The Best Gift


"Don't be, Sass. I am lying in bed listening to Del getting Imani off. Imani is topping her pretty good. I will admit to you it is turning me on a little, too. The difference being they love one another, and Imani will get Del off as well." The action next door was heating up and Sol wanted nothing more than to jill off. "Sass, I've got to get to bed. I've got a big day tomorrow. I need to get presentations ready for Monday. After I'm done, I'll call you and see if you want to do something. OK?"

"Sure, Sol. Sounds good! Sleep tight. Bye!" Sass disconnected and Sol got her clothing off in a flash.

Imani was in a rare form. She was speaking to Del in a firm voice. "Del, darling. Did you come without permission? You do remember the rules, don't you?" Sol didn't need any rules and she was getting close. "What is the rule when I am in charge?"

Del sounded very contrite. "I'm so sorry, Miss. I am to wait for your pleasure and can only climax on command from you. I won't do it again, Miss." Sol started shaking. This always had this affect on her.

"What is the prescribed punishment, Del?" Imani's voice commanded.

"I must be disciplined, Miss." Del's voice was shaking. "Miss, how do you want to do it?"

"Get on your hands and knees. But first go get your gag. Sol doesn't want to hear this." Sol thought, She doesn't mind at all.

"Yes, Miss." Sol heard a muffled grunt as the gag was put on Del. Then grunts as Del was invaded by a big dildo. This was too much for Sol -- she came hard. The gag was taken off. "May I please you now, Miss?"

"Remember who comes first now, Del. I might need several before yours is considered."

Sol heard Del moan as she went to work. She was very good and had the African goddess climaxing loudly. Sol followed with another of her own. Imani climaxed four more times until she was sated and Sol sore. "Del, are you still in need?"

"Yes, please, Miss. I need it bad."

"Del, my wife-to-be, we will see about your needs. Sit on my face. I'm too tired to even turn over."

"Thank you, Miss. I will try to be a better sub for you when you need me to, Miss."

"You do that and I will be much happier. Do you think you need more sessions, Del?"

"Yes, Miss. If you want, I would be very happy to do your bidding."

"Del, this will not be a 24/7 thing. I know you don't want or need that, but I do need my dom time also."

"Miss, I will do what you ask. You know that."

"Good girl. Now sleep." Sol couldn't help one more climax. As always, she wondered if she would like to do that kind of thing someday. She then slipped off to sleep. She was awakened to Del's voice.

"Please, Miss. I'm about to burst with need. Please. I'll do anything."

"Then we will try again later to see if you can obey, Del."

"Can I have my arms uncuffed? Please, Miss. I need to pee really bad."

"Del, you don't need your hands to do that. Are you planning to do yourself against my orders?"

"No, Miss. I just want to clean up when I'm done."

"Well, well. Del, I better escort you. You might try something. I know how easy you get off to ass play."

"So, Del, what shall we do today? Let me think. Del, you know I think better with your mouth on me. Get to work." They got started and so did Sol. She was going to climax with Imani every time. She really needed a girl soon. Her mind turned to the sex next door. Imani was loud this morning. She had listened to Sol last night and wanted her to enjoy their sex.

Sol got up and showered. She started organizing her PowerPoint presentations. When she had finished, she looked up what movies were playing in town. She called Sass to see if she wanted to join her. Sass was happy to come along. They settled on which one and Sol was to pick Sass up. Sol went to get dressed and heard love talk through the wall.

"Imani, do you really think Sol heard us last night?"

"Yes, Del. I could readily hear her orgasms. She was trying to be quiet but she failed. I think it's so sexy that she shared our passion and even got off to it. Does it get you excited?"

"Imani, you know how exhibitionistic I am. Of course it cranks me up. Besides, I think Isolde is beautiful, and I like that we can get her motor running. Don't be upset -- you know I will never cheat on you, sweetie."

"Can't argue she is sexy as hell. I wish she'd find someone, for her sake. Then she could entertain us sometimes." Her neighbors broke out laughing while a shocked Sol slowly dressed.

She left to pick up Sass. They just had time to make the matinee. The two single women spent a fun day. Sass bought a large tub of popcorn and Sol got soft drinks. The movie was a romcom, and they both shed a few tears. After the movie, Sol took them to a little diner where they had old style burgers with fries and a shake. The evening ended with a walk in a park, where they got to know one another better. Plans were made to go to an amusement park -- both were coaster fanatics. That week they talked daily on the phone. Neither had any desire to rush into anything.

The amusement park trip took all day. The two held each other on the thrill rides. Both enjoyed the feeling of being scared by the rides and the comfort of the other's arms. They enjoyed each other's company without the stress of a date. For Sol, this was wonderful. Dating had always been difficult -- one mistake and she would fret for days. Sass made it so easy. She was incapable of having a bad time. It seemed she laughed all the time. The two made lunch plans for the next day. After lunch, they went to the arboretum and flower gardens to look at the plants. On Monday, Roland wanted to know everything. It was his way to make sure Sol was safe. Sass was taking training classes so she could be ready for next school year's teaching. They spent increasing time with each other. By May, they were going out to dinner or dining in three or four times a week. They were growing to enjoy each other more each day.

For Memorial Day, the couple wanted the company of friends. Roland and his partner, Jessup Cooper, owned a beach house. Sol asked Rollie if they could use it. "What do you have planned, Sol? We usually go down on holidays."

"We wanted to invite you guys and Del and Imani for a clambake. Sass wants to get to know you all."

"Super! I want to meet her, too, and it's been forever since I saw Del. Even longer for Imani. I know a local who can help. That's the way to go unless you want to spend a day digging sand. You want help getting the food together, Hun?"

"Thanks, Rollie! What are the sleeping arrangements?"

"We have the master, another double, and a bedroom with two twins, as well as two couches. Shouldn't be a problem with just the six of us, Sol."

"Rollie feel free to invite whomever you want. I don't mind."

"Tradition in the area is to invite the guys who helped and their families. I'll call and find out how many. I hope you understand this is an expensive deal. Probably hundreds, with sides, desserts, and drinks."

"I can afford it, Rollie. I just want to show Sass some real New England fun."

"We can talk at work, babe. And don't worry. Jessup is an old pro at these things. I'm sure he will be glad to help you get everything organized."

"OK! I'll see you tomorrow. Please ask Jess if he will help -- I know I'll need it. Bye!"

"It's as good as done, Sol. Bye, babe." Sass was very excited -- she wanted to know Sol's friends. Sol had shown her many sites and fun thing to do. Sass was developing deep feeling for Sol that she had never felt. Ever. This next step was important to both of them: They needed to know if they had a future together. Sol knew she should take care with any emotions she felt for Sass. She was always getting hurt. Sass did act as a sincerely motivated person, and not just a curious one. Sol's real question was would Sass run away after the first sexual encounter. Some first timers did. Sass was also concerned about whether or not she would like gay sex. She thought she would. How would she know except to try it. But she did not want to hurt anyone, especially Sol?

Both women were caught up in their own insecurities. Each did know that she had a very good friend in the the other. When they were apart, each craved the company of the other. Sol knew she was on the rim and was afraid Sass would walk away if she pushed too hard. Sass was also teetering on jumping in. She was sure she cared much more for Sol than she ever had for her ex. Both were spending a night alone in bed. Sass wondered what Sol was doing. Sol was listening to Del and Imani screw. And she was worked up as usual. She didn't want to respond -- she just couldn't help it.

The next day at work, Roland had the shopping list from Jessup. It was not long but it was a lot. Besides the six of them, Rollie had invited some of his friends (three) and the local guy wanted his family (four). There would be children as well as adults so there had to be food kids would like. Sass had volunteered to make homemade pies, a talent that Sol loved. Sol called Sass to see if she wanted to go grocery shopping. The party was a week away. Sass was happy to spend time with Sol for any reason, so they headed to Costco. They only needed to get beer, wine, and soft drinks, as well as butter. Del had offered to make homemade lemonade so that would require fresh lemons. They also got the plastic cups and cutlery, large garbage bags, plastic tablecloths, and a boat load of napkins. Jessup and Sol would pick up the fresh seafood the day before. He had called in what was needed to a fish monger by the beach house.

Sol and Sass were both excited by the time the weekend rolled around. They had seen each other a lot preparing for this event, and Sol was getting used to Sass. She was trusting her more each day, whereas Sass had called Del to see if they could meet to talk. Sass had a ton of questions. She mostly just wanted to be reassured that she would be OK for Sol. Del answered as kindly as she could. "Sass, I understand you are worried that you might not like lesbian sex, since you have no experience. I can tell you from talking to Sol's previous lovers that she is a loving and caring partner. I know for a fact that her prowess in bed is almost mythical -- the wall between our apartments is thin."

"Yes, I know about that wall. Sol says she sometimes has X-rated audio." They both broke out in laughter.

"OK, I know I have benefitted from the same thing. Quite often there was a mutual show. One of us would get the other started, then we all would go crazy. I don't share Imani nor does she share me, but this kind of thing is a whole lot of fun."

"Del, how did you know you wanted to be with women? Or maybe you always knew."

"I found myself enamored with girls at a young age. I looked at them not men. At a sleep over we played truth or dare when I was 15. I was dared to kiss one of the girls. I still remember how I didn't want to stop. She really pushed me off, so I said I was sorry. Later that night one of the other girls crawled into bed with me and we made out like crazed kids all night. It was all I could do to get home and beat off. I was at it all day until my mom found me. She wanted to know why, so I told her. I wrongly thought she was a cool mom. She tried to calmly explain that it was totally fine for me to play with myself, that all people do it. Just not to think about girls when I do it. I was careful after that, until I went to college. That's where I first had a girl. It was fantastic! We were like bunnies in heat. We just fucked all the time until school was over.

Imani didn't know until she was almost 27 and was seduced by an older woman. That woman wanted to own her, and Imani broke up with her. We met about a year and a half later. She had worked through her issues and we clicked. So that's our story. You have to take a chance to find your true self. It is up to you and Sol to decide when and if you make love, Sass."

"I know my mother would not mind at all. She has told me many times to find someone to love. She is a very liberal Dutch woman. She never liked Jack Mason at all. And she was right. He started out as I had imagined it would be. But later he started to hit me and step out on me. I had to leave and start over, so I came here. I will be teaching again. I love teaching but Jack made me give it up so I would not have independence. If Sol ever asks, I will make love with her gladly. I am a very sexual being and I'm getting antsy." They talked a little while longer about this and that. Sass had her mind made up. She knew Sol would be guarded at first. It made total sense. Del wanted to help with the pie-making. She thought it would be good to learn how.

Sass and Sol spent Saturday loading nonperishables into Sol's car. Jessup dropped a large cooler by, which they filled with beer, sodas, and water, as well as four pounds of butter. They headed out to the beach. They would have other things to shop for but wanted to see what the others had brought. Del and Imani were there already, and laughter floated out like happy music. Sass and Sol grabbed bags and started to haul things in. When Rollie saw them, he organized the others to bring in the rest. Jessup -- ever the organizer -- checked through what they had brought. The alcohol was well accepted: There were two cases of German beer and two more of craft American brews, 12 bottles of white wine, a case of different sodas, all the other stuff needed.

Sass asked the guys if they had pastry flour. They did, it turned out -- Jessup was a bread maker. Del got out the lemons that Sol had purchased and made sure that she had enough. Sass had brought the fruit for her pies, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries and rhubarb. Imani dearly loved pies. She had never seen the strange red stalks of the rhubarb. Sass explained that it was very sour on its own but combined with the strawberries into a wonderful pie. Jessup prepared his sourdough starter. Again Imani was super interested. Other guests arrived. Rollie was chosen to make dinner, pasta and red sauce. Del helped. She was always one who could be depended upon to volunteer.

Rollie's friends brought wine and bread, so Sass made garlic bread. It was a simple meal. The beach house was filled with laughter and music. People danced and talked. There were two bathrooms up and a full bath down, so no one would have to wait very long. As Sass and Sol got ready for bed, Sass undressed in full sight of Sol. She heard a deep moan and turned to see Sol's eyes glued to her. Sass's whole body turned red. She was proud of how she looked but did not intend to flaunt it to Sol. Sol was mesmerized by Sass's body. She was very well muscled -- legs, back, and arms. She slipped on a flannel nighty and Sol fought back her desires. Now Sol had a decision to make: Return the favor or be chaste? Her decision was for the former. She stood and stripped before her friend. Sass was flooded with want and need. She forced herself to slip into bed and hoped for quick sleep.

Del and Imani were their usual frisky selves, and they entertained the rest of the household for a few hours. Sass was shaking with need. Her fingers worked overtime, and she heard Sol doing the same. When the lovemaking came to an end, everyone was able to rest. Sass felt compelled to ask, "Sol, do you live with that every night?"

"Almost every one, Sass. I thought they might keep it down here, but I guess not."

The two heard Del's voice. "Sorry. We hoped these walls might be thicker."

Sol answered. "Del, it's OK. As always, I tried to keep up with you."

Quietly, Sass added. "Me, too." Then she giggled in an embarrassed way.

Imani's accent was obvious. "Oh, God. We need to stuff a sock in it, Del." Both Sass and Sol laughed and then drifted off to sleep. When Sol awakened, she saw Sass was gone, so she dressed and went downstairs. Jessup was getting his bread dough ready. Sass and Del were making breakfast. It looked like eggs and biscuits. Del was cooking the eggs on a griddle, and Sass, the baker girl, was finishing up the biscuits. Sass popped them into the oven and set a timer. Then she watched Jessup put his dough together.

Jessup turned to Sass and said, "Do you know how to light a wood fired oven?" Sass nodded. She grabbed the timer and went out back. She expertly set up the wood and started back in, running directly into Sol. Both jumped back, startled. Sass asked Sol to ask Jessup if he wanted it lit now. Sol ran back inside and came out nodding. Just as the timer went off, Sol turned to go back in. She pulled the flaky biscuits out and put the sheet pan on a cooling rack.

Jessup went out to check on the wood oven. "Perfect job, Saskia! Where did you learn how? Damn, girl! Were you a weightlifter at one time?"

"My mother is a professional baker back in Holland. I've been helping since I was 10. She likes her bread to be made in a wood oven. What temp are you looking for? As to the muscles, I was captain of the OUWBT my senior year. We won the European collegiate championship."

"Oh, 250 to 320 Celsius. But let's let it heat -- the bread is just starting its first proof."

"Can I cook my pies after your bread if the oven cools enough?"

"Sure. That will be fine, Sass." The two went back in. Sass needed to make her crusts. Jess wanted to get organized with Sol about the shellfish. Del and Imani joined Sass. She explained the art of crust making. Jessup had put a pastry cutter out for her. Sass laughed and said her mother would kill her if she used it. When she was asked why, she told them of the weeks of practice she had put in to develop the feel of proper dough. Sass was making three pies: The blueberry would have a lattice top, strawberry no top, and raspberry rhubarb a full top. She measured out the dry ingredients into a bowl. She mixed them and added the butter she had cut up and put in the freezer earlier. The butter was pinched in, with Sass dipping her hands in ice water often. She worked quickly. She then divided the dough into three balls, wrapped them in plastic wrap, and put them in the fridge.

Jessup had watched her work and clapped. "Ladies, that was the advanced course in pie making. Sass, you were trained well by your mom! I am more than impressed!"

"Hey, Jess! I didn't see you there. She was the best mom but was a demanding teacher." The other women asked her about what she did. They sat and talked. Jess turned out his bread dough and started to knead it on a floured countertop. His movements were a thing of beauty to Sass. She loved the meditative quality of kneading dough. Jess divided the dough into four batârds. Put them in a folded towel so they kept their shape. allowing them to rise. Then he and Sass checked the oven. Jess was happy with the temp. Sass asked him about his quick rising sourdough. He told her that he cheated by adding quick rising yeast so he could have the rest of the day free. He got out an oak wood door for the oven and soaked it in water for later. The two went back in the house, chatting. Everyone was up and about. Del had apologized for the ruckus last night to everyone. Most had laughed it off, but one of the gay guys said he had put in ear plugs so no problem.

Sol asked Jess when they had to pick up the shellfish. He told her they would go in the afternoon. Jessup made his loaves and told Sass what the temp of the oven was. Sass spent much of the day waiting for the oven to cool off. When it did, she made her desserts. They looked great! Sass put them to cool on a rack so they would not scorch the wood counter top. Jess and Sol got the seafood and vegetables for the clambake. Jess added wood to the oven -- he was going to make pizza for dinner. One of the other guests was a pizzaiolo and was going to help.

Giovani made the dough and prepared the toppings. He checked the oven and added another two pieces of wood. Then he put on a show, stretching the dough until they were ready. He made classic Neapolitan pizzas that were simple but ridiculously delicious. He served the pies with good Italian wines. All in all it was a wonderful meal. Rollie got out his guitar and sang, with others joining in. Sol and Sass sang a duet. That night Imani laid down the law, and all was quiet so everyone would be rested for the party.

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