tagFetishThe Best Gift Ever Ch. 12

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 12


The blinds and noise canceling headphones only came off when the 'fasten your seatbelt' sign flashed off and the engines powered down. Squinting, Bobby adjusted to the sudden brightness of the cabin even though he knew the sun had long since set. Looking around, he saw several nearby passengers staring at him curiously, many grinning and smirking. He'd been blind folded ever since they left home and the earplugs and headphones went on as soon as Mistress had parked in the airport lot.

Fielding questions from several passengers she had explained she had a surprise and didn't want him to know where he was being taken. However, it didn't take long for him to figure things out after getting into their cab. The directional signs were all too familiar.

"Tennessee?" he gasped.

"We're going to Riverton aren't we?"

Mistress grinned pleasingly. "If you say so."

"Why here? Are you going to see you sister?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh come on. Look, there's a sign for it. It's ten miles ahead."

After some minutes of silence she finally confessed. "We're going to the Marriott for the night."

"In Riverton Tennessee, right?"

"Are you trying to get on your Mistress' bad side? I told you we're going to the Marriott."

Bobby smiled eagerly. "You mean the Marriott in Riverton."

"You're getting close my slave," she warned while unsuccessfully suppressing an upward curl of her mouth.

"I love you. I thought we were going to go somewhere fun but the Marriott is fun enough."

"Is that all you need? Just some place different to sleep?"

"Maybe," he said accentuating the word.

"Then maybe I can take you to my sister's back yard and you could spend a night in her dog cage."

The thought of doing so, even though he knew she was joking conjured up emotions he had not felt in a while. The thought of bars against his body, the smell of urine and the filthy blanket he often slept with were all things he'd just as soon forget permanently.

"I think I'll take the Marriott instead and keep my mouth shut."

"That's a good slave," Deb patted his leg. "You learn fast."


The following morning was a blur. Mistress dressed elegantly, wearing an emerald green silk dress with complementary earrings and a diamond necklace that must have cost thousands. A stylist arrived soon after and stayed for a few hours doing her hair and makeup. All the while Bobby did nothing after showering and shaving except watch mindless TV. Sitting uncomfortably he waited, not understanding why she hadn't told him to dress similarly in the suit he had packed in the garment bag.

It was only when the beautician left that Mistress addressed him.

"Put your gray slacks and blue shirt on. We'll be leaving in a few minutes."

"Where to?"

"We're heading into town. That's all you need to know."

It was almost noon when the cab brought them all to a church located close to the downtown city district. It was one Bobby knew. Sharon had frequented this place during the period when he had been her slave. Only this time they didn't head down the side stairway to the reception hall in the basement where Mariko held her weekly meetings. Instead they walked up the broad marble steps and between thick columned posts and into the sanctuary foyer. Beyond, and through partially opened doors he could see into the sanctuary and saw it was mostly full.

Once inside Debra's persona seemed to magnify. He wasn't certain if it was a change he felt or some sort of transformation she actually made but regardless it was real and she seemed more dominate than ever. They were alone but Bobby could hear women talking just around the corner to one side.

"Bobby, Get undressed and put this on."

She waited patiently letting her words reach comprehension.


"Yes, here. Put your clothes over in that closet. Be quick about this Baby. We haven't much time."

"Yes Ma'am," he said quietly. "Whatever you say."

He disrobed and took the thick white leather collar Mistress had given him. Bobby fitted it snuggly around his neck. No sooner had he clasped the third and final buckle then Mariko appeared. She grinned from ear to ear.

"Look who dropped in to see us! Welcome back Slave." Only when her eyes met his groin did her jaw drop. "God almighty, what happened to you?"

Bobby said nothing. Out of instinct and of sudden fear he looked first to Mistress and then focused on the floor. At the sight of Mariko came a thousand memories. Pushing them aside, he knelt, out of a well-established habit and kissed her shoe.

Ignoring her cock reference he answered quietly. "It's good to see you Mistress Mariko."

Ignoring him she turned to Deb, embraced her warmly and spoke, "Are you ready?"

"I am."

"Does he know much?"

"Nothing. I did as you asked."

She looked down at him with his face still pressed to the floor. Mariko's facial expression remained inscrutable, but her admiration for him was more than evident. She knew he was an excellent slave and she appreciated a well-mannered and obedient one. She also understood Bobby was born to be one. Even though things hadn't worked according to plan, in some ways they had gone even better than Mariko had thought. Sharon had found someone she could love and own and Bobby had been placed with a dominant suitable to Deb's liking.

"It's as it should be," she answered. Reaching down she cradled his chin in one hand to raise his gaze. "Are you ready slave?"

"For what Mistress Mariko?"

"Always questioning. Someday you will stop even that." She pushed his head back down to the marble tiles.

"No matter. He's ready," Mariko said flatly.

With that she left through a side door and vanished, leaving only Mistress and Bobby in the spacious room. Mistress cupped his chin in a similar fashion to Mariko's grasp and blew him a kiss. They were quite the contrast; one immaculately dressed, the other completely naked. Mistress stood tall and slender and by her leg knelt her handsome slave looking helpless, despite his chiseled physique and obvious physical powess.

"You're mine," she said softly. Her words made him smile.

"Indeed I am."

"No, I mean, you really are mine."

Bobby beamed with gratitude. "I know."

"We're going through those doors in a few seconds. When we do, just make certain you do what you're told. I expect you to make me proud."

"Are we going..."

He never finished the thought as the sound of the pipe organ filled the sanctuary and the doors swung inwardly opened. As they did, both Mistress and her slave saw several hundred people standing in honor of their entrance. It was then that Bobby realized beyond any doubt why he was here. When they first arrived he wondered if she wanted marriage but his only knowledge of this church had to do with Mariko's weekly meetings, and besides, it was a Monday, not a Saturday.

Mistress led him easily, holding the chain that extended from the collar that bound him to her. She walked regally down the aisle while guiding Bobby. They headed to the front of the sanctuary. Deb smiled, her beauty blossoming amongst the myriad of ordinary looking women of various ages. Mistress was in the prime of life and genetically gifted. She walked amongst them in breath-taking beauty.

For whatever reason, Bobby knew it would be inappropriate to look up and so kept his eyes fixed downward, watching only her feet as a signal for how fast to move. He could sense the pews were full and from the brief glimpse into the holy room just before they moved he saw it was almost completely filled with women, probably fellow mistresses. Knowing Mariko was here and the sudden realization of being in the presence of several hundred mistresses made him feel diminutive and insignificant indeed. Knowing his balls and erection were drawing the attention of those behind he felt surprisingly insignificant and out of place – and very vulnerable indeed.

When they climbed the few steps onto the stage he dared to look and saw Mariko standing before them. She was clothed in a white robe. He caught sight of Sharon. She approached, walking through a side door leading onto the platform and stood to Mistress' left. No one came to stand with him. It only took a second to understand why. He was in the midst of a select group of women and at the wedding in which he was a necessity. However, the paradox of it all was how insignificance he was all the same. The ceremony was not, nor would it ever be, about him. Sharon was there because she held status akin to the hundreds of other women here and was Mistress' sister. She stood in support of what was about to happen. His value meant nothing in comparison to them and so he remained feeling small. His position symbolically representing his insignificance in the marital relationship that was about to be. Having no man to stand with him was but one more sign of his dependency to Mistress. He was alone except for her gift of dominating companionship that oversaw every part of his life.

Only Mistress remained beside him and yet only did so while gripping the chain that remained tight around his neck. The symbolism was vivid and powerful. She would be his only support and even then, it would be in of a marriage of supportive-oppression. There was never a doubt regarding her love for him and yet at no time did she ever stoop to become his equal. To do so would have been so out of sorts with his view of Debra Ashby as to be preposterous. She was a mistress. Every woman here was a mistress and Sharon and Mariko had reprogrammed him to see all women with that level of respect and honor. Once married Mistress would continue to be the powerful one. She would govern him and he would forever be her slave.

In some ways he had already been married to her. Bobby knew nothing would change in the way he lived because of this ceremony. He'd been her slave from the day he was given to her at Mistress Sharon's home. Only now their fate, if you would call it that, would be forever sealed. He felt his mammoth cock swell with pride. Even though he knew everyone who could see him he didn't care. It didn't take long for murmurs to reach him and he knew everyone must be watching. His massive balls and oversized cock must have made for quite a stir among those who appreciated that part of the male anatomy. Yet his pride for finally uniting with Mistress in matrimony filled with joy. He, Bobby Lewis, now Bobby Ashby would forever serve the gorgeous mistress to his left. It was a dream come true.

"Ladies," Mariko began, "you may be seated." After a pause she continued. "We gather today to celebrate with Mistress Debra. Today she takes for her own, a slave many of us already know. Her desire is to bind this slave in holy matrimony. Slave number 2235, found his way into my possession for a short time many months ago. I only kept him for a few days before giving him to Mistress Sharon. I knew from the day we first met he was made of ideal slave material. His previous life had been full of all the common and disgusting habits men often participate. What I saw however was a man who needed a little teaching and encouragement, if you know what I mean." There was a stir of laughter at her words.

"All he needed was to have someone show him the better way. It was during that time in training where he was formally broken, collared and trained. I must say, the transformation of this slave who kneels before us, naked and unashamed is one we should applaud. As you can see," she said pointing to him, "Mistress Debra had his genitals enhanced. Don't they look absolutely gorgeous?" The room erupted with cheers and applause for several seconds. Bobby's body responded by swelling to a rock-hard state.

"As I was saying," she interrupted and bringing the room to order. "This slave has made a wonderful transformation and so many of you are to thank for making that possible. It's examples like 2235 that speak to why we have the farm. It's why we meet weekly to support and learn from one another. It's why we recruit the individual talents some of you have to facilitate specialized training and subjugation of the men you call slaves. Never forget how much we need one another. Your examples are penetrating society at an increasing rate and our numbers are growing exponentially!"

Again there were unintelligible comments and remarks as so many mistresses identified with some or all aspects of what Mariko referred.

"This slave, collared by Mistress Sharon, was gifted to her twin sister, Mistress Debra. Since that transfer he has continued his enslaved service under her leadership which, by the way, I have heard has been excellent." Her remark brought a smile to everyone standing before the alter. It is with great pleasure that I stand with her now as we formally bond this slave to his queen."

And with that, she began the formalities.

"Do you Mistress Debra take this slave Bobby Ashby, formally number 2235 to be your married slave? Do you promise to guide and direct him; use him; enjoy him; watch over him and dominate him until death do you part or until seeing fit to release him to another? Do you promise to carry on the duties of mistressing him, of leading your home as you see fit, and of instituting lifestyle habits that daily reinforce both your sovereign power as well as his complete subjugation to you? Do you promise to discipline and punish him, train him without thought of his feelings, but with an understanding that pain, when delivered by his mistress is for his own benefit? Do you promise to execute these duties and uphold these responsibilities to the best of your abilities? If so, please answer for all to hear.

Mistress responded confidently, "I do, and I will."

"Then it is with pleasure that I extend to you this ring," She presented a gold band and slipped it on to Deb's finger.

"This ring is one worn by every Mistress ever married in this sanctuary. It is a ring given to remind you of your responsibilities to this slave as well as the status and power to which you hold. It is a ring given to remind you that you are not alone, nor will you ever be. We are your sisters. We promise to uphold you as we have upheld others before you. We welcome you to our circle of influence. Now, have you any words you'd like to say? The floor is yours." Mariko extended her hand as if to say 'you're on'.

No one present was more beautiful or carried themselves with more pride. The green sequined dress shimmered under the overhead spots that illuminated the platform. Standing with immaculate posture she looked out to the audience.

"I am beyond joyful right now." Her smile beamed radiantly.

"I knew within the week of getting him," she tilted her head toward the slave still on all fours and facing away from everyone, "that I wanted this day to come. And now it has. I couldn't be more pleased."

The ladies applauded, so much so that it made Deb blush. When the room quieted she continued.

"I know almost none of you and yet I feel intimately bonded with all of you. This was the place where Bobby's life took a turn for the better. I owe all of you that had a part in his training. I am indebted to so many and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've invested. Mostly I need to thank my beautiful sister." Deb extended a hand and clasped her sisters. "This woman gave Bobby to me knowing he could help me through my own issues. In case you were unaware, I was raped and hadn't been with a man for more than ten years. I think Sharon saw something in him. She knew he would be able to fill the hole in my own life." She turned to face her elegantly dressed twin. "Thank you."

When Sharon turned and hugged her the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Deb shed tears and wouldn't let go of her sister's hand. Not waiting for the audience to quiet Deb walked the few steps to where Bobby was and stood with both feet planted between his hands. She faced the women in attendance. Lifting one leg she placed her foot squarely on top of his back. The point of her heel pressed uncomfortably into his flesh. When Sharon came to stand next to her, the room suddenly grew solemn.

Bobby's cheek brushed against her knee and he remained absolutely motionless in the quadruped position he'd been in ever since getting on the platform. He could see Mistress Sharon's feet standing immediately beside Deb's. Suddenly his heart throbbed when he sensed his two mistresses' presence so close by.

"Slave," she spoke clearly into the microphone, "this day has been all about me and it's going to end being all about me." Applause.

"Yet without you, I wouldn't be here. How ironic it is to say, I actually needed you to make this day happen but indeed I do. Your presence is vitally important although as Mistress Mariko noted, you are nothing within the hierarchy of a femdom marriage. You have no power and I will never offer you that privilege, so long as we are together. However, I married you because I love you first and foremost. Like every other bride that comes to the alter, she does so out of love for the man beside her. However what we've done had a bit of ironic twist. I came with you crawling naked beneath and beside me. I stood before the minister and in the presence of our guests and she directed her words only to me. She addressed me even though it was important for you to hear the promises I sacredly made. I came to this alter having a justified sense of entitlement. Never did I feel a need to make a promise to you. Instead I made my vow to these fellow women who also rule their men lovingly in whatever way they deem right. I gave my pledge to lead and subjugate you until death do us part. Apparently that's the tradition here."

Deb removed her foot from his back, cupped his chin and lifted it, forcing him to rise onto his haunches.

"I may be breaking tradition but it only seems proper for you to pledge your allegiance to me and so I ask: Do you promise Bobby Ashby to love and care for me?"

"I do," he said weakly.

Speaking with more force she repeated and pushed the microphone into his face, "Do you promise, Bobby Ashby, to love and care for me?"

"I do," he said now loud enough for all to hear.

"Do you promise to obey me always and forever and do so without question?"

"I do."

"Do you promise to look to my needs, my wishes, my wants, my desires and my aspirations and commit to making me your principle task in life?"

"I do," he said beaming with pride.

Deb smiled. "Do you promise to keep your body physically fit and your cock physically hard because you know it's what I love?"

"I do." The room filled with cheers and whistles at the question and subsequent answer.

"Do you promise to satisfy me sexually both with your mouth and with your cock and do you promise to worship my body at all times?"

"Yes Mistress, I do."

"Do you promise to love only me and never desire another, knowing if you do I will banish you to the farm until your dying day?"

There was a long pause and the room grew deafly silent. Bobby looked into her eyes and reached for her free hand. "I've loved you from the day you took me home. I've loved you and only you ever since. I promise in front of those here to love only you for as long as I live. I don't need a threat to continue doing what comes so easily and naturally. Nevertheless, I promise to love knowing the consequences should I fail in that regard."

Deb squatted and kissed him. The tension broke as quickly as it came. The room erupted again with applause and with a face glowing with joyful pride, Mistress Debra graciously bowed her head, acknowledging their approval.

Mariko, who had been standing several feet away nodded. The room grew silent and Charlie the blacksmith came onto the stage. Once he reached Bobby, Mistress grabbed him firmly by the hair and yanked his head back and held onto him tightly.

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