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The Best Halloween


Marilee, Jen and I had the perfect day. Setting up the campsite was easy; we just pulled the motor home to a stop a very secluded part of the beach. Wood for the campfire was in one of the storage compartments that Jen's Dad had loaded for us, for the weekend. Her Dad also loaded the RV refrigerator and cabinets with all the goodies we could have thought of and some we wouldn't have thought to bring.

October is usually so cold in Indiana. What a treat to be in the warm waters and on the beach for the weekend. While we were swimming, a group of dolphins came and splashed around us. They jumped out of the water and did graceful dives back in again. We laughed and played in the sand and the surf all day, until the sun was almost gone. And with the sun the dolphins drifted away from us. It saddened us to see them leave, they truly made our day magical. Swimming with dolphins has always been a fantasy of mine, at a younger age I often dreamed of being a mermaid. I love the ocean and all of its wonders.

A huge full moon hung low in the sky, it looked as if we could touch it. Lying on blankets, staring at the stars and listening to the waves, we knew instantly when our dolphins came back to visit us again. We watched in awe as the three dolphins flew out of the water and somersaulted back in again in unison. They were so close to the shore that their silhouettes were black against the bright moonlight. It was a breathtaking sight. In the next breath, three very different silhouettes were arising from the water edge.

We didn't dare draw breath for fear the mirage would disappear. As the trio of Adonis's drew near we looked at each other in astonishment, then back to them and knew that they were real. Mirror's couldn't reproduce exact replicas as perfect as the men approaching us. Tall, broad shoulders, taut muscles stretched across lean ribs that narrowed to long graceful legs. Loin clothes covered their modesty. Golden curly hair framed tanned visages, lightly covering strong chests and six-pack abs. Large dark brown eyes were warm and reflecting the perfect smiles that radiated from sensual lips.

They said not a word, but held out their hands to help us to our feet. I don't remember where the music came from, nonetheless it was there and we danced to its seductive rthym. Soon it was just the two of us, dancing near the campfire, I didn't question where my friends and their mates drifted off to, nor did I care. His hands caressed my skin. His lips left kisses that covered my brow, eyelids, cheeks and finally my own lips. Molten lava seemed to flow through my blood as he kissed me. I couldn't keep my hands from exploring his warm golden skin. Discarding my shorts and tee shirt happened as I knelt before him, untying his loincloth to reveal the most beautiful specimen of manhood. Proud and erect he stood before me as I eagerly sought to please him.

At first I feasted on the two perfect orbs hanging below his large shaft. His moans only encouraged me to grab his hips to hold him more closely to my mouth. Sucking his jewels deeply into my mouth, allowing my tongue to glide over them while my lips massaged them caused his knees to begin to tremble. Laying him flat on his back with his knees spread wide was the most beautiful sight. Quickly I joined him, to continue to make love to his hard shaft.

I started at the base and nibbled my way to cover every inch, then used my tongue to sear a path from base to tip. On the return trip to the base I used my warm breath down the same path, causing shivers of pleasure to rack his body. Every rotation around his shaft changed my method of using teeth, tongue and lips to pleasure him. The only thing I consistently did was massaging his softballs with my small delicate hands. I hadn't touched the tip of his shaft when his thrusting hips couldn't be easily controlled any longer. Using only my tongue, I made a final circle around his hard throbbing manhood, licking him up and down as I would a most treasured sweet treat.

Juices were beginning to flow from his tip as I squeezed my full breasts around his fullness and let my tongue just flick over the head. My mouth eagerly suckled all the juices that flowed while his hips thrust. Feeling him starting to swell, I let my breasts slide to rest against his iron hard thighs and every thrust took him deeper into my hot moist mouth. I wasn't sure all of him would fit in my mouth, when he hit the back of my throat with his length, I relaxed and he continued to thrust deeper inside. When I felt his jewels slapping against my chin, my lips latched only the base of his shaft. This is how he exploded down the back of my throat, letting just my tongue and the suction of my mouth bringing him to climax.

Pulling me up along the length of his body, his lips claimed mine in a heated kiss. He continued to pull me along his body, so that his mouth could passionately pleasure my breasts. Further pulling me up his torso, I left a slick trail from my moist cleft, which his searching mouth found and consumed. I straddled his mouth and rode him thus, until my climax could wait no longer.

Falling to my hands and knees, my breathing was ragged. I could feel his tongue still sliding over my slit, lapping every drop from my body. He was on his knees behind me, spreading my legs further apart as he easily pulled my body onto his shaft in one swift move. I sat on his bent knees and massaged his thighs and buttocks as his hands explored every inch of my body. He didn't move inside of me, just kept me open to his wondering hands. No part of me went untouched. My shoulders, neck and ears were nibbled and caressed by his teeth, tongue and lips. Both my breasts were cupped and squeezed while his thumb and finger rolled my hardened nubs, pulling on them until they throbbed to over an inch long. When my hips started to gyrate and grind down on his hard shaft, he moved one hand slowly down my body to pin my hips against him. Talented fingers then found my hard little clit where I could feel my heartbeat.

We were both moaning with pleasure as he maneuvered me back to my hands and knees. Forcing my head to lay on my hands, he picked up my legs and wrapped them around his waist. Instinctively I linked my ankles together and braced myself as he plunged deeper and deeper, faster and faster into my body. Gripping my hips tight, he took me fiercely. Mixing the vast pleasure with the little pain of his massive size and the animalistic way that he rode me soon had me howling my pleasure to the full moon. Achieving his own pleasure with in seconds of me, he collapsed on top of me.

Rolling so that he was still buried inside of me and I lay on top of him, he wrapped me in his strong embrace until our breathing calmed. I felt him start withdraw from me as he moved me to his side. Keeping my head in the crook of his arm, his smile was warm and beguiling. It sent a warm languid feeling through my body to pool where his fingers were now burying themselves deep inside of me. Quickly he brought me to climax then lay back on the blanket. He entwined my free hand with his fingers, pulling them away from his now soft shaft to rest on his chest.

I was content to lay there with him, watching the surf as the moon was ending its journey across the sky and the sun was beginning to show. I don't remember falling asleep, and I was heart broken when I awoke to find him gone. A was drawn into the sand beside me, with the inscription, "Happy Halloween".

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