tagErotic CouplingsThe Best Man Ch. 01

The Best Man Ch. 01


Part One......

"Nicole you are not getting married!" I blurted.

"Yes, I am, and I want you to be in the wedding." She said.

I could not believe I was on the phone with Nicole one of my best friends all through high school listening to her tell she was getting married. We were inseparable for many years. We would still be together if she had come to Austin with me instead of following her family tradition of going to Texas Tech.

"Tell me about him, and when is this going to happen?"

"June 6th, and Roger is wonderful."

"You need to be a little more specific about him."

"He goes to school with me, he is a beautiful person, and a hot fuck."

"That is just what we dreamed of in a husband, are you pregnant?"

"No, I am not!"

"There is one thing I should tell you."


"He is Catholic."

"How is being Methodist going to work with his family and him?"

"I am in the process of converting."

"Is this what you want or are you doing it to appease his family?"

"I want to be happy, and I will do what it takes."

"You know I will support you in any way, you have two months to make sure this is right for you."

"My mind is not going to change, I love him!"

"How do your parents feel about this change in religion?"

"They are good with it as long as it makes me happy."

"And so am I, I love you, but I have class gotta go I will call you later."

April and May had come and gone before I realized. I talked with Nicole almost daily about the wedding and saw her a couple times during May. The wedding was now all planned my dress sent to me sized, altered, and gone back to Nicole. Of course, it was a dress I would never wear decidedly conservative, covered almost every inch of me. At least It was a beautiful pastel fuchsia pink with a lot of white lace. I had never been a part of a Catholic wedding but had heard they were fun. Nicole had sent me an itinerary of when I needed to be there and what was going to happen. Thursday night was a little get together with the wedding party only invited, Friday night the bachelor and bachelorette parties, Saturday night the rehearsal dinner, and Sunday afternoon the wedding. Seemed a bit much but they were paying for my fights and a room at the hotel so more power to them had become my thoughts.

I called Nicole after I got settled in my room. It was an extremely charming room with a king sized bed, but the view was of Lubbock, a far cry from Austin both physically and life style. I was accustomed to Austin's life style of act weird be weird live and let live, verses Lubbock's conservative dry county syndrome. I could not even buy a bottle of Patron', or a drink of Patron' unless I was a member of a private club, which was a joke because they sold memberships like clubs charge cover charges when you enter the building.

"Hi Nicole, I am here for you in this God forsaken town." I blurted.

"Vikki, I am so glad you are here, and it is not that bad, I love it here." Nicole said.

"I can get Patron' in Austin."

"Don't worry I have a new bottle of Patron' for the party tonight, and you can buy it out on the strip."

"Yeah I have heard of the Lubbock strip." I laughingly said, then asked "What are you wearing to the party tonight?"

"The blue outfit I bought when I was in Austin."

"I like that outfit you look sexy in it."

"What are you going to wear?" She asked.

"I bought a sexy light yellow dress last week to wear tonight."

She blurted, "I have to go Roger is bugging me, we will pick you up at 7."

I had two hours to waste before getting dressed. Reading about the hotel amenities when I saw physical fitness center I realized what I would be doing for the next couple hours. I pinned my hair up, slipped on a tank top, split shorts, and my tennis shoes. The fitness center was small but real nice and empty of humans. The elliptical brought a lovely gleam of sweat to my body, just as I started my time on the Stair Master a devilishly cute guy came in to start his workout. The Stair Master I was on faced the mat he was warming up on, while my iPod was entertaining my hearing senses my visual senses entertained by watching his hot body stretch. The muscles in his thighs were a turn on. I wanted him to remove his t shirt, so I could ogle his abs, and his shorts so I could ogle his butt. Just as, I began to smile at my thoughts he looked my way he smiled back as he knew what my thoughts were. Over the next 30 minutes while I was sweating like a slut on the Stair Master I watched him work on his abs and chest, I wanted to see them. My iPod told me my workout was over when Beyonce' finished checking on it. I slipped from the machine grabbed a towel and began my cool down.

I heard Mr. Dreamy say, "Hi, I am Rodney." Then he added, "You were on that thing a long time." "How do you do that?" "I can't last 5 minutes on those stair climbers."

"Hi, I'm Vikki. Ya know I do not know how I do it. I get lost in the music, and knowing what it does for my shape spurs me on."

"Your shape is very nice."

"Thank you."

"Are you from here, or just visiting?" He asked.

"I go to school at UT Austin, here for a friends wedding Sunday." "How about you?"

"I am here researching going for my MBA at Tech, I live in Albuquerque." "What's your major?"

I began to pick my stuff up and move toward the door saying, "Marketing."

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee or something before you leave Lubbock?"

"Sure, but I have to warn you that I'm a Starbucks addict."

"Great, whats your number?"

"Four oh two call me" I said as I turned to walked out of the training center. I felt his eyes on my butt as I walked out, also felt a little tingle between my legs.

I threw my stuff on the chair opened the drapes to look out on the Lubbock skyline. I was thinking about Rodney's hot body as I stripped standing in front of the window, thinking I should have just fucked him right there on the elliptical. That thought brought a smile to my face and my hands to my breast. Squeezing them and tweaking my nipples started me on the road to orgasm. Standing in front of the window was making me very hot knowing someone maybe watching. My hand traced down my still sweaty tummy as my fingers touched my clit. My body surprised my mind with a quick gasp of breath. I began to rub my clit with one hand while slipping two fingers of my other hand into my pussy. The thoughts of what I wanted to do to Rodney along with my hands assaulting my pussy made my knees go weak. I fell back onto the bed still playing with myself until I began to moan and quiver in full orgasmic release. It felt fantastic to orgasm. I had not had any sex self or otherwise for two weeks.

The shower felt so soothing on my body, the hot water washing away the sweat from my workout while replenishing my energy. I loved walking around the room and laying on the bed naked while the drapes were wide open. Getting dressed in front of the window was fun. Playing with ideas for how to wear my hair made me laugh, I talked to myself critiquing how each hair style would look. I finally put it up, that way I could remove the pins and shake it out if I wanted. I decided to go bra less only a pair of white bikini cut panties under my dress. The dress fit my body perfectly upper, mid thigh short and butt hugging. I slipped on my heels then headed to meet Nicole and Roger in the lobby.

The moment I stepped off the elevator I heard Nicole yell across the lobby, "Vikki, over here."

We met in the middle giggling, kissing, and hugging as Roger stood and watched us act like little girls, he said, "Ladies we need to go we are going to be late."

I asked, "Where are we going?"

"My parents house, tonight's party will be in their media game room." Roger said.

Nicole and I caught up while Roger drove and listened to our boring gossip about who would be coming to the wedding and who would not be coming. I had come to know Roger in the last two months as a really nice person. I approved of him and thought he would be a great hubby to Nicole. When we got to Roger's parents house I tried not to show my surprise, I did not know his family was wealthy. Nicole and I had never talked about his family other than their religious faith. The house set about 200 yards back from the road every inch between the road and the house was beautifully landscaped and manicured. The beautiful French doors leading into entry must have cost more than it cost to send me to UT. Everything in this home was beautiful, I was amazed at the wood work and the fantastic carpet. The spiral stair case leading to the bedrooms and media game room had the most beautiful hand carved railings. The media game room was like a bar unto itself, on one side was a full bar, the other side had a full movie sized screen with theatre seating for twenty-four people. To one side of the room was a pool table with a Texas Tech logo on the cloth, the other side of the room had a couple of bar high tables and chairs. It looked like a small bar hidden in a house.

It was right at seven when other people started showing up, I met them as they showed up. The other bridesmaids were really nice Nicole had been at school with them for a year I had heard about the girls I felt as I knew them. For a while, it was Roger and the five girls, he loved it, then the groomsmen all showed up at the same time, they had been somewhere drinking. We were all getting to know each other talking about school and guys while the guys were playing pool. All three of the groomsmen were cute everybody knew everybody except me.

When I mentioned they were cute Samantha said, "Just wait till Juan gets here, he is gorgeous."

I asked, "Who is Juan?"

"Roger's best man." Nicole said, then added "And he is beautiful."

I was getting another Patron' when Juan walked into the room, smoldering hot would not describe how hot he looked. Dark hair, dark creamy skin, devilish dark eyes, and a body to match.

"Hi, I bet you are Vikki, I'm Juan."

"I bet you are right."

"Roger said you were hot, he was right."

I was saying thank you as he walked away to the pool table. The party became a get to know you forum for me, everyone was nice to me, they all accepted me into their circle of friends. After a while, the guys and girls became a group of one not guys on one side girls on the other. Samantha's and Christy's gushing over Juan's every word had me thinking he had done them both. I was sort of ignoring him, and he was doing the same to me. It was very late into the evening when I found out Roger's parents were staying at their lake house and would not be home tonight, so I decided to explore. I told Nicole I was going to explore the house she nodded a drunken nod as I left the room.

Walking down the stairs, I heard Juan ask, "Do you need a tour guide?"

"Sure, do you know your way around?"

"Yeah I think I know the lay of the land."

"Come this way I will show you the best part of the house."

I walked back up the stairs he took my hand and led me to two massive doors that opened into a massive bedroom.

"This is my favorite room in this house," Juan said.

"It's beautiful." I blurted.

"Take a look at the bathroom."

"Oh my God." I squealed it was gorgeous.

He led me down the hall to the stairs saying, "All the other bedrooms are nice but do not compare to the master."

As I was walking down the stairs, he let out a little moan I turned and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

"No no no nothing wrong at all, not at all."

Quizzically I asked, "What then?"

He smiled then said, "You have an amazing ass."

I turned walking down the stairs as I said, "Thank You."

The living room was spectacular, five beautiful brown leather couches along with hand carved wooden end tables and a coffee table to die for. I was beginning to warm up to Juan he was being very polite to me not being smart ass or player like. We made it into the kitchen the island was a large oval with solid marble counter top that matched all the other solid marble in the kitchen. I grabbed a glass went to the ice box and found some orange juice, I slid up on the counter to relax and drink my juice.

Juan slid onto the counter next to me and asked, "Are you in a sharing mood tonight?"

Laughing I asked, "Do you want some of my juice?"

"Yes, more so every minute I am around you."

While Juan and I were teasingly talking about sharing juice, Nicole came in saying, "The others had left and her and Roger were going to watch a movie in his bed room,"

I smiled while saying, "Use protection while watching the movie." Then blurted "I bet Juan will give me a ride to the hotel when I am ready."

He smiled and said, " I would love to."

Nicole walking out stopped at the door then in a broken laugh she said, "Use protection while you two are exploring the house."

Juan slid off the counter while saying, "Follow Me."

We walked across the kitchen to the very end of the house into the six car garage. Only five cars in the garage, all beautiful foreign sports cars. I did not even know what they were until Juan told me. I leaned on the fiery red one when Juan walked close to me put his hand on my side and kissed me. I kissed him back. The kiss was short but intense, letting me know he wanted me, and him know I was thinking about sharing my juices.

He led me through the living room to the pool area and pool house. I walked all around the inviting pool into the pool house, murals on the walls and lovely pool furniture.

Juan said, "The tour is over that is all the house."

I said, "Thank You for being my tour guide, I enjoyed it." Then asked, "Is this the deep end of the pool?"

"Yes, it is, are you thinking of jumping in?"

"I am considering it, would you protect me if I do?"

"Yes," was his reply.

I slipped the pins from my hair. I stared into Juan's eyes as I said, "Do not move an inch."

I unzipped my dress letting it fall around my ankles, slipped from my heels, wiggled out of my panties then jumped into the pool. I propped on my arms on the side of the pool when Juan slipped his polo off exposing a perfect six pack. I watched closely as his jeans came off exposing a beautiful hard cock. He could not wait to join me in the pool. Our lips met in a long hot kiss his cock pressing against my body was enough to make my pussy wet. We made out in the pool for a long time getting to know the others body with our hands and tongues. He raised me onto the side of the pool my legs resting on his shoulders as he began to taste me. His tongue licking up and down my pussy to my clit and back again. He rolled his tongue into my pussy with incredible skill causing me to moan with pure delight. His tongue was hot like a piercing arrow spreading my lips then plunging deep into me, then slipping out to massage my clit. I began to moan loud when he began to suck on my clit. I was quivering when he curled his tongue into me while suckling my juices. I slipped away from him into the pool room. I did not have to wait long until he joined me.

We shared a hot kiss as my hand was stroking his cock. I started to kiss my way down his chest, sucking his nipples and then licking down the contours of his six pack. Stroking his cock as my tongue twirled around the head, then taking it into my mouth. My hand slipped to his smooth shaved balls while his cock was deep into my mouth. I began to slip his cock in and out of my throat. Slipping my tongue down the belly of his cock sucking on his balls brought a moan of satisfaction. I was sucking his cock in and out of my mouth. Twirling my tongue on the head of his cock lingering on the pee hole until it brought moans and growls from him. His cum spewed into my mouth, several spurts of warm protein filled juice. Filling my mouth to the point of having warm cum dribble from my chin onto my breast. His cream slid down my throat coating my throat. Our eyes met as his cock began to soften in my mouth. He pulled me up to share a kiss laden with the orgasmic flavor he had provided.

I whispered in his ear, "I have an idea."

"What is your idea?"

"Give me a ride to my hotel, and I will show you."

I poured myself all over him when we got into the elevator. I slipped my hands under his polo dragging my nails down his abs to unbuckle his belt and jeans. Our lips met as my hands slipped his jeans down in search of his now growing cock. The ding and the elevator door opening did not deter me from what I desired.

I looked into his eyes and blurted, "My idea is you fuck me all night long."

While I hurried down the hall to my room, he was fumbling with pulling his jeans up. The door of my room had almost closed when he burst in grabbed me, threw me on the bed, shoved my dress above my waist, ripped my panties down, and buried his face between my legs. Oh fuck yeah he was eating my pussy with the furor I so had desired, it was as he read my mind. My moans were loud becoming extremely urgent. Juan's tongue, lips, and hands felt as they were reading my thoughts on how and where to touch me at the precise second to make me go crazy.

My brain was trying to process all the feelings I was dealing with when I heard myself scream "Fuck me now, please fuck me now!"

We almost tore the others clothes off not waisting a second, I wrapped his cock seconds before he plunged it into my wet box. The orgasm he was building while he was eating me exploded with the warmth of his cock driving into me.

I screamed, "FUCK YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!"

My nails scrapped down from his shoulder blades to his butt he never slowed while fucking me right through my orgasm. He slipped his cock from my cunt, turned me over onto my knees then slammed his cock back into my pussy. He slapped my ass as he was fucking me the pain felt fantastic. He was building another orgasm inside my mind. Juan grabbed my hair pulling me up to where my back was against his chest, he held my hair tight while slipping his hand around to roughly massage and tweak my nipples harshly between his thumb and forefinger. Still fucking me hard he began to tell me how he was going to fuck my brains out, that I would never forget what he did to me. He pushed my face back to the bed, grabbed my hair again pulling me up on my arms. Holding my hair extremely tight along with slapping my ass sent white pain from opposite ends of my spine that would collide causing my moans to be loud. He pushed me down to where only my butt was in the air. Juan stopped deep inside me spreading my cheeks he started rubbing my anal bud.

I moaned, "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God. Oh God!"

His finger slipped slowly into my ass he was finger fucking my ass while his cock was stroking my cunt. My mind and body were ready to explode all over his cock. He slipped a second finger in my ass just as he pulled his cock from my cunt. He slipped his fingers from my ass replacing them slowly with his cock. The pain shot through me ending with a shallow squeal of excitement.

I was directing as he slid his cock deeper and deeper, "Oh yes, stop stop stop, OK OK OK, yes yes yes, oh oh oh, Oh God Yes..."

Juan was fucking my ass slow and easy until I relaxed. He picked up the pace fucking my ass hard with long strokes. I exploded in a massive orgasmic display of fire works of nasty words screamed from the deepest recesses of my soul. Juan pushed me down on the bed, slipping from my ass, ripped the condom off, pulled me to the side of the bed by my hair, then slammed his cock into my mouth. I sucked his cock hard sucking down the belly letting my teeth glide along the vein from the head to the bottom of the shaft. Slowly deep-throating him over and over brought animalistic growls and his throbbing cock to the edge of spewing his cum. All of a sudden he grabbed my hair pulling my head back, he began to stroke his cock. His cum spewed all over my face. I grabbed his cock directing the spew into my mouth. After releasing my hair, I milked his cock into my mouth. I was sweaty, exhausted, and cum covered when we slipped into the shower. Juan tenderly washed my body, occasionally smacking my ass blurting out he loved the pinkness of my ass when smacked. We lay on the bed with the blinds still open in a tangled heap of sexual spent energy as sleep snuck into our lives.

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