The Best Gift


Jess felt compelled to finally ask, "Sass, I've thought about it all day and I give up. What is the OUWBT?"

"I'm sorry, Jess. It was not an intentional puzzle. It stands for Oxford University Women's Boat Team."

The clambake was a new experience for Sass, but all the others were old hands at it. The local man, Sam, and his wife, Rachel, ran everything perfectly. Their two children, Molly and David, were also a great help. The kids were older, in their mid- to late teens. Probably like all kids, they swilled sodas but were very helpful. The day was warm and just slightly breezy. The shellfish were the highlight, but Jess's bread and Sass's pies stood up well. Sol and Rollie were kept busy policing the trash and serving the beers and wine. By three, the party was cleaned up, with all the leftovers packed up to take home. Everyone except Sass had to work the next day, so they headed home.

"Sol, I had the best time of my life! Thank you for including me!" Sass said at the door to her apartment. Then something unusual happened -- she leaned into Sol and kissed her lips. The kiss was more than a chaste friend's but less than a lover's. Sass then smiled as she closed the door. I hope I'm not rushing her, but I want her to know I'm ready.

Sol's brain was swimming in thoughts as she drove home. She was confused. What was Sass signaling to her? Was she just being friendly in a European way? Or did she want more? Sol lugged up the things she brought home: She had a lot of beer and a piece of Sass's blueberry pie that she had been too full to eat. When she got to her door, there was a note from Del.

'Come over when you get home, please, Sol. Del' Now what was going on? Sol put everything away then knocked on Del's door. "Hey, Del, what's up?"

"I pissed off Imani by making so much noise that I ruined your party, Sol. She wants us to spend some time alone. She thinks I should tell you I'm sorry for being so loud at home. I really am, Sol. Even when you say it's OK, I know it's not."

"Oh, Del. It's no big deal. Why don't you come over? I brought home leftover wine and beer."

"I have to call Imani first." Del picked up her phone and dialed. "Hello, sweetie. Sol is here, and I told her I was sorry...No, she did not seem to be angry...Yes, I also apologized for being so loud at home...OK, here she is. Please forgive me, darling." Del handed over her phone to Sol.

"Hello, Imani. I hope that you had a good time at the clambake. There is nothing to be sorry about. Really."

"Sol, you are overly kind. I am ashamed of myself also and will add my regrets to Del's. Don't worry about us. I think we need time to think over what we both did. I did have the best time! Can I have Sass's phone number? I have to thank her for the desserts." Sol gave her the number. She knew that Imani would repeat her regrets as well as compliment her baking.

Sol and Del went over to Iso's apartment and had some of the wine. Sol related the kissing incident and asked Del what she thought. She just repeated Sol's thoughts of confusion.

Sol and Sass saw a lot of each other in June. Sass was getting more touchy-feely as time passed. Sol loved it, having been so long without. But she decided not to rush the lesbian virgin. On July first, Rollie asked Sol if she and Sass would like to watch the Fourth at their apartment. She did so usually, since their balcony overlooked the Charles River. The fireworks were spectacular! She called Sass and asked her if she wanted to go. And she did. She would do anything to be with Sol. As promised, the show was fabulous! The two women held hands through the whole show. Jess had put the accompanying music on so they got the full effect. Near the end, Sass whispered in Sol's ear. "I never thought fireworks were so erotic but I'm soaking wet."

"Yeah. Me, too. Would you like to come to my place?"

"I think it is time to go a little further, please." Sol was flushed with excitement, and so was Sass. Their hosts saw this and knew what was imminent. They happily wished their guests good night. Del and Imani heard the two come home. They both could tell by the voices that this was it.

Just inside the door, Sass grabbed Sol from behind. Her hands wandered up the front of her target. She wanted to prolong the whole act, but her arousal was too great. Her trembling fingers unbuttoned Sol's blouse and explored new yet familiar things. She had them, too, but these were not hers...yet. When her hands got to the bra, they hefted and fondled the contents. When she was satisfied with the preliminary inspection, she unhooked the undergarment. Sass touched the breasts in wonderment -- they were soft and gave way when she held them. She had to see them. She turned Sol around, and her eyes were filled with the stunning sight. Sass groaned and her hands shook. Fingers softly palpated the wonders before her. She watched the nipples engorge and show that her touch was appreciated and arousing. Sass pulled her new lover in for a deep impassioned kiss. Sol was enjoying the exploration.

Sass took her hand and placed it behind Sol. She dallied while stroking and caressing. The firm yet yeilding rump was a newfound thing. Men were harder. This one was inviting her probes. "Oh, my God, you are so sexy, Sol."

"Would you like me to take off my jeans so you can explore?"

"I want to do it myself, if I could." Sol's hands moved to the side, allowing free access. She felt fingers fumbling with the button. Finally, it gave way. Then those fingers pulled the zipper down, allowing a glimpse of damp panties. Sass pushed down on the pants as they slid down the legs of her goddess. Sass fell to her knees and stared at the ginger triangle visible behind the wet fabric. The scent of Sol was fascinating. She leaned forward and placed her nose against the ginger and inhaled. She had been afraid she would not like it -- now she knew she had been so wrong. She leaned back and slipped her hands into the waist band and slid them off. A thought struck her. How did I get her shoes off? She scanned the room and spied the footwear by the front door. She returned her attention to the red triangle of curls. She brushed it with her nose inhaling deeply.

"My, you are a greedy woman. I would like to unwrap my own present." Sass stood up and raised her arms to allow removal of her tank top. Sol's experienced hands pulled up and off. Her eyes roamed all over, taking the Dutch beauty in, savoring her. A finger flicked the left nipple softly but enough to elicit a moan and instant hardening. Sol reached behind. Pushing the hooks from the eyelets, she pulled the bra off the front. Sass was larger than she. Sol had a little sag, a genetic gift from her mother. Sass had none. Sol slid her palms over the mounds. Working them in circles, she felt the erect nipples. Sass's eyes were filled with need and her breathing had quickened. Sol let her hands drop down and unsnap the shorts she pulled down the zipper, letting Sass's shorts fall. She went down to her knees to inspect Sass's nether regions and inhale her scent. There was a visible dark patch between the muscled legs, dark brown like her head. Off came the panties. Sol got a big whiff of Sass that sent a bolt of lust down to her soul.

"Sass, I think we should take this to bed before one of us faints." Sol stood, putting her hand in her new girl's, and led her into the bedroom. She lowered Sass gently to the duvet, joining her by her side. "Sass, I know this is new. If you get overwhelmed, just tell me to stop. I will at once. It's OK to take as long as you need. I won't stop unless you tell me to."

"I've never been this turned on, Sol. I want to learn everything you can teach me. I don't like pain most of the time. My ex loved to bite me hard until I would cry. Please don't do that -- that's my limit."

"Sass, I won't and don't bite. However, I do love soft nibbles." Sol put her lips on Sass's, starting a deep passionate kissing session. Sass was taken in by the gentle demanding kisses. She loved kissing, but the men she had been with saw them as the necessary payment for their pleasure. Sol knew kisses were an end in and of themselves. She absolutely would be happy spending the night just kissing. Sol did let her hands explore, testing reactions. Sass's nipples were responding to gentle touches. She liked when her lower lip was pulled on by teeth. Sass was confused by how quickly she was getting aroused. She had always been hard to excite. This was not the case now. Her hips were searching for something to grind on but only found air.

"Sass, you are so hot, and your heart is beating so fast. Would you like me to bring you off?"

"I want to do you, too, Sol. I am not a greedy woman."

"OK. This is a simple but effective way to do each other. Spread your legs." Sol felt her thighs open. She then slipped her left leg between them. "Put your leg between mine and push it tight to my puss. Now you rub on my leg and I'll do the same." Sass started to rub her wetness up and down Sol's thigh. She was getting so ready. She grabbed Sol in a bear hug, using her to lift her pelvis up nearer to her partner's.

"So simple, but so good, Sol. God. I've never been this needy in my life." Her hips were slamming her need home. Sass grunted with every thrust her need was infectious Sol bucked back with her inflamed passion. In Del's bedroom, the two lovers were being given an audio that had them both hot. Sol was getting more vocal as the stimulation mounted. She was greedily kissing and fondling Sass. "Sorry, Sol, but I can't hold out any longer." Sass was starting the most intense orgasm of her life. She refrained from loud vocal outbursts. There was a hard grunt with every spasm. Sol was still hunting her own release. She kept rubbing hard continuing Sass's release as her own finale approached like a racing bullet train.

Sol's only thought at that moment was to gain her own release. An unintended consequence was Sass losing control. Sol's eyes popped open as her body fell into her release. "I'm home, my darling. Oh, fuck, yes!" Waves of paroxysms exploded in her, pulling Sass into another round. Both were groaning and moaning. Sass was losing rational thought and pounded hard. They fed each other's climaxes. Neither one knew how many they had had. They did not care. In the end, Sol had to roll off. The grunts continued for a while as they wound down.

"Are you kidding me, Sol? That was simple and easy? I think I would expire from more intensity." Sass pulled herself onto Sol and kissed her with an intensity she had never had before.

"I was in great need. Sass, I haven't been with anyone for over 18 months. I wanted this to be all about you, but I got rapacious. I will do better next time." Her fingers brushed Sass's hard nipples, causing a low moan. Imani had her face buried in Del's vulva. She was so overstimulated, she was too sensitive to be touched herself. At her climax, Del pushed her face into a pillow to muffle herself. Both couples slept well that night in the afterglow of their copulations. Sass awoke to a searing heat in her nether area. She tried to sit but found a head on her chest. The tingling in her right nipple signaled it was in Sol's mouth being actively nibbled and laved. The flame in her sex was also due to the hand lying above her slit, a finger toying with her lips and love button.

"Sol, what are you doing to me?"

Sass felt the lips that had been worrying her breast let go. "Worshiping my goddess." The lips went back to work. Sass was on the verge of exploding. To awaken to this level of stimulation was not in her experience. Of course, Jack would waken her with his cock prodding at her dry pussy, not caring about the pain it would cause. This was absolutely different: Everything was geared to her excitement, period, end of sentence. Her excitement causing her to rock her hips in an effort to increase the friction. Sol slipped two fingers into her and slowly stroked in-out, in-out, not fast enough to bring her off, just keeping her on the precipice. Sass tried to put her own hand into the action but was swatted away. She heard a mumbled 'un uh'. The slow stroking was driving her to jump. The invaders curled up gently, stroking the top of her vagina, knowingly stimulating the nerve bundle there. Lips and tongue worked the engorged nipple -- this stimulation added to her need. Teeth softly nibbled the overly sensitive dug, shooting more stimulation to her brain. Sol put the ball of her thumb on the rock hard love button and moved it slowly in concert with fingers. This was the final straw. Sass's hips blasted up and down several times. She then groaned out 'Ohhhh, Gawwwd' and started thrashing about, trying to end the stimulation. Sass was afraid she would lose control of her bladder if the orgasm continued. Sol knew she had to stop also, but it was just so much fun to be a part of.

Sol rolled off and Sass unsteadily tried to run to the bathroom -- she just made it. After she had finished, she came back to bed, still shivering from after shocks. She slid in to hold and kiss her Sol. Not believing the intensity that had struck her with just simple stimulation. "Now, Sol, we need to discuss who is the 'goddess' here. You grant pleasure without thought of your own; thus, you are my goddess." Sass laid her head on the shoulder of her new found sex teacher and drifted back into sleep.

When the sunlight awakened Sass, she found herself alone in the bed. She was not happy. She had plans for Sol. Then she heard voices outside the door. In the closet, there was a robe hanging. It was a thin silk or rayon -- she didn't take the time to discern which. It did its job. Sass slipped it on and went to see who was here. When she opened the door, there was Sol and Del drinking coffee. They looked over at her. "There's my sleeping beauty. Good morning, Sass." Sol walked up and gave her a kiss, then asked. "Would you like coffee or tea this morning?" Sass's miff disappeared with the kiss.

"Coffee would be nice, Sol." Sass sat at the table and smiled at Del. "Good morning, neighbor."

"Good morning yourself. I hear you guys had a good Fourth." Del had a big grin. She had always been a tease.

Sol set the coffee cup in front of Sass, noting the red face. "Sol, what did you tell her about last night." The tenor of Sass's voice indicated a pique, as did her red face.

Del realized she had gone too far too quickly. "Down, girl. All she told me was that you went up to Roland's and Jessup's place and watched from their balcony. You do remember that I live next door and these walls are thin. I didn't have to be told that you two tribbed last night. I heard it myself. I also was awakened by Sass getting off in the early morning. It's all nothing to be upset about. We all knew Sol and you were getting close to each other. I'm glad she took your girl/girl virginity. She is a gentle soul, Sass."

Sass was now humbled. She had gotten upset with Sol and jumped to conclusions. "I am an awful friend to you both. I should go home I think."

Sol took the crestfallen woman into her arms. "You have had an emotional rollercoaster ride, Sass. I understand. So does Del. I do want you to remember you are not just my friend now. You are also my lover." Sass looked into the redhead's face and saw total sincerity and acceptance. She laid her head on the shoulder below and started to weep tears of joy. Sol's arms wrapped her up into a protected bundle and soothed her spirit and soul. Sass was holding on to Sol like a drowning woman to a life preserver. Del got out of her chair and kissed both women on the cheek. She left silently.

Sass calmed down. She lifted her mouth to Sol's ear and whispered, "I wanted to wake you up by loving on you. Now what should I do?"

"First, let me wash your back. Then we can plan our day." Sol lead Sass to the bathroom by the hand. They bathed one another, taking time to explore and learn each other intimately. By the time they were done, Sass was at peace with what had happened and who she had done it with. They got dressed. Sass borrowed underwear, a top, and a pair of jeans. They went to sit in the front room. "Do you still want to go home, Sass? You are not a prisoner here."

"I need to check my mail to see if the school board sent me the documents they were supposed to. I could pick up some clothes and check for phone messages. Do you mind if I stay over tonight, Sol?"

"Not in the least, sweetie. What should I cook for dinner? Do you want to eat lunch out or in?"

Sass laughed. "Wait, wait! Who elected me queen here?"

"Not me, Sass. You are my goddess, not a mere queen. I want you to know that I will grant any wish if it's in my power."

"I should tell you I don't want you as a sub, Sol. You are way too strong for that anyway. If anything, I'm probably more submissive, but after years of my ex trying to dom me, I won't put up with that either."

"Sass, I don't do those games. I want a partner and a lover who is understanding but has an ego. Let's put that to bed forever and move on to what we will do today."

"How about movies and popcorn tonight and burgers and shakes for lunch?"

"If you like museums, there are several good ones in the city. Good afternoon fare." Sol smiled. "But I still think of you as my goddess."

"Fine, 'goddess' wants to go to her place and do the things I told you. It looks like it will be a nice day together." Sol leaned in to share a kiss that ended the conversation. Sass again was struck by the soft passion Sol so easily delivered without any effort. There was no mauling, prodding, or demands implied. Sass did moan into the kiss, trying to show her appreciation. They stood in a hug, continuing the kissing until Sol pushed Sass away.

"I'm afraid we have a choice: Continue and end up in bed or do our planned agenda. I'm good either way."

"OK. You are correct, my dear. I do need to go home so let's get going." They grabbed up their things and headed out for a fine day. With a little regret at missing a day in bed making love. At Sass's apartment, Sass packed clothing, grabbed her laptop, listened to voicemail. On the way out, she picked up her mail. There was a note saying she had a package in the office. They stopped there and picked up the stuffed envelope. As they put the things in Sol's car, Sass saved out the envelope.

At lunch Sass opened the envelope and read her posting and the classes she was to teach. "Sol, have you heard of the Latin School? They want me to teach chemistry, math, and, of all things, Dutch."

"Yeah, I've heard of it. It's the number one school in the state. I know you can teach chem and math, but you better brush up on Dutch." Sass tossed a French fry at her while she huffed. It had been a while since she had spoken her native tongue. It was time for her to call people back home and get her accent back. Sass wondered why she had been chosen for this prestigious school as her first assignment.

After lunch, the two went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Like most Europeans, Saskia loved looking at art. This museum was not as good as the ones back home, but it had nice exhibits. The amount of walking involved was providing an appetite for both food and each other. Next was a short trip to the store, where they bought sandwiches, old style pop-it-yourself popcorn, and butter. They stopped by a bakery next door, and Sass got croissants for breakfast. It was a favorite of hers. They got home and searched up a Netflix movie for later and opened a bottle of wine. Sandwiches and wine started their night. They talked about Sass's new teaching assignment. It was obvious she was excited and looking forward to her work.

After the food, they ordered up the movie. Sass asked for more volume -- she had plans. She went into the kitchen and started the popcorn while melting the butter. Sol was busy watching the movie's opening credits and paused just as the movie started. Sass had taken the time during cooking to remove her clothing. Her naked body appeared carrying a bowl of buttery snack.

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