussy!" My wife screams, literally.

I think she likes putting on a show while getting to be anonymous, her face hidden from her audience. She is delirious with pleasure. Her hips are thrusting violently and she is pinching her nipples. This goes on for a dozen seconds or two.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" she moans as the orgasm wave crests.

She grabs my hand with hers and holds it still, don't move. She grinds her hips some more, though. A car horn brings us back to the present. Apparently, the light had turned green many seconds ago but I had forgot that I was driving a car. I begin to motor on.

"Oh god, Mark, that was good! I was so turned on. Were the other cars watching?" She asks.

"Yep! Great show. That was awesome!" I reply.

She adjusts her skirt and her seat so she is sitting up now. "Oh my, look at you!" she announces.

No surprise, my rock-hard dick is about to tear a hole through my pants.

"How much longer till home?" she asks.

"Five minutes." I reply.

She reaches into my pocket and retries her little black cotton panties with the hot pink trim and polka dots. She unzips my fly and retries my fully erect cock, all seven inches standing at attention. She strategically places her little cotton panties around the shaft and head of my cock and begins to jerk me. I feel just a bit of dampness in her panties from when my cum oozed from her cunt and into the cotton crotch. I struggle to pay attention to the road as I pilot my car, my wife now jerking off my panty-encased cock. I'm too turned on to last long. Soon I begin to cum and tell her.

"You're making me cum." I say.

"Oooohhhhh!" She coos. "You're so turned on. Cum for me. Cum in my little black panties!" She says to me.

She's jerking me furiously. Both hands gripping the steering wheel, knuckles white, I try to concentrate on the road as I can feel my cum fill her panties. I want to faint from the euphoria. When my cock stops twitching and spewing my warm gooey semen, she carefully gathers the panties, dabs at the head of my cock and throws them in the back seat. We arrive at the house and she puts my semi-soft cock back in its place and zips me up. A long, passionate kiss, another birthday wish and she exits the car. I return to work, relieved, satisfied, drained.


It's now 4 o'clock and I'm at the office, trying to make this birthday Friday a somewhat productive day. Not having much success, though. I receive a text message from my wife. Check your email.

I go to my personal email account and see a message from her.

What time will you be home tonight?

I send a reply email and inform her I'll be home by 6pm. Immediately, another email from my wife arrives.

Text or call when you leave office.

Check out attached picture, you'll love the panties I'm wearing.

I locate the attachment. I double-click the jpeg file and it opens. There, before my eyes, is a picture of my wife in a little school-girl outfit: white, sheer blouse cropped at the midriff; short, red, plaid skirt; long white socks and black shoes. Her long dark hair pulled back in a pony tail. My heart skips a beat and I draw in a long breath. Many of years of marriage and I she's about to make my fantasy come true. I'm staring at the picture of my wife, the sexy little school girl. How the hell am I going to get through another 90 minutes of work?

Somehow I manage to pass the 90 minutes. I text my wife, as requested, and race home. Adrenaline coursing through my veins.

I enter the living room from the garage. My "In the Mood" iTunes playlist is playing softly on the stereo, Marvin Gaye cooing seductively from the speakers. A glass of red wine on the end table, beneath it a note telling me to sit right here and get comfortable. I remove my tie, my shoes and socks, sit down and take a long slow sip of the wine. Marvin continues to croon a few more minutes and I wonder where my wife is as I continue to sip my wine. The music changes to Prince and, on cue, my wife enters the room. Stunningly sexy in her school girl outfit, my jaw drops. She puts her finger to her lips, motioning me to be quiet.

She begins to dance for me, seductively. My wife has the skills and the body to be a stripper but she's not that type of girl. Except for me. For tonight. She dances, she teases, she tortures me. She grinds her thick, voluptuous ass in my crotch. She's grinding, bouncing, her hands on the couch supporting her. I reach around and grab her breasts, squeezing them firmly. She stands up and, in perfect timing to the song, slowly draws up the red plaid skirt. A silk pair of white ruffled panties clings to her ass and hips. I haven't seen these since our wedding night. My blood is boiling and my cock wants to explode.

She bends over with her ass now a foot or so from my face and pulls her panties aside, exposing her plump labia, lightly covered with dark pubic hair. I push my face forward, wanting to taste her and smell her. She pulls away, she's teasing me, teasing herself. She stands, turns around and raises her skirt again as her body bumps and grinds along with Prince. She exposes the front of her panties to me. They are so low that her dark pubic hair peeks above the elastic edge of her silky white panties.

"Touch me." My wife commands me, and pulls her panties aside. I reach out and rub her slit. Dripping wet, she is very turned on. I rub her pussy, moving the slickness of her nectar from her vagina up to her clit. She gasps,moans.

"Now pull your cock out and show me how hard you are." She tells me.

With my free hand, I unzip my pants and remove from my boxers seven inches of rock-hard penis. I lightly stroke my own shaft as I finger fuck my wife. She is still swaying, grinding her hips. She pushes me back against the couch and mounts me, quickly her pussy envelops my cock. I unbutton her top and get access to her silky white bra with its clasp in front. I undo the clasp and free her soft, C-cup tits. I take her erect nipples in my mouth and tug on them with my lips. She loves this. She begins to ride me. All the way up the shaft, until my cock head is parting her labia. And then all the way back down so that my cock is pressing against her cervix. She is fucking me slowly for her own pleasure.

She takes my ear in her mouth and sticks her tongue in forcefully (she knows I love this). She whispers to me.

"Tonight I going to let you fuck my virgin ass." She informs me.

I freeze in shock. I have been with my wife for a very long time (we're now counting decades and not years) and anal sex was always, unequivocally off the menu. She had no interest, thought it dirty, didn't like pain or discomfort. But tonight, given the specialness of my birthday, she was going to give me something I had wanted for years but knew I wasn't getting. I love my wife's ass. It's truly Kim Kardashian-esque. I'm obsessed with it. And tonight, she's going to let me stick my dick in her ass and fuck it.

"Are you serious?" I ask her in disbelief.

"Yes, just let me lead and go slow." She replies.

She continues to ride me slowly, getting herself close to orgasm. I know the drill. She needs to get as close as possible to cumming without actually cumming. This heightens her mental state of arousal, makes her more horny, willing.

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