The Best Kiss


When I pulled back, your tight pussy sucking and dragging at my cock, so snug, but slick too, like a hot wet little fist gripping my dick, I drew almost all the way out of your body; just the swollen head of my cock stretching your pussy lips, I waited a beat, just savoring the tingling anticipation, then drove it back into you, punched it up into your pussy, driving you against the table, you cried out again, and I could feel all of you, my cock all the way up into your belly, your ass pressing against my groin, and you were squirming, it felt so good I can’t even say.

You were gripping the edges of the table, remember? Kind of holding on for dear life while I fucked you like a rag-doll, driving my cock up into your cunt over and over, hard, your toes lifting up sometimes, and this big wave of pleasure was building up in me the whole time Sarah, like a, well, that’s it; like a wave. You moved once, and lifted up from the table with your elbows, I guess because some of my thrusts were too much, were hurting you, and something you did, the angle or something, felt really good, my cock just slipped all up against the front of the inside of your pussy on that stroke, and it felt so fucking good, and I think it felt good to you too, because you gasped, and even said “fuck!” but you said it like “fu-fu-fu-FUCK!” because well, this is a little funny; because I was fucking you so hard you couldn’t even say the word “fuck!”

That new angle felt so good, and you were moaning, and the further you raised up, the tighter your slick little tunnel was gripping my cock, and you sounded like you were gasping and crying at the same time, and finally you were bracing your hands on the table, your arms straight, palms on the cool, smooth wood, and I was slowing down a little, still fucking you hard, as deep as I could, just not as fast, because I was trying to make it last, and I remember wanting to touch your skin; and unfastened your dress at the back of your neck, and slid the zipper down, and when I paused to do that you pushed your ass back into me, pressing my cock deeper into your cunt, and I thought that was very sexy, that you were fucking yourself on my cock, so I stopped for a minute; just held still, and let you do it, move your hips and body to fuck yourself on my cock like you wanted, and I could see the rhythm you liked, the angle you liked that was making you gasp and cry out softly, and I got your zipper down, and smoothed my palms down over the creamy skin of your back, then pushed your dress down to your elbows and freed your perfect tight little breasts, and caught them in my hands and found your taut little nipples, pebble-hard against my palms, hot, smooth flesh in my hands, while you moved on my cock, rolling your hips, moaning, and pretty soon, I couldn’t take that wave anymore, it was too, too much, and I gripped your upper arms in my hands, pulled you back, your back arching, and taking all of my cock up your perfectly slick cunt, and I fucked you like that, hard, your firm little tits bouncing helplessly, driving you, trying to hurt you with my cock, fucking sexy little cock-sucking beautiful little slut, fuck, and you were moaning, and fuck Sarah, fuck, wet little slut, and your tight wet fucking cunt, fuck...fuck, and I dimly remember taking your breast in my hand, squeezing, balling your hair in my fist, jerking your head back, driving my cock up into you as hard as I could, your feet coming off the ground, your head bent back, throat taut and stretched, and then I was coming, coming, coming, a hoarse shout breaking from my throat, a hot wave a sizzling sensation coursing all through me, my cock pulsing in your body, shooting, jerking, spasming, unable to release my grip on your hair, just holding my cock pressed up inside of you, the smallest movements of your body causing unearthly bursts of pleasure; unbearable, unutterable, unending, forever.


Anyway, I know this letter has gone on for way too long. I hope I didn’t bore you. I wish you would write to me; it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even tell me how this letter affected you! (I wish you would tell me if you precious little pussy got wet and slidey. I’d like it if you had to slip your fingers inside and make yourself come.)

I miss you, and I really do think about that kiss all the time. You’re just the best girl.


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