tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Best Man Ch. 04

The Best Man Ch. 04


When she heard the door creaking open, Charlotte had dived off the bed to hide from Jaime, hoping to reach the bathroom. When she was through the curtains of the four poster bed, she realised that the path to the bathroom was visible from the door, with Jaime's shadow spread across the scattered underwear on the floor. She heard her step-daughter saying

"Mu-um?" from the open doorway.

'Oh God,' thought Charlotte, 'I can't let her find me like this! How could I be so stupid?! Can't I control myself for a few minutes when I meet a handsome guy? Just can't resist a good fuck, can you Charlotte?'

"Mum! Please, Lou needs all the help she can get out there..."

Charlotte pressed herself down against the curtain and the carpet, hoping to hide from the advancing footsteps. Suddenly she realised her panties were still rolled uselessly around her knees, her wet pussy exposed to Jaime's impending view. She grabbed a previously discarded wrap from the floor, translucent black fabric in a long rectangle, and clutched it around herself, desperately trying to hide her large breasts, nipples still hard. God, but Sam had been so good....

A creak behind her stopped her thoughts. Sam was still on the bed. Would Jaime look...?

"Mum?" went Jaime's voice, clearly surprised. "Christ, how can you be still in bed?" God, what would she think when she found this guy in her step-mother's bed? Suddenly she'd just be some evil whore bitch, fucking random men, cheating on her dad! Sadness raced through Charlotte; she loved both Jaime and her father, but she couldn't help needing a little extra-marital help sometimes. With a husband almost ten years older than her, she couldn't always get satisfaction at home... but she'd always tried to be a good wife and step-mother. Now poor innocent Jaime would hate her, and everything would be ruined...

Charlotte fell silently to the floor in despair -- and realised that she could see under the curtains, under the bed, to the floor on the other side! Jaime's feet were visible directly opposite as her voice happily went "Wakey wakey!" and the curtains were whipped open. Charlotte knew that Sam was found -- she lay still through the silence before hearing Jaime murmur "Oh, I can see you're already up..."

The small feet were moving away in silence. Charlotte clung to the feeble wrap in tension. What next? The door crashed shut -- Jaime was still inside. Now she was talking again:

"I get it, I think. It's a wedding, there's lots of tension and emotion...stress, too, I guess. But I can't believe this. I send you to fetch my mother, not a difficult task, and you... you..." Charlotte blushed, beginning to hope -- Jaime wasn't blaming her at least, maybe she thought she'd been seduced by Sam, maybe there was still a hope for them! Jaime finally continued "You... start wanking!"

Charlotte's heart leapt! As long as Sam didn't confess, Jaime wouldn't think she was a whore at all! And as soon as Jaime left, she could lock the door, climb on top of Sam's lovely thick cock, and fuck them both silly in celebration! Her body began to re-ignite, nipples hardening and pussy moistening -- the thought of how nearly they'd been caught was starting to excite her now. When would Jaime finish moralising and let her mother fuck? The door clicked -- locked.

"But you're not the only one who gets stressed," said Jaime. Why did she sound so pleased about that? Suddenly Jaime's feet moved back towards the bed and -- KISSING?! Jaime found a man masturbating in her mother's room, and she kisses him? But- But- But -- Jaime was so... innocent. Wasn't she?

As if in response, Sam's jacket dropped to the floor and Jaime's voice mumbled "You taste... sweet." Jaime was enjoying herself, clearly. And apparently with experience. "Sort of weird, but good. It's new to me, I know that." Weird but good? Charlotte had thought he tasted normal.

She realised, with a full-body blush across her milky skin. Sam had eaten her out. He'd been so eager, licking and sucking at her pussy, his face must still be -- Jaime was tasting Charlotte on Sam's lips.

And enjoying it.

Charlotte blushed again, strangely flattered at Jaime's comment. Did Jaime maybe... No, surely not. Would Charlotte want to... She blushed furiously, trying to be angry at herself for thinking that way about Jaime. Anyway, Charlotte didn't even like girls that way. Not usually.

Sam's tie and shirt dropped to the floor. Charlotte had only just pictured him shirtless when Jaime murmured something else, and Sam's feet appeared off the edge of the bed. With short kicks his shoes dropped away, and in a moment his trousers lay on the floor, with his socks and boxers just showing. He was completely naked... Charlotte's mouth almost watered just imagining it. She envied her daughter.

"Well," said Jaime, "I guess it's only fair if I go next."

Charlotte watched breathlessly as her daughter's dress fell to the floor. Clearly Jaime had secrets from her parents, being so... brazen with this man. Then Charlotte thought of Jaime's body, remembering it from when they'd been swimming. That milky skin, finer even than Charlotte's near perfect body, and her cleavage in that bikini.... Charlotte tried to push the thought out of her mind. It occurred to her she should stop them -- then she realised that Jaime would find everything out then, about her fucking Sam on that exact bed, about his hands stroking her tits till she came, about his hard cock in and out of her, feeling so, so good, just like she needed, strong hands squeezing her ass while she came -- Jaime would find that she'd liked the taste of Charlotte on Sam's mouth. And, almost more than that, more than protecting Jaime -- Charlotte wanted to see what her daughter would do.

"You... you like me?" came Jaime's voice. Charlotte knew the answer to that. Any man would want her daughter, that clear skin that figure those lips -- she tried to control her racing thoughts, which flew between Sam and Jaime, both with such beautiful bodies... Now she could hear them kissing again -- hands over skin -- Jaime was moaning with real pleasure.

'Oh yes,' thought Charlotte, 'Sam can do that... But do you know what you're doing, Jaime?' Sam sounded like he wasn't kissing her mouth now.

Jaime's bright pink bra fell to the floor. Instantly Jaime imagined her breasts, round and perky, nipples probably pink like Charlotte's own. Sensitive? From Jaime's moans, yes. Charlotte imagined the feeling of being caressed, nipples kissed -- under the thin black wrap, one hand found her breasts, and began to stroke and squeeze. Looking back across, Jaime's feet parted a little, and her pink panties fell to her ankles, before she stepped out of them, and spread her legs wider. So Sam could see. Sam's hungry eyes, looking up and down Jaime's sweet young body, about to pleasure her with that big strong cock of his.

"Am I pretty? Do you want me?" asked Jaime's voice. Charlotte thrilled at Sam's response -

"You're fucking gorgeous Jaime," he began, "and I want you so much, right here, right now." 'Oh,' though Charlotte, 'and you're going to have her, aren't you? Just like your had me and it was so good.' Sam went on: "I want to fuck you, and make you cum and make you happy, and for us to be together and to make love. God, you're beautiful."

Charlotte shuddered silently at the speech, imagining Sam back inside her as Jaime's feet disappeared onto the bed, the mattress lowering slightly underneath -- Charlotte could see the underside. Her thin coat of black fabric draped over her, Charlotte gave in again to lust, and slid her hand towards her loins.

"You'll have to be gentle, please," came Jaime's voice in a whisper, audible in the tense silence. Charlotte stroked her hand across her own hungry sex, thinking of Sam's hands gently touching...

"This isn't- Are you...?"

"I'm not a virgin." 'No,' thought Charlotte, 'you've fucked a few lucky men with that gorgeous soft body of yours that Sam's so lucky to be getting..." Jaime continued "But... not experienced." 'Still sweet and fresh and delicious,' Charlotte added, unable to stop herself from thinking that way. "And you're... Bigger." 'Oh yes he is. Enjoy him. He'll screw you wonderfully, just like he was screwing me.' Charlotte barely realised how turned on she was, stroking her wet pussy lips and the curve of her thighs, other hand pinching her nipples and -- she licked her fingers and began to roll the wet tips around her nipples. It felt like Sam's mouth on her.

"I'll be gentle," murmured Sam, and sounds of love resuming with a tiny moan from Jaime, he repeated "so, so beautiful..."

When she heard him penetrate her daughter, with the image of his thick shaft in Jaime's tight pussy, so wet, so tasty, Charlotte slipped a finger inside herself, and another. Her thin, delicate fingers were nowhere near as satisfying as Sam's cock, and Charlotte began to stroke her clit desperately, needing to cum. The wet sounds of fucking were beginning on top, and the downward-bulge in the mattress shifted slowly.

"Ooo, I missed this..." Cam Jaime's voice -- 'Oh yes,' though Charlotte, 'but it's never been so good so good so good. Feel that cock inside you...' When Jaime moaned "This time I'll do it Sam, all the way. Promise."

'Now you'll find out,' smirked Charlotte to herself. Three fingers slid in and out of her own grasping pussy, frantically rubbing everything that felt good, and cupping and squeezing her breasts all she could. She could hear Jaime settling into a fast rhythm, and see the mattress heaving under her daughter's enthusiastic fucking, up and down, riding Sam hard.

'Cum Jaime, cum Jaime,' she screamed in her mind, biting her lip to stifle her own gasps and groans of lustful need. She had to cum soon, so did Jaime, they could cum together, fuck her Sam fuck her fuck me Sam, she thought, those were his fingers in her, his cock, he was fucking both of them, Charlotte and Jaime, fucking them together, and their orgasms were coming together. Charlotte's fingers pushed in and out, four of them rubbing against her clit in place of the big cock buried in her daughter. At first matching time with the shaking, creaking bed as it slammed against the wall over and over, she sped up, needing her own rhythm, needing quicker than delicate Jaime did. As her orgasm finally came, her mouth broke open and...

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